Shannon's Heart: Fallen Angel by AJsSweety
Summary: On a world full of mythical creatures, Shannon, an Angel of royal blood, conceals her identity by living among her own people. Earthlings fleeing their war torn world come seek refuge on Castia.The relations between earthlings and the Castian natives becomes strained, and a war begins. Shannon becomes the first victim in a recent rash of violence against Castians, and her friends discover her true identity and her reason for hiding. Shannon must now chose between her current life or the one she was born to lead.
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Chapter 1 by AJsSweety
Fallen Angel
By Vicki © 2005

Her long golden hair hung well past her shoulders as she walked down the streets. People smiled at her and nodded as she made her way to the local clinic where she worked. She could see what the years had done to change her world. Each person that lived there looked different. But she was the most different of them all, her silver wings seemed to set her apart from all the others that walked around her. She had never seen a human before but once they had come to her planet she learned that they looked very much like she did only without wings. But the humans seemed to not understand why her people looked different, at least not at first.
“ Shannon what brings you here so early.” Her friend asked.
“ I have to work.” Shannon said, she looked at her friend Leo, that was a name given to him by the humans that had now come to live on their planet. Given to him for the fact that he looked like a lion, his head and most of his body looked like that of what humans referred to as a lion.
“ You weren’t supposed to work till this evening.”
“ Chip called and said he couldn’t make it, he had a tooth ache.”
“ If he’d stop listening to the humans he wouldn’t.” Leo said of their friend.
“ Yes Leo I know this but he does and of course we are still the ones that seem to be the freaks yet this is our world.”
“ Well I am just glad that the humans settled down more and stopped looking at us strangely. Mrs. White will be in this evening for her usual check up.”
“ How is she doing? I sure hope her arthritis hasn’t been acting up, she’s getting up there in years.”
“ She’s doing better. Doc Masters has had her on a special diet and has been having her exercise every day.”
“ That doesn’t count if she’s giving the Simmons kids a ride.”
“ Well she’s exercising isn’t she?” Leo said referring to the older woman that was what humans referred to as a centaur.
“ I am seeing Nash tonight, he’s found some books from Mrs. Browning about the human myths and legends. Now we can finally figure out why they find us such strange people.”
“ I find nothing strange about us. But then again I’ve lived here all my life. They’ve only just been arriving here over the last ten years.”
“ Wish they hadn’t found us.” Shannon said. Leo nodded he had to agree they were happier before the humans had arrived. He knew that he couldn’t say they weren’t human themselves but being different that was all they could say about the normals.

Ever since the earthlings had arrived on their planet it seemed that everything that Castians had come to know as normal became the opposite of that and it was as if things turned around. The Earthlings didn’t want to fight but they did need a new place to live, many had spoke of their home planet being near destruction because of wars that had plagued the planet for many years. Castians had opened their world and arms to the new comers and welcomed them into their homes. But it was different for the earthlings, seeing things differently seeing creatures that had thought to be nothing more than myth and legend.
Chapter 2 by AJsSweety
Shannon settled into her daily routine of getting things ready for the day’s clinic visits. The earthlings referred to the clinic as a vet’s office but they came there just the same. She heard the bell ring and looked up front. Standing at the counter was Mrs. Jenkins a local teacher and earthling.
“ Well hello Mrs. Jenkins, what brings you in today?”
“ Billy isn’t feeling well, and with the fever I thought it best the doc see him.”
“ I’ll see if Doc Masters is ready for patience.” Shannon said looking down at the brown hair boy that stood at Mrs. Jenkins side. Walking to the back she found Doctor Franklin Masters sitting in front of his computer.
“ Frank you ready for patience.”
“ Sure am. Who’s up first?”
“ Little Billy Jenkins, his momma says he’s been running a fever all morning.”
“ Sure bring him back Shannon.” Franklin said as he stood, Franklin Masters was a tall man with an average build, his eyes shone like those of a cat, his dark hair hung well past his shoulders and down his back, his hands were normal like any other human, but he had a cat like appearance. Shannon was the best nurse he had, besides Leo.
“ Hello Mrs. Jenkins. Hello Billy.”
“ Hello Doc Masters.” Billy said politely. The young boy waited for the doctor to put him on the exam table and smiled.
“ How are you feeling Billy?”
“ My tummy hurts.” Billy said touching his stomach where it hurt. Franklin placed his hands on the boys belly and genteelly pressed down. Getting the yelp he wasn’t expecting he looked concerned as he looked towards the boys mother.
“ How long has his stomach hurt?”
“ He started complaining yesterday about it. But he said that it had stopped hurting so I thought he had just ate to much candy from Mr. Daniels store.”
“ Looks like he’s got appendicitis. We got to operate.”
“ When?”
“ Soon as possible. Have Shannon call over to Mercy and have them set up an immediate surgery. Tell them I’ll be there soon.”
“ Sure thing Doc.” Leo said from the doorway. Mrs. Jenkins hadn’t heard Leo enter and was surprised when he answered as quickly as he did. Shannon appeared in the doorway a few moments later.
“ I’ll cancel all the appointments for the remainder of the day Doctor.”
“ Thank you Shannon. But no need. This is a routine procedure and will only take a few hours. Have the ones that are here reschedule and bump the others to a later time.”
“ All right. Are you taking Leo with you?”
“ Yes, think you can handle things here alone?”
“ I don’t see why not. The police were by earlier, it seems we’ve got some young men that are out to harm Castians but they’ve said that they will have someone come by and stay here through out the day.”
“ All right as long as you wont be alone.”
“ I wont be. Don’t worry so much Frank” Shannon said. Franklin shook his head but headed out of the office followed by the worried mother and Leo. Shannon went about hurrying to call the appointments that had been set for that morning. It was early so catching most at home wasn’t hard. And resetting the appointments was no problem either. Things went rather smoothly that morning. She had only received one call and had noticed that she had gained one officer sitting in the lobby of the clinic.
“ Samuel would you like some coffee?” Shannon asked.
“ Sure that would be great.” He answered as Shannon walked over with a hot cup of coffee.
“ What’s the news on those kids?”
“ Nothing yet. We’ve got officers on the most prime spots for the attacks. They seem to be sticking to small businesses.”
“ I heard old Mr. McGill got attacked yesterday.”
“ Yeah but he’s going to be fine.”
“ So no deaths yet?” Shannon asked. She had been living there her entire life and most of the people she knew were older and had been wanting to retire. Castians seemed to be the only ones being attacked but what bothered her the most was it was ones that seemed to have a large business. She looked up as the bell sounded and noticed several young men entering the clinic.
“ Can I help you?” She asked standing. Her large sliver wings spread wide as they walked towards her, more of a defensive move than actual fear.
“ Yes we are looking for the doc, is he around?”
“ Sorry he had emergency surgery and wont be back for hours.” Shannon said backing up. Samuel stood and waited to see what the young men were going to do. Without warning one of the young men pulled out a gun and fired it at Shannon at point blank range. Shannon screamed as the pain ripped through her shoulder and her right wing. She had never felt so much pain as she did at that moment. Her world began to become that of colors and pain, she wasn’t sure if she had heard Samuel speak to her or not all she was concentrating on was the immense pain she was in. She could barely hear Samuel’s voice as he told her to hang on before she finally passed out.
Chapter 3 by AJsSweety
“ Where is she?” Leo asked as he ran down the hall of the hospital.
“ They have her in surgery.”
“ How bad?”
“ The bullet went through the shoulder and the wing. She was in so much pain. I’ve never seen her in that much pain before.”
“ None of us have.”
“ Are you here with Shannon?” A nurse asked.
“ Yes.”
“ She’s made it through surgery and will be in recovery soon.”
“ Can we see her?”
“ As soon as she’s in her own room we will allow you to visit. I’ll come get you.” The young nurse said. Both men nodded and sat down to wait.

