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     During the night as the darkness falls the creatures of the Dark one come out from their hiding spots. It's during this time everyone knows to stay away from the away from the Fire Pit Forest. It holds only the most fowl of demonic creatures at night. They are brought to life by the nightmares of the Devil. They search for human flesh to eat.

They have even been known to leave the forest to hunt in the near by villiages. On those nights people would be sure that their window shutters and doors were locked so no one and nothing could come inside, and God help you if something did. These flesh eating fiends would never stop at one person in the house, that would be to kind and these are Satan's play things, one was never enough. They have been known for literally tearing a house down to ensure they devoured ever little scrap of flesh.  

     Everyone in Boars Hide Creek knew this story, from the very old to the very young. The villiage was five miles away from the Fire Pit Forest, so many had been witness to the devestation left behind when the new husband Westly and his bride Raven, were torn to bits one October night 70 years ago. Everyone in the villiage could hear them screaming for help and then slowly the screaming turned to those of pain and then back into pure silence of the night once again. The next morning when the hunters of Boars Hide Creek went to see if they could find anything for their burial, there was only shreds of blood soaked clothing and some patches of blood matted hair.

     It seemed every few years there was an attack on the tiny villiage of Boars Hide Creek, and they all ended the same but one.  During a villiage summer hunt for Boars Hide Creek, one creature managed to find it's way into the home of Markus who was the eldest son of the villiage head, his wife Tamara and their almost new born daughter Amethyst. While Markus was out on the hunt with the most of the strong young men, Tamara was home with the baby as all wives did once having been with child. She was so young and very forgetful, almost child like in some ways. After a long day of household chorse and motherly duties the she forgot to lock the door bar and the shutters to the windows tightly.

     She had put her sweet baby girl to bed and then tucked herself in as well. Of course their was nothing left of Markus' wife, however there wasn't even a scratch on Amethyst. The neighbor who had found her told Markus they never heard her cry or scream during the attack or after it and how they feared her dead like her ill fated mother.

Now as most people know Amethyst is the birthstone for February but it's also the name of Boars Hide Creek's most unlikely of hero there has ever been. Amethyst was the soul souvivour of an attack by a creature from the Fire Pit Forest. Okay good so you are following along nicely then.

She was born in February as an Aquarius and all the ones I know are pretty whimsical and fun loving, and yes she loved to play tricks on people. While growing up she would throw her voice and hide from her father, who was one of the best hunters the villiage had ever seen in the past 70 years. It was only when the wind would shift, and he caught a hint of her strawberry scented hair he knew were she was. He would always smile and say "I'm hungry for Berries!" and then grab her and cover her face with kisses causing her to go into fits of laughter and making him chuckle. As she grew she learned to use those tricks to help her father and the hunters during the whole villiage seasonal hunting trips the made, for this they were greatful. It meant less work and more time with their families, even as unusual as it maybe for a young woman to aide them in the hunt. They never spoke of this to anyone outside of the villiage.  

     "Dad, can you do me a favor?" She asked him one day as she cooked their dinner. 

     "Yes child," he answered her as he drank his mead.  

     "Teach me to hunt," she said matter of factly.  

     "Do you think I'm as mad as you?" he said almost spitting some out as he spoke to her.  

     "No father, I'm just wishing I had been born with a pair of balls! Then I might have know already how to hunt," she shighed deeply.  

     Her father took pity and looked at her gently "Ame come here sweetheart," he said waving her over to him.  She hung her head and dragged her feet in a shuffling manner   

     "Yes father?" she said as she sat down on his lap.  

     "You are the only child that I shall ever have, I'll have a grandchild someday, but I want my hunting secrets passed down to him so I know his family will eat well," he said smiling as her eyes lit up "so yes I will teach you to hunt. You don't need to have been born with a pair of balls, they'll only get kicked by someone who hates you, probably some woman who you turned down because you did not love her," he said.  

     Ame laughed "Father that's not nice,"  

     Markus laughed deeply and hugged his daughter. "We started at dawn!" he boomed!  That night a mysterious blue light was shining brightly in Markus' room in the hut. Nothing could be hurd but muffled voices to those who would have tried to hear anything. Once the conversation was over there was no sound left and the blue light flew out of the hut, in to the forest and out of sight!  

     Once dawn broke Markus snuck into his daughts room stabed his knife into her leg, to which she did nothing. Nothing at all. Not a damn thing. Then out of no where, BAM! She had him by the arm, pinned to ground. Arm twisted tighly and hurting actually, "Ouch okay you got me, you got me," he said. She let go smiling quit pleased with herself. "Where did you learn that?" he asked her as he rubbed his arm.  

      "Well remember before when I worked at the Tavern and Jacob was buying me drinks all night and I kept spitting them into empty bottles, well he wanted me to go have a roll in the hay with him and I told him 'No I'm not that kinda of girl and to find another pig to roll around with if he was going to act like one instead' and when he grabbed me I broke his arm as a substitute," she replied with a big smile on her, remind him of his late wife.  

     "I shall be having a talk with later and maybe his neck," Markus said softer as they walked.  

     It took them two hours to walk the fives miles to get to the outside of the Fire Pit Forest. "Okay well first thing is first let's set up camp," Markus said turning around and seeing his daughter as already setting up the camp and getting the tent taken care of and took no notice of her father watching her do her tasks at hand and how she did them and then she gathered rocks for the fire place ring for camp as well. "What did you need me for again Ame?" he asked laughing as he sat down.  

     "To teach me to hunt!" she said slowly. she was almost on the edge of tears thinking she had done something wrong.  

     "Sweetheart you have done better than most of the men I've hunted with in just setting up camp in under an hour, I've seen a group take three hours, fubbling aroundnot sure if they are coming or going. One big mess. I mean it Amethyst!" Markus beamed with fatherly pride for his daughter who was glowing with obvious pride in her own deeds as anyone would do who had never hunted before.

Chapter End Notes:

Well what do you think so far? Kinda slow I know but I had such a hard time adding the first chapter is should be so much easier with chapter 2 and 3...