Wild At Heart : The Beginning by AJsSweety

The war between good and evil had always gone on with little knowledge of humanity. Every thousand years a select few humans were chosen at birth and given special abilities. Those fortunate enough to be discovered at birth were trained. Those not discovered would live out their lives with no understanding of what they were capable of.

One special girl was foretold to be the child that would end the war forever and bring both races together to live in harmony.

One Demon sought to change that destiny and to change the very fabric of life itself. He desired only to control the girl, and the powers she possessed. Instead, he brought forth an evil that had been unseen for hundreds of years.

Her destiny was unaltered, however her fate had changed. She must now fight her own lust for blood and unite the forces of darkness and light to conquer the one who can destroy everything.

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Author's Notes:
This story is my own, a remake of a story I wrote with a friend of mine years ago. The characters are mine. Names and likeness are not meant to be of anyone.
Wild at Heart
The Beginning
By LV Dutton © 2005
A creature of pure darkness, one that could bring chills to the strongest man. Stories were always told of these creatures, only appearing at night, taking what they wanted from those that never seen them coming. Becoming such things, as darkness would hold, the things that even the worse nightmare could never describe. A nightmare children were told year after year, century after century, the children would believe only for as long as killings continued but when the killings stopped the children believed that the stories were nothing more than that a story told to keep them in line. But when the time came for that legend to become real again, a small village in Northern England learns that it’s fate has already been decided. Fates wheel had already turned for them and the new evil that had taken hold of their small town, could they protect themselves from something that had only been told to them over a fire, or during times of a storm?

The house in the distance seemed to almost glow in the lightning. He could see clearly that the house had not been lived in a very long time. But curiosity captured his attention as he approached the large iron gates. In the center of the gates was what seemed to be a dragon intertwined with a tiger, something he’d heard had been seen in the Far East; but something like this was rare here. He could hear the whispers of voice; as if the trees were speaking to him; warning him to stay away. Run from the demon that ran the house beyond the gate, the demon that captured all that dared to enter there. Laughing to himself, he had heard those stories, those that came from books, told over the fire to a child to frighten them. He was not a child but he was nor a man. His slender figure and piercing green eyes flashed in the lightning, all that saw him could see the determination that was held behind those very eyes.
“Those that enter here beware, for you will never return.” He read aloud. He ran his fingers over the gold lettering and pulled his hand back quickly as if scalded. Looking at his hand he saw the mark that was now burned into the flesh.
“A warning by the one that dwells beyond the gates.” An old woman was heard saying. He turned and faced the silver hair woman and walked toward her.
“What?” He asked.
“She warns those that dare enter her domain by burning that warning into their flesh. That is her only warning boy. It is also said that she burns the symbol into the flesh of the one that she will claim as her own.”
“How do you know this old woman?”
“I’ve watched a great many a man enter those gates, all of them have been noble and true, all of them have been valiant but none have returned. Over the last hundred years she has destroyed them all. Taken from them what only a demon can take.”
“And what is that?”
“Their souls. For their now her slaves, always entombed within the walls of that mansion, within her grasp. But fear not the legend of such a woman, but fear the face that is behind it, one of beauty and grace. One that will entice even the most chastened man. Fear that stranger and leave this cursed place. Never to return.” The old woman said before she seemed to disappear into the mist from where she had come. He stood for a moment and looked at his hand, seeing the symbol that now was burned there, forever. But it wasn’t fear that he felt within his heart, something yearned for him to enter the gates, and to find the woman that so many feared. But he turned and walked away from the house, away from what he would soon find to be his destiny, the person that would bring him to a world he only thought was within fairytales and storybooks.
The lightning flashed and a figure appeared in the windows, a figure of a slender woman, dressed in a long flowing dress, she was the one the old woman spoke of, but the boy was gone, have not seen the figure that would have drawn him into her grasp. She watched him leave, her eyes watching his slow movements away from her home, away from his destiny, but she knew, the mark would bring his return and with it would bring the down fall of all those that had betrayed her. Her long flowing red hair and deep gray blue eyes held the secrets of a past long forgotten. She had been feared during her life, for the powers that she held within her were only matched by her own anger and hatred of those around her. Called the lady in red, for the deep blood red dresses she wore, many would never approach her until the fateful night that changed everything about her.
Katherine had kept herself away all that could know who or what she truly was for nearly twenty years, before her he came to her. He was a handsome man, his hair golden, and his eyes a deep blue. He stood nearly six feet in height and captured her mind and soul the minute they had met. His eyes held her gaze as he told her of a future that she could have only imagined, being young only twenty seven, she could hardly believe that a handsome man such as he would even take an interested in her, let alone knowing he was an English Lord. Her hopes and dreams rested within his grasp, but somewhere deep within her own black heart; she held some sign that he was far from truthful with her. But Katherine wanted to be his forever, and for that he was more than willing to help her with that task. When he promised her he’d be with her forever those promises became less than truths and with that promises are always broken by those as evil as he. His evil, only matched by her power, for that was what he wanted was she for the power she held within her. But found that her power was something he could never control. He found that changing who she was and bringing that to the surface, her anger and hatred of those years of solitude nearly poured from her, it could be felt by anyone that approached her. Many that did approach her died instantly, from the unseen fire that burned their bodies, the anger that she held within her was the powers fuel. But that power was too much for him to control, she had learned to control it over the years, but for someone that craved it, that wanted to own it, he learned too late that it was a power meant only for her. He left her late one night when she was hunting. Returning to their home Katherine found that her beloved was gone and now she was once again alone. Over the seemingly silent night, a deep lonely howl was heard, many of the townsfolk looked at the dark sky thinking it was a wolf in the distance. Many had taken that the wolf had lost its mate, but little did they know how far they were from the truth.
Years passed and the mansion went into disrepair, none dared enter the confines of what was now thought to be a haunted place. Many of the town’s elders felt the mansion need be destroyed before the evil within it destroyed them, but none would venture to it. The few valiant and courageous of them did venture beyond the iron gates would never be seen again. Bodies were found in the early morning, headless or worse, sitting just beyond the gates. A notice to all that dared to venture to the mansion was posted. Telling all travelers that they dare not enter the grounds of the mansion. And again years passed and those that had first posted the notice died normal lonely lives. And new comers came to see the haunted Lord Craven mansion.
Chapter 2 by AJsSweety

It was late fall in 1506, the sun had just started setting and she could see clearly to the village below her home. A young woman with violet eyes caught her attention. The young woman’s dark hair hung well past her shoulders, and seemed to also keep passers by from gazing into her eyes. Katherine was intrigued by this and knew that she had to know her. But finding a way to bring the young one to the house was going to be difficult, Katherine never left the confines of the mansion and those that did never returned. She knew that the villagers feared anyone that came from the mansion. Finally she decided that it had been a good many years, none had ever seen her, and she ventured into the village. A long dark red cloak keeping her features hidden from those that would look at her.
“Welcome.” Katherine said, her Irish accent apparent.
“Thank you. I’ve seen many around this village and yet I’ve never seen you before.” She replied looking at Katherine.
“I do not come to the village often.”
“Why is that?”
“I feel that it is such a bothersome place. Many of the towns people are unkind.”
“I’ve not noticed this. My father and I have only been here for a short time.”
“There are a lot of things to take in, the towns folk here are very close knit.” Katherine replied.
“ I am Bianca, I came from Spain with my father.” Bianca said extending her hand to the taller woman.
“I am Katherine,” she replied looking at the young woman. “Why did you father bring you here? Spain is a long way to have come.”
“Yes I know, but the people of our village feared me, my violet eyes and blood red lips made some think I was cursed.”
“ That is no reason to make you leave your home. But I fear that there is something more troubling you, Bianca?”
“Yes that there is. Father was to return to Spain in a day’s time. But his health has taken a grave turn; I fear he will not return to Spain and my mother.”
“Is that so bad?” Katherine asked.
“My mother is a wonderful woman, and my father is only doing what he feels is right for the family. I have two brothers and a younger sister. They all wished I would stay home, but father insisted that I be gone before the next new moon. It seemed that my family was in danger if I remained in our home. So I did what he felt was right.”
“Then come stay with me. My home is large, and I am alone in It.”
“But are you sure it is all right; we’ve just only met and I do not wish to impose.”
“Far from it, I live alone in the large house and have wished for companionship for a great many years.”
“Why have you lived in the home alone? You are a kind woman.”
“I live within the large iron gates of the mansion just beyond the village.”
“I’ve heard the villagers speak of that house being haunted by a demon.”
“I am no more a demon than you are child. It is stories of the old folk within this village; it tends to scare off newcomers. But come I shall show you to my home.”
She said taking Bianca’s hand in her own. Bianca waited and could feel a strange power that seemed to almost flow from Katherine’s fingers.
“Tomorrow, for tonight I shall return to the inn where my father lays dying and wait.”
“He will die even if you are not there child.”
“Yes I know, but I will not allow him to be alone. Mother would have never wanted that.”
“All right, I will come to this very place again tomorrow night. I will be waiting.”
“A few days.” Bianca insisted.
“A few days then,” Katherine answered with a smile. Katherine watched as Bianca walked away, then she too walked back toward the mansion, hearing every whisper that was said as she passed closed doors and windows.
“You fear the demon that lives within the confines of that Iron Gate; fear the one that shall become more powerful with my help. The one that shall help me destroy your very lives.”
Katherine seemed to notice, that Bianca came to her daily, no matter how bad her father’s health had become. She had become almost entranced by Katherine, the stories that she told, and the life that she had lead. Yet there seemed to still be an air of mystery about Katherine. Bianca had asked in the village of Katherine, many knew nothing of a Katherine; others said that Katherine was a spirit that would appear to bring children and men to the house to feed the spirits that lived within, but this still didn’t stop her visits. Bianca seemed intrigued by the life of this woman and wanted to know more about Katherine and how she came about having such a lavish lifestyle and such a beautiful house. The house seemed to be over a hundred years old, even seemed to be something that Katherine would be unable to afford. There were people that lived within the home, within the large stonewalls. She had been told Katherine lived alone, but it seemed that was not the case. Yet when she arrived at the gate, it seemed to open on it‘s own, allowing entrance only to her. The unmanaged grounds and garden worried her. For someone that lived within this beautiful home should have never let such things go to waste. She saw a huge black carriage sitting just beyond the mansion and two black horses. The huge Iron Gate separated the mansion and it’s grounds from the village below. She wished the townsfolk below would come to the home, and see the woman that she had heard many call a demon. Looking from the village far below, made the large house seem under kept and haunted, but what was on the outside held the secret of what was held within its walls.
“Why don’t you bring your father here, you spend more time here than you do with him. Then I shall summon the doctor and have him treated.” Katherine offered suddenly, over an evening’s supper. Bianca nearly dropped her fork as she looked at the older woman, she had never thought of ever asking to bring her father to such a wonderful home.
“Are you sure?” She asked hesitantly.
“Yes I am very sure. I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent over the last few weeks even if it has been far after sunset, I’ve enjoyed the happiness this old house is seeing again.” She answered extending her arms; the warmth of the house had changed since Bianca had started coming to it.
“But my father is very ill, are you sure?” Bianca asked again hesitantly.
“ Yes I am very sure. Bring him and I will make sure my doctors take good care of him. We know that his health is far worse than he says and it’s only a matter of time before god calls him home, why not let him enjoy that time with his daughter.” Katherine said, her voice sweet. She could almost feel the excitement of the young woman, the blood seemed to almost pour out of her, Katherine could only delight in the happiness, for now.
“Are you really sure?”
“Yes I am, this house has been quiet far to long. It would be nice to have others around, even if it is for a short time.”
“All right. When I return to the inn tonight. I will let father know and we will return tomorrow.”
“Please let Harold know when you will be returning, I usually request not being undisturbed during the day.”
“Just something I request.” She answered with a smile.
“All right.” Bianca didn’t want to upset her new friend so she didn’t ask any further questions.
“If there is any trouble getting your father here tomorrow send Martin back and he shall gather a few of the others to help you.” Katherine said.
“The driver. Harold and Martin may be the two that will be most helpful in getting your father back to the mansion tomorrow.”
“Thank you so much.” Bianca said with a huge smile. Katherine was pleased, but would Bianca feel the same way in a few days. The new moon was about to rise and with it the chance she had of bringing such a child across, she knew of Bianca’s talents even if she didn’t. She watched as dawn approached and Bianca said her goodbyes once again.
“What do you want done mistress?”
“ Miss Bianca will be returning later this afternoon.”
“Yes Mistress. Would you require anything from the village?”
“Not this evening.” Katherine said with a smile. “Martin, be sure that Miss Bianca arrives safely, we do not wish any harm to come of her because the townsfolk know she’s been here.”
“Yes mistress. There is a priest seeking to sleep within the walls of the mansion, saying he can exercise the demons that reside within the darkened hallways.”
“Let him try, and he shall become as the others have.”
“Then I will allow his entrance into the mansion while you sleep?”
“As long as he remains away from my chambers, yes. But if he ventures there, the lord will not be able to save him.” Katherine replied as she turned and walked down the long hallway.
Katherine waited, she could hear as the horses made the way down the cobblestone road that lead to the village below. She knew that the townsfolk would talk, they would whisper, but she also knew they wouldn’t dare ask the child what she had ventured into the creatures halls.
“Yes?” Katherine replied looking toward the door.
“I mean no disrespect in disturbing you, but it seems Miss Bianca and her father have arrived, do you wish to greet them?”
“What is the time, Martin?”
“The sun is still high in the sky Mistress.”
“Tell Bianca, I shall see her and her father over dinner this evening. I am not to be disturbed.”
“Yes Mistress.” replied Martin as he returned to the foyer.
“ I am sorry but mistress Katherine is unable to greet you this afternoon, but promises she’ll be at dinner this evening.” Martin said. He looked toward the door to see Harold bringing in several bags, and another guest.
“You must be Father Darcy.”
“It’s just Darcy McDaniel, I have long sense left the church. To find my own way I told them.”
“Well welcome then. Mistress Katherine will greet you at dinner this evening. Please let me show you to your rooms.” Martin said. Bianca looked at him and then nodded.
Chapter 3 by AJsSweety