Shannon awoke to find herself in a white room, her arm hurt as well as her wing hurt. She knew laying on her back was going to cause a great deal of pain as she attempted to roll onto her side.
“ I wouldn’t your only going to hurt yourself more.”
“ Leo?”
“ Hey there. How are you feeling?” He asked taking her hand.
“ Like I’ve been shot. The doc said it might have caused it so I can’t fly any more.”
“ So, not like you ever did.” Leo said shrugging his shoulders. He wasn’t lying she hadn’t flown the entire time he’d known her. But flying was something Shannon loved doing and did often just not when anyone was around. Spreading her wings would give away her true identity, and at that time she never wanted anyone to know who she was.
“ Leo that’s not true. You know I’ve flown before.”
“ Not in nearly five years you haven’t. Shannon why are you so worried about it now?”
“ Because I have to fly, it’s my family heritage and I have to show the people I can still fly.” She said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Leo looked at her strangely, she wasn’t making any sense at all and he thought maybe it was the pain meds the doctor had given her.
“ Just get some rest. I’ll be back later.” Leo said leaning down and kissing her cheek. Shannon closed her eyes and drifted off into a dreamless sleep. She’d been the fifth victim this week and the doctors were getting used to seeing these types of injuries. But Shannon was the first winged victim they’d seen.
“ Do you know much about Shannon?” The doctor asked Leo.
“ She’s always been very quiet about her past and as her friend I’ve never pressured her to tell me about it. Why?”
“ Shannon is special.”
“ Yeah that she is. She’s the only Angel I’ve seen in these parts.”
“ Us too, normally the Angels are of royal blood, but she’s common like all of us. Maybe she’s just from that region.”
“ That could be possible.” Leo said looking back towards the door. He’d heard of the Island of the Angels, the only creatures on the entire planet that could fly at birth, many of the other winged creatures were taught, Angels it was instinct. He’d always thought that the Island was just a tale that others told of the ones that had wings.
“ Well I’ll check on her later and she should be able to return home in a few days.”
“ Thanks Doc.” Leo said heading from the hospital. He needed to take time to think, and that meant taking a run in the park. Leo also wanted to check on his own family, his wife of four years and two children had to be worried about him by now hearing that there had been a shooting at the clinic. But for now he’d wait on that call and clear his head.

“ She’s alone sire.”
“ Good.” The man said walking down the hall. He kept his own wings hidden beneath a long coat as he entered Shannon’s room.
“ Shannon.” He spoke softly.
“ Father?” Shannon said opening her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, there stood her father, hiding his features from prying eyes.
“ How are you feeling child?”
“ I am so sorry father.”
“ No need to be sorry. It wasn’t your fault.” He said stroking her long hair.
“ But I can’t fly.” She said trying not to cry.
“ You will fly again. I’ve spoken to the doctor your wing will heal.”
“ My friends don’t know I am a princess.” She said looking at him.
“ I know, I just heard your friend Leo outside. You’ve gained a lot of friends leaving our land.”
“ Yes father I have. But I wanted to make it on my own. After mother died, I wanted to prove to the people that I could do things on my own without your help. But I’ve failed.”
“ No you haven’t, no one will know I was here.”
“ You will not make me return home?”
“ No, but if the violence gets worse I will send Justin to fetch you.”
“ All right father.”
“ Get some rest, I will be in touch.” He said kissing her cheek. Shannon smiled and then closed her eyes. Once outside the room the older man spoke to the guard that had accompanied him.
“ Bring someone to watch her. I want no more harm to come to my child.”
“ Yes sire. But her friend Leo seems to care a great deal.”
“ Yes he does but he has a family of his own to worry about.”
“ I will make sure two guards are watching them both sire.”
“ Thank you.” He said as they hurried to exit the hospital before anyone saw them.

