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Author's Chapter Notes:
What happens when two Carters meet, but are not related?
That happened to Beth and Nick.
”Beth! Breakfast!”
”I’ll be down in a minute!”
“We’ll be late! Come on!”
“I said in a minute!”
“Just hurry up!”

You really want to know me, but you really don’t.
I’m not special girl. I’m just Beth. Elizabeth. Eliza. Betty.
You decide what you want to call me.
My godmother Harriet calls me as Beth.
My father called me as Betty.
My best friend Brooke calls me Carter.
Why? Cause that’s my last name.
Everyone thinks I’m related to some famous Carter.
Helena Bonham Carter: No.
Jay Z: No.
Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys: Hell no!
I hope not. At least Harriet told me he’s not.
It would be funny though for thinking about it.
But I had heard rumors I’m related somehow to President of United States: James Earl Carter Jr.

“Are you still wondering about are you related to President?” Harriet asked when stands behind me when I was on my laptop.
“Don’t you know about knocking?” I asked.
“I surely do. I did knock.” Harriet said.
“I must’ve been in my thoughts. It’s driving me crazy. Parents died when I was just a baby. They didn’t have no siblings and no parents. It’s weird.” I said and looked at my laptop screen.
“In your mom’s will, they wanted me to be your guardian and I’ve been happy to do it.” Harriet said.
“You’ve been good to me.” I said smiling and closed the lid of the laptop.
“And you’ve been good to me.” Harriet said smiling and then asks.
“So are we ready to go?”
“Sure. My suitcase is ready.” I said and packed my laptop to my back bag.

Whole day we were traveling. Where are we going, you wonder?
Well earlier I mentioned Nick Carter, right?
So my Godmother bought us both tickets to BSB Cruise.
I’m not big fan of the Backstreet Boys, but they have some good songs.
Harriet is big fan. Her favorite is Kevin.
He’s oldest and same age as she. Who am I kidding? They are not.
My Godmother is older, but age is just a number and Kevin is married.
Harriet once was married. Her husband and my father were NASCAR racers.
When I heard of it, I wanted to become racer just like my dad was.
Harriet thought it was bad idea, but I never gave up on it.
Now I’m professional NASCAR racer. I’m having break from racing. Now I’m going to Cruise.

“This is so exciting. I know Kevin isn’t here, but still this is like dream come true.” Harriet said when we walked in the ship.
“Why am I here again?” I asked when I followed her.
“To meet boys of course.” Harriet said smiling.
“I’m not a fan, Harriet.” I said when we walked the hallway to our cabin.
“But you do listen their music and if I’m correct you once said Nick is cute.” Harriet said smiling.
“Yes because you asked which one of them I think it’s cute.” I said bit too loud to make other fans look at us.
“Little louder, Beth. I don’t think guys heard ya.” Harriet said whispering.

I heard some fans whispering why I’m here if I’m not even a fan.
I kept walking after Harriet to ignore fans.
We found our cabin and walked in.

“It’s bigger than I thought. You can have top bunk.” Harriet said.
“No. I want bottom one” I said and put my stuff on the bottom bunk.
“Oh gosh, Beth. How do you think I’ll get up there?” Harriet asked.
“Ladders, dear Godmother.” I said smiling.
“Oh… Well I don’t think I’m going to sleep at all.” Harriet said.
“Not sleeping? Are you mad?” I asked confused.
“You know there won’t be any sleep on BSB Cruise.” Harriet said and started to change her clothes and redo her make up.
“I’ll go for walk and look around a bit.” I said when walked to our cabin door.
“But we are sailing away soon and first party is about to begin.” Harriet said.
“I’m not mood to party this early.” I said and opened the door.
“Don’t get lost.” Harriet said after me, but I just closed the door behind me.

I decided to go for walk on deck. Everyone was going to this party anyway.
I walked to slide doors and saw two big guys standing there.
One of them sees me and walks to me.

“May I help you?” He asked.
“I was just planning to go walk on deck.” I said.
“I’m sorry, but you can’t right now.” he said.
“Why? What’s going on?” I asked worried.
“Nothing to worry about. We are securing someone.” He said.
“Oh… Well…. I didn’t know you are one of the bodyguards.” I said.
“Yes I am. I’m Mike and that is my brother Q.” He said.
“Nice to meet you, Mike. I’m Elizabeth.” I said.
“Mike? Who’s your friend?” I heard voice behind Mike and he turns to look at the person.
“Just curious fan, Alex.” Mike said.
“Oh… Hi.” AJ said smiling when sees me.
“Hi. I’m not a fan by the way.” I said honestly.
“Really? Then why to come here then?” AJ asked.
“My Godmother is a fan.” I said.
“So what is going on?” AJ asked from Mike.
“She wants to go for walk on deck.” Mike said.
“Then let her. She’s harmless.” AJ said smiling.

Mike nods and moves aside to let me walk through slide doors.
“Thank you.” I said to AJ when we he walked right behind me.
“You are very welcome…” AJ said and wondered my name.
“Elizabeth. My name is Elizabeth.” I sad smiling.
“You look familiar to me.” AJ said.
“If you are into NASCAR then maybe.” I said smiling.
“NASCAR? Like the NASCAR where cars goes around the same loop all the time?” He asked.
“That’s the one.” I said and chuckled.
“You race?” He asked and I nodded.
“Damn. You good?” He asked curious.
“Well maybe you should find out. Google Beth Carter.” I said and walked to another direction from him.


“Who were you talking to?” I asked from AJ when he walked to me and other guys on the deck.
“Just a fan. Nothing else.” AJ said.
“Fan? Why is she going to other way?” Howie asked.
“Does it matter?” AJ asked and got his mic to his hand.
“Not really. There’s plenty other fans to talk to or whatever.” Brian said.
“Alex… Why not say that she’s not a fan?” Mike asked and I looked at him surprised.
“Fan or not, doesn’t matter.” AJ said and we forget about whole thing when we walked to stage or porch… Don’t really know what to call it.

We entertained fans with jokes and singing.
So here we go. Sailing to the sea. Ship full of screaming fans. It’s going to be long 3 days.
I was sing-a-long with guys when suddenly I saw the girl AJ was talking to earlier.
She was far behind all the fans sitting on the bar.
I walked to Mike and shouted loud to him.

“What is the girl’s name that Alex talked to earlier?” I asked.
“Elizabeth. Why?” Mike asked.
“She’s sitting at the bar way back of fans alone. Could you go to the bar and tell bartender to give her another drink what she’s drinking now?” I asked.
“You sure? You haven’t even talk to her.” Mike said.
“Just want to be friendly and show that she’s not alone.” I said smiling and walked back to guys.

I followed with my eyes when Mike walked to the bar where Elizabeth is sitting.
“What is Mike doing?” AJ asked near my ear.
“He went to give another drink to Elizabeth from me.” I said back.
“What? Why?” AJ asked curious.
“Why not? Who wouldn’t want drink from us?” I asked smiling.
“She’s not a fan, Nick.” AJ said and sighed.
“She’s definitely lying. Why is she here anyway?” I asked curious.
“Her Godmother is a fan.” AJ said and turned to fans.

Oh Crap. She must think I’m trying to hitting on her or something.
I looked at the bar and saw that they were not there anymore.


I heard lot of screaming around. Boys must’ve come to say hi to fans.
I decided to walk closer to noises and voices. I saw lot of fans, mostly girls/women.
I sat on the barstool all the way behind all the fans. Bartender walked to me and smiled.

