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This handbook is specially written for those who are scared of ever becoming an ONLPF (Obsessed No Life Psycho Fan) and would like to stay sane. Or for those who just entered the Backstreet World (yes, there still are fans like those!) and have no idea how to become sane (and with that, stay sane).

Here a few rules. Yes, rules. If you want to become and stay a sane fan, you have to obey these rules.


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Published: 02/24/11 Updated: 03/18/11
Story Notes:

This is an idea TheDistantHeart thought of after tweeting a little with catseye1769 and we decided to actually write a handbook on how to become and stay a sane BSB fan.

Hope you'll enjoy this but most of all, laugh about it! This is meant pure for fun!


1. Chapter One - Concerts - 1.1 The Concert by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (664 words)

Reviews are ALWAYS appreciated!

2. Chapter 2 by catseye1769 [ - ] (752 words)
These are the V.I.P rules. Please observe.

3. 1.3 - Standing in Line by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (897 words)



4. BSB on the Internet - 2.1: Stalking BSB by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (834 words)

Due to lack of energy, more things will be added later! & sorry it took so long before this was posted! I kept forgetting to write this! I suck at updating.*pulls bag over head and goes to corner*

5. Chapter 5 by catseye1769 [ - ] (1097 words)
written by catseye1769