Leo stopped by a park bench and watched the small children playing as if they hadn’t a care in the world. In some ways they didn’t, they saw things differently than adults and kept the violence out of their hearts and minds.
“ Leo, how is Shannon?” Samuel asked.
“ Recovering nicely. She’ll be able to come home in a couple of days. She’s pretty worn out though spouting things about the people being disappointed that she couldn’t fly and being a failure.”
“ That’s odd even for Shannon, but it could have been the drugs they gave her. I called Doc Masters and let him know of the shooting. He’s closed the clinic and had all of his patience see him at the hospital till further notice.”
“ Great so what do I do?”
“ He said you could come there and work, but if not he was giving you paid time off. Mrs. Jenkins also wants to send her prayers for Shannon’s speedy recovery.”
“ Thanks. You best get home to that wife of yours. Aren’t the two of you expecting your first child?”
“ Yep our first child born here on Castia. Melody is excited.”
“ Well give her my love. I best call Leona before she gets worried and have her tell the kids I’ll be home late tonight.”
“ Don’t keep your family worrying to long Leo, they’ve been through enough lately.”
“ I know.” Leo said as he headed back to the hospital to place the call home. Once he had calmed his hysterical wife and had explained that Shannon would be fine he told her that he’d be home in a few hours to give Grace and James a huge hug for him and send them off to bed. Leona wasn’t happy about his late arrival at home but she at least knew he’d be home safe.
Chapter 4 by AJsSweety
Leo looked at the hospital doors one more time before deciding he’d head home. He knew that Shannon was resting and would be for the remainder of the evening. He looked to see two people leaving before he too headed home.
“ Leona I am home.” Leo called into the house. Leona, Grace and James met him at the door.
“ Hey there.” Leona said kissing him.
“ How are you kids tonight?” He asked lifting his daughter into his arms.
“ We are good daddy. How is Aunt Shannon?”
“ She’s going to be fine.” Leo said kissing Grace’s cheek.
“ Good, mommy said she might have to come stay with us.” James said.
“ Could be possible. Would you like that?” He asked looking into the deep yellow brown eyes of his two small children.
“ Yes daddy, it would be fun to have Aunt Shannon around. She always was fun and I like flying with her.” Grace said.
“ Aunt Shannon can’t fly right now honey.” Leo said to her.
“ I know mommy said that someone shot her in the wing. That’s so sad.” Grace said with a pout.
“ She’ll be fine in a few weeks. Might be a little longer before she starts flying though.”
“ Its ok. We will just have fun together.” Grace said. She had always loved having Shannon over, and Leo looked surprised to hear that Shannon had been flying just not around him.
“ What is for dinner?”
“ It’s in the oven. Grace go take your bath.” Leona said looking at the child. Grace pouted again but then skipped down the hallway to the bathroom. Leo walked into the kitchen and removed the warm plate of food from the oven.
“ Looks good. Did the kids eat all right?”
“ Yeah they did. Grace wanted to wait for you, but she caved when she saw that we were having pie for dessert.”
“ Pie huh? What’s the occasion?”
“ Nothing special. Just wanted to make a pie.” Leona said with a smile. Leo shook his head and sat down at the table with his meal. The plate was full of several meats some potatoes and some corn. It looked like she had just made it. Leona sat down next to him with a cup of coffee and waited.
“ What?” He asked looking at her between bites.
“ Is she really that bad?”
“ Not as bad as we had first thought. She’ll survive but she’s going to be so sore for a while.”
“ I can’t believe something like this happened and to someone as nice as Shannon. When Samuel called and told me that Shannon had been shot, I was scared that you had been at the clinic at the time.”
“ I was with Doctor Masters when we got the call about Shannon.”
“ I know the hospital told me.”
“ Samuel said that he’d never seen Shannon so scared.”
“ I would have been to. But as long as your both all right I am glad.”
“ Well I’m fine, but Shannon has a lot of work to get back to what she was before the shooting.”
“ Yeah she does, and she’s welcome to stay here as long as she needs to. We’ve got the huge guest room and the kids love her.” Leona said smiling. Leo knew right then and there why he married her five years before. Her kind heart and wise ways seemed to rub off on anyone that met her. Leona had been the one woman that seemed to capture any mans heart but it was Leo’s heart that she had captured and had kept within her grasp for those years. They had a long relationship and had felt that by the time they had married they had chosen the right person, the one person that meant the most to them. That was before the earthlings had come to their planet, before James was born. Before things had changed.
“ Come on it’s getting late.” Leo said looking at his wife. Leona looked up at him with her deep brown eyes and smiled, her long golden hair seemed to shimmer in the dim lighting of the fireplace. Taking her hand in his own he lead her to the bedroom and closed the door. He needed some time alone with his wife and needed to just hide from the world.
Chapter 5 by AJsSweety
Morning seemed to come to soon for Leo, he could feel the suns warm rays pouring through the parted curtains. He looked over at his sleeping wife and kissed her head lightly before slipping from the bed. He knew the children would sleep for a few more hours before they’d come to find if their parents were awake. Taking this as an advantage he hurried to shower and ready breakfast before his wife woke. She had worked so hard the day before on supper and finding that he’d not returned from work as scheduled must have scared her something terrible. As he entered the hot shower he thought of the past days events. The call about his friend being injured, the doctors wondering about who Shannon was and why she was the only Angel in the city, and why she’d never said anything about being from the island. He let the hot water run over his skin, the hair that hung well past his shoulders came to rest at the center of his back, letting the water rinse the days events away he felt arms wrap themselves around his bare waist.
“ Why didn’t you wake me?” She whispered kissing his shoulder.
“ I had ruined our evening, thought you needed the sleep.”
“ Your friend was hurt. I understood.”
“ But it was our anniversary.”
“ I understood. Leo our family is important but friends are too. Shannon was hurt.” Leona said kissing the back of his neck. His hair stood on end as he let out a low growl, turning he faced her and kissed her deeply.
“ Do you know how much I truly love you?”
“ More than you know.” Leona said holding him close. She could feel the heat that was generating between them, even if the water had long sense grown cold.
“ I guess we should get ready. I’ll start breakfast.” Leo said kissing her again. Leona held him close before kissing him deeply and then releasing her hold. Leo looked into her eyes once more before he grabbed a towel and headed out of the bathroom. Leona stood there in the ice cold water and let tears roll down her cheeks, she had feared his death that day but when the call came telling her that it was Shannon that had been injured she was relieved that he was alive, was she wrong to feel that it was a good thing it wasn’t him that had been hurt? She wondered if she was betraying her friendship with Shannon to save her husband. Whipping her tears away she shut off the water and dried off. Getting dressed she joined her family in the dinning room.
“ Well I see my babies are awake.” Leona said kissing Grace and then James.
“ We have school today mom.” James said eating his pancakes.
“ Do you want Daddy or I to take you to school?”
“ Daddy can you? Before you go see Aunt Shannon?”
“ Sure that would be ok. Leona would you like to come along to see Shannon?”
“ Sure.” Leona said with a smile. The remaining of the meal was rather quiet as they hurried to finish eating so the kids could be off to school. They drove to the school and pulled their van to a stop in front of it.
“ Have a good day at school. And if your good I’ll take you to visit Aunt Shannon this afternoon.”
“ Ok Daddy.” Grace said kissing his cheek. Leo smiled and watched as his daughter bounded up the stairs to the school and met up with her friends.
“ I have practice after school.”
“ That’s fine visiting hours are till eight.” Leo said looking at his son.
“ Ok dad. By mom.” James said hopping out of the car and heading to meet up with his group of friends. Leo watched his children a few more moments before pulling the van away from the school.
“ Miss them don’t you?”
“ Yeah, I hate working like I have.”
“ They understand.” Leona said.
“ Sometimes I’m not so sure.” Leo said as they pulled into the parking lot of the large hospital. He had seen the news that morning and had heard two more shootings had happened, this time someone had died. Looking at Leona he wondered if welcoming the earthlings with open arms was such a good thing. He knew that his friend Samuel was earthling but was he really willing to lose what friends he did have that were like that over something that had been happening? These questions plagued his mind a lot lately and even more now that Shannon had been shot.
Chapter 6 by AJsSweety
Walking through the seemingly normal hospital Leo stopped at the desk to be sure he knew what room Shannon was in. Once he had found out that she had not been moved from the night before he walked down the hall hand in hand with Leona. He stopped outside the door marked 2145 and looked inside, he could hear the soft talking of someone and the horse voice of Shannon, she sounded upset. Entering the room he found several people standing around her.
“ Are you all right?” Leo asked moving to her side. Leona stood on the other side of the bed holding Shannon’s good hand. Then people that stood in the room murmured amongst themselves before looking at the threesome.
“ I’m fine. These are some of my father’s advisors.” She said looking at her friends. Leona looked down at Shannon and then at the group that had assembled.
“ Advisors?” She asked, her voice laced with shock and suspicion.
“ Yes Advisors. I am sorry I’ve kept a secrete from you.”
“ What?” Leo said looking at her.
“ I’m from the Land of the Angels.”
“ We gathered that. Not many winged people around here.” Leo said.
“ I am their princess. My father is the king.” Shannon said. Leona and Leo looked at her strangely and then at the group assembled.
“ Yes we are her father’s advisors. After hearing that Princess Shannon had been hurt we came to see if she was all right. And to plead with her to return home. We can protect her there.”
“ How? This is something that is happening all over Castia?”
“ The people of the Island of the Angels are the true rulers of Castia. But because of things that have changed over the years, they’ve let a government form but they’ve remained in power so to speak.”
“ People are being killed are you telling me it’s their fault?”
“ No, the earthlings that are killing Castians are doing it out of fear and spite. But they are sending a warning to the royals.”
“ But how would they know Shannon was a royal if even we her closest friends didn’t?”
“ Maybe they didn’t know and Princess Shannon was in the wrong place. We are unsure but are wishing that she’d return home.”
“ I wont return home. I’ve been gone from there so I could make a life of my own to prove to the people of this planet that we are more than just royals that we can make a life for ourselves without feeling like we are living off those that make our world what it is.” Shannon said. Leo looked at her and now knew why she hid who she was, she wanted to prove she could make friends and make herself something without being known as one of the royal family. She was his friend and as that she’d do anything for him, he would do the same for her.
“ There is a war coming princess and we want you safe.”
“ Go back to my father and tell him that I am fine. And if I chose to return to Seledona I shall till then leave me alone.” Shannon shouted. The men nodded and turned and left the room. Shannon looked at her two friends and then towards the far wall.
“ I never meant you to learn about this in this manor.”
“ You were keeping it from us why?” Leona asked.
“ To keep you safe. To keep myself safe. I guess I didn’t want anyone to know who or what I was. I just wanted to be liked for me.” Shannon said as tears began slipping down her cheeks.
“ How long as it been since you’ve been home?” Leo asked whipping the tears away.
“ Six years. I left right after my mother died. I could not bare the thought of being there any longer. She wanted me to be my own person, but father felt it was time for me to learn my place and ready to become queen.”
“ How, don’t you have sisters?”
“ I am an only daughter. I have one brother. But he’s in the guard and has chosen not to become king. That leaves the crown to fall to me.”
“ But do you want it?”
“ I am not ready to rule a world that doesn’t even know they have rulers, that doesn’t know that we are people to not just winged people or angels as we are called.”
“ I already know that you’re a person but do you?” Leona asked.
“ That’s why I came here. I wanted to find myself, become the person I was meant to be.”
“ Then maybe it’s time to lead your people into battle.” Leo said looking at her.
“ I’m not even sure I know how.”
Chapter 7 by AJsSweety
Shannon looked at her friends and then looked away. She had let them down, something in their eyes told her that much. But could she be the ruler her father had always wanted her to be? Or would she be the disappointment she thought she was. Things seemed to run through her mind, that was the reason why she had run from her duties in the first place. She wasn’t the child her father had wanted. She wasn’t the warrior her mother had been. Something inside of her wanted to stay on the peaceful side of things problem was no one would allow it. She was a warrior by birth that was who and what she was, but something inside wanted her to be less than that, to be more human and less Angel than she acted.
“ You need to learn to be the warrior you were born to be.” Leo said looking at her.
“ I’ve always had a kind heart. Something of a flaw my father said.”
“ Well don’t listen to your father. Shannon I know you’re hurting and until you’ve healed we will do what ever it takes to protect you. That’s what friends are for. But you must learn for yourself that it’s time to become the person you were meant to be. You’ve walked with the people long enough, now it’s time to take charge and lead us to victory.” Leo said trying to convince his friend that she was more than she lead herself to be.
“ I don’t know.” She said again.
“ The war begins but will you fight to save your people or die because you’ve given up?” Leona asked looking into Shannon’s eyes. Shannon turned her look away from her, she wasn’t meaning to be this way. But she had never wanted to be the person he father had expected her to be, she never wanted to be a warrior that was her brothers job. Not hers, it was his to defend the world defend it’s people. Now she felt as if she was letting them all down.
“ We will come back later.” Leo said taking Leona’s hand and leaving Shannon to her thoughts.