“What can I get you?” He asked.
“Just water. I’m not here to get drunk.” I said and heard boys singing.
“Why not go up there closer to boys?” He asked and gave me glass of water.
“I’m not a fan.” I answered honestly.
“You here with someone who is?” He asked.
“Yeah. She didn’t want to come alone and her friends don’t like Backstreet Boys. So she asked me to join her and of course she’s my guardian.” I said before drank my water and then I noticed Mike walking directly to me.
“Hey Elizabeth.” Mike said and sits next to me.
“Hi Mike.” I answered.
“Drinking water?” Mike asked.
“Yeah. What’s up, Mike?” I asked.
“Nick asked me to give you another drink what you are drinking now.” Mike said.
“Wow. He got balls. You can go back to tell him to shove that to his ass.” I said and walked away back to the deck to enjoy the breeze.

I really love the ocean. It’s most beautiful thing in the whole world, but same time very dangerous.
It was calm if there wasn’t any loud music and screaming.
I heard slide doors open and turned to look at the direction.
It’s AJ and Q. He lights his cigarette, but then doors opens again.
This time it’s Nick with Mike. I hid behind the corner and trying to listen.

“Fans are so loud. Q and Mike. Go inside to guard the door.” Nick said and I heard slide doors open and close.
“So what else did you talked to Elizabeth?” Nick asked. Great. Isn’t this just wonderful.
“Nothing much. She’s driver.” AJ said.
“We are all are drivers.” Nick said and I had to scroll my eyes. He’s so blonde.
“NASCAR driver.” AJ said.
“NASCAR? Cars going around the same loop over and over again?” Nick questioned.
“Yes, Nick. That’s the one.” AJ said. I had to peek a little behind the corner. They don’t see me.
”She does look familiar, right?” AJ asked.
“I don’t watch NASCAR.” Nick said.
“Does Beth Carter saying anything to you?” AJ asked.
“Her last name is Carter?” Nick asked.
“That’s what she said.” AJ said.
“She’s just lying. That’s what fans are doing to get attention.” Nick said.

I moved away to stay hidden and kept listening. Nick’s so annoying.
“Should we google her?” AJ asked.
“Are you serious?” Nick asked.
“Always.” AJ said.

Then I didn’t hear their talking clear enough. Slide doors opened and then closed.
Why is this happen to me? I waited few minutes before decided it was safe to leave.
I walked to my cabin and checked the schedule of the cruise.
When ship arrives to destination, I’m out of here. Godmother can’t even stop me.
I looked at the time and wondered where Harriet is. She must have time of her life.
2 hours later she arrived to cabin.

“Beth. How was your walk?” she asked smiling.
“I met one of them.” I said when I was typing on my laptop.
“What? When? Who?” Harriet asked.
“AJ. He was on the deck outside. Just had small talk.” I said.
“Oh Beth… I’m so jealous. He so sexy.” Harriet said.
“Oh god, Harriet. He’s 10 years younger than you.” I said and sighed.
“So? Age is just a number.” Harriet said and started to change.
“Changing again?” I asked.
“Of course. It’s almost time to Game Night.” Harriet said.
“Game Night?” I asked.
“Yes. Oh by the way, I put your name to list for chance to be Nick’s dream girl tonight.” Harriet said smiling.
“You did what?” I asked shocked.
“You heard me. Date game.” Harriet said…
“Excuse me… You put my what to what list again?” I asked furious.
“Oh come on, Beth. Have some fun. It’ll be fun. You never met him before.” Harriet said and I just stayed still to say nothing.
“Beth. Get ready.” Harriet said.
“I hate you.” I said and shook my head.


“When I call your name please come to stage.” woman talked to mic and called 2 fans to stage first. Crap. I just hate Harriet.
“Elizabeth Carter from Texas.” She called my name.
“Wow… Interesting last name you have. Where you at?” She looked whole area to look for me.

I was sitting still until Harriet lifts her hand.
“She’s here right next to me.” Harriet said.
“Whatta fuck, Harriet?” I said in silent voice.
“Just go up there. What could go wrong?” she asked and pulls me up.

I rolled my eyes and walked to stage.
“Have a seat next to other 2 fans.” woman with the mic said to me.

I did what she said and looked at the other 2 girls on my left. Crap. They are the same ones that heard me on the hallway.
“I’m curious.” one of the girls said when looked at me.
“And that is?” I asked.
“Are you or are you not a fan?” she asked. I only smiled at her.
“Don’t mind her. Nick is not going to pick her.” other girl said in Aussie accent.
“Now we need Nick on stage. Nicholas? Come out.” woman said to mic.

We didn’t see him and he didn’t see us. There was wall between us. Fans starts to whistle and shout “I love you, Nick!”
“Hey… Am I late?” Nick talked to mic and sounded happy.
“As always. Okay Nick. Are you ready to meet your dream girl?” Woman talked to mic.
“Yes, but I can’t see them.” Nick said to mic. Moron…
“In time you will. Need to ask some questions first.” woman said to mic.
“Awesome, Jenny. I’m ready. May I hear their names and where they are from?” Nick said.
“Sure… Even though you could’ve heard me saying their names.” Jenny said to mic.
“I was in the bathroom and I was listening my iPod.” Nick said laughing.
“Okay first girl’s name is Amber. She’s from Louisiana.” Jenny said to mic.
“Hello Louisiana.” Nick said to mic.
“Hi Nick.” Amber said in shy voice.
“Second girl is Tori from Australia.” Jenny said.
“Hello Tori. You are long away from home.” Nick said chuckling and Tori said also hi in shy voice.
“You are going to like the next one.” Jenny said. Oh shit… Is she for really?
“Let her say her name” Nick said curiously and waited me to answer.

I looked at other 2 girls and they looked pissed.
“Girl number three. What’s your name?” Jenny said and I looked at her before shaking my head for no.
“We got silence one. Her name is Elizabeth. She’s from Texas.” Jenny said.
“Hello Elizabeth. Alex met girl named as Elizabeth today. How weird is that?” Nick said to mic and I get embarrassed.
“Maybe she is the same one. Nick no… No peeking.” Jenny said to mic and fans laughed.
“Sorry. I’m just curious.” Nick said chuckling.
“Okay Nick. First question to girls.” Jenny said.
“Alright. Let see.” Nick said and hummed while thinking.

I was kind of nervous. I didn’t want to sit here. I see Harriet smiling at me. Bitch.
“Here’s good one. Weirdest place you been kissing with somebody?” Nick asked.

Girls were answering first very shy and then was my turn. What am I going to answer?
“Okay Elizabeth. Going to answer?” Jenny asked and I thought for second before moving closer to mic to talk first time whole “Date Game”.
“Do I have to answer?” I asked frustrated.
“Yes you do. Come on, Betty.” Nick said to mic.
“Fine… Don’t call me Betty. Answer to your question is I’ve never been kissed someone.” I said lying. Weirdest place I kissed someone was back of my race car…
“Really? Never?” Nick questioned for make sure, but I stayed quiet.
“That’s her answer. Moving to next question.” Jenny said.
“This should be easy. What’s your favorite animal and why?” Nick asked.
Like in the first question, Tori and Amber answered first and then turned to me listen my answer.
“You got to have favorite animal, Texas.” Nick said chuckling.
“I do have favorite animal. Dolphins and sharks. And why? Because they are most amazing animals in the ocean and I love ocean.” I answered honest.
“Good answer. Nick likes ocean too.” Jenny said smiling.
“That was good answer Texas. Jenny… I love ocean.” Nick said correcting Jenny.
“Sorry, Nicky.” Jenny said.
“Is this going to be last question?” Nick asked.
“Yes. Choose wisely what you ask.” Jenny said.
“What is your favorite pos… No… I’m not asking that Alex!” Nick shouted.
“Wuss!” I heard AJ yell somewhere.
“Alright Nick… Girls are waiting.” Jenny said.
“Okay… How long you’ve been fan?” Nick asked.

