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The fire crackled and popped, two glasses of wine sat on the coffee table, Brian and Vicki sat on the couch together teasing each other with the Halloween candy. He opened his mouth as she fed him a piece of candy corn, she took a sip of her wine.

"So what was going on with the boys tonight?" Brian asked taking a sip of wine.

"Uh, Halloween dance at school, Natalie somehow conned Bradley into being the DJ" Vicki said to him.

"I bet he loved that" he said.

“Speaking of which…look what I found today” she said handing him an old picture.

“Wow” he said laughing, she giggled as well “Man” he said looking at the picture of them as young teenagers “Halloween 1989” he said reading from the back “Can’t believe that’s 20 years ago now” he said.

“Remember that night? The Halloween dance?” she asked.

“Yeah, Emily somehow tricked us into going as Romeo and Juliet” he said.

“That was the night of our first kiss” he said.

“Yeah it was” she said.

“I can’t believe you actually remembered that” she said.

“Course I remember, I remember everything" he said leaning into her. They kissed deeply, her robe began to slip from her shoulders, leaving them bare. He kissed her shoulders, reaching for the belt on her robe, pulling it loose.

Her doorbell began to ring furiously followed by a loud pounding “Trick or treaters?” he asked.

“It’s kind of late for that” she said standing up from the couch and tightening up her robe.

She opened the door she opened the door as Dean and
Kellie stood on her porch “Vicki, I’ve got to talk to you” she said.

"Kel, hey" she said to them "This is really not a good time" she said.

“I know and I am really sorry to interrupt but it's an emergency" Kellie said to her "It's about the boys" Kellie said to her "What, what happened? Are they okay?" Vicki asked frantically as she let them inside.

Brian hurriedly pulled his shirt over his head "What's going on? What’s wrong with the boys?" he asked standing up from the couch.

Kellie turned to look at Dean "I’m sorry to have to tell you guys this but…I have reason to believe that Damien Winchester and his father Derek are still alive" he said as they looked at him in shock.


The door to the principal’s office opened, Damien stepped in, pulling the veil from his face.

"Well?" Derek asked "Did you do it?" he asked.


"What?" Derek asked.

"I didn't get the dork" Damien said.

"Damn it Damien!" Derek groaned.

"I'm sorry okay, Nat was getting him a drink and McLean swiped it" Damien said to him.

"Didn't want to have to do this but I guess I have no choice" Derek said pulling something out from under the principal’s desk.


“What? No, no, Damien and his father are dead, they were killed in prison remember?” Vicki asked.

“I thought you said you had their remains identified?” Brian asked.

"It was a set up" Dean said to him "Winchester probably paid the guy off to tamper with DNA results to make it look like the remains were positively ID'ed as theirs and then killed him to ensure his silence".

"How do you know all this?" he asked Dean.

“Nothing is concrete but the day I went to see the ME he disappeared from the parking garage." "Tonight they found his car at the bottom of Dead Man's Pond with his body in the trunk, a prison guard is also missing."

"Oh god" Brian groaned.

"Well if they're alive where are they?!" Vicki asked him, he looked at them worriedly.


Kyle walked towards the locker room entrance, looking around and pulled the door open "Hello?" he asked "I'm here" he said, his voice echoing in the darkness. He looked around and took a seat on the bench, he sat there, the silence engulfing him.

Harry pulled a key ring from his pocket and opened the door to the publication room, he walked into the dark room, switching on a lonely desk lamp. He typed something into a computer and plugged his camera in. They quickly appeared on the computer's screen and he clicked on one, it enlarged and he began to study the large black mass hovering in the background.

He flipped through the pictures when he heard a door begin to creak open, he turned around to see it swing shut. "Hello?" he asked, turning his attention back to the pictures, he looked closer at the phantom and looked at it confused, suddenly a hand clamped a cloth over his mouth, he struggled against them, grabbing their arm when he suddenly fell unconscious. Derek smiled wickedly as he fell to the floor, his head hitting the sharp corner of the desk on his way down.

Kyle checked his watch once again, whistling to himself as he sat alone in the locker room, suddenly he heard the door creaking open. "Hello?" he asked standing up.

Bradley’s hands shook as he leaned up against the table, a thin layer of sweated coating his forehead, the air around him seemed to disappear as his breath became short and choppy. Everything around him began to move in slow motion, the room slowly beginning to spin. He pulled at the knot in his tie, his heartbeat becoming louder in his ears, the music fading out.

“Bradley” a voice echoed in his head “Bradley” Natalie said once again “Are you alright?” she asked concerned, he turned to face her and his vision multiplied as three of her stood before him.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m fine” he said stumbling, struggling to stay on his feet.

"Whoa, you are not fine" she said holding onto him.

"No, really I'll be okay" he mumbled.

"No you need to sit" she said to him.

“No, no I’ll be okay…I just need to…splash some water on my face” he said slurring his words.

"Bradley" she called after him as she staggered out of the gym trying to keep on his feet.

"Hello?" Kyle asked once again "Okay come on, who's there?" he asked irritated, a shrouded figure came out of the darkness slowly approaching him.“I take it you’re not my secret admirer huh?” he asked, they shook their head no, he began to laugh “Great, this is just great” he said irritated “Looks like everyone was right, well congratulations you got me, great job” he said irritated. “You can take the mask off now…at least be decent enough to look me in the eye and tell me why you did this” he said angrily.