Shannon lay in the room alone, she could hear those around her talking, could hear the voices of her friends asking for her help asking for her to finally become the one thing she’d been running from all her life. Could she really become the warrior all had wanted and prove to herself and her people and mostly her father that she could still remain the kind hearted person she had become. She wasn’t sure if she could do both, but for her friends for her planet and for her people she was willing to try. But with all that had happened in the last few days, her new injury could she defend those she loved? Could she be the person they had always seen. Those were thoughts for another day, for now she was tired and needed some rest. She let her body relax and slowly drifted off into a dream filled sleep.
Chapter 8 by AJsSweety
He walked into the room once again and looked at the sleeping woman. He knew that she’d have to make her choice soon but would she make the one that would make her world a better something inside of him knew that she’d become what her parents had always wanted. Someone that would always want to be the true ruler of this world. He touched her face and kissed her cheek.
“ Soon my sister, soon we will bring the battles of the outer worlds to our own. But are you ready to fight?” He asked looking down at her. He knew she was sleeping and knew she’d never answer.
“ Be aware young Shannon, be aware that if you chose the wrong destiny you will doom our world to darkness forever.” He said before turning and leaving the room unnoticed.

Shannon tossed and turned in her sleep, her dreams filled with screams and cries of help. She could see her world on fire, her world being destroyed by an unseen evil, something that had come to turn her world into slaves. She could see her friends, she could see Leo holding a child close to his chest, tears rolling down his cheeks. The blonde hair child limp in his arms blood running from a wound that came from an unknown place. The sound of another weeping caught her attention, her deep blue eyes scanned the area looking for its origin and found Leona crying over yet another body, another child.
“ What has happened?” She asked, her voice almost foreign to her.
“ You caused this.” Leona said looking up at the stunned woman.
“ What? How could I have done this?”
“ You could have saved them. The strangers came and killed the children first. Promising that they would be all that died, they’d save our race if we’d give into their control.”
“ I couldn’t have stopped this. You know this isn’t in my nature.”
“ Your brother was killed, your family was killed. You were all that was left that could have saved our people. Everyone on Celina will now learn of the deception that you’ve done and the traitorous act that caused our world to be lost.” Leona shouted. Shannon couldn’t understand what had happened. The world had been fine just as she had entered the hospital. What could have happened in the short time she was gone? So many questions ran through her mind.
“ I should kill you. I should kill you for what happened to my children.” Leo shouted. Leo stood and ran towards her, a dagger in hand. Shannon barely had time to react as the dagger plunged deep within her chest.

Shannon’s eyes snapped open and her breathing was heavy. She looked around and touched her chest with her good arm. It had only been a dream, just a dream. She told herself. But was it just a dream? Or was it more a shadow of things to come. She couldn’t allow her friends to die, their children to die.
“ I have to do something.” Shannon said wiping the tears from her face. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do but it was finally clear that she would return home, return to her training. Picking up the phone nearest her she called a number.
“ Bring Allen and pick me up.”
“ When?”
“ I should be released in two days time. Come then.”
“ Yes princess.”
“ Tell no one of my return.”
“ What of your father?”
“ Notify him before you leave.” She said.
“ Yes milady.” He said hanging up the phone. Shannon lay the phone back down and let her eyes close once again, but she knew this time she’d not find sleep so inviting. Nor did she want to as she felt the dread of what things were coming.
Chapter 9 by AJsSweety
Leo returned to the hospital as promised the next morning. Leona had chosen to stay home with their children, thinking that her husband needed some time alone with his friend. Leo walked down the long hallway to Shannon’s room and stopped when he noticed several people standing outside the room. They looked official and he noticed that two of them were armed.
“ Is there something wrong with Shannon?” Leo asked as he approached them.
“ You must be Leo.” One said walking forward.
“ Yes I am, I am at a loss you are?”
“ Valcurian I am Shannon’s brother.” He said shaking Leo’s hand.
“ She’s got family? I am sorry for my rudeness Shannon rarely if ever spoke of her family.”
“ That was expected. When she left she was in need of some time to herself and I knew she’d never tell anyone of who she truly was.”
“ Shannon only admitted it recently to my wife and myself. She seemed troubled by the fact that she’d kept it a secret for so long.”
“ Shannon has always had a kind nature about her and has always wanted to please others before pleasing herself. In more ways she’s the Angel of all Angel’s.”
“ Yeah I can see that much. But many of the earthlings see her as just that an Angel, none have ever harmed her before that day. None have ever done anything to her in anyway before then.”
“ This is the start of a war, a war that earthlings and Castians have lived in peace now for a hundred years why suddenly start a war now?”
“ That is a good question my friend. Shannon is expecting you. Please go in and speak with her.”
“ You sound so serious. Is there something wrong with her?” Leo asked looking at the man.
“ She’s just needing to speak to you.” He said stepping aside. Leo entered the small room and looked at Shannon.

Shannon looked up as her friend entered the room, she hated all the things she had kept from him, but it was for his own safety and of course her own. She could see clearly in the darkness the look of confusion that Leo’s eyes held, the fact that she’d gained guards over night.
“ Hello my friend.” She said looking at him.
“ I was worried, when I saw all those people.”
“ They are sent by my father. He wishes me to return home.”
“ Are you?”
“ To learn yes. I must return home to become the warrior all expect me to be. I am sorry that I lied to you.”
“ Shannon, your lying to me isn’t what has me upset. I knew from the first time we met that you were hiding something. We all hide something.”
“ This is something big. Today I return home.”
“ You wont be staying?”
“ I will return home to begin my training. Please understand that I am not leaving because you know the truth but leaving because I need to.”
“ I understand.” Leo said.
“ Do you really? Do you understand that it will be several months to years before I reappear again? Do you understand that?”
“ Yes I do, please know that we will be here to help you in any way we can.”
“ Good, be here in six months, wait for my return. Thank you my friend.”

Leo watched as Shannon was wheeled from the hospital to a waiting copter. He wondered if her parents were waiting her return or if they were disappointed that she was returning under such painful circumstances. He watched the copter lift off and slowly move out of sight. He wondered if he’d really see Shannon again or if she’d never return.

Shannon looked out the window at the city that was slowly disappearing. Would she ever return. She’d made a promise to her friend that in six months time she’d return but would she get that change during her training or would she return later or never at all. A promise is a promise and she wouldn’t break her word. She watched the city one last time before closing her eyes for the long flight home.
Chapter 10 by AJsSweety
Shannon looked out the window at the city that was slowly disappearing. Would she ever return. She’d made a promise to her friend that in six months time she’d return but would she get that change during her training or would she return later or never at all. A promise is a promise and she wouldn’t break her word. She watched the city one last time before closing her eyes for the long flight home.

