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In the tropical islands of another dimension, the journey of a thousand miles...
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He was living his dream. She was living a nightmare. He was viewed by all as...
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--Julilly on 10/06/13 04:42 pm 0 Comments
Site Moving Servers
If you're seeing this notice, you're on the new server. Woohoo! We made it.

If you see any unusual errors, please comment here--I haven't had time to do thorough testing yet. I will work on fixing things as soon as I can.

There MIGHT be a problem already where stories are making us validate them before they post, but that may just be some weird setting I applied to only my account at some point and have to track down. If anyone else posts and it doesn't appear to actually post, please let me know. If you post and it does post, well...let me know that, too, so I know it's just a weird setting on my account.

--Chaos on 08/19/13 11:41 am 5 Comments
Joining the forum

Hi everyone! Because we have had so many spammers, I tend to automatically reject everyone trying to join the forum. It's really hard to tell who is legitimate and who is not so, if you have been trying to join but keep getting rejected, add a comment to this post with the screen name you've picked and I'll be sure to approve your account. Sorry about that!

--Mare on 09/30/12 08:36 am 2 Comments