Star Wars: New Sith Lord by AJsSweety
Summary: What if the battle between Obi Wan and Anakin hadn;t happened at least not yet. And things were different. Padme still died but now Anakin was still Lord Vader. Now finding another Skywalker, The force will never be the same
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CHapter 1 by AJsSweety
Star Wars: New Sith Lord
By Vicki 2005

It had seemed like ages since she had been out of her home. She had barely seen the light of day since the war had begun; she had heard that the rebels were working to free those that they thought needed freeing. She herself could have cared less if they ever came to her planet. She was perfectly happy the way she was. She had also heard that the Emperor himself was looking for her, but not for the reasons many had thought. His new apprentice had taken a great interest in her before the wars had begun but his heart had belonged to another. She moved into a desolate part of an unknown planet, finding herself able to hide among those that didn’t fear her.
“ Sasha I’ve heard the Emperor is looking for you.”
“ Then let the old man search.” Sasha said as she entered the large tavern.
“ You would allow him to find you?” A voice asked. A sweet voice, one she had not heard in a long time.
“ For you I would.” Sasha said turning and facing him. His deep red and yellow eyes looked back at her, she remembered their beautiful blue color and the warm smile he once had. Now his face was scared and anger was all she saw within his now evil eyes.
“ You know he’s looking for you.”
“ Yes, and I knew he’d send you to find me. When did you leave Padme?” She asked walking towards a small table at the far end of the tavern. He followed behind her silently taking in the way she walked, the way she moved her body as her own flowing cloaks seemed to move rhythmically around her. Sitting down she motioned for him to join her.
“ Are you returning with me?” He asked her.
“ Of course. The Emperor has sent for me, there must be something urgent for him to send his newest apprentice.”
“ He is my master, and I shall do as I am asked.”
“ You once said the same thing about Obi Wan.” She said looking into his surprised eyes.
“ You’ve not spoken his name since you left me years ago.” He said to her.
“ Do you still go by Anakin?” She asked him.
“ For now.” He said taking her hand in his own.
“ You’ve not faced him yet.” She whispered.
“ We’ve come face to face many times.” He answered her.
“ Anakin, he will destroy you, and all that you hold dear. Are you willing to lose that?”
“ If you mean losing Padme I’ve already lost her. And she will die at my own hand.”
“ I wasn’t meaning Padme, I’ve foreseen her death myself, by a large man dressed in black.”
“ As have I. That man will be me.”
“ Anakin you are not telling me things I do not already know. I am a seer, I’ve seen a great many things, I knew of your choice to follow the dark side to save Padme, your choice to betray those that you hold dear.”
“ Yet you’ve said nothing before this?”
“ You have not asked. You stopped talking to me a long time ago. Padme became something that you wanted to covet rather than the one woman you would be with in the end.” Sasha said smiling evilly.
“ You knew.”
“ I am far more keen in the things that even you former teacher’s teacher.”
“ Yoda?”
“ Yes, he has learned that finding me within the force is something of a challenge many Jedi have chose to leave me alone.”
“ They should. You are nearly as evil as my master is.”
“ Made from the same force the two of us. Same blood runs through our vanes.”
“ You are Palpatine’s child?”
“ Niece actually. But from the same family none the less.”
“ You look nothing like him.” Anakin said surprise still filling his voice
“ Happens.” Sasha said looking towards the door. “ We must be going.”
“ Why?”
“ The locals aren’t really big on the Emperor’s people and with the way your dressed they know you either work for him or something.”
“ But they are nothing compared to me.”
“ And they’ve kept my secret this long, I have swore not to harm them. We must go.” Sasha said taking his gloved hand in her own. She watched as he allowed her to lead him from the tavern. She knew his ship wasn’t far from where he had found her.

She now stood before the man Anakin was calling master. She looked at the hooded man and nodded.
“ Was there something of importance uncle?” She asked looking and waiting for a response from him. The dark side had taken its toile on his old body and because of that his age seemed far more advanced than it really was.
“ You will address me as Emperor.”
“ I will address you as I see fit.” Sasha growled. Palpatine looked into her eyes, she was as much a match for him as his new apprentice would soon become.
“ Sasha.” Anakin said looking at her.
“ For now he is uncle, when he’s earned the rank and respect that he has given himself I shall address him as he’s asked. Was there something you wanted uncle?” Sasha asked.
“ You’re a great ally and a great power that the Jedi will want to covet for their own.”
“ I am far from good enough for the Jedi to come looking for. I’ve lived my life on that planet, what did you think I didn’t know what was going on? I lived knowing that someday the Empire would come into power, knowing the fact that someday you’d gain Anakin as you’re apprentice and he would become the most feared Dark Lord the Sith has ever seen. All before him will pale in comparison. But there is another fact that will help keep this Dark Lord in check.”
“ What is that?” Palpatine asked.
“ His humanity.” She smiled evilly. “ Because of that he will become feared by all that stand against him.”
“ I’ve always loved your gift of a seer. But tell me niece what do you see of my empire?”
“ I see nothing, for it like all empire’s will rise and fall.” Sasha said. Palpatine looked at her and then huffed from the room. Anakin watched his new master leave the two young people alone.
“ What have you seen?”
“ Nothing.” Sasha said. “ I’ve truly seen nothing.” She answered turning towards the red and black clad soldiers that now stood in the room. With a wave of her hand they seemed to fly in every direction hitting the far walls with a loud thump. With an evil smile she turns of her heal she left Anakin to standing in awe of what she had just done.
“ She is very powerful.” Palpatine said walking up to his apprentice.
“ Yes Master that she is. But will she join the dark side?”
“ She was born of the dark side, she is the dark side.” He answered.
“ She knows I will face my former master.”
“ Yes, and it shall be soon. Then the transformation will be complete.” He said with an evil cackle.