It had seemed like forever since she had been there, she in some ways didn’t understand why she had left. The lush beautiful trees and countryside seemed to flow endlessly towards the large castle in the center of the island. She could see a celebration had been started in her honor, the honor of their princess returning to them.
“ This wasn’t needed.” Shannon said as her mother hugged her.
“ Yes it was. You’ve been gone to long. And look at you returning injured.”
“ I wasn’t harmed that bad. It’s going to heal fine.” Shannon said as he father walked up to her.
“ Father.”
“ You’ve returned.” He said hugging her.
“ I’ve returned to finally take my place as princess.” Shannon said sounding more adult than she did when she left several years before.
“ Then your training will begin.” He said leading her down away from the crowd and into the large palace.

Later that week Shannon stood looking out at the dark sky and sighed.
“ What’s wrong?” A male voice asked.
“ Everything.” Shannon answered turning and facing the man. A soft smile spread across her face
“ I’ve missed you.” He said pulling her close.
“ And I you. Did father send you?” She asked leaning against him.
“ No, I was told of your return and had to see for myself.”
“ I had feared that you had forgotten about me.” She said touching his cheek.
“ I could never forget the woman I love.”
“ A war is coming.”
“ I know, you father has called all to ready for the war. But he wants you trained. Are you ready for this? Many will die some even your friends. Are you ready to destroy those that you’ve become close to?”
“ I will do what I have to.” Shannon said.
“ Then you’ve already learned the first lesson of being royalty.”
“ I knew this lesson long ago. Daniel what is to come of our people. Many have never seen our island or what many of us look like. I was the only one of our kind there.”
“ We tend to stay away from the main lands for that reason. Many worship us as gods, seeing as we’ve got wings. And the ability of flight.”
“ I found friends there in the city. They loved me for me.”
“ Even after they found out the truth?”
“ Yes even then. Leo, like the lion he was named for seems to be as loyal as one. Believe me he is one we would want in the up coming war.”
“ Then I shall go and find him.”
“ We must protect his family as well.”
“ It shall be done my love.”
“ Daniel I love you.”
“ And I you.” He whispered as he held her close. He knew her training would be something that would have to come first. She had been gone nearly five years and he worried that living with the commoners had changed her. But her determination and will to protect those that were dearest to her still was strong. She’d make a fine wife and warrior.
“ Daniel I will be gone for several days during my training.”
“ Yes I know. I shall return here in three weeks.”
“ I’d prepare for longer, I’ve been gone five years.”
“ Prepare for as long as you need. I shall be here when you return.” Daniel said kissing her quickly. Shannon smiled and then headed off the balcony towards the guards that stood near the door, ready to escort her to the transport that would take her to the training grounds. It was strange to think of how much training would happen in the time before the war began.

Leo waited by the phone half expecting a call telling him Shannon had been killed. He couldn’t imagine his friend in a war that should have never started. It had been several months since Shannon had left them and now he was always worrying about her well-being.
“ She’s fine.” Leona said to him one late evening.
“ Leona we aren’t sure of that. She promised to call.”
“ And she will, but the battles have begun I am sure she’s fighting along side her friends.” She said. Leo looked up as a knock came to the door. Walking to it he opened it cautiously.
“ Can I help you?” He asked looking at the uniformed men.
“ Yes are you Leo?”
“ Yes., may I ask what the problem is?”
“ Princess Shannon sent us to find you before the war became worse.”
“ Where is she?”
“ Fighting, but she will be waiting at the palace upon our return.” the guard said. Leo looked towards his wife and children.
“ Bring your family. Princess Shannon says they will be safer at the palace than they will be here during the battles.”
“ The battles haven’t come this far.” Leona said.
“ They are headed this way. That was why she sent us to get you.” He said. Leo looked at his family again and they rushed to gather what they could carry and follow the men to the waiting copter. The children seemed frightened as they flew over the city, several neighborhoods were already in flames and the worst was yet to come. Leo still wondered what had ever started this, and was it the earthlings that had caused the war in the firs t place. James looked out the window and could see a beautiful city coming into view.
“ Father is that were we are going?” He asked pointing to the large island.
“ Yes that’s the island of the Angels. No other Castian has ever seen this island.”
“ You are the first of many Princess Shannon is hoping to bring to Seledona.”
“ I am honored.” Leo said as the copter touched down. He could see Shannon off in the distance. As she stepped out from the shadows he gasped. She was wearing armor, it covered her body and was rather flattering he thought to himself. Shaking himself from the thoughts that had entered his mind he smiled as she walked up to them. Her knee high boots clicking on the ground. She wore golden and silver armor that had the royal family crest in the center. She looked more like an Amazon of ancient times than the woman that had left several months before. She had bulked up some as well.
“ It’s good to see you my friend.” She said embracing him.
“ It looks like being here has done you good.” Leo said holding her so he could see her better.
“ It’s just because of the war. Come you must be tired after your journey I will show you to your quarters and we will speak in the morning.
Authors Note by AJsSweety
Oh come on people, the story can't be that bad. I mean I've got a writers group that I get more reviews on. Then agian it's summer time and that means everyone is gone. I guess I'll just keep posting it till someone reviews.
Chapter 11 by AJsSweety
With that Shannon walked a head of her friend and his family. Leo shook his head and took his wife’s hand and followed closely behind Shannon.

The sunrise was beautiful as Leona stood on the balcony of their private suite. She felt her husband’s arms wrap around her waist and his lips kiss her neck.
“ It’s beautiful.”
“ It always has been, we just never noticed because of the city.”
“ Yeah, I guess.” Leona said leaning against her husband. Leo stroked his wife’s hair and turned to see his children just emerging from their rooms.
“ Morning Daddy.” Grace said running to her father’s side.
“ Morning angel. Did you sleep good?”
“ Sure did. Is Aunty Shannon coming by today?”
“ Yes she sure is. She’s supposed to come down during breakfast.”
“ Goodie, I am going to go get dressed.” Grace said wiggling from her father’s grasp. Leo watched as his child ran back into her room closing the door behind her.
“ Will things get better?”
“ I hope so. Come on let’s get ready to meet Shannon.” Leo said as he took his wife’s hand and led her back inside. Looking back over his shoulder, Leo wondered if the beautiful planet would remain that way after the war.

Shannon had arrived at the room a short time later. She was happily surprised to see both children dressed and waiting for her.
“ I see your both up.” Shannon said leaning down and hugging James and Grace.
“ We missed you.”
“ And I’ve missed you.” She said kissing both their heads. The children ran their fingers over the armor that Shannon wore. Their fingers traced the intricate designs and symbols that laced the breast plate.
“ What’s with the outfit?” Leo asked.
“ I have to return to the battle today. But I wanted to see you first.” Shannon said, her voice was laced with sorrow as it meant she’d be leaving her friends just after they’d arrived.
“ Your leaving already?”
“ I have to. The general on the front line is getting pounded.”
“ Why were we brought here?”
“ Safety and I needed you Leo.” Shannon said.
“ Me?” Leo asked.
“ I need your expertise. Believe me my friend I would not ask if I did not need you.”
“ Then I shall come.”
“ Thank you my friend.” Shannon said leading them down the hall. Leona took her husband’s hand and made him stop and look at her.
“ Are you sure about this?”
“ This is our world, our home. And I will defend it and all of it’s people.”
“ Then go and be safe my husband.” Leona said kissing him. Leo walked down the hallway to catch up with Shannon, he was unsure of how the battles had become but he was now going to help defend his home and his family. Leona and the children watched as the transport lifted off the platform and quickly disappeared into the red sky. Turning her children she ushered them back into the large palace.

