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Author's Chapter Notes:
Short story about two people meeting first time, but did they?

I know this is my 4th short story about Nick... ^^
Nick is my favorite, but I'm TRYING my hardest to write about other guys. ^^

Boys and I landed to our next stop in our Tour.
We just landed to Milano, Italy.
We were all very exhausted and tired of this flying.
Tour wasn't even halfway done.

"Man... I think I forget my toothbrush to France." Howie said.
"I think your wife is gonna let you borrow hers." AJ said chuckling.
"Vete a la mierda, AJ."

We all started to laugh for Howie's cussing in Spanish.
I was about to take my carryon bag from the upper coppartment,
when suddenly this young woman past us all 4 in hurry.

"She was in a hurry." Brian said and smirked.
"I guess she was." I said and put my carryon down until I saw something on the floor.

I pick it up and notice it to be wallet or purse.
I open to look inside and see driving license inside it.
Woman must've drop it in the hurry.

"I'll catch you guys, later." I said and hurrying after woman with my carryon bag.
"Where the hell are you going, Nick?" AJ shouted after me.
"I have mission to do." I said and walked out the plane.

When I walked out to departure area,
I started to look if I can see woman that looked like in the wallet.
I thought she was at the luggage carousal,
but when I got there,
I didn't see anyone that looked like her.

"Shit..." I muttered and sat down to bench.
I waited few minutes when boys walked to me.
"Hey Mr. Mission Impossible." AJ said and smirked.
"Nick.. If you run like that ever again..." Mike said.
"I know... I'm sorry. Some woman dropped this and..."

I showed them wallet I found in the plane.
AJ took the wallet and looked inside.
"Pretty. How about just try to call for number." AJ said.
"What?" I asked shocked and took wallet.
"There's some business card inside of it." AJ said chuckling.

We took our luggage when they arrived to carousel.
We walked to outside the airport.
Few fans knew we were there,
but I moved aside with Mike to make some phone calls.
I called to first number and woman with old voice answered.

"Oh Hi... Hablando Ingles?" I asked and looked at Howie for some help.
"Si..." she said and I sighed relief.
"Hi... I found this wallet and I'm looking for..."

I looked at the name of the woman.
"Carmen Gomez."
"Oh Carmen... Si... I know her."
"Great... How can I contact to her?" I asked.

"Call number... Her number in the wallet."
She was speaking English, but badly, but good I understood.
"Oh... Ok... Can you call Carmen and tell her?"

Woman was talking some Spanish and I couldn't understand her.
"Howie... Please come talk to this woman." I begged.
Howie walked to me and I gave him my phone.
He talked to woman and few minutes later he hang up.

"What she said?" I asked.
"To call a number on the wallet." Howie said and walked to SUV after giving my phone back.
I followed Howie to inside the SUV and search the wallet and couldn't find any kind of business card that said Carmen Gomez.

"Shit..." I said in quiet voice.
"You ok there, Nick?" Brian asked from the front seat.
"There's no number to call Carmen." I said.
"Maybe just go to police station to let them have it." AJ said.

I knew boys were right about that, but there was something familiar about this woman.
When we arrived to our hotel, I walked right to my hotel room and took next business card to check number to call.
I dialed number that belonged to Hugo Mendez.

"Mendez." I heard loud serious voice.
"Hugo Mendez?" I questioned.
"Yes? I am." Hugo said.
"Hey. I'm Nick Carter and I'm calling about Carmen Gomez." I said.
"Carmen? She ok?" Hugo asked worried.
"I don't know... I got her wallet. She dropped it in the plane here in Italy."

I hear silence at the other end of the call.
"Mr. Mendez?" I questioned.
"Sorry... She's my sister-in-law." Hugo said.
"You any chance have her number so I can call her and tell her I have her wallet?"