Anakin walked down the hallway from where Sasha had just gone, he could almost feel her calling to him. He smiled as he saw her standing in the doorway of her quarters.
“ I was expecting you.” She said with a sly smile.
“ How so?” He asked looking into her eyes.
“ Tell me what you think of yourself Anakin, tell me your dreams your desires.” She whispered in his ear. She could feel him shutter under her touch.
“ Why?” He asked as he steadied his own voice.
“ Tell me of the man you wish to become tell me of the man that all shall fear, all shall tremble at the mention of your name.” Sasha said smiling evilly. Anakin looked into her eyes and took a step back.
“ Are you telling me false truths?”
“ Oh believe me they are not. You shall become the most powerful sith warrior but at a large price. Find those that you care deeply for Anakin and make your peace now, for it will come to late for you later.” Sasha said as she entered her quarters and let the door slide closed leaving Anakin staring at the now closed door, a puzzled yet angry look on his face. He touched the pad and the door opened, he turned her to face him and pulled her arms harshly behind her. An evil smile played on her lips as she kissed him deeply. She could feel his power and wanted to feel that power coursing through her body.
“ Take me milord.” She whispered pulling him closer to the bed. Anakin hadn’t felt like this since Padme and wanted to feel it again. Shoving her down onto the bed he pulled her robes away and began to ravage her body, taking his gloved hands and moving them slowly over her touching every inch of exposed skin as she kissed his neck. She felt him quickly remove his own robes as he climbed up onto her trembling body. She wondered if his mind was clear or if he was thinking of her as his former lover.
“ Tell me Anakin what is it you desire?”
“ You.” He whispered as he held her arms above her head and kissed her harshly. He kissed down her body as he felt her breathing begin to increase as she arched her back towards his touch.
“ Don’t tease.” She whispered as she bit down on his shoulder. Anakin’s breathing seemed to double on it’s own as he too began moving with her bodies rhythms. Sasha smiled as she felt his body tense knowing he was near and heard him call her name as she too felt her orgasm flow over her. She lay her head on his chest and traced the scars that already covered his now bare chest.
“ What have you seen?” He asked his voice low.
“ That you will be the most powerful of all sith and Jedi alike. Your rule will even make the empire seem to tremble in your shadow.”
“ And if this doesn’t come to pass?”
“ Then my own death shall be at your hands.” Sasha said looking up into his eyes.
“ So be it. Till that day you will remain at my side?”
“ As I am needed yes. I shall remain always at your side.” She said kissing his lips lightly before sliding from the bed and pulling back on the clothing that he had scattered around the room. Anakin watched her dress and then he too stood and dressed.
“ The Emperor is looking for you. I would suggest you hurry. My uncle is not a patient man.”
“ I haven’t felt his presence.”
“ I have, he’s pissed about something. And it seems a prisoner needs tending to, that is my job.” Sasha said turning on her heal and heading out of the room. Anakin wondered if he could get used to her powers, some had said that those with the gifts like hers were seers, ones that saw what was to happen in the future, but with her being of his masters blood he wasn’t sure if she was being truthful or not.
Sasha walked down the hallway and entered the main chambers.
“ Sasha.” Palpatine growled.
“ Yes?” She said walking towards him. Bowing slightly she came to a stop at his side.
“ He’s very powerful, I can feel the power and the fear he will bring to the empire.” She said with a smile.
“ You’ve done well.”
“ What of his former master?” She asked bending down and looking up into her uncle’s eyes.
“ Find Obi Wan.”
“ It shall be done.” Sasha said bowing and heading out of the chambers. She quickly exited as Anakin entered from the far side. She could barely hear what they are talking about as she hurried to perform the task that she had been assigned.
Chapter 2 by AJsSweety
“ What of my former master?” Anakin asked looking at Palpatine.
“ You will face him soon my young apprentice.”
“ And what of your niece?”
“ Sasha is loyal and will do as she’s asked.” Palpatine said as he moved towards the large window.
“ She seems angry.”
“ Always has been. She was born destined to be something greater than she is. But convincing her of that is another challenge. Something you my young apprentice shall learn and hone on your own.”
“ She has promised never to leave my side.”
“ Her promise is her bond. But be warned young Anakin, she is as deadly as she looks.”
“ I have guessed that.” Anakin said as he turned towards the door. He had heard something but wasn’t sure what it was.

Sasha walked through the halls of the small building, she knew this was where the Jedi were always to be found and knew that finding Obi Wan wasn’t a hard task as he was searching for his former apprentice.
“ I hear you are seeking me.” The older man said walking up to her.
“ I am.” Sasha said lowering the hood on her cloak.
“ Who are you?” He asked looking into her odd colored eyes.
“ I am called Sasha.” She answered. “ I hear you seek a fallen Jedi.” She said with a smile.
“ That I do. Have you heard of him?”
“ Yes.” Sasha said smiling at him. Obi Wan was a handsome man and she knew it.
“ Then what have you heard?” Obi Wan asked her. He was very suspicious of her motives for approaching him; she seemed to be about Anakin’s age.
“ I’ve heard a great many things.” Sasha said as she turned and walked away from him, her body moving in a sultry manor that made him wonder what she was up to. But against his better judgment he followed her. He watched as she quietly moved along the path leading him away from the crowded market.
“ Where are we going?” He asked as he came to a stop. Sasha stopped and turned and looked at him.
“ It’s to noisy there to speak of young Anakin.” She said looking into his surprised eyes. She could see that he didn’t think she knew his missing apprentices name.
“ How do you know his name?”
“ He’s with my master.” She smiled slyly. Obi Wan looked around and readied himself for a fight expecting a trap.
“ This isn’t possible.”
“ But it is, you’ve failed at the task that you’ve been given.”
“ I’ve not failed. Young Anakin wavered and chose the wrong side of the force.”
“ Are you so sure?” She asked as she waved her hands and a dust storm began to brew and she seemed to disappear into the mist.
“ Who or what are you?”
“ The one thing that you’ve never wanted to face. But fret not Master Jedi there is another Skywalker that seeks out those that know his family.”
“ There was only one child on that planet.”
“ That you know of. Seek out Nathaniel Skywalker before we do and you still might live.” She said as her voice disappeared as much as she did. She already knew that Nathaniel had found the Emperor’s palace and had sought out those that he felt would bring him to a brother he didn’t know. Obi Wan stood there for a few minuets more before he too hurried to tell the Jedi counsel of what he’d found out.

