Wolfs Blood by AJsSweety
Summary: Alaska has always been know for is majestic and beautiful landscape, but now there is someone who is just as mysterous as the state itself. People of Juneau Alaska wonder if the house in the middle of the wilderness exsists or does the woman that live within it even exsist? THe house seems to come and go as quickly as quickly as the winters snow. But a young man comes to town to bring an end to the thoughts, will he find out who or whta it is?
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1. 1 by AJsSweety

1 by AJsSweety
Wolf’s Blood
By LV Dutton 2004

She had always loved nature, it was almost as if it were part of her. As if the young woman had been created from the very nature she lived in. She looked around the beautiful woods and smiled, this was all hers, and the large cabin just beyond the tree line was she home. But was this truly hers? She knew this was here she belonged, it was felt within her soul. Among the trees, the animals, the creatures of nature. There she stood silent, listening to the sounds of the birds and the wolves in the distance. Her own world, her own sounds. She ran her fingers through her black and silver hair, many would have thought her to be an old woman but far from it, her hair was naturally that color and had been since she was a child. Her deep blue eyes danced with excitement as she walked further into the woods. She could hear the fallen leaves crunch beneath her bare feet as she walked, she smiled as she looked to see animals of all kinds peeking out of their hiding places as they heard her approach. Her eyes kept them in her sight as she moved towards her home. The animals didn’t fear her in anyway, she almost was one of them, as she finally approached her large home in the center of the woods. Touching a tree she smiled, there was a storm approaching a large one, one that could destroy all that was held dear to her. But another was also coming, her lover was returning home and soon he’d be in her arms once again. He knew nothing of her, but she knew him better than he knew himself. A man that believed in the impossible, a man that seemed to always be seeking out the truth. She walked up the long staircase to the deck that surrounded her large home. She looked at the wood furniture that sat on the deck and smiled; everything in and around her home had been made by hand. Her own world, one of her own making, but yet one that many thought was that of fairytales and ghost stories. Many knew that there was a home buried deep within the woods, deep within the animal riddled forest. Yet no one ever ventured into the forest to find the home. Angelina was the only name that people knew of a young girl that had disappeared in the wilderness years before. Many had lost track of how long the child had been gone, but the wolves had kept anyone had bay; anyone that had wanted to find the child would never venture into the woods. The different stories that had been heard were always changing. Angelina knew them very well, and many never suspected that the young woman walking through the small Alaskan town was the same child that had been missing. Some had said that the disappearance had happened nearly a hundred years before, others were unsure of when it had happened. Things like this made the young woman laugh. She had met many kind people there in the town just beyond the mountains and they had welcomed her openly into their homes and hearts. But she knew if they had ever found out who she was would they still care about her.
Her home had almost appeared right out of the northern lights, on a cold evening the house appeared and the animals acted as if they had found their family. Many in the town noticed that the animals didn’t wonder further than the edge of the woods, wondering what had caused this they had called upon a man that could end the mystery of the house within the woods.
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