Oh great. Just perfect. Why this question?
“I’ve been fan since ’97.” Amber answered.
“13 years now… How about you Tori?” Jenny asked.
“Since ’99.” Tori answered.
“Those are good years.” Nick said.
“Elizabeth?” Jenny said and looked at me.

I looked at Amber and Tori. They were smirking. What should I say?
“She’s thinking.” Jenny said to Nick.
“How hard is that question?” Nick asked.
“Let me go ask her.” Jenny said and walked to me. We put our mics aside so no one heard us.
“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked.
“I want to get off this stage.” I said.
“Why?” Jenny asked.
“I’m not a fan.” I said quietly.
“Then why was your name on the list?” Jenny asked.
“My Godmother put it there. What should I say?” I asked helpless.
“It’s okay. Just be honest. Nick respects honesty.” Jenny said and walked off.

I looked at the mic and lean to answer saying, “I’m not a fan”.
There was small silence until everyone in the audience started gasph and talk in shock.
I didn’t hear anything. Jenny shouted to mic to make everyone to be silence.
I was so embarrassed.

“Did I hear correct? You are not fan, Texas?” Nick asked and I moved closer to mic answer.
“You heard correct. I’m not.” I said.
“Interesting… So you are the same Elizabeth Alex met?” Nick asked, but I didn’t answer.
“If Nick is choosing her, ugh…” I heard Tori saying to Amber.
“Would it help if I said that I have heard your music all my life?” I asked and ignored his question.
“Not fan, but heard our music?” Nick questioned.
“Yes. I’ll blame my Godmother. Thanks Harriet.” I said to mic and stared at Harriet.
“Oh. Could Elizabeth’s Godmother stand up?” Nick asked.
“Oh no. Please don’t…” I said quietly to myself, but Harriet stood up.
“There she is. Hi Harriet.” Nick said to mic and Jenny walked to Harriet with mic.
“Hi. How are you, Nick?” Harriet asked.
“I’m good. I can’t wait meet your Goddaughter.” Nick said and I groaned.
“She’s very sweet girl. I’ve had her since she was only 1 year old.” Harriet said smiling.

Oh great. Now she’s going to tell him my whole life.
“So is she a fan?” Nick asked and I shook my head to Harriet for no.
“She doesn’t want to admit that she is. She likes the song The Shape of My Heart.” Harriet said.

I looked at Harriet shocked. I couldn’t stay no more. I stood up and walked off the stage.
“Beth? Where are you going?” I heard Harriet shouting after me. I just kept running out through double doors.


When I heard Harriet shouting after Elizabeth, I got curious.
“Jenny? Did she just left?” I asked.
“Yeah. She looked upset and mad too. Her Godmother Harriet left after her.” Jenny said.

I muted my mic and leaned to Jenny.
“I was going to choose her.” I said quietly and seriously.
“Seriously Nick? She’s mostly oddest one.” Jenny said quietly.
“That’s the reason. She’s mysterious.” I said.
“Want to know her last name?” Jenny asked and I only nodded.
“Her last name is Carter.” Jenny said and my look change to shock.
“Seriously?” I asked.
“Yes.” She said and I walked off the stage to back stage.
“Nick? Where are you going?” Jenny shouted after me.

I didn’t stop walking until I find Mike or AJ.
I didn’t care shit what fans thought of me now.
“Nick!” Brian yelled my name behind me when I past him.
“Have you seen Alex?” I asked and looked around.
“No, but he is going to stage next. What’s wrong?” Brian asked.
“Have you heard of NASCAR racer name Beth Carter?” I asked.
“No and I don’t watch NASCAR.” Brian said.
“The Texas girl in the stage, one of the fans, She’s Beth Carter. NASCAR racer. Same one Alex talked to.” I said and kept looking around.
“Someone got little crush on someone.” Brian said chuckling.
“Shut up. I never met her face to face. I never talked to her.” I said.
“You did talk to her in stage. Only wall between you two. Why are you acting like this?” Brian asked.
“I was going to choose her.” I said honestly.
“You want to find her, right?” Brian asked.
“Of course. I just want to talk to her. I’ve must had made her day awful.” I said and then I see Mike.
“Mike? Come here for minute.” I said and Mike walk to us.
“Could you go find out which cabin Beth Carter stays in?” I asked.
“First drink and now cabin.” Mike said.
“Please Mike. I need to talk to her.” I begged and Mike walked to Jenny.
“You order her drink? When?” Brian asked.
“Sail Away “ Opening Party.” I answered.
“But you were on stage with us.” Brian said.
“I asked Mike to do it for me.” I said.
“Nick!?” Jenny called my name.
“What?” I asked.
“You need to go back there.” Jenny said.
“Why? So I can embarrass myself front of fans?” I asked.
“Of course not. I told them you just needed to have a break.” Jenny said.
“Do I really have to?” I asked.
“Yes. You need to have picture with other girls.” Jenny said.
“And tell them I chose Elizabeth, the No fan girl?” I asked.
“They deserve to know. Come on.” Jenny said and we walked back to stage.

After talking to other 2 girls on stage and taking pictures, I talked to AJ for minute before was his turn to pick his dream girl.
“You got all freak out earlier. Brian told me and Howie.” AJ said.
“I wouldn’t say freak out. One of the girls on stage was Elizabeth. Same girl that you were talking to.” I said.
“Really? Holy shit…” AJ said smirking.
“She was the one running off the stage.” I explained.
“Good thing you never asked their favorite position.” AJ said chuckling.
“Shut up, Alex. I wasn’t never going to ask that. I’m not that dirty.” I said and then Jenny comes to us with Mike.
“I talked to crew and they are finding out which cabin Elizabeth is staying.” Mike said.
“When you find out which, could you go tell her I want to talk to her?” I asked and he looked at me crazy.
“I’m not your slave.” Mike said.
“Oh come on, Mike… I won’t bother you with these favors.” I begged.
“Fine, but if she doesn’t want to see you, you leave her alone.” Mike said pointing at me and walked away.
“I think I’m going to follow him now. Just in case.” I said to Jenny and Alex.
“You seriously have crush on her.” AJ said.
“No I don’t.” I admit.
“That’s not what Brian said.” AJ said smiling.
“Get ready to go on stage, Alex.” Jenny said and walked to stage get everything ready.
“Don’t tell Brian or Howie that I followed Mike to see where Beth is.” I said.
“Sure thing. Go before someone sees you.” Alex said.
“Tell others I just gone to my cabin.” I said and turned to walk away.
“Take Q with you just in case.” Alex said.
“After I know which cabin she is staying.” I said and hurried to follow Mike.


I ran straight to my cabin. I wasn’t going to come out.
I started to pack everything for the next day.
Cabin door opened and Harriet walked in.

“What’s the matter with you running away like that?” She asked.
“Cause of you. I told you many times. I’m. Not. A. Fan.” I said pissed tone.
“Well I’m sorry. I was just wanted you to have fun.” Harriet said.

I put my laptop to my back bag.
“Fun? As fun as making fun of me front of all fans and mostly front of Nick?” I asked.
“Why are you packing?” She asked.
“I’m leaving tomorrow. That’s why I’m packing.” I said.
“We are middle of the ocean. Place where we are going, there is no airports.” Harriet said.
“I’ll figure it out to find a way to get home somehow.” I said.
“Oh Beth… I’m really sorry. I’ve shouldn’t put your name on that Date Game list.” Harriet said in sad voice and sat on the chair.
“I never should’ve come here.” I said honestly.