Selena walked down the long hallway when she sensed his presence. The one that was seeking Anakin.
“ Come with me.” She said into the darkness. She knew he was there, but was he ready to show himself, that was another question. Being of the same blood she wondered if this Skywalker was like his brother and had as much power. It seemed that all that sought him out were found to find a fate even the emperor wasn’t dealing out. Smiling she hurried to find her uncle and see if he had sensed the boy.
“ My goodness Sasha it seems you’ve brought yourself a friend.” Palpatine said looking towards her.
“ That I have. It seems he seeks out your new apprentice.” She said with a smile. Nathaniel stepped from the shadows; his deep blue eyes seemed full of rage as he walked towards the older man. Sasha raised her hand and stopped him dead in his tracks. Palpatine laughed as he walked towards the immobile boy.
“ Looking for something young one?” He asked as he circled Nathaniel.
“ Anakin Skywalker.” He said trying to move.
“ There is no use fighting it. Sasha is very strong in the force and will protect me and my apprentice till her dying breath.”
“ That can be arranged.” Nathaniel hissed as he looked towards Sasha. He could see a hooded man standing just a few feet away.
“ You will face me first.” Anakin said stepping forward.
“ It was you that I wanted to face.” Nathaniel said as he felt Sasha release him. His body now responded to his mind and he turned towards Anakin. Anakin smiled as he pulled his saber and ignited it. The glowing red blade seemed to make the dreadful room look even more evil than it already did. Palpatine stepped backwards towards the throne that sat on the far end of the room. Watching his apprentice would be interesting.
“ Are you allowing them to fight?” Sasha asked sitting near Palpatine.
“ Yes. Vader must learn to hone the dark side, and what better way than to destroy his own brother.”
“ Vader?” Sasha asked tipping her head like a curious puppy.
“ He is Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. His human name Anakin Skywalker will be no more.”
“ So shall it be.” Sasha said looking towards the man that she knew was her destiny.
“ And of you my dear Sasha, you will become a Dark Lady of the sith known as Lady Vader. You and he shall never be apart. And Sasha shall be no more.”
“ As you wish.” Sasha said watching the two brothers fight. She had to admit it was a fight worth seeing. And she knew that Anakin would win.

Nathaniel looked at Anakin, his eyes watching his older brother’s every move, taking in his movements and gestures waiting to see what would be Anakin’s next move.
“ Anticipating my movements will do you no good. I am better than you think.” Anakin said looking at Nathaniel.
“ Then teach me.” He said lowering his saber. Anakin was taken aback as he looked at his younger sibling. He turned towards his master and waited.
“ Teach him the ways of the dark side and make him as powerful as you are.” Palpatine said nodding his head.
“ Thank you master.” Anakin said turning to his brother. “ Then so be it. Your training shall begin tomorrow.”
“ Thank you.” Nathaniel said. Sasha walked over and pulled Anakin down to her and kissed him deeply. Moving to his brother she did the same.
“ He is very powerful. I can nearly feel his power coursing through his veins.” She said taking her place once again at Anakin’s side. Nathaniel watched as she ran her hands over Anakin’s chest.
“ Goodness.” Nathaniel said looking at Sasha.
“ What?” Sasha asked turning towards him.
“ My what a whore you are.” He answered. Sasha growled and slapped him hard across the face and knocked him to the floor. Standing up she ignited her saber and waited for Nathaniel to recover. Anakin stepped forward, to defend his lady.
“ Let them fight.” Palpatine said to him, Anakin nodded and stepped back towards his master. Waiting for the fight he suddenly looked up and then towards his master.
“ There is another here.” He whispered.
“ There are two. I have sensed them for some time Lord Vader. Seek them out and bring them to me.”
“ Yes master.” He said bowing before leaving the room. Palpatine turned his attention back to the two dueling people. Sasha smiled evilly as her light saber made contact with Nathaniel’s skin. She could hear him hissing in pain as he steadied himself for another assault. Centering herself she shut out all the sounds around her as she attacked again. Palpatine enjoyed watching the two spar. It wasn’t something he had the chance to see often.
“ Enough.” Palpatine’s voice boomed through the room. Sasha stopped her attack and looked at her uncle.
“ Yes uncle.” Sasha said bowing slightly. Nathaniel looked at the two and then towards the door that Anakin had exited.
“ What is it young one?” Palpatine asked.
“ Where did he go?”
“ Lord Vader left to perform a task for me. He shall be returning shortly.”
“ Lord Vader?”
“ Being a Dark Lord of the sith, a proper name was warranted. He is now to be known as Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the sith.”
“ And of her?” Nathaniel asked pointing towards Sasha.
“ I am Lady Vader. Lord Vader’s constant companion. A vow I have made is to remain at his side always.” Sasha said tipping her head. Nathaniel looked at her and nodded.
“ And what of I? What shall become of me after my training?” He asked wondering if he was even needed.
“ Oh young apprentice believe me you shall be needed in the coming war.”
“ A war milord?”
“ A war between good and evil, light and dark. One that the dark side shall win.” Palpatine answered looking towards the door as Vader reentered with two people walking behind him.
“ I see you found them.”
“ They found me milord.” Vader answered moving to Palpatine’s side. Sasha assumed her place at Vader’s side as the two strangers moved closer. Sasha could hardly believe her eyes as she looked upon the tattooed face of a man dead for years.
“ Maul.” Sasha growled. Darth Maul looked up at her with his red yellow eyes and smiled almost as evilly as she did.
“ Pet.” He growled back.
“ Pet?” His companion asked.
“ That was a name many called her, as she was the emperor’s pet.” Maul answered taking his Lady’s hand in his own.
“ And who shall she be?”
“ This is Lordess Jahda Maul. My wife.” He answered. Sasha could hardly believe it. She had felt his death, and by the hand of a Jedi none the less.
“ How can this be? You died years ago.” Sasha said looking at Maul. He hadn’t aged a day.
“ That is my doing.” Jahda said moving forward.
“ And how?”
“ He’s a clone. An exact replica of the original. I am his Lordess and he is my Lord. I do as he asks. He has all the memories and feelings of the original and the same fighting skills.”
“ So he’ll die again.” Sasha said, trying to keep the smile off her face. She knew her Lord was far better with his Light Saber than Maul was. But she gave Maul credit, he was a very well trained Sith and a feared one at that. Palpatine wondered if Vader and Maul would clash.
“ And of your return?” Palpatine asked.
“ I’ve come to serve you.” Maul answered bowing slightly.
“ You’ve come to serve the Empire? Or serve yourself.”
“ I am a Dark Lord of the Sith, I follow only my emperor and his orders.”
“ And of your Lordess?”
“ She is of my concern.” He answered. Palpatine knew better than to argue that point with Maul. Many a man found death when it came to things Maul desired. Maul watched as Sasha moved to Palpatine’s side. Her gloved hands resting on Palpatine’s shoulder. He had seen his master before but had never seen this young woman at his side this often. He knew Sasha and knew that it must have been this younger apprentice’s idea to have Sasha moved up the ladder and move into a place she did not deserve.
“ I’d reign in your pet Lordess.” Sasha said looking towards Maul.
“ What?” Jahda asked looking at Sasha puzzled.
“ I’ve earned my place at my emperor’s side. You’ve been dead to long old man.” She said looking into Maul’s now angry eyes. Maul growled and ignited his light saber before he moved towards her. Vader moved down and his own saber clashed with Maul’s.
“ You defend his whore?” Maul said looking at the young man, his eyes nearly the same color as his own.
“ As you said of your companion she is of my concern.”
“ She will prove to me what she’s earned.” Maul said. Sasha leaped from the steps and landed gracefully at Vader’s side.
“ Then so be it.” She said bowing slightly. “ You want a fight then it shall be done.” She said igniting her saber. Vader stood for a moment but then stepped back as he watched her fight. He wondered if she was as good as Palpatine had said. He would not allow a woman to be at his side if she wasn’t able to defend herself. Even if it meant destroying the remaining love in his heart. The battle began and all was going well, Sasha seemed to be the one that kept the upper hand. But Maul had his own way to keep things going his way. His saber made contact with Sasha’s skin causing her to stumble backwards and nearly fall onto the steps. Vader began to come down the steps.
“ Let them fight.” Palpatine said to his young apprentice. Vader moved back up the steps and returned to his place at his master’s side. He was unsure if he really wanted to watch the death of Sasha as he watched her struggle to keep control until her saber slid across the floor and she dropped to her knees. Maul raised his saber and started bringing it down as Vader’s stopped him from destroying her. Maul growled at Vader but took a step back; Vader knelt down and helped Sasha to her feet. He could see blood running from the wounds she had sustained in the fight. Maul was known to not only fight with his saber but hand to hand.
“ I shall return master.” Vader said as he helped Sasha from the room.
“ Well done.”
“ I could have destroyed her. Why didn’t he let me?” Maul asked, his voice fuming with anger.
“ Because even as evil as his heart has become, he still has an ounce of love for that woman, as you do for yours.” Palpatine said. Nathaniel looked at the two and then turned and followed Vader from the room. He wasn’t willing to find out how that issue turned out between the emperor and his apprentice.
CHapter 3 by AJsSweety
Vader lay Sasha on the bed and began silently treating her wounds. He knew she was upset over the loss to Maul.
“ Speak to me my love.”
“ He’s more powerful than I had anticipated.”
“ She’s changed him, probably made him better.”
“ Still, I’ve been trained by my uncle and he expects the best from those he trains. This will not fall lightly.”
“ He will learn to understand.” Vader said cleaning the last of the wounds.
“ I guess.” Sasha said closing her eyes. Vader took one last look at her before he stood and left the room. Quickly addressing the guards that stood near the door to stay there he turned and headed down the hallway. Maul would pay with his life for the damage he did to Sasha.