"She should have her number in the wallet." Hugo said.
"I checked and I couldn't find any number for Carmen Gomez." I said.
"Huh... That's odd." Hugo says and I hear some shuffling.
"So may I have her number?" I asked.
"What you say your name is again?" Hugo asked.
"Nick Carter."
"You sound like that guy from the Backstreet Boys." Hugo said.
"I get that a lot." I said chuckling.
"No way... You are, aren't you?" Hugo asked shocked.
"Yes. May I have a number please?" I asked.
"Yes... Hold on..." Hugo said and I heard some paper shuffling noises again.

Hugo gave me number and we hang up so I can call to Carmen.
All of suddenly I get nervous.
I didn't know why.
I dialed number and waited for few second when male voice answered.

"Quen es este?"
"Hablando Ingles?" I asked.
"Yes. What?"

His voice was mad and angry.
"I'm looking for Carmen Gomez."
"There no one name as that."
Then he disconnected the call.

"Ok... I'm sure he's lying."
I decided to do something stupid and crazy.
I called to some phone company that they have in Italy.

"Come posso aiutarti?" young woman answered.
"Umm... Hello? Speak English?" I asked.
"Yes. How may I help you?"

"Well... My friend's sister-in-law has been gone few days.
I was asked to go get her from airport this yesterday evening and I didn't see her getting out the plane. Could you help me track her phone?"
"I don't know should I."
"Oh please... Miss..."
"Monica... It's not Carmen's kind of thing just dissappear.
I talked to her brother-in-law and he said she always answers."
"Could you hold on a minute?" Monica asked and I said I could wait.

I opened the Carmen's wallet and looked through once again and I saw some picture of her and some people.
"Sir?" Monica said on the line.
"Yes. I'm here."
"What's her number?" Monica asked.
"You are an angel, Monica."

We talked few minutes and she told me the address where the phone track is coming from.
We said our goodbyes and I hang up.
I took my jacket, hotel room key, Bucs cap on and sunglasses before I walked out.
I was walking to elevator when I heard Brian's voice.

"Yo, Nicky... Where are you going?"
"Out. Alone." I said and walked to elevator when doors opened.
"You shouldn't go alone." Brian said and walked inside too.
"B... I want to be alone." I said.

"You know how our fans are like. I'll call Q." Brian said and picked his phone.
"Don't... I don't want him to be involve with this." I blurted out and I sighed when I knew what I just said.
"Involve with what?" Brian asked.

I told Brian my idea what I'm about to do when we sat in the lobby.
"Are you crazy?!" Brian shouted.

I notice everyone in the hotel lobby looking our direction.
I pulled Brian aside to not let anyone hear us.
"Could you keep it down?" I hissed.
"No. What you are about to do is suicidal." Brian said.

"I just want to go see that it was only wrong number." I said and put sunglasses on me.
"I'm coming with you." Brian said.
"B, no." I said and looked at him.
"Why not? You can't go all by yourself." Brian said.

"I need you to stay here. If you don't hear about me in 6 hours, call cops to this address."
I showed piece of paper to Brian.
"No, Nick... Let's just call cops now." Brian said.
"Frick... Trust me on this one." I begged.

I manage to beg Brian to stay and I took taxi to address that Monica gave me.
It took 15 minutes to get there and whole area wasn't looking very safe.
Driver pulled up to near the house that looked like from the horror movie.

"You sure this is the place?" I asked from driver.
"Yes. It creeps me out." driver said.
"Do me favor... Could you stop your car near by that tree other side of street?"
"Why would I do that?" driver asked.
"You'll get 1000 euros." I said and driver smiled.
"Yes. I'll wait there."

I got out the car and driver moved his taxi near the tree.
I looked at the driver shut the engine.
I turned to look at the house again.

"I should've listen Brian." I said quietly and sighed.
I saw some bright light shine from the window on the left.
Walked towards the gate that was around the house.
I looked at the gate and I somehow knew it would make lot of noise if I moved it.

I looked at my watch and it was 5pm already.
It was little chilly too.
I climbed over the fence carefully to not make any noise.
I looked around me if anyone was seeing me.

I didn't care at this moment.
I moved closer to the house and listened.
"Puttana del cazzo!"
I have no idea what that man just shouted,
but I bet nothing good.

