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BSB has Christmas!!!!!!!! As a fan wins a chance on the cruise to have BSB come to her small hometown in Minnesota for Christmas with the group and their families. As Santa needs help from BSB to defeat "The Scrooger" from destroying the holidays for the whole world. As romances heat up and cool down, as fights happen, and tears shed will BSB even be around for next year? Will BSB find the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus, and the Holidays? Will they figure it all out, by the 27th this Decemeber? I don't know. Come and find out!

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Backstreet Boys Characters: AJ, Brian, Group, Howie, Kevin, Nick, Other
Genres: Historical, Horror, Humor, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Suspense
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content, Graphic Violence
Series: Backstreet Boys 's Holidays 2011/2012 Series!
Chapters: 21 Completed: Yes
Word count: 12010 Read: 32661
Published: 12/01/11 Updated: 12/29/11
Story Notes:

Thanks to Dreamwallpapers.com for all holiday backgrounds. Belongs to them as original copyright, but used under fair use.

1. Chapter 1: "It's beginning to look like Christmas!" by Dani824 [ - ] (373 words)

BSB is preparing to go on their 2011 Cruise with fans. They find out about the contest with much disapointment. Crown is excited her cousin, Tiara, is going on the cruise with BSB.

2. Chapter 2: At McDonald's, BSB loves this place. by Dani824 [ - ] (603 words)

BSB discusses the tour for Europe, the new laws, their worried about, and the cruise and the new album. Tiara and Crown get teased at school during math and science class.

3. Chapter 3: Dreaming of a TV Christmas! by Dani824 [ - ] (296 words)

Howie has dreams about a demon using a "Scrooge" and then turning them all into stop motion figurines in Kids Christmas movies from the 1960's and 1970's.

4. Chapter 4: Dec. 4th, Shopping Day 1. by Dani824 [ - ] (896 words)

AJ and Howie go shopping in Flordia for stuff for AJ's wedding and for Christmas! They debate the true meaning of Christmas and Howie's dream.

5. Chapter 5: After the cruise! by Dani824 [ - ] (397 words)

The guys have to figure out how their going to make their lives work in Minnesota on Holiday.

6. Chapter 6: I'm sorry. by Dani824 [ - ] (212 words)

Kevin apologizes to Nick and the guys. The guys prepare for Christmas.

Note: Sorry for the complaint that was on here. Just my point is, the media shouldn't take their personal complaints about stores public, it can be well, upsetting. Enjoy the story and my views on that.

7. Chapter 7: All I want for Christmas! by Dani824 [ - ] (941 words)

Nick has a nightmares and dreams of long distance girlfriend and her fanfic alter ego.

8. Chapter 8: Dreaming of my wedding! by Dani824 [ - ] (837 words)

AJ is dreaming of his wedding. Tiara and Crown prepare to pick up the Backstreet Boys at the airport.


Note: Nothing supernatural, light cussing, some sex scences PG-13. Enjoy. Giving the story a short break from drama and horror. Repsobsible alocohol useage.

9. Chapter 9: Day 9 till the wedding!!!!!! Day 10 till Christmas, and counting. by Dani824 [ - ] (559 words)

Brian and the guys meet the small Minnesota town they have gotten thrown into. AJ prepares for his wedding. The girls, Crown and Tiara get bullied and then lie to BSB about it.

10. Chapter 10: The next day. by Dani824 [ - ] (615 words)

The girls take BSB to see the tree lights. BSB preforms for the girls and their high school.


Note:Light cussing.

11. Chapter 11: Seeing the lights. by Dani824 [ - ] (360 words)

The girls take BSB out to dinner and go see Christmas lights. They get AJ a surprise for his wedding. The Scrooger comes back.

12. Chapter 12: Falling for love again. by Dani824 [ - ] (516 words)

The guys preform at the local State house in Minnesota for the people and the  internet media. The "Scrooger", starts scarying AJ and Rochelle more as he prepares to get married.  Before the show, AJ keeps showing signs of being the catalyst for the haunting as well as Rochelle.

13. Chapter 13: The elf and the man with reindeer? by Dani824 [ - ] (983 words)

The Backstreet Boys study up on how to fight the Scrooger, something weird happens. AJ and Rochelle, work out the final details of their wedding in 3 days. AJ prepares to go home back to South Malibu, CA early.

14. Chapter 14: Going back home. by Dani824 [ - ] (591 words)

BSB goes home and wonders if they even beat the Scrooger and what they heard the night before.

15. Chapter 15: AJ's Wedding. 12/17/2011 by Dani824 [ - ] (787 words)

AJ gets married, the guys finish their shopping for the holidays, they get their presents from online for their families. They figure out the menu.

16. Chapter 16: True meaning of Christmas. by Dani824 [ - ] (611 words)

As the winter soltice has come and gone. BSB starts looking for the true meaning of Christmas together. After AJ gets home that day.


Note: Angels we have heard on high, From Christina Aguilera, album: "My Kind of Christmas". Used under fair use Section 107.9 of copyright law and fair use. With reguards in fairness to promotion. She did say, yes on twitter.

17. Chapter 17: Wake up call! by Dani824 [ - ] (371 words)

It is Dec. 23rd and BSB is prepareing for Christmas. The dreams have stopped for a while but Howie and AJ can't pick out gifts and get hung up on it, with some interesting results.

18. Chapter 18: More angels come knocking. by Dani824 [ - ] (380 words)

AJ saves Howie in a synced dream. They explore the meaning of greed and Christmas in retail and the expansion of customer service in the USA.

19. Chapter 19: Christmas Eve Part 1 by Dani824 [ - ] (336 words)

The guys celebrate Christmas. The sisters help BSB fight "The Scrooger" again. Nick finally asks God what is the true meaning of Christmas, and why are BSB having the dreams they are having.

20. Chapter 20: Christmas Eve Part 2 by Dani824 [ - ] (442 words)

Santa Claus asks BSB to help give out presents in South America with him. Nick is confused, about his prayer not being answered.

21. Chapter 21: O Holy Night. by Dani824 [ - ] (904 words)

Nick has a dream that Kevin gave him about the true meaning of Christmas.

Disclaimer: Song, "O Holy Night" by Christina Aguilera, My Kind of Christmas. Borrowed for fair use under 107.9 of the Copyright laws 2010. "Christmas Time" by Backstreet Boys, Quit playing games with my heart single, 1999, also under 107.9 of Copyright laws 2010.

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