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Even the wealthy have misfortunes. Sir Alexander James was the example of such, having lost his wife and only sister. He now lives for his niece and has not been able to find anyone else to replace his wife. But just as misfortunes come so do blessings will the arrival of a new person to his Estate be just that?
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Backstreet Boys Characters: AJ, Group
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Historical, Humor, Romance
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Published: 06/04/10 Updated: 10/28/11

1. Chapter I by summer03 [ - ] (842 words)
Ok since I keep coming back to this idea in my head... I had to do it. Yes another historical story... I would love for you opinion... It's quite different to Summer Romance but it does take place in the same time, the 1800's. Hope you enjoy and I would love your feedback!


2. Chapter II by summer03 [ - ] (873 words)

3. Chapter III by summer03 [ - ] (1199 words)
Yay finally a banner...hehe I tried. :)


4. Chapter IV by summer03 [ - ] (1189 words)

5. Chapter V by summer03 [ - ] (768 words)
Ok I finally got the inspiration for this one, I can assure you this will start getting interesting now. Enjoy and leave me a comment... they really do help. :)

6. Chapter VI by summer03 [ - ] (1040 words)
here's the next bit. So just in case you've read my other historical story... I can assure you this one will have a happy ending. :) Enjoy.

7. Chapter VII by summer03 [ - ] (935 words)

8. Chapter VIII by summer03 [ - ] (1332 words)

9. Chapter IX by summer03 [ - ] (639 words)