Leo stood by Shannon’s side as the transport landed.
“ Where are we?”
“ Far side of the planet. It hasn’t been inhabited for a long time. “
“ It’s a beautiful part of the planet.”
“ Many have come here and left it in the beauty that you see before you. But this is also a harsh and rather angry environment.”
“ How so?”
“ Many have lost their lives here. Defending what they thought to be was right. But things can become clouded the longer a war goes on.”
“ You’ve changed.” Leo said looking into her eyes.
“ War and duty tends to do that to a person. Even someone like me.” She said looking at her friend. Leo could see that she had aged, almost as if she’d grown up. Her normally dark hair had streaks of gray already through it, but it still looked beautiful on her. His eyes drifted over her now muscular figure and figured that it was the fighting and the training that had changed her so much. An angry scar ran up her right arm, stopping just below her elbow.
“ Where did you get that?” He asked touching the scar.
“ During a recent battle, its not painful so don’t worry. Scars come and go, but the will to live is stronger.”
“ But these scars wont fade.”
“ So, it’s a great honor to defend my people.” Shannon said looking at him. Leo could hardly believe that this was the same woman months ago that had said she’d rather die than fight. He could see the fire that burned deep within her, the fire that he knew she’d kept at bay for so long. She was a new woman now. He watched her as she walked over to a tall man. He looked like she did but his wings were a darker color almost black in color.
“ Leo, this is my fiancé>‘
“ Your engaged to be married?”
“ Yes I left Daniel and he understood that I’d return when I was ready.”
“ And I am going to guess you’re finally ready?”
“ After being gone five years. I am ready to his wife, and to be the ruler of this land. I am sorry that I’ve deceived you for so long Leo, but please my friend understand that I needed people to like me for me, not me as Princess, successor to the throne of Castia.”
“ What of your brother?” Leo asked.
“ He doesn’t want the throne so it leaves it to me to take. And now I am going to win this battle and show this family what I am made of.” Shannon said smiling. “ Finally be the daughter my father wanted, the warrior my people wanted and the friend and lover all wanted.”
Chapter 12 by AJsSweety
Shannon waited on the hill over looking the battle below. She could see the earthlings and several other creatures she wasn’t sure of battling against her people. Many Angel’s had been lost that day and many days before that. She wondered if the war would ever end. She could feel the warm breeze of the evening blowing her long hair. She’d let it grow since returning to her home, and now it hung well past her mid back and was held up in a tight pony tail. She held her hand on the hilt of her silver and gold sword that she wore on her side. She ran her fingers lightly over the hilt of the sword and looked down at the battle below.
“ We’ve got injury reports milady.”
“ How many dead?”
“ Fifty dead, ten mortally wounded and the rest are doing all right.”
“ Get the wounded to the hospital, send out the second battalion and be ready they might try to take the hill.”
“ Yes milady.” The young man said bowing slightly. Shannon turned her attention back to the battle below and saw several soldiers that looked rather familiar. After a few moments she decided to take a closer look, lifting off the ground she glided above the fighting enough to see that the two soldiers she had seen were Daniel and Leo. She could hardly believe the way they fought and together as if they had done it forever. Things flowed smoothly until Shannon watched an arrow hit Daniel in the chest. Landing next to Daniel she cradled his head in her lap.
“ It’s all right.” He said looking up at her. Shannon’s eyes filled with tears as she ran her fingers over his dusty face.
“ Please I beg you don’t leave me.” Shannon said as she held him close. She could feel his breathing becoming labored.
“ I will never leave you my princess.” Daniel said. She could almost feel his life slipping from him. She looked around to see several other soldiers had arrived to take Daniel to the hospital. But they were unsure if they could get him there in time. Lifting his body into his arms, Shannon took flight and was nearly gone before anyone could stop her. She’d not lose him to this war, she could feel his body starting to relax and knew that he was slipping away from her.
“ Please hold on.” She said, it was as if her she willed him to live, her body began to glow with a blinding light. The ones watching from the ground stood amazed as the light surrounded Shannon and Daniel. It was as if they disappeared for a few moments reappearing in each others arms. Shannon held on to Daniel as his arms wrapped around her, his eyes opened and a smile spread across his face.
“ I love you.” He said kissing her deeply. Shannon looked around and could see that in that instant the fighting had stopped and all eyes were on them. She smiled slightly before raising them up again and flying towards the palace.
“ Where are we going?” He asked her.
“ To the palace, I want you checked.” She said as they landed gracefully together.
“ I am fine my love.”
“ Humor me.” She said kissing his cheek. Several maids came running.
“ Take Lord Daniel to his chambers and fetch the doctor.”
“ Yes mistress.” They answered bowing. She kissed his cheek one more time before lifting off the ground and leaving him once again. Daniel watched as Shannon flew out of sight and then turned and followed the maids back into the palace.

Shannon returned to where she had left the others and was astounded to find that the fighting had stopped at this place. She knew it wasn’t her display that had done it.
“ Why has the fighting stopped?”
“ The earthlings retreated milady.” One said bowing. Shannon turned to see several Castians bowing before her. This was rather unusual even for people of her planet. Paying it no mind she turned her attention to the generals.
“ What is the report?”
“ We’ve had few casualties milady and we’ve taken prisoners.”
“ Good. I want none of the prisoners harmed am I understood?”
“ Yes milady.” One general said bowing before he too disappeared. Leo walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.
“ What was that?”
“ What was what?” She asked turning and facing him.
“ That light. Didn’t you see it?”
“ No, what light?” She asked. She seemed rather surprised that Leo had suddenly joined in with the masses, he had always seemed to be the type that strayed away from what others were thinking.
“ We really are going to need to talk. That was just weird even for you.”
“ All right. Well we can return to the palace or camp here for the night. It’s going to be dark soon.” Shannon said looking around. She could see the wounded men and the ones attending to them.
“ Make camp.” Leo announced. Several officers and soldiers nodded and started setting up the large tents. Leo was still unsure of what happened up there with Shannon and Daniel but he wanted to speak to her as soon as they could be alone.