Katherine watched as her guests made their way to the lavish dinning room. Bianca looked around the large room; there was a large beautifully decorated table in the center of the room, surrounded by equally beautiful chairs. The table was set for a lavish dinner, with the finest china and crystal glassware. Bianca ran her fingers over the silk tablecloth, and touched the edges of the china, tracing the gold edging.
“Like what you see?” Katherine asked coming out of the shadows. Bianca jumped slightly and turned to face her friend.
“How long have you been there?”
“Not long. Do you like the way it’s been set up?”
“Better than anything we’ve had. I didn’t even know about this room.”
“Many who visit don’t. But please come with me to the sitting room, we have much to discuss.”
“What of your other visitor?”
“He’ll be down soon enough for dinner.” Katherine said leading the way back to the large sitting room.
Katherine walked in and moved to the fireplace, the room had gotten a chill, and she knew lighting the fireplace would give the room a more comfortable feel. In the far corner was a large floor to ceiling bookshelf; there in front of it was a ladder. In another corner was a large mahogany desk, cluttered with papers and a quill pen. Toward the center of the room was a large couch with a plush blanket and several pillows on it. In front was a small table that sat on top of a white bear skin rug.
“This room is lovely.”
“I must show you more of the house.” Katherine said as Bianca sat down.
“Yes, that you must. It isn’t fair that you have such a large house and I’ve only but seen a few rooms.”
“Yes my dear I know. But soon I shall show you the entire house and all of the grounds.”
“ Is the doctor coming to see Father?”
“Yes I have sent for the doctor, it takes a while for him to arrive as many do not wish to come to my home.”
“But don’t worry my dear, the doctor will arrive.” Katherine said reassuring her. Bianca nodded and walked toward the door, as she got to the door she turned and noticed that Katherine was gone once more. Shaking her head she walked back into the other room.
Katherine walked upstairs and peeked into the room where Bianca’s ill father lay. She could see his frail form between the stark white sheets. His breathing was shallow, and if she had not been who she was, she would have never noticed it. Walking closer to him she could see his eyes were closed. An evil smile spread across her face as she looked at the dying man. She knew she could end his life right then and there, but wasn’t sure how Bianca would take the death of her father.
“Sleep well old man, for the next sunrise may be your last.” Katherine said walking from the room. She walked further down the hall and found the room of her other guest, she could hear the soft typing coming from the room. Sliding into the room unnoticed she looked at her newest prey. She knew his name and softly called it out.
“Darcy.” She whispered. He looked around the room, trying to find the source of the voice that he suddenly heard.
“Show yourself demon.”
“But that is no fun. You must find me preacher. Find the one you call a demon, the one that will take your life from you.”
“You can not take something that I no longer have.” Darcy stated.
“How so? The lord has forsaken you and you’ve forsaken him. Yet you say your life is not your own. Then tell me, whose life is it?”
“My life has never been my own. My destiny has always been that which has shown me the way, the way to a life of loneliness and heartache.”
“You’ve lost love? I’ve felt that feeling before. A long time ago.” Katherine said leaning against the dark wall.
“Then tell me about it? You seem lonely now.”
“I will always be alone.” Katherine answered.
“Fear, the idea of living forever will always scare off anyone. But if you know so much about me, why ask?” Katherine stated looking at him.
“Because I want to see if you truly are a demon.” Darcy answered. Katherine stepped from the shadows, her hair hanging to her shoulders, her eyes gazing into his.
“Do I look like a demon?” She asked. Darcy looked upon her curved form and then moved forward toward her. Katherine watched his movements as he approached her. Darcy smiled as he ran his fingers over her skin, it was like touching ice, and her skin was soft but cold to the touch. Katherine smiled and then disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.
Chapter 4 by AJsSweety

Within the village, another stranger wonder the dark streets, he could see the mansion in the distance and could see the candles and lanterns as they light up the old place. He ran his finger over the scar on his hand and sighed. It had been a great many years since he’d been there, a great amount of time had passed. Something within him kept him wanting to return. But when he met the man, the one that said he could get the revenge on the creature that had scared him, he took that chance. But somewhere deep within him was an urge to find the creature and care for it.
“Tell me my son, is she there?”
“There are a great many things that have changed in the two hundred years since I was here last.” He responded.
“That was not what I asked.” The voice hissed from the darkness.
“She is there. Along with two visitors.”
“Then we wait. Katherine is preparing for the new moon. The day when her powers are at their greatest.”
“What will happen then?”
“Then I shall come to her once more. Her powers will be mine.” He said as he stepped from the shadows, his short blond hair and piercing blue eyes caught the moonlight, his companion looked toward the house once more, his deep green eyes only saw loneliness in their task.
“You’ve had a change of heart.” He said looking at him.
“I have no heart to change, master. So how could it have changed?” He responded looking at the taller man.
“There is a change in your feelings. That mark she has left upon you has changed you. That very mark that I taught her to leave, will take another from me.”
“You are more evil than she, yet I’ve remained with you for over five hundred years, without question I have followed your orders.” He responded as he suddenly disappeared into the darkness.
“Yes my son, I know that you have not questioned me or what I’ve asked of you, but she has a power that will control you someday.” Nickolas said pulling Nathaniel to him. Nathaniel lay his head on Nickolas’s chest and closed his eyes; Nickolas was his protector, his master. But his heart held room for another, the one that was forbidden to him.
“She is more powerful than you think.” A voice answered from the shadows.
“How much more?”
“Nickolas, you should know this. Her power would grow more every year.”
“That isn’t what I asked old man.”
“Her power grows with every life she brings across, the change in Nathaniel was only the first. With the change in the preacher and then the seer, things will become hers, the entire world will bow down to her.”
“I highly doubt that.”
“Your mistake was taking her life from her. Katherine’s life would have ended a normal one. You brought out the evil that was buried deep within her heart. Had it been left alone, she wouldn’t have been as evil as she is now.”
“Yet you stay with her. You were my servant.”
“She treats me with the respect that you never did. And gave me the life that I had always wanted. Katherine’s heart may be evil, but it has never been cold. She knows you are here, she has felt your return. Come to the mansion and pay your respects. You are her maker after all.”
“I may have made her, but that is as far as it goes.”
“Think about it Nickolas, if you return to her side, she will rule with you forever.”
“How can she rule with me if she hates me? Tell me that Henry, tell me how someone that loves me that could love me, hate me?”
“There is a love deep within her black heart. You just need to learn to find your way back to it.” Henry said before he disappeared into the darkness. Nickolas shook his head and walked into the mist and disappeared. Henry arrived back at the large mansion and looked toward his mistress, he knew she had already visited their guests, and he knew that she had felt her makers return.
“Did you see him?”
“Yes mistress, he is the same as he was the day he left.”
“What brings him back? Why does he come here, come to my home once again?”
“He feels your power growing, he wants to own that.”
“He knows better than anyone that my power is my own. And even in death he can not own what is not his.”
“The boy has returned as well.”
“Find him.”
“Your mark draws him to you. The man that shall be your mate has found his way back to you, two hundred years may have passed but he still yearns to hold you close.”
“Take Martin and find the boy. Bring him to me, but my guests are not to know he’s here.”
“Yes mistress, but why not allow him to return on his own?”
“I am inclined to allow him to return on his own, but please find him, I want to see if he still carries the mark.”
“Yes mistress.” Henry said bowing and leaving Katherine to her thoughts. Katherine looked out the stained glass windows, looking toward the village below.
“I feel you master, if you dare come to me. But know that my heart will never be yours again. I shall never trust you again. For you’ve done what no maker should ever do, leave their young before they are ready.” Katherine said looking toward the figure; she knew it was him that he was near. But he was kept away, the grounds of the mansion were now protected by her powers, her own powers now dwelled in the very earth beyond the gates.
“Mistress, I hate do disturb you, but your guests are waiting.”
“I am coming, have you found the boy?”
“Not yet mistress, but he shall be found. Do you desire something from the village? You’ve yet to feed in two days time and I’ve only known you to go several hours.”
“I shall return to my guests, I will feed after they have retired for the evening.”
“Yes mistress.” Henry said walking away from her. Katherine shook her head and headed down to join her guests. She could see them talking quietly over the dinner that had been prepared.
“Katherine, where have you been?”
“Dealing with a personal matter, were you worried?” Katherine asked, looking toward Bianca. Bianca nodded and then looked toward the plate that had been set before her, it was something deep in her that made her feel that she would be embarrassed with anything said in front of her friend.
“Why blush little one, feelings are nothing to blush or be embarrassed about.”
“I feel that there are feelings deep within me that should not be.”
“Why? Why should you not have feelings? Caring for someone is natural. There is no harm in caring for another person.”
“This is true.” Darcy said looking toward Bianca. “ But you must understand that with that love is something more. It is believed that a man and woman shall only be the ones that shall share the bed and the love, but there are those that are willing to go beyond that.”
“Do you believe in many things Darcy?” Katherine asked.
“I was a priest Miss Katherine, I believe in things that god says is true, but there are things I too believe.”
Katherine smiled and lifted her glass of wine.
“To the things we do not understand. And to the friendships that shall be formed within the walls of this house.” Katherine spoke, lifting her glass to her lips and looking at the others.
“To friends.” Darcy said lifting his own glass. Bianca lifted her glass and drank from it, as her eyes watched Katherine’s movements. Katherine took a sip from her glass and then sat it back down on the table.
Chapter 5 by AJsSweety

Katherine could feel the change in the air, she could feel that Nickolas had returned and with that meant that his evil had returned. Her power was nearly at its peek, and she would make him pay for what he had done to her those years ago. Katherine remembered that her life, as lonely as it was, was till one that had some meaning. Something that meant she would always have loved; but when Nickolas came into her life that changed everything; everything about her world had changed.

*** Flashback***

Katherine’s long flowing dress swayed as she walked down the cobblestone street. She rarely was ever seen within the tiny village that sat just outside the castle walls.
“Tell me child, for whom do you hide?” A soft male voice asked.
“I hide from no one.” Katherine answered looking around.
“Then what is the reason you never leave the castle walls?”
“I am the betrothed of the young prince.”
“If you are such, how doest thou leave the castle without guards?”
“The prince has found favor in another. And I’ve become one that he wishes not to see.”
“Then why remain?”
“I remain of my own choosing.”
“Or do you remain because of the wizard. Does he teach you his magic?”
“I do not know what you are speaking about.”
“Yes you do, your magic is great, and if you are learning from him. The power within you shall become great.”
“Leave me alone stranger, or I shall have the king do away with one that speaks of dark magic.”
“So I shall leave you. But we will meet again young one.” He said. Katherine turned and saw just his silhouette as he disappeared into the darkness.

*** End Flashback ***

Katherine wondered if she had stayed within the castle walls that day, if her life would have changed. Her walk through the village that day changed her life, the day she meet the stranger that accused her of learning dark magic. Even if she was learning the art of dark magic, she learned to keep that a secret, for learning dark magic was forbidden and would have meant her death. Katherine knew that she must be cunning and keep those that knew of her secret close to her. But this stranger knew of her secret and she knew nothing of him. At least not until years later, when Nickolas revealed himself to her. Revealed that he was a creature of darkness, one that wanted her power. A power only she could control, a power he could not own.
Chapter 6 by AJsSweety

Nickolas watched from outside the large house, Katherine’s power kept him from entering the grounds; but he knew one that could enter the grounds any time he wished.
“You will go, and you will gain her trust.”
“Yes master.”
”Remember, Nathaniel, she has marked you, and because of that she will think you’ve returned because of that mark.”
“The mark is strong master. I’ve wanted to return to her side for a great many years.”
“But you have done well and not let the feeling take over your mind. Katherine is strong, and she will find her ways to get inside of your mind.”
“She already is, I hear her voice every morning when I sleep, I see her face when I close my eyes. But you’ve taught me well, I shall not fail you.”
“When do you wish me to make my move?”
“Tomorrow. I wish for you to come to her, tell her that there has been changes in my life, that I’ve become ill. She will come to me.”
“Are you sure master?”
“Yes, she will come to me, I am what keeps her alive.”
“Master, she has power of her own, you just made her a vampire instead of a sorceress.”
“Do not question me, just do as you are told.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel said bowing slightly before disappearing into the darkness.

