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Author's Chapter Notes:
Chapter Edited: 11/23/2012

Surprise! I'm working on this story again *small smile* It's not a "I'm giving up on No Matter What" kind of thing, because I never ever could, that story is like my baby. Its more like a "I'm stepping away from it for a little while & concentrating on something new in hopes to renew my love for writing again" kind of thing. So I hope my NMW readers won't be too disappointed, and will enjoy this in the mean time :) For those who have already been reading this story, you might want to start from chapter one and read it over again, because I revised it quite a bit.
Chapter One: Escape

“Jade Sweetie, wake up!” Ava whispered frantically, as she gently nudged her four year old daughter awake.

“Mommy I’m sleepy…” Jade whimpered.

“I know baby, and I’m sorry but we really need to get out of here” Ava whispered while gathering the small child into her arms as she is still wrapped in her blanket. Jade snuggled close to her comfortably and held her doll close to her. Ava grabbed her red backpack that she packed stuff in and she put it on.

“AVA! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” her overly drunk and angry boyfriend exclaimed. Ava flinched at his words, but quickly dove for the window nonetheless. She opened it up and pulled the hood to her black hoodie down over her head before climbing out into the rain. “WHERE EVER YOU ARE, YOU BETTER HOPE I DON’T FIND YOU AND GET MY HANDS ON YOU!” Just then he entered Jade’s bedroom to find her bed empty and the window open. “NO!” he shouted with rage, before rushing to the window. He peered out to see that Ava just reached the ground. “YOU BITCH! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” he roared, before turning around and running out of the room and he flew down the stairs. Ava took off running down the street as fast her legs would carry her.

“Mommy I’m scared!” Jade cried. She doesn’t know what is going on, but she knows there is something terribly wrong.

“Shh…it’s okay baby, everything is going to be okay I promise” She reassured, and she tried her very hardest to calm Jade down while she ran, but nothing she was doing was working.

“GET BACK HERE AVA, BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU!” She suddenly heard her boyfriend from behind her. Ava ran faster as she held Jade close to her protectively. She could hear his footsteps getting closer and closer. Knowing full well that she is not going to be able to escape this, she turned into a dark alley ending up right in a dead end. She rushed over to a few garbage cans and she placed Jade behind them.

“Stay there Jade! No matter what happens, don’t come out from behind those garbage cans until mommy tells you that you can, do you hear me?” She ordered frantically. Jade nodded and went further back behind the cans and sat down, before pulling her blanket over her head. Ava turned around just on time for her boyfriend to come running around the corner.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” He shouted at her. “You know better than to run away from me! Get over here NOW! I am taking you home!”

“NO!” Ava argued, instantly pushing herself into a corner.

What did you say to me?”

You heard me, I said no. I’ve had enough David, I’m going home!” David raised his hand and smacked her hard across the face and Ava looked away from him as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks and blood trickled from her nose.

“Don’t you EVER talk back to me like that again, do you hear me?” He smacked her again much harder, causing her to fall to the ground sobbing. “And don’t you EVER tell me what you will or will not do! You will do as I say when I say it and you will ENJOY every fucking MINUTE of it!” He informed her, and he kicked her hard in the side. “Get up, NOW. We’re going home!”

Fuck you,” she sobbed, and he growled in low and menacingly, before reaching over and grabbing her by the neck and shoving her violently against the wall as she shrieked and cried harder. He punched her in the stomach and then grabbed her arm and began dragging her toward the exit to the alley.

“You’re going to come home with me and I’m going to beat you so hard you aren’t going to be able to move for days!” he told her.

“NO!” she shrieked and she dropped to her knees and grabbed onto a pole.

“GODDAMNIT AVA!” he roared. “THAT IS IT!” He let go of her and undid his belt before taking it off. He raised it in the air and brought it down hard on her back and she cried out in sheer pain. He did this to her a few times until her entire back was cut and then he threw the belt to the ground. “If you are not home by tomorrow morning, I’m going to come after you and kill you! Do you understand me?” he threatened, and he kicked her one last time, before turning around and storming out of the alley headed for home. Ava lay in pain for what seemed like forever until she heard Jade crying and she looked toward the garbage cans where she stashed her.

“Jade sweetie…it’s safe, you can come out now…” Jade did as Ava said and crawled out from behind the garbage cans and she walked over to Ava sobbing. Ava enveloped her in her arms while hugging her close to her and gently rubbed her hand over her back and placed tender kisses on her forehead. She lay there holding her until she knew she was somewhat calm and she reached into her pocket and pulled out her blackberry. She unlocked it and pressed the number two speed dial before placing it to her ear. She is calling her brother.

“Hello?” Came AJ’s voice on the other end and she can hear how confused he is. He hasn’t heard from Ava in over a month because of the recent fight they had. They were fighting over David. He’s been begging her to leave David since the very first day she started going out with him back in high school. He never liked the guy and knew from the very beginning that he wasn't good for Ava. Despite his begging and pleading, Ava stayed with David and on the night of their prom, Jade was conceived. When she was born, Ava who was at the time 17 insisted upon moving in with him even though both Denise and AJ told her it wasn't a good idea. A year after they've been living together, David became abusive – or at least that’s the story everybody else has heard. Still to this day AJ begs for her to leave him but as stubborn as Ava is, she never listens. So a month ago they got into a huge fight and haven’t spoken to each other ever since.

“Alex it’s me…” Ava sobbed.

“Ava what’s wrong? What happened?” AJ asked worriedly.

“I just packed up, took Jade, and tried to run away from David…but he came after me and beat me up…”

“He WHAT…? Are you okay? Is Jade okay?”

“Jade is fine for the most part…but I’m hurt really bad, Alex. I just wanted to tell you that I’m getting on a bus and going to mom’s house and I will be there in the morning. I really want you to be there when I get there…please say that you will.”

“No Ava, don’t you dare get on any bus! Stay right where you are, I’m coming to get you. Where are you at?”

“It’s fine Alex…I can handle getting on a bus. Don’t drive all the way out here…”

“Where are you at Ava? I am coming to get you!”

“I’m lying in a dark ally in my neighborhood covered in blood…” AJ was silent for a couple of moments.


“I take that back. Don’t stay where you are, go check yourself into the motel down the street from your neighborhood. Don’t worry about the money, I’ll call and tell them you will be there shortly for a key. I will meet you there in a couple of hours. Okay?”

“Kay…” Ava sniffled and AJ hung up the phone. Ava did too and she got up, unzipped her hoodie, and placed Jade inside it before zipping it back up again and she placed her blanket on her so that it was sheltering her from the rain. She grabbed up her backpack and she headed for the motel like AJ had told her to. She is amazed that AJ even volunteered to come and get her after all of the horrible things she had said to him. After all of the horrible things she said to their mom. But she is glad that he did, because she needs him more than anything right now.
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