Leo waited until he knew that Shannon was alone in her tent and went to speak to her. He tapped on the pole outside the tent and then walked inside.
“ What did you need?” Shannon asked rubbing her tired eyes.
“ I wanted to talk to you about earlier.”
“ What about earlier.”
“ Shannon you glowed. What the hell was that?”
“ It was nothing.” Shannon said walking around her small desk.
“ Nothing? Shannon what the hell is that?”
“ It’s a power I have ok. No one on Castia knows about what the royals can do. But today I showed it to everyone.” Shannon said looking at him. The confusion in her eyes and the hint of fear seemed to be apparent. She wasn’t sure how she was going to explain what she’d done and how come no one on Castia had ever heard of it.
Chapter 13 by AJsSweety
Shannon sat down behind the mediocre desk. She turned her blue eyes upwards toward her friend and sighed.
“ I guess an explanation is at hand.”
“ Yes that would be a good thing.” Leo said sitting down next to her. Shannon wasn’t sure how she was going to explain what she’d done let alone why she’d kept such a thing hidden from her friend and why no one on Castia knew about it.
“ It seems that a lot of things that have been hidden in my life are slowly coming to the surface.”
“ Yeah that it seems.” Leo said looking at her.
“ Things have always been different for anyone living on Seledona. We were always keeping the peace but still staying hidden from the rest of the population of Castia. But when the earthlings came it seemed that our planet was different. It was something more beautiful than we had ever imagined. We listened to the earthlings speak of how our people, Seledonans and Castians alike, it was as if we had become more than we were. But we held a dark secret.”
“ What kind?”
“ Seledonans came to this planet first over 5000 years ago. When the others began to arrive we kept our powers or gifts as father calls them a secret. We had made new friends and didn’t want to frighten them already.”
“ But why keep the secret so long?”
“ Because when the earthlings arrived we thought they’d exploit our powers and everyone would want us to be able to save their loved ones from certain death. Our gifts don’t work that way.”
“ But keeping this a secret for so long this must have drove you insane.”
“ Why do you think I left?” Shannon asked. “ I left because I couldn’t handle the secret anymore I couldn’t handle the lies we told our people, the lies we told ourselves.”
“ You never told me and I never asked. That’s not considered a lie.”
“ I was lying to myself. Telling myself I could run from who I was.. But it seemed after I got shot it proved to me that I can’t hide from my true self so here I am. I am here proving to my father and all of my people that I am not a fraud and I am here to be the princess and ruler they wanted. “
“ So that explains why the others looked strangely while those that have lived on this island bowed down to you.”
“ Many thought I left because the power ended with my brother, that I couldn’t the their ruler because of that. But I showed them today it didn’t. I think even Daniel was surprised.”
“ A lot of them were surprised.”
“ Our kind seemed to have forgotten their heritage and seem to have forgotten about their powers. By me using mine it will show all those on this island that we are as powerful as any on Celina. All of the people living here all have powers. They just need to learn to tap into them.”
“ Even me?” Leo asked.
“ Even you my friend. But that can wait. It’s late and we must rest. The earthlings wont hide forever.” Shannon said. Leo nodded and stood and left the tent. Shannon smiled. Her friend would soon learn that he has powers deep within him, powers that even rival her own.
Chapter 14 by AJsSweety
Shannon was awakened suddenly as she felt a hard metal object pressed to her throat. Looking up she saw a man smiling down at her.
“ Hello Princess.”
“ Samuel” She hissed. He pressed the knife harder into her throat causing her to yelp out in pain.
“ My spies tell me that you hold a power none had ever seen before. Even healed a wounded soldier.”
“ Rumors by frightened earthlings. I highly doubt any of it is true.”
“ They are rather trust worthy and keep a close eye on my favorite princess.”
“ Face it you didn’t even know I was home.” Shannon hissed.
“ Oh that your wrong on. I’ve known for a while that you had returned. I also knew where you were hiding. I was even the one that had you shot.”
“ You son of a bitch.” Shannon shouted as she attempted to sit up.
“ I’d stay put if you know what’s good for you. The entire camp has been captured and word has been sent to your father of your capture. He’ll surrender his kingdom to get his daughter back.”
“ He knows I’d rather die than have you take this kingdom and this planet.”
“ How many have you injured?”
“ None, they think you were captured first so they came rather quietly. But I will hurt you if I have to.” Samuel said. Shannon narrowed her eyes, but knew if she fought him it could mean the death of so many of her people. She couldn’t believe that the one person that had been her closest advisor was turning against her.
Shannon could hardly believe what was happening around her as she looked towards Samuel, would her father give up the kingdom to save her? She wasn’t so sure.

The scream pierced the silent night and Leo came running. As he entered the tent he saw that Shannon was sitting up in her bed screaming.
“ It was a dream.” He said taking her shaking figure into his arms.
“ It seemed so real.”
“ Have you gotten visions before?” Leo asked looking at his friend.
“ I’ve not gotten any visions in a lot of years my friend. This one told me we were in great danger.”
“ It’s nearly sunrise I will wake the others and break camp.” Leo said leaving the tent. Shannon sat there for a few moments before she hurried to ready herself to leave. Once she was ready she stepped into the light and looked around. She could see her troops reading to leave.
“ Princess.”
“ Yes Commander?”
“ We’ve had sightings of some earthlings near the forest.”
“ They ready us to leave quickly.”
“ Yes milady.” He said bowing and heading back towards the assembled troops.
“ You going to be ok?”
“ Yeah, like you said it was just a dream.” Shannon said pulling her helmet on. She took to the air and surveyed the landscape before swooping down near the lead man.
“ Keep them going north. The earthling troops are about seven miles behind us.”
“ I will keep us moving. We are returning to the Palace?”
“ Not yet. I want to lead them away from the palace as best we can. We will go down fighting.”
“ Yes majesty” He said. Shannon wasn’t sure how long they could hold off the army but she’d die trying if need be.
Chapter 15 by AJsSweety
Shannon went a head of the troops as she scouted the way. She could hear the gun fire of the other army. She turned her head as something seemed to fly passed her.
“ Hello sister.” Her brother said.
“ Hello.” She said turning to face him. His black wings seemed to block out the sun.
“ You’ve been missed.”
“ You have not.” She answered. He narrowed his dark eyes and looked at her. He could see the anger deep within her eyes and knew she’d not missed his presence.
“ Oh come now sister dear.”
“ Don’t pretend that you’re happy I have returned. It just means I have the throne while you can play soldier.” She said looking at him.
“ Now that isn’t true.”
“ The throne is mine Jason.”
“ We will see about that.”
“ I am the oldest. That makes it mine by right of passage. You did not want it. Or being the only son you would have been given the kingdom and reign over the entire planet.” Shannon said.
“ I might still sister dear.”
“ Not likely. Our parents are due to live another hundred years. And I am next in line for the throne. So unless something drastically happens over the time of this war. I don’t see you having the throne. You’ve never really had the heart for it.”
“ Nor have you, you ran away at the first chance you were given.”
“ I was given a chance to find myself before taking the throne.” Shannon growled at him. He knew it was true she’d taken time away from the family. But it was his birth right to be king, but would he kill his own sister for the throne.
“ Tell me Jason, have you started this war to save the planet, to show them you are the hero I could never be? Or did you start this war because you wanted to prove to our parents you’re the better of the two?” Shannon asked.
“ You were given everything, I was always making my way in the world.”
“ Bull, I made a name for myself by making friends. I wasn’t here letting our parents give me things, I left and made a go of it on my own. Now you’re just being childish. Someone has poisoned your mind against your own family Jason and I want to know who?” Shannon said. Jason just laughed and disappeared. Shannon growled and landed near one of her generals.
“ Get the troops ready, we’ve got a traitor within our ranks.”

Leo watched Shannon come to a landing near the main tent.
“ What’s wrong?” He asked sensing the anger.
“ We’ve got a traitor within our own ranks.”
“ Who?”
“ My brother.” She growled.
“ What?”
“ He’s decided that he doesn’t want the crown but will not allow anyone else to have it either.”
“ That is wrong. Are you sure?”
“ Very sure.” Shannon said. “ We must move our troops to a safer place and ready for his attack.”
“ But are you sure he’ll attack?”
“ I am very sure.” Shannon said as she turned to the skies. She could still hear the anger in her brother’s voice the hurt he felt that she had the given power and he did not. The power that normally was bestowed upon the son, but the first born is bestowed this power and she was that child. Jason was a selfish child that felt that the world owed him his life. So he became a soldier, thinking it would change the way he looked in his family’s eyes. The change in him wasn’t seen, his father still saw a skinny boy that could amount to nothing. Shannon knew that he felt that way the day she left, the day she turned her back on the family and her royal heritage.
“ Shannon?”
“ I’m fine go.” Shannon said looking away from her friend. She took to the air and watched as the troops marched towards safer ground. She knew her brothers power and knew that even as angry as he was his was no match for hers, but would he challenge her? She wasn’t sure.

He watched from a safe distance, he knew her power, he wanted her power. He knew that if he waited long enough he’d have her power and it would be his to own the world. He wanted to own the world, bring the power the entire planet had and make it his own. He knew that Shannon was its vessel and knew that she had very little knowledge of this fact. But what a great pleasure it would be to bring that truth to her, that her birth was that of legend, that she was born only to control the power of Castia. What a wonderful surprise that would be for her to learn. The evil look in Jason’s eyes would make any man tremble and few dared defy him. He’d proven that over the years.