Katherine sat on the enclosed balcony and looked out at the darkened sky.
“There has been a change.”
“What change?”
“Bianca is requiring your attention. It seems her father has passed.”
“I shall be there shortly. Call for the undertaker, I will not have a dead body within the walls of this house.”
“Yes mistress.” Martin said, bowing and leaving her alone. Katherine stood on the porch for a longer and then headed into the house. She knew that in her venerable state Bianca would come to her willingly.
“I am sorry child, I wish there was more we could have done for your father.” Katherine said as she entered the room. Bianca turned and hurried into Katherine’s open arms and cried. Katherine held Bianca close and let the younger woman cry, she knew that soon she would have her power in her control, but first she wanted to let her greave.
“Father is in a better place, he is in no more pain and because of that I am happy.”
“That is a wonderful way of thinking of it. What makes you suddenly change the way you feel?”
“My father, just before he passed, told me that he would always watch me from heaven. And that I would make my life more than I could ever imagine.”
“I believe that your father was a wise man. Tomorrow evening I wish to speak to you about something.”
“I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. But I’ve burdened you for too long.”
“No, no you haven’t child. Believe me, after we speak tomorrow you will have a new life to look forward to.”
“A new life? How so?”
“When we speak tomorrow you will understand. Until then, rest and I will speak to you tomorrow night after sunset.”
“All right, thank you my friend.” Bianca said hugging her once again. Katherine left the room and walked down the long hallway. An evil smile play on her face, she knew that soon Bianca would be hers forever.
“Tell me demon, do you want the child?”
“The child has powers that I want to help hone.”
“Then let her hone her powers as a human. Never take away the mortal life that she was given. Taking away the life she was given would make her hate you as much as you hated Nickolas.”
“Darcy, you know nothing of my life before you came here. You barely know of my life now. How could you ever know that I hated Nickolas?”
“I’ve yet to meet a vampire that loved their creator. Unless there is something different about you.” Darcy stated, Katherine growled and disappeared down the dark hallway.
Chapter 7 by AJsSweety
Nickolas stood in the small room, he could see the large house clearly and from the lighting that was now flashing over the house he knew that Katherine was angry.
“What news do you bring?”
“None yet master. I have yet to enter the house, I fear what she will do once I enter.”
“She has marked you young one. She is expecting your return.”
“Had she expected it master, she would have expected it sooner.”
“Five hundred years is a great time, but you must understand that she may feel that you’ve died.”
“This may be true. I shall arrive at the mansion tomorrow evening after she’s awakened.”
“Before she takes the child.”
“When do you believe she will take her?”
“After sunset, you must arrive to her side before that my sweet.” Nickolas said touching Nathaniel’s face. He ran his long slender fingers over his face; he loved how Nathaniel kept his long hair pulled back. The long dark hair was something that had always kept Nickolas’s attention, something that he wished his hair was the same, but his was short and blond.
“Come, its time to rest.”
“Do I sleep alone master?”
“You may or you may join me.” Nickolas replied taking Nathaniel’s hand in his own. He walked toward the two large caskets that sat in the center of the tiny room. Nickolas walked to his and opened the lid, revealing the silk lining and soft pillow; on its lid was encrusted the family symbol of Nickolas’s royal heritage. Next to his was a smaller casket; this one belonged to Nathaniel, most of the time he’d sleep with Nickolas so he rarely if ever used it. But Nickolas made sure he was made to feel special, the lid had a carved crest the very crest of Nickolas’s family, saying that Nathaniel was part of his family.
“I shall sleep alone this evening master. If that is all right.”
“It is fine my son, you will soon find that Katherine makes a much finer bed partner.” Nickolas replied kissing Nathaniel deeply, Nathaniel moaned loudly as he deepened the kiss.
“Are you sure you wish to sleep alone?”
“Yes master, I must.” Nathaniel said moving away from him and opening the lid of his own casket. Nickolas smiled evilly; he knew that no matter what Katherine did, Nathaniel was always going to be his. Nathaniel climbed into his casket and pulled the lid closed, Nickolas nodded as the lid closed and then he too entered his own casket and closed the lid.

Katherine sat in the dark room that she called her own, in the far corner was a large oak casket, as was on Nickolas’s casket, Katherine’s held her own family crest, she refused to ever have Nickolas’s crest on her casket. Being the cousin to a king, she knew that meant that she was the last of her line. On the other end of the room was a large mahogany bed, with its silk sheets and hand made quilt, there were draperies that covered around the frame of the bed; with it’s high posts that seemed to reach to the cathedral style ceiling. A matching dresser and two side tables decorated the dark room. The draperies that were over the large window were also dark. This kept the sun from leaking into the room and killing Katherine while she slept. Katherine rarely if ever had anyone share the casket with her, but there had been the brave few that had shared her bed. Henry had been one to be brave enough to share her bed, but he feared that his age would keep her from ever caring about him. Katherine was different than Nickolas in that respect, her heart may have become dark, but not cold. Sleep had finally taken its tole on her and Katherine opened the lid to her casket and climbed in, she pulled the lid closed and fell into a dreamless sleep.
Chapter 8 by AJsSweety

Katherine was awakened just before sunset the following evening. Martin stood in the doorway and looked at his mistress, he hated having to wake her before the sun had set completely.
“What is the matter?” Katherine asked, she could almost sense that he had some horrid news.
“Miss Bianca is wishing to speak to you.”
“And you woke me early?”
“ She is rather upset and was wanting to speak to you.”
“Let me change and send her in.”
“Yes mistress,” Martin said bowing and leaving the room. Katherine climbed from the casket and closed the lid, she placed the large lace cover over it and pulled the curtain closed. Moving into the main part of the room, she pulled on a long red silk robe and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Come in.” Katherine said, she looked up at the door as it slowly opened. She could see that Bianca had been crying, since her eyes were red and puffy.
“What is wrong child?”
“He’s gone. I’ve never meant him any ill will, but when we first arrived here I was angry, and I said things.”
“We all say things we do not mean. I bet your father never held any anger against you. Believe that he now looks down on you, knowing that soon your life will be better.” Katherine replied as she held Bianca closer, she closed her eyes and could hear her heart beating louder as Bianca’s breathing slowed. Bianca leaned her head onto Katherine’s shoulder and closed her eyes.
“Tell me about the new life, tell me that I will be happier.”
“There will be a time that even you will be happy, and that you will always forgive me.”
“Forgive you, forgive you for what?”
“I must make a confession child.”
“And what is that?” Bianca asked, her dark eyes looked into Katherine’s eyes, something about looking into her eyes made her heart flutter.
“I am more than I appear, there are reasons I sleep during the day, and there are reasons I ask not to be disturbed.”
“Why, that you’re a vampire?”
“Katherine, I am special in my own way. I knew of this and that is why I continued to come here.”
“Because you wanted to befriend a demon?”
“Because I want to become a demon. Make me like you, so that I may never die and leave you as those that I’ve cared deeply for have done to me.”
“There is a part of me that wants to believe that this is a dream, that you’ve come into my mind and are telling me this, but my heart tells me it’s true.”
“It is true. I love you Katherine, and because of that I wish to remain at your side forever.”
“Then so be it, but you must understand that there is pain before there is everlasting life.”
“I do not care, I’ve lost so much and I wish never to leave your side.”
“Then it shall be done.” Katherine said, she pulled Bianca closer as she softly kissed the younger woman’s neck. Her soft lips and cold skin made Bianca shutter under her touch. Katherine turned Bianca’s face to her own and kissed her lips deeply, she could feel Bianca almost melt into her touch and into her skin. Katherine turned Bianca’s head and sunk her teeth into her neck, she heard her gasp slightly and then go limp in her arms. She released her grip and looked at Bianca; she could easily finish her and let her die right there, but in her heart she wanted to have Bianca for her own, a lover unlike that she was to Nickolas; but unlike Nickolas she’d never leave Bianca’s side. She slit her own wrist and pressed it to Bianca’s lips, she felt her clamp on and begin drinking heavily, finally releasing on her own and looking up at Katherine.
“I feel strange.”
“ Rest, it will be a long while before you are feeling well enough to be up and around. I will speak to Darcy and my helpers. If you need anything ask Henry or Martin, one of them will get you something.”
“I am hungry.”
“I will get them to find you something to feed on. For now rest, for at the next sunset you will see your new world. The world that you’ve chosen to live at my side.”
“Thank you.”
“Anything my love.” Katherine replied leaning down and kissing her deeply. She moved away from the large bed and watched as Bianca slipped into a dreamless sleep.
Chapter 9 by AJsSweety

Nickolas looked out at the sky, anger now boiled below the surface of his seemingly calm exterior.
“She’s changed her.”
“I have asked for a moment of her presence. But the male servant has refused that I be allowed to enter the house.”
“Request that she see you.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel replied as he bowed and left the room once again. Nickolas was angry, Katherine had gotten her one new child, if she brought across the priest he would loose everything.
Katherine peeked into her chambers and smiled, there still laying on the bed was Bianca, her long dark hair slightly over her face as she slept. Soon the sun would rise and Katherine would too return to the room.
“She’s become yours.” Darcy said as he walked up behind her.
“And you could join us. But you have to want it. I will never do what my former master did, I will not make you become what we now are.”
“If I choose to become what you are, does that mean we will become equals?”
“Equals? That is something that is hard to say, I am much older and have lived for over five hundred years. Believe me when I say, I wish this on no one, but I will take those that are willing to join my family.”
“Family? Is that what you are calling this? A family, a family cares about each other.”
“Mistress Katherine cares for each of us that are here with her.” Henry stated.
“Do you stay freely?”
“There is a difference between Mistress Katherine and Master Nickolas. Katherine has a heart, black as it may be but it still has love within it. Nickolas was dead, had been dead for nearly seven hundred years before he found me, and then found Martin, there are a great many of us here that stay with Katherine freely, she has told us that we could leave if we chose to. We do not. She brings a power to us all, a love that most dead should never have.”
“Then you stay because she cares?”
“This is right. Katherine has a black heart, but that black heart beats with a love that no undead has ever shared. She shares her love with those that choose to become her family. I was changed by Nickolas, as was Martin, but we stayed behind when he left what he called his beloved to learn the truth about him.” Henry said. Martin stood near by with a small child at his side.
“A child?”
“She was dying, she was very ill and her mother, a human that worked here freely asked me to save her. I do not ever take the life of a child. But this child is no child, and hasn’t been in nearly a hundred years.”
“I am Angelina, are you going to join us?” The blue-eyed child asked him. Darcy was taken back by the question but was he ready to become the demon he came to destroy?
“Take this in your mind, I have lived a great many years, and during that time I’ve seen hell on earth, death and destruction between humans and demons alike. A war that rages between the evil and the good, the human and the non-human, but that war is unseen; a war that is told over fires to children, I will only take you if you are ready to leave the world that you have hidden from in years.”
“How long?”
“I will give you as much time as you want. But beware, Nickolas has returned, and if he finds that you are unsure of what to do, he will make that choice for you. Becoming one of his children comes with a price that many are not willing to pay.” Katherine replied, she took one more look at the small group gathered and then walked into her room and closed and latched the door. Darcy stood there for a moment longer before walking down the long hallway to his room, the sun was just about to rise above the mountains in the distance, he sat near the window in his room, the curtains drawn back.
“Take your time to watch the sun, for if the choice is to become part of her world, it will be the last time you see the sun.” Angelina said as she slowly closed the door to Darcy’s room. Darcy sighed and looked out the window, a choice was to be made, but his heart was confused and unsure of what to do.
Chapter 10 by AJsSweety

Nickolas knew that another day had passed without success and that was making him very angry. Nathaniel was disappointing him more and more every day. In his own way, Nickolas wanted to destroy Nathaniel, but with the mark that was on his hand, it kept Nickolas from destroying him. That mark kept him linked to Katherine and with that link that meant Nickolas could find her where ever she was.
Nathaniel stood outside the large gates; he looked toward the large house and then down at the symbol on his hand. Sighing he walked through the now open gate. Walking toward the large house, he wondered if Katherine would accept him, even though he was there on orders of his master. Nickolas scared him, and because of that he refused to leave the older vampire.
“Come, she has been waiting for you.”
“It’s nearly sunrise, how does she know I am here?”
“She knows. I will show you where you will sleep and this evening she shall speak to you about Nickolas.” Martin said as he stepped aside to let the young man enter the house. Nathaniel followed Martin toward the room that was waiting. Once inside he closed the door and looked around, he had never been inside the house and now he was sitting in a room in the very house that he had always been told he’d never enter.
Katherine lay next to Bianca, pulling the younger woman closer to her. Bianca opened her eyes slightly and looked at her.
“You’ve returned. A child was here earlier and fed me.”
“Angelina has been someone that has lived in my home for about one hundred years. She has always been there to help.”
“She is like us?”
“Yes, a child of fate, someone that was changed because of an incurable illness that would have killed her. I took pity on her and the heartfelt request of her mother, I changed the child, and she became part of my family.”
“But she’s a child.”
“To me, your all a child. I am over five hundred years old. Everyone is a child. But now you are my child and my lover. Sleep well for tonight there is a new world to explore.” Katherine replied as she held Bianca close. Bianca snuggled up against her and closed her eyes again. Katherine knew that the sunset would bring a new world, but would Darcy take her offer and become part of her brood? She’d have to wait and see, but for now sleep was something she needed.
Chapter 11 by AJsSweety
Katherine awoke just before the sun set, she could sense the new presence within the walls of her home. Sitting up she looked around the dark room.
“Your not leaving me, are you?” Bianca asked.
“For a moment. It seems that I have a guest I must attend to. The sun shall set soon and we shall show you your first night of hunting.”
“All right.” Bianca replied. Katherine leaned down and pressed her lips to Bianca’s and kissed her deeply. Bianca looked sadly as Katherine dressed and left the room. Katherine pulled her robe closed and walked down the dark hallway. She stopped in front of the large door and knocked, waiting for some sound she slowly opened the door. To her surprise she found Nathaniel standing on the other side.
“Have you returned home? Or have you come to find information for Nickolas?”
“I can smell his scent on you. It’s almost as if he’s right here in the room. He changed you Nathaniel, and because of that I am unsure if I can trust you.”
“I’ve returned because you’ve been calling me.”
“That is a lie, if you had been returning because of that mark, you would have returned by now. What brings you here?” Katherine asked, her anger now boiling over. Nathaniel backed away from her; he could feel her anger and wondered if she knew of his deception.
“I have returned, why question how long it has taken?”
“Because the scent of deception is all over you and because of that I know what you seek, and it’s not redemption. Tell me what does Nickolas want? Besides wanting my power as always.” Katherine shouted, as the room seemed to crackle with anger and her power.
“Why do you think that I am deceiving you?”
“My power is great Nathaniel, do not test me.” Katherine answered, raising her hand; his body lifted off the floor and was held fast against the wall.
“He wishes to own you, to own your mind and power for his own.”
“He can not own what he can not catch. Go back and tell your master, if he dares to return to this mansion it will mean his death.” Katherine replied, as her powers threw him out of the large glass window. Being immortal she knew he’d live but would Nickolas allow his failure. This she did not care to find out.
“Was the boy return because of Nickolas?”
“Yes, never allow him to enter the house again.”
“Yes Mistress, Bianca is asking for you. She wishes for you to return to her. She is very distressed that you’ve been gone so long, and the strange noises in the house have frightened her.”
“I understand. Assembled the others, it seems our war will begin sooner than I was anticipating. If Nickolas gains my power, the humans will not survive.”
“Yes mistress, we will be assembled in the main hall.”
“Good.” Katherine answered and walked down the hallway toward her room. She had some talking to do with Bianca and then the answer from Darcy held their fate in the balance. If he chose to remain human, then Nickolas would find a way to bring him to his side, and unlike Katherine, Nickolas was less than kind about it.
Chapter 12 by AJsSweety