“ Is there something wrong?” Jahda asked as Vader returned to the chambers.
“ Is she well?”
“ Nothing some sleep won’t heal Master.” Vader said bowing to the older man.
“ You seek vengeance my apprentice. Take it.” Palpatine said.
“ With pleasure.” Vader said as he turned to the man he now hated. his bright red saber ignited as he looked at Maul.
“ My master says I can destroy you. And with all that you’ve done to Lady Vader. I say that it shall be a slow and painful death.” Vader hissed as he looked at the man before him.
“ Tell me Lord Maul, what has it been like in the death? Do you find some comfort in knowing my first master was who had destroyed you.” Vader said with a laugh. Maul growled loudly and lunged at the younger man. A former Jedi would not best him nor would a child best him. He seemed to let the fight go on for what seemed like hours. By this time Sasha had joined everyone back in the hall. Her standing next to her uncle told Vader she was well rested and ready for another fight. But he himself was starting to tire.
“ Tell me Vader, will you lose in the sight of your lady love?” Maul asked taunting the younger man.
Losing my life will not happen Lord Maul, for you’ve already died once. I can return you to the hole you came from.” Vader growled as he lunged at Maul. A stunned Maul stood as Vader found his mark. It wasn’t a deadly blow but enough of one to end this fight once and for all. With a smile be bowed slightly and moved to his lady’s side. Jahda moved to her Lord’s side to see how much damage was done. Sasha touched the burn on Vader’s arm and then looked towards Jahda.
“ Come with me, we have a medical bay this way.” She said leading the two down the hall.
“ Why help?”
“ Because in the coming war the Emperor will need all those he can get. With the dark side being as strong as it is. The war will be won by the Sith and not by the Jedi,”
“ How can you be so sure?”
“ I’ve foreseen it.” Sasha said stopping outside the door. Jahda looked at her strangely but walked Maul into the small room and turned to say something and Sasha was gone.
“ She disappears faster than you do.”
“ Where do you think she learned it.” Maul said.
“ You were her teacher?”
“ One of many.” Maul said, he didn’t seem thrilled about being Sasha’s master at one point. Jahda wanted to talk about this at a later time, away from those that Maul seemed to dislike. Which seemed at this point as everyone.