She was about to say something, but there’s knock on the door.
“Someone followed you.” I said when walked to door and looked through the peephole.
“Oh great… It’s Mike.” I said and sighed.
“Mike? As bodyguard Mike?” Harriet asked excited and rushed pass me to look through peephole.
“Oh My… I wonder what he wants.” Harriet said quietly.
“Do not open the door.” I commanded her quietly.

Harriet only smiled and opened the door.
“Yes?” Harriet questioned when saw Mike.
“I’m looking for Beth Carter. Is this her cabin?” Mike asked.

I hid to bathroom and listened.
“Yes. She’s right the…” Harriet said and turned to see me going to bathroom.
“Mr. Carter is looking for her. He really needs to talk to her.” Mike said.
“What for? They never met.” Harriet asked.
“Well he was going to choose her to be his dream girl.” Mike said.

I walked out the bathroom shocked.
“He what?” I asked.
“Elizabeth. Nice to finally finding you. Nick chose you to be his dream girl.” Mike said.
“He did not?” I questioned shocked.
“He did. Everyone in the ship knows. He went back to stage…” Mike said, but I stopped him continue talking.
“Wait… Went back to stage?” I questioned.
“Yeah… Looking for me to find out which cabin you are staying at after finding out who you are. And now I’m here.” Mike said.
“I don’t want to be his dream girl. He should choose between Tori or Amber.” I said.
“Why won’t you tell him that by yourself?” Harriet asked.
“Because I don’t want to talk to him.” I said and sat to bottom bunk.
“Why?” Harriet asked.
“Cause he said I’m liar.” I said.
“When did he say that?” Mike asked curious.

I looked up at to him.
“When he and Alex were on the deck outside. You and your brother were standing at the door guarding.” I said.
“That son of…” Mike said pissed tone.
“Beth… Talk to him. Maybe he wants to apologize.” Harriet said.

I couldn’t believe she thought that it’s good idea.
“If you want, I can send him a message from you, Beth.” Mike said.
“Like you did tell him to shove the drink order to his ugly ass?” I asked so annoyed.
“I never told him that.” Mike said.
“Great. This is the one of the reasons I want to leave.” I said and sighed.
“You leaving? How? We are middle of the ocean.” Mike said surprised.
“That’s not your problem.” I said.
“Okay. I have an idea. Would you talk to Alex?” Mike asked.

Harriet and Mike both looked at me hopeful. Mostly Harriet.
I sighed and nodded.
“Excellent. I’ll go get him and bring him here when whole Date Game Night is over.” Mike said.
“Make sure Nick is not following.” I said after him when he opened the cabin door.
“Of course.” Mike said and walked out.

Harriet closed the door after Mike walked out and sighed.
“Beth… This is my fault. You should not be mad at Nick.” Harriet said.
“I’ll talk to Alex and see how it goes.” I said ad started to change my clothes.
“Talk about what?” Harriet asked.
“I don’t know. Stuff.” I said and put high heel boots on.
“Well I can’t wait to meet him.” Harriet said and started to fix her make up.
“Actually. I want to talk to him alone.” I said.
“Oh come on… You know how much I like to meet him. Not fair.” she said and pouted.
“I promise after our talk you can meet him. Now please go.” I begged.
“Okay. Tell him I want to meet him.” Harriet said.
“I promise.” I said.

She smiled and walked out of our cabin room.
I have to admit that she’s too excited about meeting AJ.
He is just normal guy. All of them are.
I can’t understand what fans are seeing on them.
I waited about 5 to 10 minutes and there was knock on the door.
I thought AJ and Mike are here cause I didn’t look through peephole. I should have.


When she opened the door, she looked surprised and shocked.
None of us talked. We were silent and just looked at each other.
This is damn awkward. What should I tell the girl that I never met, but only talked through wall?
It’s needs to be me talking first so here I go.

“I’m sorry I was cruel.” I said and she stayed silent still.
“No one knows I’m here except Alex and Q.” I said and notice her look at Q.
“Can I come in and talk with you?” I asked and she just looks at Q when she talks.
“What you think I should do, Q?” she asked from Q.
“Don’t ask me. I’m only his bodyguard.” Q said.

She turned to look at me and sighed.
“I don’t really have anything to say to you.” she said.
“You don’t have to. Just listen what I want to say to you.” I said begging.
“I give you 1 minute.” she said and let me walk in.

She closed the door after I walked in and she turned to look at me.
“Leaving already?” I asked and pointed to her packed suitcase, but she only stayed silent.
“Okay… I presume you know I chose you.” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“Cause you are not a fan.” he said.
“Would’ve you still choose if I was?” she asked.
“Well we got lot of common.” I said.
“Like what?” She asked.
“We both like ocean. You said your favorite animals are dolphins and sharks because of the ocean.” I said smiling and she looked surprised.
“And this might sound stupid or crazy, but I like your last name.”
“Time’s up.” she said and opened the door.
“It can’t be gone 1 minute already.” I said and stand still.
“Please just go.” she begged and opened the door.
“No. I still got 15 seconds at least.” I said and pushed the door shut.
“You are jerk.” she said and moved to sit on the bottom bunk.
“I know and I came here to say I’m sorry.” I said and looked at her.
“10 seconds.” she said reminding me.
“Was Harriet even telling the truth about liking the song?” I asked.
“Yes. 5 seconds” she said and kept her look on the floor to her foot.
“That’s what I wanted to hear. So would you still be my dream girl?” I asked.
“No. Time’s up.” she said.
“Beth…” I called her, but she looked mad to call her like that.
“Sorry… Elizabeth. I’m really trying here to ask forgiveness.” I said and moved to crotch to front of her.
“You told Alex I was liar. You don’t even know me. You can shove the fucking apology to your fucking ass. Now get the fuck out!” she yelled at me and tried to push me.
“I’ll do anything until you forgive me. What you want me to do?” I asked.

She tried to push me near to the door, but I was too strong for her to make me move.
“There’s nothing you can do.” she said.
“There’s gotta be.” I said.
“Seriously, Nick. We never met. We never talked except the time on stage.” she said.
“We can change that. Starting over.” I said.
“You can’t. We can’t. Please go. That’s what I want.” she said.
“Okay. Just don’t go away. Stay to be with Harriet. I’ll stay away if that’s what you want.” I said.
“Your fans doesn’t even like me. Tori and Amber… They totally dislike me.” she said.
“Tori and Amber? Who are those?” I asked and she looked at me surprised.
“Seriously? You don’t remember?” she asked.
“Other two on stage?” I asked.
“Yes. They dislike me right away when Harriet and I walked on those hallways.” she said and pointed to direction of the door.
“I surely dislike them. No wonder I don’t remember their names.” I said and looked at her.
“What do you remember?” she asked.
“I remember only your answers, Texas.” I said smiling.
“Oh God… My answers sucked.” she said.
“I still can’t believe you haven’t kissed someone.” I said.
“That was a lie. I had.”
“I totally understand why you lied. You are not a fan so you thought it’s not our business to know.”
“Exactly.” she said.
“Okay… Still want me to go?” I asked.
“You kind of have to.” she said and sighed, but smiled.
“I do, do I?” I said chuckling and she nodded.
“Well… Welcome to Cruise.” I said and walked to the door.
“Thank you. It was kind of nice to meet you.” she said smiling when followed me to the door.
“It really was. Try to have good time.” I said when opened the door and there was AJ, Mike and Q behind it.
“All okay?” Q asked and nodded.
“Yeah. Everything is okay. Take care, Beth.” I said and turned to look at her.
“You too Nick. Bye.” She said smiling and waved.