Nickolas looked toward the door as Nathaniel entered. Nathaniel held his head down as he walked toward his master.
“She knows.”
“Then the war begins. We must find allies in this war, many that want her dead as much as I want her power.”
“I’ve been told of a great many demons that hide from the powers from those like Katherine. Yet I’ve not found any that can find out truths of those claims.”
“Then this night while we feed, we shall hunt those that want to destroy the demon called Katherine. I will have her power. Five hundred years ago I was denied that power. But with her death that power will be my own.”
“Yes my master.” Nathaniel said with a slight bow. Nickolas looked toward the only one that had remained at his side, he could feel his fear.
“She has frightened you.”
“There is a great power within her, and she holds a great hate for you.”
“That hate is what will bring her down, that hate will give me the power that will end the world as we know it, and bring the world into the new meaning, the world of all demons. We will no longer hide in the darkness that holds us as its prisoner. We will roam among those that fear us most. They will become our slaves and us their masters. Katherine was destined to hold the power that could change the world for good or evil, how she chose to use that power is how I choose to take it from her.”
“You knew before making her what she is, that she was the one that could destroy demons?”
“Yes, I knew that the fate of our kind was held in the balance by changing her. Had I left her as a human she would have died normal and none would have know of the destiny, but she was to fulfill the destiny and I was to make sure she did.”
“Then master, with the change in her, the change that has become almost good. As if she holds a power over the power of good and evil in her hands.”
“She does. But do not worry my love, she will become ours and we will rule with her power while she becomes our slave.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel replied as he was pulled closer to Nickolas and their lips were met in a passionate kiss. Nathaniel melted in Nickolas’s arms and held him close, as the two seemed to melt into one form. Nickolas cared deeply for Nathaniel, he held a deep almost lust for the boy he held in his arms.
“Come, we must feed. I shall feed the need we both have later.” Nickolas said breaking the kiss. Nathaniel seemed to moan in pain as Nickolas led him from the room and out into the city below.

Katherine looked toward the city below as she listened to Bianca dress. A smile spread across her face, as she imagined the young woman hurriedly worrying about what to wear that evening. Katherine rarely was seen in the village below but this night was different, she wished to show Bianca her new world. And to show her this world it meant that she’d have to leave the mansion.
“Tell me young one, are you happy?”
“Ecstatic. I’ve never felt this way. Well once I did, but he never wanted to share that with me.”
“But you are willing to share that with me, a demon as Darcy has called me.”
“I don’t see you as a demon, none of us are. But I over heard you say war, what war is coming?”
“A war that will be between good and evil, between the humans and the demons. But I am the one that is to prevent it all, I am the one that will keep it all from happening. But first I must have an army, an army that is willing to work against the demons that they fear, and the demons must work with the humans to find an equal end.”
“You where chosen?”
“I have always been chosen, but had I died as a human, my body would have let the power go and someone from my future would become the chosen one. But when Nickolas changed me that meant that I was going to be the chosen till the end of time.”
“Show me the world, show me this world before this war comes to claim it.”
“No one will ever take this world from us. The world of darkness and light will be ours forever. And because of that, those that wish to take it from us shall parish.” Katherine responded as she took Bianca’s hand in her own and walked toward the door, her brood was assembled in the main room, it was time to hunt as a family once more. Bianca was surprised to see the large amount of people, she had never seen them within the walls of the house before.
“I remember the child, and you two.”
“The others tend to stay hidden unless I need them. But to introduce them, the tall one here is Leland, he is my first, the first that I changed, and then there is Damien he was brought to me as a slave, and I took pity on him rather than make him a slave. My final is Jerold, as you notice they are all male, besides Angelina, I took my family as male.”
“Show me this world. Please. I want to know all about the world that has been yours for a very long time.” Bianca replied taking her hand and walking toward the door.
“Yes, come my children. We must feed.” Katherine said allowing Bianca to lead her from the mansion and toward the unsuspecting village below.
Chapter 13 by AJsSweety

Bianca walked quietly at Katherine’s side, her hand intertwined in the older woman’s. Katherine looked down at Bianca and then looked forward toward the village, she knew that it had been a great many years since she had been in the village and many would think her nothing more than a ghost or the direct descendant of someone that lived in the mansion years before.
“When was the last time you were in the village?”
“I was here that day we met and that was the last time I spent any time in the village. I tend to stay away from those that want to kill me. But today we are here to help you find someone to feed on. Feeding on human blood is what keeps us alive, and what has kept me alive for over five hundred years.”
“What of Nickolas?”
“What of him?” Katherine asked, stopping and looking at Darcy. She still wondered how he knew so much about her relationship with Nickolas and how he knew that he’d left her.
“If he chooses to take his brood back?”
“He doesn’t have that kind of power. There is a difference between Nickolas and I, had he left me to die as a human, the prophecy would have died with me. But I lived, he changed the power that was deep within me.”
“There is still little known about you.”
“And there always will be. I choose to keep my past just that mine. I choose to tell those that I trust what and who I was before I met Nickolas, but until that day comes I shall keep it to myself. Even if that means that my legacy dies with me.”
“Then let that legacy continue with us.” Darcy said. Katherine stopped and looked at him. She wasn’t sure she had heard him correctly, was he offering to become the last in her brood?
“You are choosing to become a vampire? To share in the power that I was born with?”
“Yes. If that means saving all of that from someone as evil as Nickolas yes.”
“I want you to understand what you are asking, that you are asking to end the life you have now and have a new one, the one of a vampire and a sorcerer are you ready for the undertaking that it requires?”
“Yes. I want this. I want this more than anything.” Darcy said, “ My life hasn’t been my own in a long time. I want something that is now mine, something that I can control, something that will make what I do as living worthwhile.”
“Then so be it, we must find a dark alley where I can change you. But I must warn you; this transformation is something that can’t be changed. Once you’ve become a vampire, if you change your mind, the sun is the only way to destroy what has been done.” Katherine informed him. Darcy knew the fate that he was choosing but he wanted that fate, somewhere deep within him he knew that it was the fate that he had always been waiting for. Katherine walked him down a dark alley and looked into his eyes. She could see the fear that was hiding behind his beautiful eyes. She had never seen anyone with eyes like his, they were almost sensual, but she knew that his eyes were what were going to give him his prey. Katherine pulled him close and kissed his neck, her soft lips caused him to moan slightly, Darcy pulled her closer and turned her face to him and kissed her deeply.
“Let me love you, let me love you like Nickolas didn’t,” Darcy replied, he held her closer and leaned his head sideways as she sunk her teeth deeply into his neck, she felt him collapse against her. She held his body in her arms and closed her eyes, there was something about him that made her cold heart skip a beat, she slit her wrist and pressed it to his lips and felt him start drinking.
“Yes lover drink, for soon you will find yourself in a new world.” Katherine said. She pulled her wrist away and looked at Henry and Martin.
“Return him to the house and place him in my chambers, I shall return to the mansion in a few hours. Do not let anyone disturb him.”
“Yes mistress.” Martin replied as he lifted Darcy into his arms. Bianca looked down the alley and growled low as Martin carried Darcy back to the large house.
“Now my child never is jealous of another. Every one of my children holds a special place in my heart. Never think that there is something different. But you must always remember that one of my children shall become my equal, you are my child and might be the one I choose.”
“I am sorry, I never meant any disrespect, forgive me?”
“I will never hold it against you, fear not.”
“Thank you.” Bianca answered kissing her deeply. Bianca noticed the change in the kiss; the kiss wasn’t as passionate as it had been before Darcy had been changed. But was she going to change the way she thought of her?

Nickolas felt the change in the air, he knew that Katherine had taken the preacher as her own, and with that she shared her power with him.
“What is wrong master?”
“She has taken another. We are losing time, we must hurry.”
“You said she’d not take another until just before the new moon.”
“He made the choice for her. Something about the preacher tells me that he wanted to be a vampire.”
“Then we start the war?”
“After the new moon, she is sharing her powers, that means that she is going to weaken herself.”
“Yes master, but until then what shall we do?”
“We shall feed, the humans of this village will blame the demon that resides within the mansion on the hill, and none will suspect that it was us.”
“Very good master.”
Chapter 14 by AJsSweety

Bianca looked around the small village; her hunger was getting the better of her. She could feel the hunger over taking her as she saw a young woman standing near a building.
“Now my child, the prey is always oblivious of what we are doing. Take your time with her. She will allow you to walk with her. But you must understand that once she realizes what is going on she will scream. Make her death quick.”
“Yes ma’am.” Bianca said; she slowly walked down the alley and up to the young woman.
“Are you new in the village?” Bianca asked.
“Yes, I am visiting family. You are not from here?”
“I have been living with my aunt for a year now. My father died before he was able to return to Spain. But yes I am not from around here. Come let us take a walk and I will show you the village.” Bianca replied as she held her arm out for the young woman. The young unsuspecting woman took it and allowed her to lead her away from the safety of the inn. Katherine was pleased with the progress Bianca was already showing. She was going to be a fine hunter, not unlike young Angelina.
“Yes, mistress?”
“Find yourself something to feed on. I know that you are the best of my brood at this, but be aware that Nickolas is in the village.”
“Yes mistress, I will watch for him.” Angelina replied as she hugged Katherine before she disappeared into the darkness. Katherine knew that she could leave Bianca alone, but felt that the young vampire would need as much guidance as she could give her. Bianca walked from the darkness and wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist.
“Did I do well?”
“Yes my dear. You did very well.” Katherine replied as she looked into the darkness.
“Are you worried about him?”
“I worry about you all. But I felt that you were jealous earlier.”
“I was slightly. But I understand that each of us has a different place in your heart. But I am feeling that Darcy will hold a new place that I can not.”
“Do not be so sure of that. Darcy brings to me something I have not seen in a great many years, but you are my special child, the one that holds my most attention.” Katherine stated as she turned and kissed Bianca. Bianca still knew that Darcy held the piece of the passion that she had once. But she was willing to share; she was not going to turn into something like Nickolas.

Nickolas smiled, he knew that there was something within Katherine’s own family that would be her own undoing.
“Are we returning home?”
“Soon, we must find some more blood. We will be planning for a short while and have no time to leave the cabin. Come.” Nickolas said taking Nathaniel’s hand in his own. He knew that the young one was doubting his worth and he wanted to show Nathaniel that he was worth more to him that he had ever made him understand. They walked silently toward a house in the distance. Nathaniel knew that they had been staying at a local Inn. Nickolas stood just outside the small cottage and smiled, he could see a small family just beyond the window. Nathaniel looked toward the small children and then back at Nickolas.
“You kill children?”
“Their blood is the best, they are young and innocent and because of that their blood is untainted.”
“Is it wise master?”
“I want this family and I will have them. I have destroyed families larger than this one, do not question me boy.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel said, lowering his head. Nickolas walked into the house through the backdoor and screaming could be heard before Nathaniel entered. He hated taking the life of a child, but Nickolas had a point their blood was the purest. He walked into the house to see Nickolas holding the mother by her throat why he held the smallest child by his hair. Nathaniel was starving, he had felt the blood that had been drained from the father the minute he entered the house, and he wanted to feel the warm blood of one of the children before Nickolas left him nothing. Reaching he grabbed the teenage child by the arm and pulled him to his side.
“Tell me child, do you want to die?”
“Dying by the hand of a demon like yourself would be nothing. You only bring me to my lord sooner.”
“Your lord will not save you from this, for dying at the hand of a demon will make you live forever in limbo. Your afterlife will be cursed. But you will have served your purpose.” Nathaniel said as he sunk his teeth deep into the boy’s neck. He could feel the power that was being drained from the boys slowly dying form. He wanted to feel that forever but knew that he couldn’t.
Chapter 15 by AJsSweety