Sasha looked at Vader and then looked towards her uncle.
“ We must prepare.”
“ Yes milord.” Sasha said bowing slightly.
“ My niece, you will ready the troops for the first assault.”
“ Yes milord.” She said heading from the room.
“ Lord Vader, take Nathaniel and show him how to prepare for the coming rebels.”
“ Yes master.” Vader said as he too turned and left the room.
CHapter 4 by AJsSweety
Sasha walked into a large control room and each of the men dressed in red seemed to stand at a attention.
“ What are your orders?” One asked.
“Ready for battle.” She announced. She turned and looked out the large view screen and could see several star cruisers that were headed their way.
“ Are those part of the rebellion?”
“ Yes Commander it seems they are.”
“ How do they know we are here?”
“ Someone within our ranks has been spying for them.” Sasha said looking around the room. Each of the men looked towards the floor and went about their duties, none dared look her in the eyes.
Palpatine moved slowly into the room and watched Sasha’s movements and knew that those that were there feared her.
“ Master.” Sasha said bowing slightly to her uncle.
“ What news do you have Lady Vader?”
“ There are three Rebel attack cruisers and it seems several fighters.” She said looking back towards the screen. “ They have yet to pin point our location but it’s only a matter of time. Are we ready?”
“ I have yet to hear from Lord Vader. But soon my dear.” He said sitting down in his chair. Sasha stood at his side, she had yet to understand her uncle’s craving for power, but she loved the feel of someone’s fear and that power as it coursed through her vanes. She turned her eyes to the door to see Nathaniel entering the room, a little bruised but nothing a few days of rest wouldn’t fix. Sparing with Vader was hard on any man even those that were there to train with him.
“ What is your news young apprentice?”
“ Vader has readied several fighters and is ready to deploy master.”
“ Then send the word Lady Vader. We fight now.” Palpatine said, Sasha nodded and looked around the room.
“ Open flight bays and prepare to launch.”
“ Yes ma’am.” One said. “ Opening bay One.”
“ Opening Bay two.”
“ Opening bay three. All is ready.”
“ Launch.” Sasha said. She could feel Vader’s touch against her own mind as his fighter launched into space. This would be the first time since her binding with him that he’d ever been away from her.
“ This will be a short battle my dear.” Palpatine said as he watched. The battle seemed to begin once the cruisers noticed the fighters headed their way. She watched as the Imperial crafts seemed to flow perfectly across the laser filled sky. She knew which craft held Vader but what surprised her was that Maul had joined the fight. His own cruiser seemed to aim right for Vader.
~ Don’t even think about it Maul. I’ve got all the ships guns on your ship. You fire at him and I destroy you.~ Sasha said telepathically. She watched the ship move away and take aim at several rebel ships.
“ Well done.” Palpatine said as Jahda entered the bridge area.
“ Thank you master.” Jahda said moving to his right side. Sasha turned to see what Palpatine was talking about when she saw Jahda at his side.
“ Well done? What for?”
“ Maul was always one of my best fighters and being in battle will be good for him.”
“ This is true. But be warned master if he fires at Vader I will destroy him.”
“ Duly noted.” Palpatine said. Jahda didn’t seem to like Sasha’s attitude and even more so didn’t like the fact that Palpatine was doing nothing to detour the young woman’s vengeance towards her Maul. She’d take care of that in her own time
CHapter 5 by AJsSweety
Sasha waited a few moments and then excused herself from the bridge and headed towards the hanger. Vader had been shot at and his ship had been badly damaged. It had barely made it into the hanger.
“ Lord Vader is all right ma’am.” One guard said looking towards her.
“ Where is Lord Vader?” She demanded.
“ He is with Lord Maul.” He answered. Sasha’s eyes scanned the large hanger till she saw them shouting at each other from across the room. Vader was right to be angry, she had seen everything that Maul had done and Vader had felt it. With a wave of her hand Maul flew across the room and landed in some supplies that had been stacked on the far end of the room.
“ Angry milady?” Vader asked turning towards her, his large black mask muffled his voice and made him sound almost mechanical.
“ I should be. Jahda should keep her clone under control.” Sasha growled as Jahda entered the hanger. Their eyes locked and both women seemed to almost glow with the anger that flowed through them. Jahda was not happy at the way this child had disrespected her Lord Maul and she intended on teaching the little imp some respect even if she had to beat it into her. Walking the distance between them in a short time, Jahda was surprised to see Sasha waiting in a fighting stance.
“ Shall we?” Sasha hissed, her voice sounding almost snake like. Her eyes seemed to change color as well.
“ We shall, we shall also find out what you are.”
“ I am something you aspire to be.” Sasha said, a note of cockness in her voice. Jahda would enjoy the pleasure of teaching this child manors. Lighting her saber she took the first blow, and noted that Sasha had greatly improved since her fight with Maul. Holding her ground Sasha went blow for blow with Jahda and finally knocked the older woman to the floor.
“ I do not wish to fight with you. I only follow the orders of my emperor.” Sasha said standing over the fallen woman, her saber close to Jahda’s throat.
“ Then why fight?”
“ Because you come and bring that with you. Someone that has been dead gone since before Vader came here. Someone that caused more pain and anger than you can ever understand.”
“ What could Maul have done?”
“ He’s a demon and deserved the death he had been given. I had only regret at the time of his death.”
“ And what was that?” Jahda asked.
“ That it wasn’t at my own hand.” Sasha answered disengaging her saber and leaving Maul and Jahda alone. Vader looked at them for a moment and then followed Sasha from the hanger.

Reaching up Vader removed his helmet and looked at his lady.
“ What could he have done?” He asked stopping her before the entered the bridge.
“ Nothing of importance. What is done is done.” Sasha answered. Vader didn’t like this answer and would find the one he wished to hear but wasn’t ready to push someone as powerful as his master was for answers. For now he’d leave it at what she had said and question her no more about it.
CHapter 6 by AJsSweety
Nathaniel wondered the halls, passing guards as they made their way to their stations. He could hear their low talking about how he was going to be the one that defeats Lord Vader. He wasn’t there to defeat his brother but to learn from him. He’d taken a long time to find him and wasn’t about to ruin what little time he had. He had heard the seer speak of Anakin’s death. So he figured that Vader’s death would be soon. He stopped in front of a closed door, he could hear soft voices but listened more carefully and could hear that it wasn’t two voices but one. Sasha’s voice, it sounded as if she was meditating. Quietly waiting for the door to open he found Sasha sitting in the center of a candle filled room, her body covered by a long black cloak, only her long dark hair showing.
“ Are you all right?” Nathaniel asked trying not to scare her.
“ I am fine.” She answered never opening her eyes.
“ You seem troubled milady. Has Lord Vader done something?” He asked sitting down next to her.
“ I am fine. The meditation will do me good. There are many voices here in the ship and I’ve yet to get used to this many again.”
“ Again?” Nathaniel asked.
“ I’ve been on a nearly empty world with very few people to come into contact with. And those that I did hadn’t much on their minds.” She answered. Nathaniel waited a moment and stood and left. He would have to find another time to speak to her, when her mind was more on what he was wanting and less on getting something that Vader had said out of her mind.