Q and I stayed a side to wait AJ coming back. I overheard him and Beth talking little bit.
“Is all okay” AJ asked.
“Yeah. We talked and… Stuff.” She said and smiled to my direction.
“Huh… Well I’m not needed here after all then.” AJ said.
“Maybe you could stay and meet my godmother.” she said.
“Later. We have some things to do.” AJ said and pointed to my and Q’s direction.
“Great. You know where to find us.” She said smiling and they said goodbye.


It’s been 2 months since I met Beth. I googled her and read everything about her.
I didn’t do it cause of her last name is Carter like mine. I was very curious about her career.
She’s the only female driver in the NASCAR race.
I started to search where the last race of the year is.
I did gone to look for her from Texas, but they said she’s in the Vegas so I decided to go Vegas and meet her again.
I bought VIP and All Access ticket to that last race. I walked to VIP area to watch the race.
I didn’t want everyone to know I was there of course. Who knows if there are fans around.
I noticed man wearing race team jacket that says CARTER behind and suit man that looked like business man. I stand up and walked to them.

“Excuse me. I have a question.” I said when they turned to look at me.
“Holy shit. You are Nick Carter. What brings you here?” Business man asked.
“Uhmmm… This sounds crazy, but I came here to see Beth Carter.” I said smiling.
“Oh… I’m heading to her garage. I’m her manager. Cliff Jordan.” He said when offered his hand and I shake it.
“Nice to meet you.” I said.
“How you know Beth?” Cliff asked.
“I once met her on the ocean. So can I meet her?” I asked smiling.
“On the ocean? That’s new way to meet someone. Sure. Follow us.” Cliff said and we walked after the team guy who wear jacket that got CARTER on it.
“Is he Carter too?” I asked from Cliff quietly.
“No. He’s changing her tires. Just a team mate.” Cliff said.
“Cool.” I only said and followed them to the huge garage door that are bigger than house garage doors.
“You should wait here.” Cliff said and I nodded.


“How fast did you go yesterday?” My team mate Chuck asked when we read monitors.
“Not fast enough. Parkers are much faster. I think I need to have one more ride before race.” I said.
“We do our best. I’ll go let them know you want to go ride few rounds.” Chuck said and turned around, but stayed still.
“What?” I asked.
“Cliff is here.” Chuck said and I turned to look at Cliff.
“Hey Cliff.” I said and smiled.
“Are you ready for the race?” Cliff asked.
“My car is not fast enough. Parkers are killing their time.” I said and walked to my car.
“Well it’s not always about how fast you go. Your father once said that before you were born.”
“I know Cliff.” I said and put helmet on.
“Going to the track?” Cliff asked.
“Yeah. I need few more practice rounds.” I said and put gloves on.
“You have visitor.” Cliff said.
“I don’t have time for fat drunks.” I said and sighed.
“This one is not fat or drunk. This guy met you on the ocean.” Cliff said and I froze when Cliff said that.
“Not my words. His. He’s outside waiting to meet you.” Cliff said and I turned to look at Cliff when I removed helmet off.
“He’s what? Oh shit.” I said and walked away.
“Bethany… Where are you going?” Cliff asked after me.
“Cliff? She can go to track now.” Chuck said when I sat on the chair near the monitors.
“Just give us a minute.” Cliff said.

I couldn’t believe he’s here. No… He could be also AJ or Brian.
No… It’s got be Nick. Should I meet him?
“Bethany… You okay?” Cliff asked and looked at me worried.
“What’s the name of the visitor?” I asked.
“Carter. Nick Carter.” Cliff said.
“Oh shit. What is he doing here?” I asked.
“He’s here to meeting you. Shall I ask him here?” Cliff asked.
“I’ll go meet him myself.” I said when I put helmet and gloves to aside before walked outside and saw him leaning his back to wall, phone in his hand.

I walked to him and got his attention by coughing.
“Hey Beth.” He said and stands up straighter and put his cellphone to his pocket.
“Hey Nick. What brings you here from all other places?” I asked.
“Want honest answer?” Nick asked.
“Yeah. I really do.” I said.
“Okay. I googled you. I searched your schedule where you’ll be. I even went to Texas to see if you were there.” He said and put sunglasses on.
“You are basically stalking me.” I said smiling.
“I wouldn’t say that. I’m just curious and wanted to see you. I never went to see NASCAR race before so I thought why not.” He said in honest.
“I was just about to go ride few rounds to track.” I said smiling and pointed my car.
“Cool. Good luck.” Nick said smiling and turned to walk away.
“Nick?” I questioned and stopped him.
“Want to come and stay in to my garage?” I asked.
“You sure? I don’t want to be on the way.” He said.
“You are not. Come on.” I said and pulled him with me to garage.

I introduced him to everyone. They all made fun of me how we sometimes listen Backstreet Boys songs before race starts. This time I begged we do not do that, but Chuck didn’t listen and put Everybody on to radio. I looked at to Nick embarrassed and mouthed him “I’m sorry”.
30 minutes had passed and I needed to go on track getting ready for the race.


Beth looked very sexy wearing her racing suit. I never thought woman could look so hot on racing suit. What the hell am I saying?
“10 more rounds and Andy Parker is still in lead! Beth Carter right in his tail!” sport caster announced. She was so close to pass this Parker guy.
“Right behind Carter is Tony Walker. Looks like he got difficulties to pass her. Oh my God! Can we zoom to Hendez’s car? He lost control of his car and hit the wall and so many other cars behind him. This is awful accident. Everyone is asked to move to their garage.” sport caster said.

This NASCAR thing is dangerous. How could she do this for living?
Everyone was ready when she drove back to garage.
“Beth? You okay?” Cliff asked when she got out her car.
“How long is it going to take to get those cars off the track?” she only asked.
“You know how long. 30 minutes. Get some water and sit down. We are going to check your car.” Cliff said and pointed mechanic.

Everyone was so busy around her car. I looked at her when she sat on the chair and drank some water. I walked closer to her.
“Hey. You okay?” I asked.
“That Parker is so fast. I have no chance to pass him. Chuck! Come here!” She shouted and Chuck ran to her.
“What can we do to make my car go faster?” She asked.

Chuck started to explain some car things for her that I didn’t understand.
He and she planned some things.
“We do that. Just save it to the end. Try to stay near to Andy.” Chuck explained to her.
She nods and drank the water. When they were finished talking, she turns to look at me.
“I’m sorry I’m not very mood to talk now. I need to focus on how to pass him.” Beth said and nodded her head to direction to other garage where was bad boy looking guy near his car.
“That’s Andy Parker?” I asked.
“Yeah. He’s been winning since I started. I just want to kick his ass once.” Beth said.
“It’s okay. I always wanted to win Grammy, but never won. Only been nominated.” I said smiling.
“That’s totally different. I’m controlling the wheel.” she said and drank more of her water.
“I believe in you.” I said confidently.
“Thanks. I need to go now. Wish me good luck.” she said smiling.
“Good luck, Beth.” I said and gave kiss to her cheek.

She let me kiss her cheek and smiled.
“For the good luck?” she asked.
“Sure.” I said and nodded.
“Thanks. See you soon” she said and walked to her car.
I couldn’t help myself. I had to check her ass.
Her ass looked really good on those race suit. She’s damn hot. I’m crazy, right?
I shouldn’t be into her. We met once, had a fight…
I’m going so crazy, but damn she’s so beautiful.

“Drivers are getting back to track. 10 laps to go. When light goes green they can go. Parker on the lead. Carter second. Walker third. Anything can happen in 10 laps. Cars are lapping track once before real race starts. Here they come and green goes light. They are off.” sport caster said.