Katherine walked through the large doors of the mansion and smiled, her world was one of her own making, one that suited her own needs and desires. She had Bianca, the powerful seer, and she now had Darcy, the priest that held powers of his own. Powers even he didn’t know he had. Katherine was proud of herself, and with the addition of the two new members, she knew that her power would now be at it’s fullest. Her heart was black as coal and as empty as the darkened sky. But she still held within her the part that made her human, the part that made her different than Nickolas, the part that told all those around her that she was the one. Her power would determine of the human race should continue or should it die at her own hand. Nickolas dreamed of owning the power that was held deep within Katherine, but that power nearly destroyed him.
“Yes?” Katherine answered turning and looking at Angelina.
“The young man is awake and asking for you.”
“I felt that he’d sleep till the next sunset, he’s eager that one.”
“He is powerful. I have felt the power that he possesses. What is it that you wish to have done with that power?”
“As was with you little one, hone that power, bring it into the light and help him learn to use it.”
“He will be a great addition to our family. Like Bianca is, she’s a seer, I’ve felt it.”
“Yes she is. She sees the future and yet knows nothing of what her gift really is.”
“Shall I show her?”
“If you choose to. You are a bright child, one that will be always at my side. Take Bianca into your room this night and show her what her gift can really do.”
“Yes Mistress,” Angelina answered; she turned and skipped down the hall. Just looking at her you’d think she was a normal human child, little did those that didn’t know her know that she was a small demon, one that could finish entire families at will. Katherine watched as Angelina took Bianca’s hand and led her down the hallway to her small bedroom. Katherine walked down toward her own chambers and smiled, she knew that with Darcy being awake that would mean he was hungry, but that also meant with the sun being ready to rise, there would be no time to find him a kill.
“You are eager.” Katherine said as she entered the chamber.
“I wished to only please you.” Darcy said, his voice thick with passion. He stood and walked toward her, a long red robe the only thing covering his naked form. As he walked to her he let the robe fall to the floor and pulled her into his embrace. His soft lips began kissing her neck when she gasped as she felt arms wrap around her waist. She could feel soft lips kissing the base of her neck. An evil smile spread across her lips as she felt the corset being untied, she felt the tiny hands slowly removing the dress from her shoulders as Darcy continued kissing his way down her body. His lips and tongue moving over her now exposed breasts, Katherine’s head lolled back as she leaned into his kisses. She could feel her body being moved closer to the large bed, she turned and lay back against the bed just as her dress fell to the floor in a heap. She smiled as she looked into the lust filled eyes of her two new lovers. Bianca climbed onto the bed on the left side of Katherine as Darcy climbed onto the bed on her right. She pulled the two of them closer to her as she slowly moved her hand over Bianca’s face.
“Felt lonely, Pet?” She whispered as she pulled Bianca into a deep kiss.
“Angelina is a good child, but just that a child.” Bianca said as she pulled Darcy across the bed and kissed him deeply. Katherine moaned as she watched her two pets fight for control. Darcy held Bianca closer as he deepened the kiss and moved his hands over her slender body. Katherine watched their lover’s dance as Darcy carefully removed Bianca’s dress and all while never moving from his place next to Katherine. Darcy straddled Katherine as he continued to kiss Bianca, for Katherine this was the most erotic she had ever seen any of her lovers. Katherine moved her hands slowly over Darcy’s sculpted chest, she traced the cross tattoo he had on his chest. She lifted slightly and ran her tongue over the tattoo and smiled when she felt Darcy shutter under her touch. She looked up to see both Bianca and Darcy looking at her. Katherine pulled Bianca down to her lips and kissed her.
“This night will be one that neither of you will ever forget.” Katherine said as she deepened the kiss. She felt Darcy kissing her breasts and moving his hands down her naked form, she felt his fingers slowly move up in between her legs and moving slowly between her soft folds. She shuttered slightly as she felt his tongue enter her body, she deepened her kiss with Bianca stifling the moan that was built up. Katherine moved her hands over Bianca’s body the dress she wore made things harder for her to reach.
“Remove your dress.” Katherine cooed. Bianca lifted up, standing so she could still look Katherine in the eyes, her hands slowly moving over the velvet dress she wore, her slender fingers moving over the strings that held her breasts in place; she watched the lust in Katherine’s eyes as she slid the dress past her breasts and let it slid down past her slender hips. Katherine reached her free hand out and pulled Bianca back toward her. Bringing the naked body closer to her own, and kissed her deeply as she messaged Bianca’s breasts. Darcy looked up from his task and sat back on his legs and watched the two women. Katherine pulled Bianca on top of her and moved her fingers down Bianca’s body, her soft fingers touching every point along the way. She could feel Bianca wiggling as Katherine moved her fingers into Bianca; she moved them in and out slowly causing both of her lovers to moan loudly. She knew that Bianca was a virgin and wouldn’t be hard to bring to the brink but wanted to extend the pleasure. She wanted Bianca to understand a vampire’s senses and feel what it was like to have sex after a kill. Katherine removed her fingers and slowly slid off the large bed.
“Wait here.” She said as she pulled her long blood red robe on and opening the door.
“Henry, bring me the one.”
“Yes mistress.” Henry said as he hurried down the hallway disappearing into a small room. Katherine closed the large door and looked at her children. Both covered in sweat and breathing heavily, she turned when she heard the light knock at the door. Opening it she allowed Henry to enter the room with a bound and gagged young man.
“Leave us.”
“Yes mistress.” Henry said bowing and then leaving the room. Katherine walked over to the young man; she ran her finger over his cheek and could feel the wetness from tears.
“Fear not young one, you are going to feel pain no more.” She said softly as she leaned down and kissed his cheek. The young man turned his dark blue eyes toward her and whimpered, Katherine knew that he wanted to be let go, to live his life to it’s fullest, but his destiny was to their meal. She lifted him off the floor and tore the cloths he wore from his body, and walked toward the bed.
“Feed.” Katherine ordered. Darcy was the first off the bed and to the shaking form. Bianca waited for a moment and then moved toward the young man. Both moved around him as if stalking their prey, Bianca grabbed the young man and sunk her teeth into his neck as Darcy sunk his teeth into the boy’s wrist. They both held onto the young man as he began to collapse as his life left his body. Bianca pulled away from the young man and let his body fall to the floor; she could feel the euphoria that came from the kill as she moved back toward Katherine. Darcy looked up from the floor, his lips covered in blood as he stood. He walked toward his master, his lover, his equal and stopped at the edge of the bed.
“Show us.”
“I shall.” Katherine said as she pulled both to the bed and leaned back against the large plush pillows. She opened her arms and bared her teeth.
“Come, feed from me.” She said, she waited and felt Bianca clamp onto her neck as Darcy sunk his teeth into her inner thigh. Katherine closed her eyes and felt the passion flow through her. She pulled Bianca away from her neck and kissed her deeply, she could see the passion and sleep that lay beyond her dark eyes.
“Go rest, we will enjoy our time tomorrow.” She said. Bianca nodded and pulled on a robe and left the room. Katherine leaned down and pulled Darcy toward her. His lips still covered in blood, both hers and the young mans, she pressed his lips to her own and licked them clean.
“You will take your place as my equal, and hold my favor.”
“I only wish to please you. My only wish is to show you the love and passion that you’ve missed for centuries.”
“Then show me.” Katherine said. Darcy straddled her again this time he kissed her neck as his hands messaged her breasts. He slowly slid himself into her body and waited, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer and deeper. They began moving together in rhythm with the sound of a storm off in the distance. As the sound of thunder boomed in the distance, Katherine growled loudly and bit into Darcy’s neck, sending tendrils of passion through his body bringing him to the edge and beyond. Katherine held Darcy as they lay side by side in the large bed.
“Does that meet your expectations?”
“And more. But remember Bianca will need love as well.”
“I can deal with her needs as well. I will not be a love slave, but I will attend to the needs as they are due.”
“I will share you only for a short time. When Bianca can find her own lover then it shall end.”
“Yes mistress.” Darcy answered as he kissed her lips once again. Katherine held him closer and closed her eyes, her body and mind was tired and she needed the rest. Darcy closed his eyes and held tightly to Katherine and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
Bianca stood just beyond the door and let a few tears roll down her cheeks.
“Never feel that she has betrayed you.”
“But she promised to be mine.”
“Katherine needs an equal, you were not that, but never doubt her love for you. Had she not loved you she would have never allowed the change.”
“This is true. Then when do I find my own equal?”
“It has taken Katherine five hundred years to find her equal. It may only take you just a few months, but it may take as long. Never hurry these things.”
“Thank you, Martin. You are a true friend.”
“You are very welcome Bianca, now come, we must rest. Mistress has many things to discuss with us this evening.”
“I know.” Bianca said, she allowed the older vampire to lead her down the hallway and into his room, this day she would rest with him.
Chapter 16 by AJsSweety

Nickolas looked toward Nathaniel, he could almost feel the boy’s passion, he could feel the eagerness to please his master. Nickolas walked across the floor and stopped in front of Nathaniel.
“Tell me what you are feeling?”
“Many things master.”
“I can sense that you are feeling lust. You are feeling sexual tension, would you like to help relieve that?”
“We’ve been together for over five hundred years, I’ve yet to show you the passion of being a vampire. We do not care if we are male or female but that we have our lovers and those lovers are our equals.”
“We have never been equals, are you saying that you’d see me as an equal?”
“If things are doing as we plan, then yes. You are a vampire that was created out of evil, you find that the evil deep within your own soul is enough to become my equal then it shall be.”
“I’ve been a loyal and devoted follower. I have done all that you’ve asked and more. You’ve rarely talked to me about love, and even about the chance to be your equal, to rule at your side. You said that place was Katherine’s and Katherine’s alone.”
“Things change.”
“She changed, she chose that preacher over you. And because of that I am nothing more than a second choice.” Nathaniel stated. His anger was boiling to the surface and his once green eyes now red, the evil that had been deep within him was now finding its way to the surface.
“Now that is what I like to see, let that anger flow my son, let that anger flow show your master that you can be my equal and my lover.”
“You are always testing me, always saying that I am less than worthy of you. And when you find that she doesn’t want you any longer you decide to choose me. That isn’t fair.”
“Fair? Do you believe that this world is fair? You made your choice to become what you are.”
“No I didn’t, you made me who I was because she didn’t want you, she had left me with a mark. The mark had me calling me to find her, but you chose to make me your servant or even your lover? I highly doubt that you want me to be your lover Nickolas, you just want someone that will care.”
“Is that hard for you to do? Care for the evil that has made you the creature that you are.”
“She could have done the same thing, could have made me a vampire. What would have been different? Would I have cared?”
“You would have been different that is a truth, but you are here with me, if you had a choice would you have left?”
“If the choice was mine to have, I am unsure. You are all I’ve known all that has taught me what there is to see in this world.”
“Then why do you say that, if you had had the choice to leave you are unsure?”
“I care about you, and that is what has kept me here. But you at times act as if you care for me. Then there are the days you are more interested in your precious Katherine. Katherine has moved on.”
“This is a fact that I have now to face and because of that I’ve chosen you to be the one that shall share the power I possess.”
“What power? You’ve always wanted hers.”
“To add to my own. I was a powerful wizard when I was a human. And adding her power to my own would have made me the most powerful vampire that walked the earth.”
“Then when do we fight for that power?”
“We fight soon, my demon minions will be at our side to fight her. To fight her goodness.”
“The darkness that holds her soul is still good?”
“There are many sides to evil, Katherine is the darkest of all evil, but she holds something both of us can not.”
“And that is?”
“Katherine holds some of her humanity, that is what centers her evil, what keeps her from being fully evil and being our queen.”
“Then it’s time that we use my power.”
“And what power is that boy?”
“I will enter her dreams, make her doubt those around her. Make her think they are all plotting against her. Make her think that you are her only hope.” Nathaniel said. Nickolas smiled evilly and pulled Nathaniel close and kissed him passionately.
“We are one. We shall be the rulers of this world both human and demon alike shall bow down to us.”
Chapter 17 by AJsSweety

Katherine slid from the bed and walked from the room, she opened the door to the bathroom and walked inside. She lifted a towel and looked toward the large claw foot tube.
“Would you like me to draw you a bath mistress?”
“Yes please Coral. That would be wonderful. Have you met Bianca yet?”
“Not yet mistress, but soon.” Coral said as she made her way to get the hot water and fill the tub. Katherine made her way back into her chambers and saw that Darcy had yet to move from the spot she had left him. She walked to the bed and crawled into it next to him, her lips lightly kissing his neck.
“Wake up lover, soon we shall assemble our army and destroy those that are willing to end the peace between humans and demons.”
“Who would do such a thing?” Darcy asked as he pulled her closer and flipped her over so he was on top of her, his hands holding her arms above her head. Katherine looked at him wickedly and tried to pull her arms free.
“Why not have some fun before we join the others.”
“Because I have a bath waiting my love.”
“But I want to have some fun.” Darcy said, pouting. Katherine smiled and kissed him quickly before sliding from the bed and heading from the room.
“Go have some fun with Bianca, she seems lonely.”
“I could do that, but I do not want to break the poor thing.”
“Believe me lover, she won’t break, but promise me she wont be hurt?”
“I promise. Take your bath and I shall return to the room shortly. Then we will join the others in the foyer to speak about the upcoming war.” Darcy said, he walked across the room and pulled her form back into his arms once again. “ I hate the idea of having you leave my side, but for this I shall.”
“You truly love me?”
“With all of my being. There was something that I had failed to tell you. I have known for years that I would find you; that I would come to be with you. It came to me in a vision. Something like what our dear Bianca sees, but I had thought I’d be changed before she was. But I feared the unknown.”
“Fear nothing, for we shall never be apart. This is a vow I make.”
“And a vow I make to you, I shall never allow Nickolas to harm you in anyway.”
“So be it. I will return soon.” Katherine replied kissing his lips before disappearing into the bathroom. She slowly slipped the robe from her body and slid into the large tub and let it’s hot water surround her aching body. She closed her eyes and let her world disappear around her; she let her senses continue but blocked out everything that would disturb her bath. She seemed to relax and missed the sound of the large oak door opening and someone entering the room.