“ What is milady?” Maul asked as he watched Jahda pace their quarters.
“ She’s is irritating.”
“ I understand that, but what I don’t understand is why you are letting her get to you.”
“ The way she acts, the way she talks. It’s as if she was some sort of power.”
“ Honestly she is. From what I understand from the Emperor she’s nearly as powerful as Anakin Skywalker.”
“ Really?”
“ She’s the dark side in human form, where as it was said that Anakin Skywalker would bring balance to the force. It seems Sasha is all of the dark side, something that can keep young Anakin in darkness forever.”
“ How do you know this?”
“ My master told me. He also told me that another sith can never destroy Sasha. It must be a Jedi.” Maul said, he watched as an evil smile spread across Jahda’s face.
“ What are you thinking?”
“ That it shall be a Jedi that destroys her then.”
“ But what of the dark side? We lose her we lose it.”
“ Not quit as long as Vader lives, the dark side of the force will remain strong for years to come.” Jahda said. Maul liked the sound of that, and being rid of that thorn in his side seemed to be a perfect end. But how? How would they get rid of Sasha without Vader thinking it was them.
“ Vader must face his former master soon. Let Obi Wan kill her.”
“ Brilliant idea.” Jahda said kissing Maul passionately.

Vader looked up as he walked down the hallway. He had felt the disturbance in the force and intended on finding out what it was. He stopped at Sasha’s meditation chambers and could tell she was undisturbed and continued his walk down the hall.
“ Sir.”
“ Make sure no one disturbs Lady Vader.”
“ Yes Milord.” The guard said bowing as he headed towards Sasha’s mediation chamber.
“ Nathaniel.”
“ Yes Anakin?” He said turning to his brother.
“ We must not use that name any longer.”
“ Then what is it Vader?” Nathaniel asked.
“ Someone is plotting something. I have felt a disturbance in the force.”
“ I felt it myself. Maul and Jahda are up to no good. But shall we approach them or wait for them to come to us?”
“ I will discuss the matter with my master. I will not disobey his orders.” Vader answered.
“ Then I shall find out what’s going on while you speak to the emperor.”
“ Very well. But stay away from Lady Vader’s mediation chamber. I’ve posted a centurion for now, but until I have found out who is plotting something she’s to be protected.”
“ That is a good idea. I will make sure more guards are ready if needed.” Nathaniel said. Vader nodded before he headed down the hallway to find the Emperor
CHapter 7 by AJsSweety
Sasha looked around as she felt the sudden urgency from Vader, something was bothering him. Standing she smoothed the robe she wore and hit a few keys to open the door. She was highly surprised to find two guards standing outside the room.
“ Was there something wrong?” Sasha asked.
“ We were ordered to protect you milady.” One said. Sasha wasn’t sure what was going but she needed to find Vader and now.
“ Where is Lord Vader now?”
“ He was headed to the bridge to speak to the Emperor milady.”
“ Then that’s where I am going.” She said heading down the hall.
“ Milady we were told no one was to enter or leave this room.”
“ Are you telling me what to do?” Sasha asked as lightning seemed to fill the small corridor.
“ No ma’am. I’ll escort you to Lord Vader myself.” He answered. She could hear the fear in his voice as he walked beside her down the long corridor to the bridge.

Vader looked up as the bridge doors opened.
“ Milady I expected you to be meditating for several hours more.” He said walking up to her.
“ I felt that you were in some distress and wanted to make sure you were safe.” She said looking at him. It bothered her that he kept his face hidden from her behind the large black mask. She knew that meant that he was hiding something from her.
“ We are heading towards a rebel base. We’ve been told that a large amount of rebels are hiding there.”
“ And this change in course is why?”
“ We have a war to fight my lady and we shall do it.”
“ That wasn’t why I asked.” Sasha said. Her own anger beginning to show, several of the men had already started to leave the room as the electricity between the two began to come to a boiling point. Jahda and Maul stood in the doorway watching.

“ This couldn’t have worked out better if we had done it ourselves.”
“ This is only the beginning Vader will learn of the plot and try to protect Sasha, but what will he do when he’s fighting and there is no one to protect her.”
“ She will be left alone.”
“ Precisely. Vader will never know what happened and will be to late to save her.”
“ But what of her power? How will be keep the emperor from knowing our plan?” Jahda asked.
“ He’s an old fool that has chosen a new apprentice, He’ll be to caught up in keeping Vader in check to be checking on his beloved niece.” Maul said with an evil smile.
“ Brilliant. I love when you think this way.” Jahda said kissing him deeply. Nathaniel looked at the couple and narrowed his eyes. How would he warn Vader of their plan and yet he himself not get caught. He felt that it really was true that there was no honor among thieves.
CHapter 8 by AJsSweety
Nathaniel wanted to warn Vader of what was coming about, but was he willing to get himself killed over this. What had Sasha done that had caused Maul to hate her so much. And what had Maul done that caused her to fear him so much. This was something he’d have to check into before going to Vader with the news. Finding a computer console he quickly did a search. But then remembered that being out in the open he’d be caught, he knew that meant he’d have to return to his quarters to do the search in private. The Emperor had given him full permission to research anything he so chose to. Leaving the bridge he returned to his quarters, he needed to find out all that he could on Lord Maul and his Lady.

Lord Vader watched as Sasha spoke to Palpatine quietly.
“ Master may I have a moment of your time?” Vader asked walking up to him. Palpatine nodded and excused himself from his niece. Sasha wasn’t sure what was going on but chose not to ask as they walked towards the large window.
“What is it?” Palpatine asked.
“I’ve felt disturbances in the force master. Someone within our own ranks plots against one of us.”
“ Have you found them Lord Vader?”
“ Not yet master. But young Nathaniel believes that someone wishes to do harm to Lady Vader.”
“ Then find that person.” Palpatine said, his own old voice laced with anger.
“ I shall master. Do you wish me to bring them to you for punishment?”
“ No, do with them as you please.” Palpatine said.
“ As you wish master.” Vader said leaving his master to stand there in the window. Maul and Jahda came to his side the minuet Vader was gone.
“ Is there something troubling you master?” Maul asked.
“ Someone plots to harm my niece.” Palpatine said as he turned to his former apprentice and the woman that had brought him back to life.
“ Really? How is that possible?” Maul asked. Jahda was taken back by the news. She didn’t think anyone had heard their plans.
“ I am unsure of who it is that plans such an act against the empire, but Lord Vader has promised me their heads.” Palpatine said looking at them. He had sensed something different in the way they were acting since hearing the news of a possible attack on Sasha. He would be keeping a closer eye on them in the future.