"Mi dispiace tanto, Riccardo."
That was woman crying.
"Sei una puttana, Carmen!"
Carmen... I got the right place.

I knew it was risky, but I pick up my phone and dialed the Carmen's number.
I heard some buzzing sound and then I heard Riccardo shout.
"Stesso numero di chiamata!"
"Please Riccardo. Let me answer it."

She was now suddenly talking English.
"Who is dis motherfucker?" Riccardo asked.
"Non lo so."
"Get rid of him whoever asshole it is!"

I heard some loud footsteps walking away.
I heard Carmen sniffing and then I heard her voice on my cell.
"Hello?" she sounded so sad.

"Carmen Gomez?" I questioned quietly and moved little further away from the window.
"Yes? Who is this?" she asked.
"Your knight in shine armor." I said and sighed.
"You what? How did you get this number?"
"Does it matter? Your boyfriend is a douche." I said.

"Excuse me?"
"I'm sorry... Reason why I'm calling is that, I got your wallet."
"You robber me?" She asked.
"No... You got out the plane today in a hurry. You dropped it."

I heard her moving and going through her stuff.
"Shit... I didn't noticed. Where I can meet you?"
"Who said I'm going to meet you?"
"Listen to me you dick..."

I started to chuckle.
"Wow... You are very close to know my name."
"Just please... Where can we meet?" she begged.
"How about in the front porch?"

I couldn't hear her voice in minute and then she sighs.
"Nice try to, mister. I don't see no one outside."
"Listen Carmen... I'm here now. Come outside. You see cab outside near the tree?"

I saw her peak outside through curtains.
"Yes... You in it?" she asked.
"Nope. I'm outside. Just get excuse to come outside."
"You don't know Riccardo..."

"I know enough that he's douche."
"What about you, huh? I don't know your name."
"My name's Nick Carter. You might've heard of me."
"Did my sister make you do this?" she asked.

I had to smile to that and I took small walk towards to house.
"Look outside if you don't believe me."

I saw her peak outside again and I saw her eyes get big when she saw me.
"Hi. Want to come outside now?" I asked.
"Umm... Give a minute." she said and hang up on me.

I moved again backward to be in the shadows just in case.
I heard some yelling and shouting.
I was about to take step towards, but door opens wide and then slams after when Carmen walks outside.

She looks around to look for me and I climbed over fence to street.
I come out to shadows and she jumps scares when sees me.
"Gosh... You scared the hell out of me." She said.
"Hey Carmen. Nice to finally meet you in person."

"How did... How did you know where I am?" she asked and blushed.
"I got my ways." I said and handed her the wallet.
"Oh My Gosh... Thank you." she takes the wallet and smiles.
"You are welcome. Are you sure you are okay with Riccardo?" I asked worried.

She was about to talk and then we heard door open.
We turned to look direction of the house.
Riccardo walked to us angry.

Before I can respond to make Riccardo listen, he pulls the gun out.
"BITCH!" He shouted and then he pulled the trigger.
I heard Carmen scream loud when there was loud bang.
I suddenly started to feel strange.
I must've move front of Carmen and Riccardo.

"Carmen..." I said low voice and turned to look at her.
"Nick?" Carmen questioned when looked at me.
I looked down to my stomach and I saw red on my shirt.
"Shit..." I said and fall down on the ground.
"Nick!" Carmen shouted and knelt to beside me.

"Hang on Nick!" Carmen said and dialed emergency number from my cell.
I started to cough and I tasted blood in my mouth.
"No... Nick, please... Hang on." Carmen said and pressed my wound to stop bleeding.
"Car... I..." I said weakly and kept coughing.
"Ssshhh... Don't talk. Ambulance is here soon. Hang on." Carmen said.

I couldn't hold any longer and my eyes started to feel heavy.
I heard Carmen shout my name and I felt her shake me to wake up, but I couldn't open my eyes.

Chapter End Notes:
I'm bit unsure still how to end this story so I'm working on the part 2.