He stood near the tub, he knew that she was exhausted and had let her powers continue for too long. An evil smile play across his face as he looked at her. He remembered her beauty and that had been his reason for taking her at such an age. The beauty would be forever preserved in that state. But the more she shared her gift the more she drained from her own being. His hand slowly moved over her neck and began messaging her neck. Katherine, thinking that Darcy had entered, never opened her eyes but let him continue his task.
“Tell me Katherine, do you miss me?” He asked, his voice laced with anger.
“How did you get in here? You are to be invited into my home.”
“Remember dear one, this was my home first. I do not need to be invited into my family home.” Nickolas growled, he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her naked form from the water. He held her struggling form in front of him.
“I have not missed you. I have hated you every day that you were gone. The day you left me was the day my hate for you began.”
“But yet there inside of your cold heart was love for me.”
“Once, but not any longer. I will destroy all that you’ve created since leaving me.”
“How? Will you live that long?” He asked laughing. He through her body across the room and she slammed into the far wall and slid to the floor. Katherine had yet to feed so she was weak and he knew it, he could easily kill her. But just as she thought that her life was to end that very night the door burst open and Darcy entered the room, what seemed to be electrical current flowing from his hands.
“Move away from her, or die where you stand.”
“You must be her newest interest, she will loose that interest as quickly as she made you.”
“No, there is a destiny that you failed to see Nickolas, leave this house or die.” Darcy shouted. In the doorway stood the others including Bianca all ready to kill the one that had injured their creator. Nickolas knew he was out numbered and decided that he best leave before his own immortal life ended that night. Nodding he turned and left through a small side door that no one had seen. Katherine had forgotten over the years that there were secret entrances to the old mansion. Nickolas was gone as quickly as he had appeared. Darcy moved over to Katherine’s side and wrapped a towel around her and lifted her into his arms.
“He shall pay for this.” Darcy growled as he carried Katherine back down the hallway to her chambers. He laid her on the bed and looked at her, she was unharmed but yet she did not move.
“We must find her some thing to feed on. Do you have anymore of those special treats?” Darcy asked looking toward Henry.
“No, that was a special feed, the boy had wondered on to the grounds and she decided to keep him till she found the right moment to give him to one of us.”
“Then we must hunt, she is weak and our encounter this evening did not help her.”
“I am fine.” Katherine stated looking up at them.
“How did he enter without your knowledge mistress?”
“I had began meditating and that caused my senses to shut down. I did not feel or sense his presence until he spoke to me. How did you know he was here?”
“I felt your panic and anger.” Darcy said.
“And I could feel a stranger in the house.” Bianca answered looking around
“We are a family and when someone new has entered the house we know of this.” Henry told her.
“Good, for now we must finish the task at hand. Let me dress myself and we are going to plan this war, Nickolas has gone to far. He will never enter my home again.”
“I will assemble the needed ingredients for your spell mistress.”
“Good, get my book as well, we will all do this chant together.”
“Yes, mistress.” Henry replied as he turned and left the room. The others slowly left her alone. Darcy almost refused to leave her alone.
“Stay outside if you wish. I shall be fine, Nickolas will not return this night.”
“And if he does I shall end his existence.” Darcy vowed.
Chapter 18 by AJsSweety

Katherine entered the foyer and sat down in the large chair that sat near the far wall, the chair had a high back and hand carved arm rests. On either side of her stood Darcy and Bianca, kneeling in front was a group of nearly twenty demons and vampires.
“What is your wish mistress?” One asked looking up toward her.
“My wish is to end the pitiful life of one Nickolas Craven. He will die before the harvest moon.”
“That is several months away milady, are you sure that we will finish this by then?”
“It will be done. Nickolas is a boastful man that feels that my power is to be his own. My power is my own and no one will change that.”
“What of his entrance into this house this very evening?”
“That will be dealt with, a spell of binding will keep him from ever entering our home again. Those of you that wish to remain safe from Nickolas you are welcome to stay within the walls of this very mansion. Nickolas will never enter here again.”
“We will all stay.” They said in unison as they bowed before her. Katherine felt their power surge through her, their will to be there for her by their own free will astounded her. She had never seen such devotion, not even during her human years.
“Bring me the book, the spell will be cast this very night during the high moon.” Katherine stated. Henry walked from the room and reentered with a gold and silver book. Katherine extended her hand to the book and placed it in her lap, she looked upon the cover and ran her fingers over the symbol in the center.
“We are back together old friend.” Katherine said as she opened the book. She began looking through the book, looking for just the right spell to cast. Smiling she placed her fingers on the words that were written on the page.
“With this spell, I bind thee and with this spell I bind thee, your power will never allow you to enter the halls of this place you once called home. Your evil will never allow you entrance within the gates of the property that this house now sits. With this spell I bind thee, and you will soon find that this spell will bring your own death. You will bring your own undoing. With this spell I bind thee.” Katherine repeated over and over, the others chorused in repeating the words as she was saying them, the room began to glow and Katherine’s hands began to shake as she raised them above her head. A scream could be heard off in the distance as Katherine finished the spell.
“It is done. He shall never enter these halls again. The will of my spell is stronger than his will to change what he cannot. From this day forward all those that reside within the halls of this mansion will be protected by my magic and shall share in the destruction of Nickolas Craven. Never will his kind roam the world and cause so much pain. This is my vow, my pledge to all of you.”
“We pledge something ourselves mistress.”
“And what is that?” Katherine asked looking at Darcy.
“We shall all remain at your side, we all know of the power that holds itself deep within your being, the prophecy that has been told of one that was to be a demon that becomes more than that, one that once was feared as a sorceress but will be the one that will save demon and human alike. You are the one that shall bring that prophecy into truth. You shall show those that fear us that we are not to be feared. We are demons and vampires, but we only take what we need to survive and nothing more. From this day forward we will only take what is needed to survive.”
“We are vampires my dears, and because of that we will do what comes naturally to us, but we will do as we can. Our lives will be to protect the humans from what they do not see or understand, but we will not stop being what we were created to be. We are blood thirsty demons that will live as we can.”
“Yes that we shall. We vow this.”
Chapter 19 by AJsSweety

Nickolas looked up at the sky and watched as the lightning flashed and then suddenly felt a surge through his body.
“That Bitch.” Nickolas screamed as he stood, Nathaniel looked at him strangely from the place he had been sitting.
“Is there something wrong master?”
“She put a binding spell on me, I will never be able to enter the mansion again.”
“That doesn’t mean I can not.”
“Yes it does. Anyone that is connected to me cannot enter the mansion or its grounds. She is the only one that is immune to that spell since she’s the one that cast it.”
“Katherine is that powerful?”
“Yes, that was why I chose her those years ago.” Nickolas said looking at him.
**** FLASHBACK****

Katherine stood on the balcony looking at the garden; she wished that her cousin the king had not told her that she’d have to remain in the castle because of the recent attacks.
“Yes uncle?” Katherine said turning to look at the older man that stood, she could see the golden crown that sat upon his head, he once held the task of being the king of the very land she was looking over but now he let his son, her cousin, rule the land and in some ways Katherine felt that her cousin is ruling badly.
“Have you visited with your cousin today?”
“No uncle I haven’t. James has been wondering the halls and yelling at everyone.”
“So I’ve heard. I had you living here to keep him calm. You are failing in that princess.”
“Yes uncle I know this. I hear there is a lord from England visiting. Has that not helped James’ anger?”
“I doubt that the lord’s visit is helping it any. The English lord is here to ask for your hand.”
“My hand? There are so many more beautiful women within the surrounding bounds of James’ kingdom why ask for mine?”
“You are a princess, and he wants a princess.”
“I’ve seen this lord, and in my opinion he is boastful.” Katherine said, her uncle let out a deep laugh.
“That is the reason you can never find a husband my dear. You are so opinionated. Always thinking but never acting.”
“I act the way I feel. Why should I change that?”
“I also hear you’ve been visiting with the wizard.”
“Do not always believe what you hear uncle.”
“Visit with James today.”
“Yes uncle.” Katherine said hugging her aging uncle. He turned and left the room, leaving Katherine to her thoughts for a moment. She turned and walked toward the window once again. She looked out to see the well-dressed Englishman standing in the large gardens. She could see that he was handsome, but could she marry someone that she didn’t know? She wondered if that was what was happening. Katherine pulled on her long robe and walked out from the room, two guards stood at attention and then followed her down the hallway toward the king’s chambers. Katherine knocked on the large oak door and waited a moment. The door opened and she walked inside.
“You wanted to see me?”
“Ah, father went to you?”
“Yes, he says you seem distressed cousin, what is wrong?” Katherine asked walking toward him.
“Our kingdom is in need of peace.”
“Who are we at war with? The English have left us alone for years.”
“For now, but if this union between you and the English lord comes to pass, that peace will continue.”
“Are you so sure?” She asked.
“No, but it is worth a try?”
“Cousin, why should I marry him for that reason? I should be allowed to marry any man just to help save our kingdom? If you can not save it on your own why should I do it?” Katherine asked; the anger she had been holding in started coming to the surface.
“Calm down Katherine. I never meant for you to become angry. Have you seen Lord Craven today?”
“He was in the garden this evening. He saw me standing on my balcony, something about him is frightening.”
“Like what?”
“I am unsure but something about Lord Craven is frightening. When do we get formally introduced?”
“Tomorrow, there is a special ball and dinner.”
“Ok, I shall retire to my room for the night and we shall discuss this tomorrow.”
“Ok, I am sorry that I’ve upset you.”
“It’s nothing. James just keep the kingdom in mind, not your own gain.”
“I know. Goodnight cousin.” James said, Katherine bowed slightly and left the room closing the door behind her.
“Does she meet what you want in a wife?”
“She has great power, I can feel it.”
“She studies with the wizard of the castle. She learns dark magic daily.”
“Let her learn. She will be a very powerful sorceress. And then that power will be mine, and your kingdom will be the most powerful in the region.”
“Good, she has always been a thorn in my side, and my father holds the world for her. He feels that she would have made a better queen than I do a king. With her gone I will no longer have her here to take away what is mine.”
“Yes, and you will be the most powerful King in the region and I will show you how.” Nickolas said.
***** END FLASHBACK*****
Chapter 20 by AJsSweety

Nickolas shook his head and knew that he’d lost the child he had once had a fascination for. Nathaniel watched his master and then looked toward the small group that had slowly assembled.
“Master, some are here. But they are searching for more to lead us in our fight against Katherine and her brood.”
“We will do what we can. Katherine is not going to win this. She was not to be the one that could stop those that are evil coming forth. She is just as evil as we are, just as vicious as the rest of her kind. And we shall show that to her.”
“I am seeing that she will not want what we are to show her master, she will try to destroy us.”
“She can try.” Nickolas growled as he looked out at the village, he could see the candles and the torches that were being light, he knew that meant that he had been discovered, or had Katherine done something. He wasn’t sure, but he was sure that they’d have to move on soon.
“Come my son, we must move on. The villagers are looking a might bit restless.”
“Yes Master.” Nathaniel said, standing he followed Nickolas from the small cottage; they’d have to find yet another place to call home.

Katherine walked outside and looked at the village below, she looked toward the dark sky and just beyond the clouds could see a full moon and the stars that always light up the sky each night. She remembered the years before her change, the times where she hid in the shadows of the palace, hiding from her family and those she could call friends. Learning the ancient arts of the wizard’s dark magic, the magic that for her family was forbidden. She learned what the old wizard would teach her, and she learned quickly. He taught her to hone her magical skills and taught her to make the power that she held within her own being become part of the magic that she was learning from him. But she also wanted to learn more of the darkness that he was keeping from her. But he said hat she was to eager to learn that and was to wait. And she did, until the time that Nickolas came to her and after the change the magic she had learned became more of her being than it had before.
“Yes, Angelina?” Katherine answered turning toward the young girl.
“Is everything all right?”
“Yes child. Everything is all right, I shall come back inside shortly.”
“All right.” Angelina said as she turned and walked back inside. Katherine closed her eyes and began to chant, she could hear the wind pick up and she could hear the air around her start crackling. She smiled as she raised her hands and let the current flow through her fingers as her chanting became louder, she could hear the doors of the mansion opening and her children stepping outside to see what she was doing, several could be heard down on the main lawn dancing around as the sky opened up and the rain began flowing quickly. As she finished the chant, she felt Darcy’s arms wrap around her waist.
“What are you doing?”
“If Nickolas wants this war, he shall have it, but I want to destroy him myself not let those foolish villagers do it.”
“Were they chasing him?”
“He was sloppy and they found out he had killed a family.”
“An entire family?”
“Yes, when he and I were together I would never kill children and still wont, and I know we have Angelina but she was different.”
“I know. I am learning so much about how you are and who you are.”
“There are a lot of secrets about me that you will learn more and more as we continue life together.”
“Things how you came to be? How you gained the powers that make you who you are.”
“My powers only make part of who I am. But as I said the longer we are together you will learn more and more.” Katherine said, smiling as she pulled away from him and leaped from the balcony and landed nicely on all fours on the ground below. Darcy looked down to have the golden eyes of a black leopard and watched as it disappeared into the darkness.
“Mistress can change shape.”
“So I noticed, are we all able to do this?”
“Yes, but each of us changes differently.”
“What?” Darcy asked, looking at Angelina.
“Katherine changes into a leopard, where as most of us change into wolves or birds, depending on what we can handle.”
“She never told me about that.”
“Sometimes she don’t, sometimes she wants you to learn things on your own. With the impending war, things will be taken more seriously.”
“Then we will deal with it then. I must hunt, I shall return soon.” Darcy said leaping off the balcony and landing on his feet on the ground below. He took off into the darkness and disappeared. Angelina laughed and disappeared back into the house once again.
Chapter 21 by AJsSweety