Vader made his way down the hallway and noticed that the door to Sasha’s quarters were open, entering them slowly he found her sitting in the center of the room. He could hear what sounded like crying. He walked further into the room to find Sasha laying on the floor. He had assumed she had been sitting, but instead she lay with her knees up against her chest, blood running down her face and she looked as if she’d been in a fight.
“ Lady?” Vader said touching her arm. He pulled his gloved hand back when she pulled away from his touch. He tried again and she seemed to pull into his arms, he had never seen her so emotional and hurt.
“ What happened?” he asked again. She still refused to answer, Vader reached up and took off his helmet showing her his true face and kissed her split lip.
“ Please Sasha tell me what happened?”
“ I don’t know.” Was all she said as she closed her eyes and let her body finally relax. Vader’s blood was boiling, he would find who had done this to her and they would die at his own hand. Selena was more than able to defend herself and he’d seen her with a saber, so whom ever had harmed her had done it by surprise. She’s wasn’t badly injured just enough to make some kind of warning. He waited till he knew that Sasha was asleep before laying her on the large bed. Shutting down the lights he made sure a guard was posted outside the room.
“ If I find anyone has been in there besides me and Nathaniel I will kill you.” Vader warned the guard.
“ Yes Lord Vader.” He said standing near the door. The guard knew better than not to obey the order, Vader would hand him his head on a platter. Vader stormed down the hallway, he needed a word with Maul and he needed it now. Anger shown behind Vader’s eyes as he went in search of his foe.
CHapter 9 by AJsSweety
Maul returned to his quarters.
“ Where have you been?”
“ I was speaking to the Emperor.”
“ Vader is on a rampage. He’s pissed about something.”
“ What ever could it be?” Maul said with a wicked smile. Jahda smiled and wrapped her arms around Maul’s neck.
“ What did you do?’ She asked. She could see the wicked look in his eyes and knew he’d been up to some mischief.
“ Just gave someone a little taste of things to come.” He said to her.
“ Really now. I wish you’d let me in on that. I wanted to watch.” She said pouting a bit.
“ Don’t worry my dearest we will see her demise soon enough. Till then what I do to her will drive her insane. Vader will be the only thing keeping her sane, for she wont dare tell him of my visits to her.”
“ What are you doing to her?”
“ Sasha meditates in her room before she retires for the evening. I’ve always been able to slip into the room without her knowing. But after I learned that I could enter her mind as she could mine I’ve been able to inflict a great deal of damage and never really touch her.”
“ My you’ve learned a lot.” Jahda said smiling. She loved his wicked mind and the way he found ways to torture people.
“ I’ve learned that taking out my vengeance on those that deserve it seems to make my power stronger. Sasha is full of power, the more I torture her the more she’ll finally let her guard down and I shall have that power.”
“ Then we will go as planned. But the emperor shall not know of our plans. Once we’ve gained her power we can rule the empire with an iron fist.” Jahda said. Maul smiled and kissed her passionately.

Nathaniel needed to find Vader, he could feel his brother’s anger and needed to tell him of the plot that Maul and Jahda had already started hatching. They wanted to get rid of Sasha and after what he’d heard of her being found attacked in their room he wondered if it was Maul that had done it. He knew that Vader would search the entire ship till he found the one responsible for his lady’s injuries but what would he do if he found it was Maul. Would he kill the man that had seemingly returned from the dead or would he let the emperor do it since Sasha was his niece after all.
“ Where is he?” Vader growled walking up to Nathaniel.
“ Who brother?”
“ Maul. I know this is his doing. I’ve heard the others talking of how he treated Sasha before. She’s been hurt and I will have his head.” Vader growled as he slipped his helmet off his head. Nathaniel could see the anger deep within Vader’s deep red yellow eyes.
“ Last I saw Lord Maul he was speaking to Lordess Jahda.”
“ Do you know what they were talking about?” Vader asked. He was trying to keep his voice calm so that he didn’t harm his own brother.
“ Plans of harming Sasha from what I understood. I was searching for you when I was told Sasha had been attacked.”
“ Have you seen her?”
“ No.” Nathaniel said looking at his brother.
“ She’s badly injured. Maul will pay for what he’s done.”
CHapter 10 by AJsSweety
Vader was fuming but he wanted to find Maul and make him explain why he had done what he did. Why he had attacked Sasha in such a cruel manor. Nathaniel wasn’t sure what Vader would do once he had found Maul and Jahda.
“ I do know that Lord Maul returned to his quarters about twenty minuets ago.”
“ Then that is where I am headed.” Vader said as he walked quickly down the hallway towards Maul’s quarters. Waiting outside the room finally he moved his hand and the door slid opened.
“ What are you doing?”
“ Entering.” Vader growled. Jahda moved forward only to be thrown back against the far wall. Maul growled and pulled his saber.
“ You’ve hurt my lady for the last time.” Maul shouted.
“ And you’ve made your last threat.” Vader said standing ready to fight. “ I found Lady Vader. And I know what you did. Do you think that I’d allow it to pass lightly? She is one with me, the pain I feel she feels, the anger, sadness and fear.” Vader said.
“ She doesn’t fear me.”
“ She does fear you. I felt her fear, I’ve never felt someone’s emotions so clearly as I did hers. What you did to her will never happen again. I shall see to that myself.”
“ You are not strong enough to take on me.” Maul said laughing at the younger man.
“ I am stronger than you think Lord Maul. I’ve taken on better. And have ruled by the side of my master because of it. I am far stronger than you.” Vader growled.
“ I will teach you the respect that your former master did not. You shall bow down before my power.” Maul shouted. Vader ignited his saber and moved back to give the two of them room to fight. Jahda slowly stood and ignited her own saber.
“ I’d stay out of this milady unless you’d rather die.” Nathaniel said moving into the small room. He watched as Maul and Vader moved into the hallway. Vader waited until Nathaniel had stepped clear of the door before waving his hand and watching it close.
“ Now this is between us.” Vader said with an evil look in his deep blue eyes. Rarely if ever did Nathaniel since arriving had he seen his brother’s true eyes. Vader’s eyes flashed with anger as he looked at the supposed dead sith lord.
“ I will make you pay for all that you’ve caused.”
“ Caring for someone like Sasha will be your undoing Skywalker. You will die because of your love for her.”
“ My love for her has kept me alive, kept me sane after the loss of Padme.”
“ You’re a fool to think she loves you. She only loves your power.” Maul said circling the younger man.
“ That is what Jahda loves about you Maul, the power that you hold that enhances her own. Sasha has her own power why would she need mine? She is the dark side she is the force just as I am.” Vader shouted. He knew that at this point Maul was trying to shake the trust and bond he had formed with Sasha, but like Obi Wan did with his Padme he would not forsake this one as he did the last. He would not watch her death and be aware that it was his own doing. He had nearly destroyed himself at the thought that Padme’s death had been his fault that his own anger had blinded him to the truth. But facing his master once more was something he wanted to do, something he needed to do. But first he would deal with Maul. Nathaniel had ignited his own saber and was standing at his brother’s side.
“ We do this together. Maul will be done with once and for all.” Nathaniel said.
“ I wish to do this myself.” Vader said turning to his brother, he knew that Nathaniel had barely any experience at being a master of the force and taking on a sith lord of Maul’s training would take more than Nathaniel had.
“ I will be at your side.” Nathaniel insisted. Maul enjoyed watching the two brothers bicker. He wanted them distracted while he attacked. Vader anticipated his attack and blocked it.
“ Do you really think I’d forget you?” Vader asked. Maul just smiled evilly at him as he attacked again.
“ Not entirely but I figured your dear brother would prove a rather nice distraction.”
“ I have my ways of knowing things Maul, you were never really a good fighter.” Vader said. His blue eyes changing color, now they matched Maul’s eyes. Nathaniel was surprised when Maul turned to him.
“ If you wish to join this fight then you best fight.” He said attacking Nathaniel. Nathaniel blocked Maul’s move but paid a high price as the blade sliced across his arm. Hissing he backed up away from Maul. Vader growled and attacked Maul, their blades hitting in a loud hissing. The sabers hit sending blinding light through the corridor, Nathaniel covered his eyes before he too joined the fight once again. Maul’s double sided blade seemed to keep the two brothers occupied while he tried to devise a way to keep himself from being killed. Vader pinned the older Sith Lord to the far wall and smiled evilly.
“ I could end your sorry excuse for a life right here.” He said with a smile. “ But I’d rather have Emperor Palpatine deal with your actions. Tell me Lord Maul, what will he do once he’s found you’ve assaulted his niece once again. Will he allow me to kill his former apprentice or shall I just end your sorry existence right here and now.” Vader said holding his saber closer to Maul’s throat.
“ Are you so sure that Emperor Palpatine didn’t order me to do what I did?” Maul asked. He knew that doubt was one thing that was Vader’s weakness. Something he could play on.
“ He would never order that.” Vader hissed holding the saber closer.
“ Are you so sure?” Maul asked.
“ I am.” Nathaniel said.
“ How?” Maul asked looking towards the Nathaniel.
“ Because I was with the Emperor when Sasha was attacked, so I know he did not order it.” He said. Vader growled and slashed his saber blade across Maul’s cheek, Maul howled in pain and looked at Vader.
“ Test my patience Maul and it will be the last time.”
“ Don’t threaten me boy.” Maul growled. Vader grabbed Maul by the arm and shoved him forward.
“ Move, or I’ll leave parts of your body laying here in the hall for your Lordess to find.” Vader said as he made Maul move forward. Maul growled but walked forward none the less. He would bide his time till he could extract his revenge on both Sasha and Vader. Revenge would be sweet for him.
CHapter 11 by AJsSweety
“ Anakin please. Go be with Sasha and I will be here to see where this leads. You are a powerful Sith Lord and one that the Emperor respects. Find patience and we shall prevail.”