I watched the race on the TV. Chuck and other mechanics removed some un-needed parts from her car to make it faster. I was afraid that it’s not going to work.
“Come on, Bethany… You can do it.” Chuck said.
“Is she going to be okay when you removed some parts?” I asked curious.
“It was her idea. It’s risky, but it’ll make her faster.” Chuck explained.
“Risky? How risky?” I asked.
“When she gets to 155 miles an hour she’ll be fine…” Chuck said and looked at the TV.
“What will happen if she goes over 155?” I asked.
“Nothing, but if she gets to 186, engine won’t like it. She only needs to gas it to 170 in the last lap.” Chuck explained and didn’t look away from TV screen. I was chocked what kind of risk she took.

“2 laps to go and Carter is right in Parker’s tail. He don’t look very happy. They’ve been hating each other since 2005. Carter has always wanted to beat him ever since.” sport caster said.
“Beth? Can you hear us?” Chuck asked when was holding headset to his ear and mic to his mouth.
“I’m here, Chuck. Just focusing on this douchebag.” Beth’s voice came from the stereo.
“You know what to do. Just remember what we planned, Okay?” Chuck said.
“Roger, base. Gotta go. Carter Out.” Beth said and connection went off.

It was terrified to watch her driving. They started to drive last lap.
“One more lap to go. Look how fast Carter goes. What is going on? She’s almost passing Parker. They are neck to neck near the last turn. This is going to be close. Parker is still on the lead by with 2 seconds. Can Carter finally pass and win him?” sport caster asked.
It was weird to hear my last name called when they were only using Beth’s last name.
I had to be honest. She’s really good driver.


Last turn and I’m going almost 180 miles. If I pass 186… I might lose the engine and loss the race.
I was very neck to neck with Andy and I can see him looking at me once for being annoyed.
I smiled to him when we both were near the finish line.
“Come on car.” I talked to myself and gas the paddle before passing the finish line.
I let the breath go out of me. I can now relax. I really didn’t know what happened. Did I win or did I come to second place like always did.
I couldn’t watch the big screen to look at the results. I only drove around the track few times until I drove back to garage. I stopped the car and shut the engine before getting out the car.
“Beth! You fucking did it! Holy shit!” Cliff said excited.
“What? I won?” I asked shocked.
“Yes! Look!” Cliff said and pointed to big screen where was my name on the 1st place.
“Oh My God!” I said shouting and started to jump excited with my team.
“Holy fuck! I finally did it!” I shouted and took helmet off.

I was smiling so happy. I finally won Andy’s ass! I turned to look for Chuck, but Nick was standing behind me smiling wide.
“Wow! That was awesome! You were awesome!” he cheered excited.
I didn’t say anything to him. I pull him close to me and kissed him deeply.
Everyone around us was cheering and celebrating. I finally pulled away from the kiss and looked up to him. I’ve might of cross the line to kiss him like that. Everyone around us now pulled me aside to go get my trophy. I looked at Nick once more and he was smiling like a kid.


There she was, standing on the first place platform very happy. I really can’t believe she kissed me.
Was there really something going on between us? I stayed back to let people to graduate her for the win. I look at the time on my watch and notice that it was time for me to go airport to catch my flight. I walked to Cliff and tapped his shoulder.
“Hey man. I need to go. I have plane to catch.” I said.
“Oh well was nice meeting you. Aren’t you going to say bye to Beth?” he asked.
“I think I said goodbye already. Can you give her this?” I asked and gave him my business card.
“Sure thing. I’ll make sure she gets it.” He said and I walked out of the place to outside.

I walked to cab stop area and stand there good 5 minutes when someone touched my hand.
I turn around and saw Beth standing there smiling still wearing racing suit on her.
“Going already?” she asked.
“I got flight to catch.” I said smiling.
“Not saying goodbye to me?” she asked.
“Well I didn’t want to be on your way. You just won the freaking champion.” I said excited.
“Yeah. I want you to stay and celebrate it with me. Not to just go and leave.” she said.
“You really want me to stay?” I asked surprised.
“Why not? I know you want to stay.” she said smiling.
“Yeah I do, but I got flight to catch. Need to finish my solo record and then heading to tour with New Kids and boys.” I said smiling.
“Wow… You are busy guy.” Beth said.
“Yeah… So…” I said and looked at her curious.
“About the kiss…”
“I know. I cross the line. I shouldn’t do that.” she said.
“It’s okay. It surprised me. That’s all.” I said smiling.
“I have a question.” she said and I nodded to let her ask.
“Can you delay your flight for tomorrow?” she asked and I didn’t know what to really say except,
“Beth… I would love to stay, but I can’t delay my flight. I have meetings tomorrow to go to.” I said honestly as good as possible.
“Okay. I understand. Thanks for coming. I might call you.” she said and walked back to inside.

I just looked at her walk away, but then I ran after her.
“Beth. Wait.” I said and stopped her at the door that goes to tracks.
I was lucky no one wasn’t there. Thing I was about to do wasn’t to no one else to see.
I pulled her aside to dark, empty corner and looked at her.
“What? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you going?” she asked.
“Because I need to say goodbye.” I said and leaned closer to her lips and kissed her gently.

She didn’t push me away or slap me. That was good sign.
I manage to cancel the meetings for the next day and delay my flight for few days.
I asked Beth out on a date next day after her winning the NASCAR champion.
Date went so well that we went to another date week from our first one.
Then there was third and the fourth. This happened for 4 whole months.
We decided to be very discreet about our relationship.
Beth decided to come with me to NKOTBSB Tour.
When we were around the people, we acted like we were good friends.
People kept asking if we were dating, but we denied it.
It was kind of exciting to be discreet and have secrecy.

After tour was over, we started to get even more serious about our relationship.
I even asked her to move in with me after tour is over. Of course she said yes.
It was 2 weeks before Halloween, we’ve been dating 8 months already and I decided it was time for serious conversation while we were one Friday night cuddling on our bed.

“Beth?” I questioned whispering.
“What?” She asked.
“Would you think it would…” I tried to say words correctly, but I sucked because I was nervous.
“You okay?” She asked.
“Yes. Trying to ask a question.” I said and she laughed.
“Try again.” She begged and turned to look at me.
“Do you think it’s time to tell whole world about us?” I asked and looked at her all seriousness.
“Wow… It’s going to be huge shock to the whole world to know that two Carters are dating and we are not even related.” She said smiling.
“Let them be shocked. I don’t fucking care if it’s crazy. Beth…” I said and looked to her eyes.
“What? It is crazy. Really crazy, crazy. Carter and Carter together. Doesn’t that sound crazy?” she asked.
“Beth…” I tried to get her attention to look at me.
“What would fans think? They know who I am… They wouldn’t like me being with you. They would only think we are dating cause we are both Carters and it’s easy that way to get married if we get there.” Beth started to talk fast enough to not make any sense.
“Beth…” I said when touched her face and turned her to look at me.
“What?” She asked.
“You are fast talking again. I want to tell you something. Something I wanted to tell you few weeks now.” I said and smiled to her.
“What?” She asked again same question.
“Beth… I love you.” I said when looked at to her eyes and smiled to her.
“You what?” She asked shocked.
“You heard me right. I love you, Elizabeth.” I said smiling.
“You do not. You are crazy.” she said and got off the bed.

Damn she looked so sexy when she’s naked.
“I’m not crazy. I really love you and if I was crazy, it only means I’m crazy about you.” I said smiling.
She turned to look at me.
“Nick… How long you’ve been knowing you love me?” she asked.
“Long enough.” I said and got up off the bed also and walked to her.
“Beth, listen. You don’t need to say the words to me. I just want you to know I love you.” I said and pulled her close to me.

