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Well, I’ve heard my humans often say
That there never was such a Christmas Day.
Despite their dysfunction, drug use, and grief,
The Carters were merry on Christmas Eve,
For they knew, that night, as they hung their stockings,
It didn’t matter if they’d been shit-talking.
Though they feuded and fought,
They forgave and forgot.
They went months, sometimes years, without seeing each other,
But still, they were blessed to be sisters and brothers.

The next morning, when Nick returned from his ride,
They opened their presents and sang side by side
And laughed at the Littrells’ gifts: Celebrity Sheets,
Autographed by Brian, Leighanne, and Baylee,
Plus a signed copy of Baylee’s CD.
It was the best Christmas ever for the Carter family,
And they all lived happily ever after...
Except for Aaron, who died of coronavirus three months later.

The End