Katherine moved through the woods quietly as she moved to find her kill. She could hear the soft steps of another vampire as she made her way into the clearing, she could see a young woman sitting in the moonlight. Katherine returned to her human form and stood in the shadows.
“Don’t bother me during my feeding Darcy.” Katherine warned. Darcy changed form and looked into her eyes, he could still see the golden eyes of the leopard looking back at him. Nodding he stepped further into the shadows as he watched her creep from the woods and into the clearing. Katherine walked up to the upset child and smiled.
“What seems to be the problem child?” Katherine asked, her voice seemingly to almost purr.
“My parents are always fighting and I always seem that I am the reason.”
“Why is that?” Katherine asked looking into her eyes.
“They are not happy, I am sickly all of the time and father wishes I was never born, and mother defends me.”
“Child, there are always things that parents wish for their children. But sometimes it never comes to pass.” Katherine replied as she placed her hand the girl’s shoulder. The girl looked into Katherine’s dark eyes, she fell limp against Katherine’s shoulder. Katherine leaned down and began kissing her way down the girl’s soft neck and held her form close. Sinking her teeth into the soft flesh she felt the warm blood fill her mouth as she drank her fill. She let the girl’s now dead form fall to the ground and stepped over it.
“Your family wished you dead, so be it.” Katherine said whipping the back of her hand across her mouth.
“Tell me, do you pleasure in taking a life?” A soft voice came from the darkness.
“I would not pleasure in it, if you would have left me alone.” Katherine hissed seeing Nickolas step from the dark. Nickolas smoothed the jacket he wore and smiled at her.
“You desired to become what I offered.”
“You offered me a life that was more a dream, then it became my nightmare.”
“Yes that it did. Where are your children?”
“Feeding. I can not let them starve because of my duty to destroy one like you.”
“You always say that being the demon that you are is a curse.”
“It is, I fight this urge to destroy the human race to feed a need deep within me.”
“You wanted this, I could not make you into what you are without you wanting it.”
“No, you told me things that all young women want to hear, they want to hear of a life that is far beyond their reach. A life that you had painted was far from what I had expected. The anger that had flowed through me was enough to keep me going for centuries.” Katherine hissed as she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground. She pulled him harshly to her and sunk her teeth deep into his neck as he gasped with surprise. She drank from him and threw his body away from her and laughed.
“You unleashed an evil within me that I’ve tried keeping in check for five hundred years. That will remain that way and I will finish what I was destined to do. Stay away Nickolas or I will destroy you.” Katherine said as she changed form once again.
“You will pay for this.” Nickolas shouted as he slowly and unsteadily stood. He watched the leopard disappear into the darkness. The anger within him was boiling, but now he was weak from what she had drank from him, he needed to find some fresh blood and quickly.
Chapter 22 by AJsSweety

Nathaniel found Nickolas a short time later, his skin paler than normal as he walked up to his master.
“Master, what has happened?” Nathaniel asked as he helped Nickolas to his feet.
“She happened. We must find a way to get Katherine away from her children. She draws her power from them.”
“How can I help with that?” A voice asked from the darkness. Nickolas looked toward the darkness and saw the slender dark hair young woman step from the shadows.
“How? And why would you dare betray her?”
“She has shunned me, taken Darcy as her equal.”
“Has she now? And this angers you?”
“Very much so. I was chosen first, but yet she takes the preacher instead of me.”
“She took you for the power that you hold and nothing more. She needed more power to help her defeat the evil.”
“What evil? She is evil.”
“No, Katherine is destined to be the one that unites the good and the evil. The one that will finally end the war, but this time she must defeat the one true evil.”
“And that would be you.” Bianca sneered. She knew all too well Nickolas’s place in the rule of the darkness.
“Yes, I chose her for the power that she held but never understood how I could hold something with such great power and not control it.”
“She is hard to control, said that you left her five hundred years ago.”
“That I did, when I changed her, I unleashed an evil unseen in hundreds of years. She became my equal an equal I could not control. So I left, to make my power stronger.”
“Can you defeat her?”
“I can, if I choose the right time.”
“Then I shall help you. I’ve chosen to not follow her, I want more.”
“And more you shall have. But first I must feed.”
“I brought you a gift, a gift telling you that I am to be trusted.” Bianca replied, she moved back into the shadows and stepped out throwing a bound and gagged young woman at Nickolas’s feet.
“I hope she meets your liking.”
“Very. Come pretty, it wont hurt long.” Nickolas said as he pulled the struggling young woman to him. Nathaniel watched Bianca with great interest, something about her was not right and he could not understand why she’d betray the one that made her who she was. Katherine never changed anyone unless they wanted it. Something was not right.

Katherine landed gracefully on the balcony and stood looking toward the slow sunrise.
“Welcome home mistress.”
“Bianca, I sensed you were up to something this evening. What have you been doing?” Katherine asked as she raised her hands.
“I was doing nothing mistress.”
“You lie child, and doing that is always something bad.”
“I would never lie to you.”
“You are jealous of Darcy’s place with me. You were chosen first but he was the one given the seat at my side.”
“I am very angry over that, but you’ve made your choice.”
“A choice that you will never question.” Katherine hissed as she grabbed Bianca by her throat and lifting her off the ground. “ Never again will you question what I’ve done. And if I find that you’ve spoken to Nickolas behind my back. You will die with him.” Katherine shouted as she let Bianca fall to the ground. Bianca choked and hissed as she moved away from Katherine.
“You are your own undoing.”
“I am the one that was chosen to end the war, I am the one that was taken from what was to be my destiny and given a different path. Do you believe that I wanted this? That I wanted to always want the taste of young blood in my mouth, the feel of the prey struggling as they feared the demon within me?”
“No, I know that this was something you did not choose for yourself, yet I chose to be this demon.”
“And this demon is who is wanting to side with Nickolas? To side with the man that wants to destroy everything that both demon and human alike hold close to them. We may be demons but we still can have that which we hold dear. Take that to your bed this day and if you still choose to side with Nickolas then you can go with my blessing but be prepared to die painfully, you are connected to me and he knows this.” Katherine hissed as she turned and walked back into the house. Martin walked passed her and stopped in front of Bianca.
“She cares for each and everyone of us that lives within the walls of this mansion. She may only take one into her bed, one into her chambers, but each of us holds a part of her heart that even during the time she was human no one could ever hold.”
“Nickolas tempted me. He wants me to take the anger I’ve felt for being replaced by Darcy. But I guess I never thought.”
“Like Katherine has said, think of what you are doing. And think of all those innocent that will die by your choice.” Martin replied, he turned and walked back into the house leaving Bianca alone to watch the sun slowly rise. Knowing that she would not survive the sunrise she hurried into the house and closed the double doors and headed for her own chambers, passing Darcy along the way. He looked at her questioningly as he walked into his chambers, alone.
Chapter 23 by AJsSweety
Katherine walked through the silent house, she looked at each of the closed doors, and each of her children lay sleeping within the rooms. Katherine walked further down the hallway and opened the dark door; she reached out and waved her hand and two candles on the wall sprung to life. On a pedestal in the center of the room sat her large spell book. She needed to cast a spell, the very spell she had been dreading casting, a spell that would put all those that sided with Nickolas a sleep for two hundred years. A spell that would end her suffering with Nickolas for the time being, giving her time to recover and gain the advantage over her foe. She knew that the sleep would restore Nickolas’s lost strength but she also knew that her own power would be at its peek. But she’d have to get a lock of his hair first just to cast this spell. She knew that it was nearly sun set and that meant Nickolas would be hunting soon.
“Good evening children. Who of you would like to join me for the hunt this evening?”
“You usually go alone mistress, what is the change?” Martin asked; he had seen Katherine come from her spell chamber. Katherine looked around the room and noticed her children were silent; none would step forward to hunt with her.
“Are none of you brave enough to hunt with me?” Katherine asked. She had never found her children to fear anything, looking around she saw that Bianca was still standing with the others, maybe the child had made her choice.
“I will hunt with you.” Darcy said standing forward. Bianca hissed and turned and tore off in the other direction. Katherine knew that Darcy’s place in the house still bothered her, but she wasn’t dealing with a spoiled child. Taking Darcy’s arm, she allowed him to lead her from the mansion and into the darkness.
“What was that all about?” Darcy asked once they were away from the mansion.
“She is jealous and will learn her place soon. She has a choice to make and I will give her one more day. If the change has not come to her, she will not live to see another day.” Katherine hissed. She knew that Bianca was nearby she could feel her presence. And that meant she heard every word that Katherine had just said. Leaping from the shadows Bianca landed next to them.
“You’d do that?” Bianca growled.
“Don’t try me little one. I made you who you are and I can easily take that away. My power is no longer yours to have. From this time on you will only have the use of what vampire power has been given to you and the power that is your own.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“You make your choice before tomorrow evening and maybe I shall change this. Until then, you best hunt.” Katherine informed her. Bianca took off into the darkness and disappeared. She knew she was on borrowed time, but did she dare align herself with Nickolas and face death? Or make a choice and face it anyway.

Nickolas awoke more weak than he did when he had gone to sleep the day before.
“Where is the meal?”
“I could not catch anything master. There are small children that have been wondering around outside. I will fetch one for you.”
“Good idea, until you’ve returned I will rest, Katherine has taken much from me.”
“I know master.” Nathaniel said, turning and leaving his master alone. An evil laugh came from the shadows, Nickolas looked around trying to find the place where the laughter was coming from.
“You’ve been left alone, do you dare be left alone?” Katherine laughed a she walked from the shadows.
“You dare come to my chambers? You dare come here.”
“I dare a lot of things Nickolas, I could easily kill you right now and your young boy would never know.”
“You don’t dare.”
“I do dare. But I choose not to, there is a curse I have just for you Nickolas. A curse that will change everything.”
“You are always looking for the easy way out of a fight.”
“I could kill you Nickolas. You are the one that caused me to be what I am, changed my fate and turned me into this demon. But my destiny never changed. The evil that resides within you will be destroyed.”
“You can not destroy me and you know it.” Nickolas laughed. Katherine growled and leaped at him pinning him to the large bed that he was laying against. She held his larger form on the bed with ease, smiling she leaned down and licked the side of his face.
“Tell me Nickolas, how does if feel to be powerless against me? To not be able to defend yourself because your child can not help you.”
“He is around, he will kill you.” Nickolas laughed. Katherine knew better than that, Nathaniel was cowardly and was unable to stand up to Nickolas how would the boy stand up to her. A soft sound came from the darkness, and Katherine turned toward it, she could see Nathaniel standing in the shadows holding a dagger above his head.
“So the little boy wishes to play.” Katherine said leaping into the darkness and pressing Nathaniel against the wall behind him, his arms held fast above his head.
“I will destroy you before you can destroy my master.”
“Not likely.” Katherine laughed as she pulled the silver dagger from his hand and buried deep in his chest, a deep howl came from Nickolas as Katherine moved aside and Nathaniel dropped to the floor, his blood slowly staining the deep blue carpet.
“You will pay for that with your own life.” Nickolas shouted. Katherine reached out to him and grabbed his hair harshly and pulled his head backward and kissed him fiercely and took a snip of his hair.
“Remember Nickolas you are the one that made me this way. Remember that while you are watching your child die.” Katherine laughed as she turned and left him alone. Nickolas fell from the bed and crawled to Nathaniel. He held the younger man in his arms and kissed his forehead.
“I am sorry, I am sorry that I never showed my feelings to you.”
“I always knew.” Nathaniel replied, he gasped one last time and then went limp, a short time later his body disappeared. Nickolas’s voice howled through the air as Katherine returned to her home in the darkness. Darcy knew what had happened and stood by her side as they returned to the mansion.
Chapter 24 by AJsSweety

Katherine walked into the mansion a short time later and left to find Bianca. She walked down the long hallway and saw that Bianca was sitting in her room.
“Mistress, I wanted to be sure if it was all right.”
“All right for what?” Katherine asked, looking down at Angelina.
“Give her your journal. She must learn who you are, before she can truly trust you.”
“She knew before I turned her.”
“No, she didn’t. She told me that she was seeing a façade that you had put up for everyone. Many of us still don’t know the true you.”
“Give her the journal. I am going to be in my spell room. I have a spell to work on.”
“Yes mistress.” Angelina replied, she reached into the small room and pulled the dusty journal from its hiding place. She turned and walked into Bianca’s room and slowly closed the door. Bianca looked up at her from her place on the large bed, she could see the journal in her hand and wondered what it was for.
“What is that?”
“I’ve been given permission for you to read this. You want to learn more about Mistress Katherine, then you will learn. Inside these pages are the thoughts and feelings of Katherine from when she was a child until she became the demon she is today. She has not entered any thing in it in a great many years, but you will learn much from what is written within these dusty pages.” Angelina said handing her the large book. Bianca took the book and ran her finger over the crest that was raised up from the leather cover; it was Katherine’s family crest that meant the book had been given to her when she was a child by her parents. Parents that many of the vampires that resided within the walls of the mansion knew nothing about. She had asked about Katherine’s past, but none knew. Katherine was very secretive and maybe it was time that Bianca learned that secret. Bianca decided that she would change first and then read the journal. She moved around the screen and slowly stripped of her cloths, she reached around and slipped a silken robe on walking across the room she slowly stepped into the large claw foot tub as she let the hot water wash around her pale skin. She looked toward the leather bound journal and closed her eyes, she wasn’t going to read it until she had cleaned and readied herself for bed.

Katherine walked into her spell chamber and closed and locked the door behind her. She walked to the alter and opened the leather bound book that sat on it, lighting the three dragon shaped candles, she closed her eyes and began to chant. Her words unrecognizable and if anyone heard they could not understand. She recited the words she had read from the book a million times. She opened her eyes and pulled the ingredients from the pouch next to the large golden bowl and began dropping them inside. Smoke slowly came from the bowl as she added each ingredient. Her eyes seemed to almost glow as she added the ingredients to the potion, the potion that would end her suffering for now. The three hundred year sleep, a sleep spell that was forbidden to speak a spell that was never to be used. But this was a good reason to use it, Nickolas needed to be removed from the world.