Our naked bodies touched each other skins.
“Oh Nick… We’ve known each other 8 months. I have wonderful time with you.” she said and was shivering.
“So you don’t want this to be serious? You are living with me for God sake.” I said and sighed.
“Of course I do want it to be serious, Nick. As you said we are keeping this discreet and secret. I love every moment of it. It’s just too soon for me to say those words.” she said and started to fast talk again and I chuckled.
“What? Why are you laughing now?” she asked.
“I love it when you get all nervous, you start to fast talk. So cute.” I said smiling.
“I’m very serious now. I’m having wonderful time with you. And Oh My God the sex… There’s no words to describe how good it is.” She said smiling and put her hands behind my neck.
“That’s good to know. How about we go back to bed and see what kind of words we can use to describe our sex?” I said flirting and lift her to my arms.
“You are so full of shit.” She said giggling and I carried her to bed.
“Am I full of shit when I say I love you?” I asked and started to kiss her body.
“Hmmm… Definitely then.” she said smiling.
“Beth… Whenever you are ready, you just tell me the words. I’ll wait for you forever and forever.” I said and looked at to her eyes when I was on top of her.
“Forever? When I’m 80?” She asked giggling.
“Like I said… Forever…” I said and smiled.



It’s been one year exact when I met Nick on the Cruise. That stupid Date Game night.
I can still remember those other 2 fans on stage with me. Tori from Louisiana and Amber from Australia. I don’t usually say bad things about people, but those two: Such a bitches!
When Nick and I dated 10 months, there was kissing pictures of us leaking everywhere.
We decided to not keep our relationship secret anymore. Ellen invited us to her show to tell everything. Now we are here and ready to show ourselves together hand in hand very first time.

“Next guests we all know very well. They are not related even sharing same last name. He’s singer and she’s NASCAR racer. Usually it’s other way around.” Ellen said and smiled when audience laughed.
“Please welcome Nick Carter and Beth Carter!” Ellen said and audience started to cheer loud when we walked to studio hand in hand smiling.
“Hi Nick! How’s it going?” Ellen asked and hugged him first.
“Hey. Very good. You look great.” he said and step aside to let me meet her next.
“Gorgeous Beth. Hi!” Ellen said and we hugged.
“Hi Ellen.” I said smiling and then we sat down, me and Nick to lovebird seat and Ellen to her seat.
“Wow… Hi you two. Doesn’t they look great?” Ellen asked from audience and they cheered.
“Thank you.” Nick said smiling and waved to audience.
“So Carter…” Ellen started and then we both looked at her waiting which one she meant.
“Sorry. Wasn’t funny. So Nick…” She said and audience and we laughed.
“Shut it” Ellen said smiling to audience and they laughed.
“Alright… So Nick… How’s it going?” Ellen asked smiling.
“We are good. Today is our 1 year anniversary. Kind of. We met exact year ago in the cruise.” Nick said smiling and we were holding ours hands.
“That’s crazy. Happy anniversary.” Ellen said smiling.
“I wouldn’t call it that. We started dating 3 months later.” I said smiling.
“I call it as anniversary.” Nick said and turned to look at me smiling.
“We hated each other.” I said chuckling and turned to look at Ellen.
“You did? How so? He’s charming and good looking.” Ellen said and audience started to scream and whistle.
“Yeah charming and good looking. He was a ****head.” I said cussword and I knew they needed to beep it.

There were laughter and clapping when I said cussword. Ellen was laughing so loud and Nick looked at me smiling.
“Sorry. He really was.” I said smiling.
“Niiiick… What did you do?” Ellen asked.
“Actually… I was only charming and good looking.” Nick said and audience started to cheer again.
“So what happened actually?” Ellen asked and looked at Nick.
“All started from AJ talking to Beth. I saw them talking and I started to ask AJ about her. Who she was and what she does, you name it.” Nick said smiling.
“Someone had crush on her…” Ellen said winking at to me.
“He did.” I said smiling.
“May I finish?” Nick asked smiling.
“Sure Nick.” Ellen said smiling.
“After 20 to 30 minutes after that I saw her sitting alone in the bar so I asked Mike to order her another drink whatever she was drinking.” Nick said.
“And that’s the charming part.” Ellen said smiling.
“Charming alright… I told to Mike shove the drink to his ***.” I said cussword again and Ellen laughed again.
“You told Mike to shove lot of things to my ***.” Nick said and we all laughed.
“Alright… Beth? Want to continue the story?” Ellen asked chuckling.
“Okay. Later that day it was Game Night. If there’s fans in the audience that were in there will remember this.” I said and looked to audience and saw few hands to rise.
“It was chaos and terrible right?” I asked and fans nodded.
“Okay so my Godmother Harriet is HUGE Backstreet Boys fan and she put me to list to be Nick’s Dream girl so I end up to stage with other 2 fans.” I said and Ellen smiled.
“Why she didn’t put her name in the list by the way?” Nick asked curious.
“Because her favorite is Kevin.” I said smiling and turned to Ellen to continue the story.
“Anyway when he asked the 3rd question, it got messy. Nick asked my Godmother to get up because I told everyone that it’s her fault I’m on that stage. Then she started to say…” I said and Nick finishes my sentence.
“She doesn’t want to admit that she is a fan. She likes the song The Shape of My Heart.” Nick said girly voice.
“And then I just ran off the stage to not say any word. So in this point remember… Nick and I haven’t talked to each other face to face until he finds out which cabin I’m staying in the ship.” I said and Ellen chuckled smiling.
“So is this the part where I’m charming?” Nick asked smiling and everyone shouted NO.
“Sorry Nick, but you sound like very ****head.” Ellen said and everyone started to laugh and clap.
“Oh great… Now I’m bullied.” Nick said and smiled.
“Oh sorry baby…” I said smiling and gave her a kiss.
“Get a room!” Ellen shouted laughing and smiled.
“Shall I continue now?” Nick asked from me smiling.
“Go ahead.” I said smiling.
“So…” Nick cleared his throat and smiles. “I found her cabin and we talked. I went to apologize my behavior. I’m glad she except my apology and we went to our separate ways until…” Nick said smiling.
“He started to stalking me.” I said and everyone gasps.
“No… You did?” Ellen asked smiling from Nick.
“I wasn’t stalking you. I was only curious about NASCAR.” Nick said defending himself.
“Oh really? Then why did to gone all the way to Texas to look for me?” I asked smiling.
“You know why.” Nick said smiling.
“Tell me why?” I asked and Ellen chuckled.

“Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache.” Nick sang.
“Tell me why” Audience sang.
“Ain’t Nothin’ but a mistake.” Nick sang.
“Tell me why.” Audience sang.
“I never want hear you say.” Nick sang.
“I WANT IT THAT WAY!” Everyone sang loud.

Everyone started clapping.
“That was great but you didn’t answer my question.” I said smiling.
“I did. I want it that way.” Nick said smirking.
“That means he was stalking.” Ellen said smiling.
“Fine I was stalking, but is it really stalking if I wanted to see her?” Nick asked smiling.
“I was surprised you did want to see me, but I’m glad you did.” I said smiling.
“Shall I continue?” Nick asked and Ellen nodded.

Nick told the rest of the story and I correct him sometimes when I needed to.
Our time was over and Nick performed one of his new songs: Special.
Nick wrote the song while we dated and it was perfect for this moment.
Ellen wished us lot of happiness and good fortune to our lives.
We said our goodbyes and after the show was over, Nick signed some autographs to fans.


Many years had gone and we were the most Carter celebrities talked on TV or magazines.
It was very risky to go outside without bodyguard and Nick decided I needed one.
It took me only 2 weeks say L-word to Nick after he said it first.
It was Halloween when I said it. It just came out automatic like I had said it before.

