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It was the day after the world cup finals. The match between Spain and The Netherlands. Cristiano didnt know how to feel. He was very sad because Portugal didnt make the finals, but also very happy for his spanish teammates. He went outside for a walk to get some peace in his head. He felt a lot of pressure because the next season was going to be important. Both for his club Real Madrid but also for himself. He walked thinking about this. Then he saw a girl, he didnt know her. How is that possible? He thought. He was visiting his home town Madeira, and he knew most of the people living there. But he didn't know this girl. He looked at her, but she didn't see him. She looked very happy to be alone. Cristiano didnt wait any longer and walked towards her. ''Hi'' he said. She turned to him and looked suprised. ''Hey''. Whats your name? Cristiano asked. ''My name is Irina, whats yours?''. Cristiano didnt know what to think of her answer. Was she serious? Did she not know him? He thought about it for a moment and she waited for his answer. ''You dont know me?'' He said. ''No, should i?''. ''Well, ehh'' he didnt know what to say, maybe she was really serious. And maybe it was a good thing she didnt know him, because most of the girls only liked him for his money, fame and looks. Most people always thought he was arrogant. But he knew that his friends and family know he wasnt and that is the most important thing. He said to her: ''No, i just know most of the people here, and most of them know me too because i grew up here you know.'' She smiled. ''I dont come from this place, though i love it here, it's beautiful''. ''So what are you doing here then?'' He asked. ''i'm visiting my brother and his new girlfriend, they just moved here'' She said, ''I live in Lissbon with some friends, my parents live in Spain, Madrid''. He thought he saw irritation in her face when she talked about her brothers girlfriend, maybe she didnt like her. ''Oh okay'' He said. ''Well, i guess i'll see you around then''. She laughed ''I guess so''. Then she walked away. He loved the way she laughed and watched her walk away.