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The Backstreet Boys are celebrating St. Patrick's and Easter, and their friends are celebrating Passover. Darn the luck, Nick is finishing his directoring and Photography degree as the group prepares for their Up Close and Personal Tour. Explains what he believes and why the world seems to hate them. Can Nick from the bullies, and save his relationship with his new girlfriend? Can he celebrate 3 holidays and still not get in trouble and pass his classes, before the next tour, find out?

Dedicated in the memory of Leslie Carter.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Backstreet Boys Characters: AJ, Brian, Group, Howie, Kevin, Nick, Other
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Dramedy, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humor, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Warnings: Death, Domestic Violence, Graphic Sexual Content, Graphic Violence
Series: Backstreet Boys 's Holidays 2011/2012 Series!
Chapters: 20 Completed: Yes
Word count: 13265 Read: 28037
Published: 03/14/12 Updated: 04/17/12
Story Notes:

Dedicated to Leslie Carter and the Carter family.

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1. Chapter 1: My 5th Day of sleeping class. by Dani824 [ - ] (918 words)

Nick goes to is starting his 5th day of his new World Religions class.Or Sleeping class, since he tends to fall asleep in it since it is always right after, his afternoon reheasals for work with BSB and for his directoring jobs to train for his major in photography, directing, business, and videography under a Videography and photography direction degree.  They are looking at the history of American Holidays. Nick meets Eric and a girl he is interested in dating.

Note: Mild Violence. Most of this is in logic to history and to the times and context.

2. Chapter 2: Meeting Melissa. by Dani824 [ - ] (154 words)

Nick meets a girl named, Melissa and her friend, Eric.

3. Chapter 3: Waking up Howie's. by Dani824 [ - ] (634 words)

Nick wakes up at Howie's apartment in LA, California.

4. Chapter 4: More of the Saint. by Dani824 [ - ] (474 words)

They learn about Saint making and are given their first test in class. Melissa and Nick go on a date, after a bad day and finding out Nick lied about some fans in the fanbase.

5. Chapter 5: Irresistableme. by Dani824 [ - ] (209 words)

Nick, Eric, and Melissa do study hall after class to prepare for his redo test, Nick prepares to  tests his new best friends.

6. Chapter 6: Testing the new besties! by Dani824 [ - ] (581 words)

Nick and his friends go out, he gets them drunk enough and buzzed up on sweets to find out what they really want out of them. Kevin sees a surprise in Kentucky.

7. Chapter 7: Demons' Spring time! by Dani824 [ - ] (1748 words)

The demon lady starts haunting the group and talking about a coin, bridesmaids at a golden wedding, and crying and screaming about lost loves. Scares the bejesus out of Brian. Nick, Melissa, and Eric see the demon at college. Someone leaves a note.

8. Chapter 8: Preparing for St. Patrick's Day! by Dani824 [ - ] (410 words)

The group gets together and decides to pray to get rid of her.

9. Chapter 9: Bye, Bye, Bye, Banshee! by Dani824 [ - ] (1042 words)

BSB gets rid of a Banshee on St. Patrick's day, thinks they see the Saint or an angel of the Saint.

10. Chapter 10: Pick a girl. by Dani824 [ - ] (136 words)

Nick and Brian discuss Nick's love life. Nick makes a choice, then recounts(next chapter) about it.

11. Chapter 11: Meeting Lauren. by Dani824 [ - ] (476 words)

Melissa was at work and I meet Lauren. Brian and the guys comment.

12. Chapter 12: Re-thinking Passover. by Dani824 [ - ] (1527 words)

Eric watches a movie with Nick, Nick dreams him, Melissa, BSB, NKOTB, and Eric are following Moses. As well as the Backstreet Boys.

Note:Historical and religious lincense have been taken, but it isn't in a forced context as events happen, so scienctific and concidental opinions are optional and allowed for the reader.

13. Chapter 13: A friend that loves you like a fool day! by Dani824 [ - ] (240 words)

It's April Fool's day and Nick decides to make up with his friends and let them know they matter to him too.

14. Chapter 14: Preparing the class for a Seder by Dani824 [ - ] (2221 words)

Nick goes to Eric's apartment to learn about the passover meal with Brian, Eric, and Melissa. Howie comes up with a plan to get him to date Lauren instead of his soulmate from Ohio.

15. Chapter 15: Palm Sunday, 2006 by Dani824 [ - ] (339 words)

Nick dreams of Jesus and his final week going towards the cross. Brian is worried about his friends fighting because of secret societies trying to control the music business and trying to control Kevin and Howie.

Note: Religious quotes from the Bible with some personal variation, and also some possibly REAL, SERIOUSLY REAL Conspiracy theories. It is debated how close BSB has been to the NWO elite or any secret societies at all, but it is only for entertainment and to encourage adults and younger readers to do more research for the rest of the fanfic. Thank you.

16. Chapter 16: Day 2, the truth of Easter Week! The beginning! by Dani824 [ - ] (104 words)

Brian explains the past 2 days of dealing with the Secret societies and the other 3 BSB to Nick. Nick prays for help, demons show up.

17. Chapter 17: Finding out! by Dani824 [ - ] (618 words)

Nick and family decorate for Easter, Brian and Nick catch up.

18. Chapter 18: Crazy dreams and Melissa. by Dani824 [ - ] (482 words)

Melissa tells Nick all of her dreams for her life, Nick makes a tough decision for them. The Boys enjoy meeting Eric's family and enjoying going to a Good Friday Service with their families as a big group.

19. Chapter 19: 2 more days of Easter! by Dani824 [ - ] (574 words)

Nick discovers why Easter is the way it is, Howie prepares to purpose and is about to do it.

20. Chapter 20: Just one kiss from you. by Dani824 [ - ] (378 words)

Nick talks to Jessica heart and the epilouge to the story.