People kept asking in Nick’s interviews if he was ever going to pop the question.
He only said that we had decided to talk about it when that time comes, but now it’s the time.
We are happy just the way we are and we are not hurrying things, but I was about to be 36.
If we wanted to have kids, we should be doing it very soon, but Nick is busy with his music and I’m busy with my NASCAR career. I was no longer only woman in NASCAR. Andy’s little sister Bonnie Parker is now racing and she and I are getting to be good friends. My best friend Brooke if you remember that calls me as Carter is now married and had 3 kids. Triplets, believe it or not.

We were now living in the Vegas. We thought it’s perfect place live, because we started dating there and I won my first Champion. Now I was practicing rounds on the track with my new Honda.
Before this season I had won 4 champions. Andy won 3 champions after my first champion, but then something terrible happened. On my 2nd champion win, Andy end up to terrible NASCAR accident with 2 other drivers. He’s no longer able to walk or drive. After that day his sister Bonnie decided to continue his footsteps.

I was driving my 8th practice round when I heard Cliff’s voice.
“Beth? You have visitor.” Cliff said.
“Who? I don’t have time for visitors right now, Cliff.” I said and gas the paddle.
“I’m not allowed to say. It’s suppose to be surprise.” Cliff said.
“I’ll have 2 more rounds and I’m coming. Carter out.” I said and close the headset.

After I drove 2 rounds, I drove to garage where Cliff was waiting with my team.
I stopped the car and turn the engine off. I got out the car and removed my helmet off.
“So where’s this mysterious visitor?” I asked and removed gloves.
“Outside. He says he met you on the ocean.” Cliff said smirking.
“No… It can’t be Nick… He’s in tour.” I said and looked shocked.
“Go and find out.” Cliff said smiling.

I ran out the garage and saw Nick leading his back on the wall like he did 8 years ago.
He was looking at the phone and had same shades on his head. I walked closer to him smiling.
I cleared my throat to get his attention and he looked to my way, but didn’t move.
“Babe… What are you doing here?” I asked smiling.
“Do I need a reason to come see my girlfriend?” He asked smiling.
“You are suppose to be at tour with guys.” I said and put my hands behind his neck.
“We have few days off and we arrived to Vegas today. I thought you remember that.” He said and put his hands to my waist.
“Is it April 15th already?” I asked and looked at his apple watch.
“You are working too hard. How about you take rest of the day off?” He asked smiling.
“Ooooh… Tempting. I need to go ask from Cliff.” I said smiling.
“I already asked and he said yes.” He said smiling and leaned down to kiss me.
“You did?” I asked surprised and kissed him back.
“Yeah. I missed you so much.” He said smiling and touched my face.
“I missed you too. I need to go change and have a shower.” I said smiling and leaned up to kiss him again.
“That sounds very tempting to me. Can I join you?” He asked flirting and moved his hands to my butt.
“I thought you never ask.” I said smiling and took his hand to mine and we walked to garage.
“Cliff? Thank you for letting me have rest of the day off. I’ll be very early tomorrow.” I said.
“How about you have rest of the week? Race is not until next month and we have plenty of time.” Cliff said smiling.
“Umm No freaking way. I need to keep having practice rounds.” I said and looked at Cliff serious.
“Do you have to be always this stubborn? Just have rest of the week off. You deserve it.” Cliff said.
“I don’t know. Nick is going…” I turned to Nick, but he was no longer standing behind me, he was on his one knee.
“I’m what?” He asked smiling.
“What are you doing?” I asked curious.
“What man usually does when is in his one knee front of his girlfriend?” he asked smiling.
“Praying?” I asked joking.
“Elizabeth Mona Carter…” he started and I dropped to my knees now front of him.
“Stop it. You are not…” I said looking to his eyes, but he kept going.
“…I’ve been in love with you so long and I never thought I would never ask you this, but…” Nick said and pulled small box from his jacket inside pocket.
“Oh Gosh..” I only said when saw box in his hand.
“…Elizabeth, Will you marry me?” He asked and opened the box where was very unique looking ring.
“Oh Nick… Yes… YES!” I screamed happily and pulled him to myself to kiss him deeply.

I heard clapping behind me. We moved apart from kiss smiling and Nick put the ring to my finger.
“This ring is costume made. I asked from Cliff and Chuck if there would be any kind of circle kind of parts that could fit as ring. So that ring is from your old car parts. Just added diamond on it.” Nick explained and I looked at it.
“It’s the most beautiful ring I ever seen, Nick.” I said smiling and we get up to our feet.
“I thought you might like it.” he said smiling.
“I don’t like it. I love it.” I said smiling and turned to look at Cliff who was smiling.
“Congratulations.” Cliff said.
“You knew about this. You knew he is proposing me.” I said smiling and hugged Cliff.
“Of course I knew. He called me and asked my permission. I’m of course the closest thing as a father.” Cliff said.
“Yes you are. I love you, Cliff.” I said smiling.
“And I love you. Now you two should go celebrate your engagement.” Cliff said.
“Come with us.” Nick said smiling.
“Yes. I’ll just go get myself cleaned up and we go together.” I said smiling.
“This is your day. I need to stay here.” Cliff said.

Nick and I went to celebrate our engagement to our home. We had most romantic dinner we ever had. We make love many long hours and we decided to skip the dessert. After our long hour making love, we lay down on our bed all sweat and exhausted. I looked at my ring smiling and thought how crazy it was that we were dating this long and now we are engaged. I never been this happy in my life. I looked up to Nick and he looked at down to me smiling.
“What?” He asked.
“I love you, Nicholas Gene Carter.” I said and smirked to him.
“I love you, Elizabeth Mona Carter.” he said back smirking too.
“Too bad I can’t say you can call me as Mrs. Carter.” I said smiling.
“How about Miss. Carter? Oh no… Wait… That sounds like you are my sister.” Nick said and chuckled.
“Oh gross…” I said laughing.
“Yeah I know. So what are we going to do about this last name of ours?” He asked.
“What you mean?” I asked.
“Are we going to call you as Beth Carter or Beth Carter-Carter…” Nick thought.
“How about I’m Carter and you are Carter-Carter?” I asked smirking.
“No way. I don’t want to double my last name.” He said and moved to sit position.
“Why not? It’s like double 0 Seven. Except you would be Double Carter Seven.” I said and moved to sit on him.
“Well would that make you as Miss Pennyworth?” He asked smirking and moaned.
“We are not British people.” I said and started to move slowly on him.
“Hmmm… That’s true… Oh Babe…” He said smiling.
It was 7am when we finally get some sleep few hours.

We got married that year December 6th. Cliff walked me to the altar on my wedding day.
We had beautiful wedding at Hawaii. We had beach wedding and I didn’t have fancy dress.
It was most beautiful day to have the wedding.
We went for our honeymoon to Switzerland… I know… Not best place to go, but we thought it’s wintertime and we decided snow belongs to be part of the winter and Christmas.
On Nick’s birthday January 28th, I decided to surprise him with the special gift.
It’s of course his 40th birthday and I thought the best gift to him is telling that I’m pregnant.
September 10th, 2020 our twin boys were born: Collins and Colton. They were so precious little boys. Everyone loves them. Nick sure is so protective of them.

Now you know how my life turned out. Nothing special. I’m not special girl like Nick tells me I am.
We are happy and living our dreams. I’m still NASCAR racer and Nick doing his music with boys.
If you really must know one thing, I surely am related to President of United States. James Earl Carter Jr. Life is full of surprises.
In the end, I'm Nick's Dream Girl.