Vader walked down the hallway but stopped as he felt something wrong. He turned and hurried back the direction he had just come from, seeing Nathaniel looking at Maul, his saber near his throat he stopped.
“ I’ve been waiting for you.” Maul growled looking at Vader. Nathaniel pushed away from Maul just as Vader ignited his saber.
“ I’ve had about enough of you.” Vader shouted. His anger was at its full power, he could feel his anger and frustration running through his every pore, he could feel everything that had happened to him in the past coming to full. Swinging his Light Saber he watched Maul’s slow movements. He wanted to end this mans existence even if it meant angering his master.
“ Watch him Anakin.” Nathaniel said as Maul’s double sided blade ignited. Maul had studied Vader’s moves, knew what he’d do, and knew that his moves would be through anger rather than training and thinking. Watching the younger man he knew when to strike. The blade sliced across Vader’s good arm causing him to drop the light saber, Maul smiled as he brought his own light saber down and Vader’s pain filled scream could be heard echoing through the hallway

Sasha sat up right in bed, clutching her chest as she felt the sudden wave of pain.
“ Anakin.” She whispered sliding from the large bed. Pulling the wires free she rushed from the room. She looked to see the guards watching her quick movements as she ignited her saber as she rounded the long hallway.
“MAUL!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she found him standing over Vader. Maul turned and was surprised when her saber found it’s mark. Maul stumbled backwards and looked at her wide eyed. Could it be again he’d lost his life to one that wasn’t as trained as he was. He watched as his right arm fell to the floor, Jahda appeared by his side instantly.
“ Get him out of here before you will have nothing to clone.” Sasha growled at her. Jahda stood look at her, her own eyes blazing with anger.
“ Face me child. And I shall show you my way.” Jahda said pulling her own saber from the inside of her cloak.
“ You do not wish this fight woman. For I am a formidable foe.”
“ No more than any I’ve seen before.”
“ Don’t under estimate my power Jahda.” Sasha said.
“ I have never under estimated any one’s power. But you under estimate mine.” Jahda said as her light saber came to life, the glowing red blade seemed to almost radiate with Jahda’s anger. Sasha looked for a moment towards Vader to see if he still lived, knowing that he did she turned her full attention to Jahda.
“ You will face my wrath.”
“ You are nothing more than a child.”
“ And your going to be dead.” She said with a smile. “ I will see to it that both you and Lord Maul return to the hell from where you came.”
“ You fear Maul”
“ I fear no man.” Sasha said as their blades connected. They fought until Sasha had Jahda pinned to the far wall.
“ Fear me Lordess and I shall spare your life.”
“ Not going to happen.” Jahda said shoving Sasha away, Sasha stumbled backwards and felt sudden pain as Jahda brought her blade down. Sasha screamed as she clutched her now missing arm. She looked at the woman that stood over her and raised her blade again and swung wildly. Jahda stepped backwards, nearly getting hit by the saber. Grabbing Maul she knew that she could fight another day. This fight would not end this day, but a war had been started that she knew Vader and his lady could not finish
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