Bianca looked at the book that was sitting on her bed, she had finished bathing and dressing. She walked over and climbed under the large blankets and lifted the book, she knew that she had time before sunrise to do some reading. She slowly slid the ribbon off the book and opened the cover.
April 12th
It seems that father is angry again. He is always angry since mother died. I feel that he blames me for her death, but I could do nothing to save her. She was very ill and had been for a long time. I am always hiding in my small room, sleeping on the floor of our small home. Father says that he will want to remarry, but mother was the love of his life and he’s unsure if he can find someone as good for his children. My sister understands that mother died because she was sick, but father is another story. I am wishing father would have died instead, he would leave me alone. Sister is always saying that I must hide from father, she can’t handle the thought of me getting another beating. We live in the palace with my uncle, maybe he will help me. The wizard is a nice old man, he is showing me how to do magic.
Bianca wondered if because of her wish that her father was dead, if that meant her father had died. She turned the page and began reading again
April 22nd
Yes it’s been a while since I’ve written in my journal, but father was very ill, he died yesterday. It’s only been a few weeks since I had said I wish he had died, I pray that I wasn’t the reason he had died. My uncle has said that my sister and I are to be trained to be princesses, since we are his nieces; that makes us royalty and that means we have to act that way. I’ve been moved into a grander room, I’ve never seen a room so large in my entire life. I have a large bed in the center and a huge mirror against the far wall, my sister says I have a vanity and I have new things to help me comb my hair. I now have women to help me dress, don’t understand what they are for. I am just a young girl and still don’t understand why my cousin is so angry that I am here. My sister says that since she’s older, uncle has arranged a marriage with a neighboring kingdom, she is to meet her husband tomorrow. I hate loosing her so soon.
Bianca saw a side of Katherine none had seen, a side that said she was sad and felt that the death of her parents was her fault, she could tell by the reading that the death of her parents was not her fault but it was a burden that a young impressionable child was to bear.

Aug 25th
Its been several years since I’ve written in my journal, I am now sixteen years old and my uncle has said that it’s time for me to ready to be married. There is an English lord visiting from England and I am unsure what my uncle is thinking. He’s an older man, handsome yes, but older. I want someone my own age, a prince from my own country. I am Scottish and why should I marry those that are always mean to my people. I will give this man a chance, for my uncle’s sake. But he can’t make me fall in love and I have two more years before I have to truly be married. My cousin is angry and is always yelling, he is preparing to become king, since my uncle has been very sickly and of course is old. I am unsure what will happen if my uncle dies and my cousin is left to rule the country. I was told until my cousin takes a queen I am to rule by his side. I do not want to rule, I am not ready. But I guess it is my duty. I have still been sneaking into see the wizard, he is helping me get my magic better. And I am becoming a quick study, and he said that soon I would be able to handle my gifts. Not sure what he’s talking about but I enjoy the old wizard’s company, he is a good man.

Bianca looked at the book and saw the way the writing had changed, how Katherine’s way of calling herself had changed. She was angrier the older she became and now that the old king was dying, she was being forced to become something she did not want to be. It was becoming late, and the sun was soon to rise, she’d have to read more the next evening.

Katherine looked around and felt the change in the air, she would finish the spell before the sun rose and she would make sure that Nickolas was cursed for the three hundred years.
“Mistress, I hate to bother, but it’s nearly sunrise.” Angelina’s voice came from the other side of the locked door.
“Very well, make sure all have retired and I shall finish what I am working on tomorrow.” Katherine said, she stood and set the last two ingredients on the table, blowing out the candles she turned and walked from the room. She left the room locking the door again and walked to her own chambers. She would let the day’s events end with her and wait until the sunset to ready herself for a battle. She knew that Nickolas would be bent on revenge and would try to enter the mansion to end her life because she killed Nathaniel. But she knew that her spell of protection and binding would keep him from entering the property, but she would have to leave to feed. She would find a way to feed without having to leave the mansion, she would also finish the spell all would work out in the end. Until the next day she was to rest.
Chapter 25 * Final Chapter * by AJsSweety
Author's Notes:
Final Chapter until the new story is begun
Chapter 25

Nickolas awoke early the following evening he was still lying on the floor of the chambers where he had been when Katherine had ended Nathaniel’s life. She would pay dearly for what she had done; she would pay with one of her own. He wondered what Katherine held close, what she held dear to her.
“You will pay dearly for what has been done to me.” Nickolas vowed. Nickolas looked toward the moonlight and howled deeply and took off into the night.

Katherine looked up toward the moon, she knew that Nickolas was out hunting, but that didn’t change her plans, she would finish the spell. The very spells that would end her problems with Nickolas, but would her children handle the change that was in store for them. Three hundred years of sleep, sleep that would pass quickly for the vampires but for the humans it would pass slowly, generations would come and go and many would forget Katherine and her brood, many would continue to remember the vampires from the house that sat beyond the iron gates. But she knew they would become nothing more than legend and dream. Nickolas would fade from all memory and they would try to fade from existence. There was another effect that this spell would have, those connected to Nickolas in anyway would fall into the sleep and remain that way until the day of his return, she knew that her heart still held a place for Nickolas and that meant that she may too fall prey to her own spell. She gathered the ingredients again and began chanting the spell.
“From this day till the end of the three hundred years, you and yours shall sleep. Sleep for three hundred years, to you nay a day shall pass that will change for you. Days and months shall pass without your knowledge; you shall remain in a slumber that none shall be awakened. When the day comes that it shall tell the day of your return, the skies shall turn of blood, and they shall rain for three nights signaling your return. You shall return with no knowledge that time has passed, but one shall come forward to tell you of the passage of time, the curse that shall be laid upon the one that chooses to stay with you, the one that shall be your keeper during your slumber. That demon shall remain your constant protector, the one that shall keep you during your slumber, but upon your awakening that demon shall die, a fitting fate for the one that dare betray all that is good. At the stroke of midnight this spell shall be cast, it shall spread across this land like a plague and your followers shall fall where they stand, and you will return to your crypt and lay in slumber.” Katherine chanted; she knew that in her heart this spell may be her own undoing but she wished for Nickolas’s end to be swift. She wished that she could take his life and in three hundred years she may have the strength to do such a task. She dropped the final ingredient into the pot and bound the spell, watching the smoke fill the tiny room she knew that it would make it’s way out into the hall and out of the mansion and into the streets like a fog. She slowly stood and watched the smoke; seeing that it did not touch her but away from her it went, out of the house away from the one that cast the very spell. She walked into the hallway and closed the door behind her.
“Come my children, for tonight we feast, tonight we shall see the end of Nickolas and his brood from our world. For the spell is cast and for three hundred human years he shall remain in slumber, never to take another life, never to haunt another dream. Come tonight we shall celebrate the end of Nickolas and the beginning of our lives anew. But beware he shall return. In three hundred years he shall return with the skies of blood and the rains that shall remain for three days time. That shall foretell the return of the demon, the demon that wants to rule the world.”
“Then we shall destroy him while he sleeps.” Darcy spoke.
“No, for it is forbidden to end the life of any vampire that can not defend itself. And you would only parish with him.”
“Then we shall celebrate his downfall, and then prepare for his return. We shall grow stronger over the time of his slumber.”
“Yes that we will.” Katherine said she knew that her spell would not end her life or make her fall into a deep slumber, but would Bianca be so lucky. Bianca had yet to exit her chambers, Katherine wondered if her journal was keeping the young vampire occupied.
“Has anyone checked on Bianca?”
“She is fine mistress, just reading.”
“Has she fed?” Katherine asked, looking down at Angelina.
“Not yet but I will be sure that she feeds. Go, you must feed gain back the strength that you lost during your spell casting.”
“I shall, I shall return before midnight. Remember we are all family, and as such this spell should have no effect on us. But be warned if your heart is at all with Nickolas you will fall prey to this spell and spend the next three hundred years in your coffin.” Katherine warned. All in the room nodded, Katherine took Darcy’s hand and they disappeared into the darkness.

Bianca looked around and saw that the new night had just begun, but she wished to continue her reading, learning more and more of Katherine’s past before making her choice, a choice that could mean death or life to her.

It has been a lonely five years since my uncle has passed. My cousin has not been kind to me, as I rule at his side. Very few that he has courted wished to become his queen. His angry heart and dark demeanor had always kept those that could care for him at bay. He wants me to marry the English lord, but as handsome as he is, there are things about him that frighten me. I’ve spoken with the old wizard and he too fears something is not right with this man. I fear that my time with the old wizard is growing short. My only friend within the lonely walls of my prison is dying. He tells me that all life comes to an end and with that end a new beginning is found. He says that I will continue what he’s taught me and become a powerful sorceress if I so choose to. That it’s my destiny to become more than I am, but I fear that I do not see the world the way he does.

I’ve lost my only friend. The old wizard had died, and my cousin could have shown no more feeling for his passing than that of a dog. I hate who he has become, when I first came to the castle he was kind and loving, but as the years passed and he knew he’d become king he has become cold and unfeeling. The king now as he rather be addressed has chosen to lay the old wizard to rest in a small, unmarked grave, he said his life was insignificant and that why should his death be any different. His indifference to a man that called him son angers me. I’ve felt my power grow the angrier I become. He has felt this power and now fears who or what I’ve become. He says he will force me to marry the English Lord to rid himself of my nuisance. But for what I’ve seen I shall give this man a chance, ladies around the castle say he is a kind and sweet man. Maybe someone I could love. For now I shall give him a chance, maybe he will be the one to take me away from this.

It seems that my cousin has gotten his wish, the forced marriage between me and the English Lord has come to pass, for on this day I shall become his wife. Many in the castle greave this, and I am unsure why, the ceremony only begins just after sunset, and in the months since I gave this man a chance that is only when I see him. Lord Nickolas Craven, he says that he much prefers the night than the day. But I often wonder if there is something he is hiding. This night, just before the stroke of midnight I shall no longer be asking that question, as I will be his wife.

It seems that his lies have come into the light, or darkness as one would say. I have changed, not by my own choosing but by his, saying he’d remain with me forever and saying that we’d be together forever. He changed me, my screams could be heard in the village below his home, but none came to help me, his own servants begged him to let me be. Now I am as he is, a demon, a child of darkness. But now my true path has been revealed and to his anger he finds that my powers are my own alone. He cannot control what does not belong to him. He says that he will never leave me. But this I do not believe for the man I called husband is now also my creator, the man that has taken my human life and left me with this demon existence. The days do not mean anything to me any longer, for I sleep as the sun rises and awaken with a thirst that I cannot control. I have killed a great many and changed a great many more. He has left me, this very night he said he’d be feeding and would return but did not. I am alone in this world I am alone to find my way in a world I do not understand.

Bianca now knew why Katherine was so angry, and why companionship meant so much to her, why she needed to have someone to love her. But could she love her, there were things that Nickolas offered that Katherine did not, and Nickolas said he’d never leave her, yet he told Katherine the same thing. Her thoughts where a jumble as she walked from her chambers, who would she choose? Angelina looked up and smiled at her.
“Are you going to hunt with me?” She asked, her voice dripping with sweetness.
“Yes, I am famished.”
“We must hurry.”
“Mistress says we are to return before the stroke of midnight and it’s nearly that now. So we must go,” Angelina said, taking Bianca’s hand they hurried from the mansion and into the quiet night.

Katherine returned to the mansion a short while later, the clock said it was nearly midnight and most of her children and returned from their hunt, all but Angelina and Bianca. This worried her but she felt they would return before the stroke of midnight. The spell would begin and any that would follow Nickolas would be caught by the fog, she could see the fog beginning and knew that the spell had begun it’s way across the land. All that dared follow Nickolas would be cursed, and the one that betrayed her would be cursed to stay at his side till the day of his return. Angelina hurried into the mansion but she was alone, Katherine looked passed her and wondered.
“She chose him?”
“She suddenly was enveloped by a fog and turned and walked away from me mistress.”
“Then she is cursed to remain at his side until the day of his return. Her life shall end the day he awakens.”
“Such a pity, she was such a good lover.” Angelina said with a smile.
“She was just that, but making her choice she will find that she will never return to us again.”

Bianca walked mindlessly toward Nickolas’s crypt, she pushed the large stone door open and walked inside. Nickolas struggled to stay awake as he looked at her.
“She cursed you as well, a choice was made and yet you said nothing.”
“I was unsure, but my heart had made the choice before my mind.” Bianca answered, her voice laced with anger. “I would have rather chosen her, but my heart chose you.”
“Then with me you shall remain. Katherine’s spells work quickly and never fail.”
“I will not remain here with such a demon as yourself.” Bianca shouted, she pulled a wooden stake from the inside of her coat and lifted it high above her head, she quickly plunged it deep within her chest. Nickolas screamed in pain as he watched her fall to the floor. He lay back in his coffin and closed his eyes, the large lid slowly closing on it’s own signaling his long slumber. Bianca’s body slowly disappeared as the final stroke of midnight was heard.

Katherine screamed as she felt Bianca end her own life, Darcy moved to her side to steady his mistress.
“What has happened?”
“She did not choose him, but would not remain at his side.”
“Bianca choose me, her heart choose him. She ended her own life. I can feel it. I can feel that she is now gone. But Nickolas is in deep slumber and will harm no one.”
“Come, it has been a hard day for you, it is time that you rest.”
“Yes rest.” Katherine answered. Darcy led her down the hallway to her chambers he helped her into her coffin and waited for her to close her eyes. He closed the lid to the coffin and walked from the room, pausing for a moment.
“Sleep well my dearest, for the fight has only just begun.” With that he closed the door and walked down the long hallway.
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