They pulled their veil off revealing Damien's face Kyle's eyes widened in fear, he looked at Damien in confusion and shock, his blood turning cold "Happy Halloween" Damien said to him smiling.

Neilson put his hands out in front of him as he made his way back to the staging area “Neilson” Natalie said coming to his side, trying to keep him on his feet “Oh my god, are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah…I’m fine” he said as she became blurry.

“No you’re not, sit” she said pulling up a folding chair “What is going on around here? First Bradley, now you?” she asked. “Stay here alright I’m going to get you some water, maybe I can find where Bradley went” she said leaving the gym.

Bradley stumbled through the hallway, he stopped to lean against a locker his legs finally gave out from under him and he fell against the locker and slid down to the floor. His eyes drooped, he then finally gave in, closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep.

"Well well...if it isn't my old friend Bradley J." Derek said appearing before him "We meet again" Derek said bending down to his level looking at him lying there helpless “Sweet dreams” Derek said.

"What's wrong Richardson? You look like you've seen a ghost" Damien said taunting him.

Kyle looked at him in horror “This isn't happening" Kyle said “This can't... you're dead...you were killed in prison" Kyle said in disbelief “The police said your remains were positively identified” he said.

“Well as a wise man once said: ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” Damien said. Kyle began to shake in fear “Aw, what’s wrong Kyle?” Damien asked in a taunting voice creeping closer to him.

“This can’t be real” Kyle said.

"Maybe you're right, maybe this whole thing is in your head, I heard this stuff could cause hallucinations and delusions…maybe it can” he said pulling out a small bottle.

“What is that? What did you do to me?" Kyle asked in fear.

"Let's just say I uh...gave you and your idiot friends something to make you more...cooperative."

"What are you talking about?"

"The punch you were knocking back in there?" Damien asked.

"Oh god..." Kyle said to himself.

"Surprise! actually it should be taking effect in 3. 2.." Damien said looking at his watch as Kyle suddenly fell to the floor "One" Damien said smiling, kicking Kyle's leg.

"Bradley?" Natalie asked walking up and down the hallway "Bradley J." she said, looking around, she turned a corner.

Neilson stood up from the chair, he staggered towards the exit his breathing was shallow as he looked up around him, a woozy feeling clouding his brain. He fell to the floor limp, Derek appeared in the doorway, he looked down at Neilson laying there lifeless “Mr. Carter we meet again" he said. he nudged him with his foot and then pulled on his feet, dragging him out into the hallway.

Natalie came back around the corner, a bottle of water in her hand.

"Hey Nat, what's going on with the music?" Gavin asked as he came out from the gym.

"I know I'm trying to find Bradley, he wasn't feeling well he's got to be around here somewhere, can you get Neilson to take over?" she asked.

"I can't find him" Gavin said to her.

"What are you talking about, he’s right here” she said going back to the staging area to find the chair Neilson sat in empty. “He was just here” she said looking around mystified "okay, I will look for Neilson and Bradley, can you please go and take over the music until I find them?"

"Yeah sure" he said going back into the gym.

"Where are they?" she asked herself, she then began down the other end of the hall as someone watched.

Gavin waded through the crowd, Adam was leaning against the refreshment table, Gavin bumped into it.

"Watch it" Adam said.

"Oh sorry McLean" Gavin said to him "Hey you're not looking too good."

"Yeah I'm aware, thanks Gavin" Adam said to him.

"You okay?"

"Yeah I'll be alright" Adam said to him, Gavin nodded and continued his way back to the stage. Adam left the gym, he stepped into the hall, looking up and down before slowly making his way around a corner.

"Neilson Carter...Bradley Littrell" Natalie said under her breath as she looked around the school. She then opened the doors that lead outside to the quad which was decorated as a haunted maze "Bradley J.! Neilson!" she yelled pushing fake cobwebs out of her face.

Adam came to a vending machine, he leaned up against it, reaching into his pocket for spare change. The coins fell from his hand His legs eventually gave out and he fell to the floor.

"Well, Mr. McLean..." he heard someone behind him say.

He turned his head "No" he said in fear "No" he said again trying to crawl away from Derek. He finally succumbed and fell to the floor, looking up at Derek in fear before finally passing out.

Metallica’s Enter Sandman played in the maze as Natalie made her way through carefully, knowing at any minute Bradley and Neilson would jump out at her. "Bradley J" she said "Neilson" she said again as she held her hands out in front of her, still pushing fake cobwebs away from her face, smoke floated around her, lights flashing quickly.

"You scare me and I'll make you both watch The Notebook until you crack" she said. “Come on guys, we have to get back to the dance!" she said as a shrouded figure jumped in front of her, she screamed "God! don't do that!" she said hitting them "What is wrong with you?!" she asked. "Alright which one of you is it?" she asked yanking the mask off seeing Damien grinning at her.

"Oh my god" she said in shock "No" she said backing away slowly. She squealed as Derek pushed a cloth to her face, quickly silencing her.