Shannon felt the anger even from the furthest distance she was from her brother. Jason and Samuel were one in the same yet different. Samuel was a kinder man, more apt to talk than fight, then there was Jason, the more dominate brother, she often wondered why her parents had kept the twins when she did. They often acted alike even as if they were one person, they used the same mannerisms. But often one was never seen without the other. Both seen together nearly inseperateable, but it often set the people of Castia on edge because being seen together meant they were up to no good. Often terrorizing the locals and taking funds that were not part of the taxes. The king and Queen often tried to stop their rebellious children but finally sent Shannon to set them straight. Shannon being the keeper of the power would set the twins straight but what scared her the most was that she knew her power could destroy them but keeping it to a low she kept them under control. She often wondered if her leaving was the reason they had changed. That they had taken their personalities to a new level and let the evil flow through them. She knew that her power was what kept them sane but never knew that her power was what kept them from destroying the planet. Her parents had never told her that her power was linked to them as much as they were linked to her. There were a great many things that her parents had left out in her life.
“ Leo, keep the troops moving. There are some caves up a head. I shall return shortly.” She said as she flew off into the distance. She watched as the palace came into view. She landed gracefully on the balcony and walked inside.
Chapter 16 by AJsSweety
“ What else have you kept from me?” Shannon asked looking at her stunned parents.
“ What ever do you mean?”
“ Don’t lie to me, what was I born for?”
“ You were born to keep the peace and harmony of this planet.”
“ Am I even your child?” She growled.
“ That you are. But your birth was that of a surprise gift from the gods.”
“ Was that the same with Jason and Samuel?”
“ No, they were planned for.” Her mother said.
“ I was a gift. Something that was to bring peace and harmony to this planet. Then why are we are war?”
“ Because the gods split that gift that was given to you with your brothers and when they chose evil over the greater good. It set things into motion that only you can fix. Your full powers were restored once you returned here and assumed your rightful place as princess.”
“ I can’t believe this. This war is because you didn’t tell me who or what I was?”
“ No, it was destined to happen. We just hopped it never would. Please understand Shannon we never meant this to hurt you. We love you.”
“ Yeah I can see that. Now I have a planet to save and a war to stop.” Shannon growled before she took off again.

Jason landed several feet from the balcony as his brother landed next to him.
“ They told her.”
“ Yes brother dear they did. And that anger she’s feeling will bring her to our side. She will turn.”
“ I am not so sure of that. Shannon was made of pure hope and dreams. Pure of the truths and love of all those on this planet.”
“ And what of us brother dear?”
“ We are her exact opposite.”
“ Then she shall die, she’s what brings all the good to this planet. We destroy her we shall have this planet for our own.” Jason said, Samuel smiled as he lifted off the balcony and headed away from the palace. Both knew it was only a matter of time before Shannon would be dead and that would end anyone opposing them in the fight to gain control of this world.

Shannon returned to the troops, more angry that she had been when she left. Leo noticed this, as did Daniel. Daniel had returned to the war once he was well enough and the palace doctor had allowed his return.
“ She looks pissed.” Leo said to his new friend.
“ That she does. Let me find out what’s going on and then we can give her a report.” Daniel said looking at Leo, Leo nodded and watched as Daniel walked towards Shannon.
“ What’s wrong?” Daniel asked as he kissed her cheek.
“ Everything. The entire world is counting on me to save them.”
“ We know that’s a hard burden to bear but remember my love everything will finally come to an end.” Daniel said.,
“ Problem is, will that end be my own?” She asked turning and looking into his dark eyes. There were times she often could have gotten lost in those eyes, but this time it seemed he was hiding something from her. She couldn’t handle another betrayal. She would give him the trust that he had earned. But if he was yet another traitor she’d kill him with her bare hands.
“ You will not die in this war.”
“ Are you so sure about that? Are you so sure that this war wont be my last?”
“ Yes, I am sure of this. You were not put on this planet to be destroyed by a war, you are our hope, peace and love.”
“ Why do you say that?” Shannon asked, her voice laced with suspicion and anger.
“ Because all that live on Castia know of the child that was born to bring peace to our planet.”
“ Yeah peace that will destroy my family.”
“ You’re part of this planet. You a child of the entire world. We will love and cherish you even if your own family doesn’t. That’s why we all waited while you took time to find yourself before taking your rightful place as this planet’s savior and ruler.” Daniel said. Shannon looked at him, something about him didn’t feel right, and he wasn’t the same man that had been taken to the palace.
“ Savior, hardly.” Shannon huffed.
“ Truly believe that all that has been given to you was for the greater good, that your life was to shine as a beacon to show others that good can conquer evil then things will become clear.”
“ Why tell me this now?’ Shannon asked, she thought to probe Daniel would reveal who he truly was.
“ Because the time has come for you to understand the greatness that you were created for, the time has come to make you understand that we gods did not create you to hide from the ones that wish to destroy this world.”
“ But why come to me now? Why not when I felt lost?”
“ Because it was our intention to let you find your way. We did not want to interfere in the balance of things. This war has been predestined and we knew that it was you that would end it.” Daniel said. Shannon could hear more than one voice in his own.
“ Tell me were you destined to find me? Was it the plan of the gods to have me fall in love with a god?”
“ It was unfortunate that our messenger Daniel was taken so deeply by the goodness in your heart, but we had not the intention of making him fall in love with you.” He answered her.
“ Then it was your intention to leave me alone? To make me live my life without love.”
“ It wasn’t our intention at all.”
Chapter 18 * Final Chapter * by AJsSweety
Shannon’s anger began to flow to the surface, she could hardly believe that standing right here before her was the man she loved with all her heart and he was telling her that her destiny was written before she was born. That her birth was that of gods, the gods that had abandoned their people years before.
“ Wasn’t your intention? So basically Daniel was sent here just to keep my attention and for him to report to you daily?” She growled.
“ No, Daniel was one of our own, is one of our own.”
“ Then stop speaking through him and show yourselves. Show me who are the ones that created me, created this very war.” Shannon shouted. Leo watched from his distance wondering what was being shouted about. Shannon looked angry and then in a sudden flash both Shannon and Daniel disappeared.

Shannon shielded her eyes from the blinding light and then felt as if she had suddenly reappeared somewhere else.
“ Where am I?”
“ You wanted to speak to them.” Daniel said. Shannon looked at him and then looked around. The room was seemingly calm with white walls, it wasn’t as she had expected, seeing the gods of her world. They were dressed in long flowing robes. Many looked no older than she herself was, all different in size and stature. Each baring something similar with those that inhabited the planet below.
“ Tell me why I was chosen?”
“ You were chosen from all those that are on the planet to be the savior. To be the one person to show the people the way to return to the love, the purity and peace to the world.”
“ Not likely.”
“ The peace has already started to come together. But your brothers have seen to start a war between the people of this planet and the earthlings that have been here for over a hundred years. We’ve taken them into our world and into our hearts yet they seem to think this world is theirs for the taking.”
“ They have a right to feel that way. Our people have treated them like outsiders. Why did you all wonder why I strayed away from my family, away from all that I was to do.”
“ You’ve been away to long. We understand the earthlings, the newcomers are what we have seen to be the threat. The new ones that have come from some place other than earth.”
“ Who? Who would have brought them to our planet?”
“ You already know that answer. “ One said looking at her. She looked at the tall woman with the golden wings.
“ My brothers.” She growled.
“ Yes, they wish to rule without bounds and without the watchful eye of the gods.”
“ And what of my destiny? What am I supposed to do?”
“ Bring their rule to an end.”
“ To bring it to an end would mean ending their existence I am unsure if I can do that.”
“ Then you must find the truth within yourself to find a way to stop them before they rule the world and destroy all that that you have tried to keep pure and free.”
“ I need time.”
“ Then time you shall have.”
“ But what of Daniel. We were to be married?”
“ Once you have found yourself again he shall return to your side and a marriage shall be done.”
“ But until that time I am to make my choice? See where this may lead?” She asked.
“ Yes.”
“ And of the war? If I make the wrong choice the people of Castia will die because of me.”
“ Time will remain as it is. Until the time you return here to tell us what choice you’ve made. Until that time you will go to a far distant planet to make that choice.”
“ And I have one more thing to ask.”
“ What is it?”
“ Are my parents really my parents.”
“ No.” Two gods said. Both wore large crowns and walked towards her.
“ You are our daughter. The powers within you are ours gifts from us both. You are the hope, faith and love of both of us and the entire planet. Make your choice wisely my child.”
“ I will.” Shannon said before she disappeared.
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