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Author's Chapter Notes:
The concert dialogue is taken directly out of this YouTube video.

“Today’s the day.” Kevin said to himself when he woke up and opened his eyes. That night, the Backstreet Boys were going to officially announce he was back in the group. Part of him wanted to be at the show in London where they were announcing it, but he felt like it was jinxing things. Kristin was even surprised he chose to stay home and watch the concert being streamed online. 

“Are you nervous?” Kristin asked from her position next to him in the bed. She leaned over and kissed his shoulder, before nuzzling into his arm.

“Kind of. I mean, I’m sure the fans will be happy about it but I am still nervous. You think the guys are nervous too?” 

“I’m sure they are. Did you and Nick ever get things out in the open? You told me that you and him talked but you didn’t really say a whole lot.” Kristin said, getting out of the bed and putting on her bathrobe. Kevin got up as well. 

“We did, I don’t think I need to worry about Nick and I anymore. He’s doing okay, since his sister passed by the way. I talked to him last night. We’ve been having chats a couple of times a week or when he feels that he needs to talk to someone. It’s been great for the both of us.” 

“That’s wonderful. I’m glad he has the four of you to help him. Let’s go eat. We have plenty of time before the live stream tonight, that is if you want to watch it live.” Kristin said, waving for Kevin to follow her to the kitchen. Kevin smiled at her. He wondered how he ever got so lucky. 

“You look deep in thought.” Brian pointed out when he saw Nick staring off into space that night. Nick had been pretty quiet all day. 

“Just thinking about the announcement tonight. I wish Kevin was here with us."

"I wish he was here too, but I can see why he didn't come. He's been so nervous about all of this that he almost backed out from coming back a couple of times." Brian chuckled. Nick looked at him in surprise and felt bad because he was sure that he was the reason Kevin felt that way. 

"I had no idea," he said softly. 

"Nick, I know what you're thinking and it's not just you. He was nervous to even talk to all of us about wanting to come back. Think about it. He's been gone six years and he's getting thrown back into things again. It's going to be very different for him now." Brian explained. Nick knew that Brian was right, he thought of how things were when they’d taken a break after Black and Blue and how nervous everyone was about how Never Gone was going to be. They were all worried about how the public would react, how things were going to be because everything had changed. They didn’t know at the time that it was their last tour with Kevin but things were definitely strained during that time on the road. Going into Unbreakable wasn’t any different, especially without Kevin. It was a huge adjustment for all of them. So Nick decided made a point that when Kevin was with them again to make him feel as welcome as possible. He decided to put aside his uneasiness about everything and help with the transition. 

“Everything okay in here, fellas?” AJ asked brightly as he walked into the dressing room. 

“Yeah, Nick and I were just wishing Kevin was here for his announcement.” Brian replied. 

“He told me last night he was going to watch from home with Kristin and Mason.” Nick said, thinking about their conversation the night before. 

“I know, I tried to convince him last week, but he wouldn’t have it. He said he’d jinx things if he was here.” AJ said, drinking from the cup of coffee he had in his hand. 

“I’m sure he’s just being nervous about nothing, as usual.” Howie chuckled from behind them. 

Nick smiled at the others, he wished Kevin was here but he knew there was a good reason behind his decision to not be in London. He couldn’t wait to get this over with and just tell the world he was back. 

“It’s almost time,” Kevin said as he and Kristin sat in front of Kevin’s laptop, watching the concert live stream of NKOTBSB in their kitchen. They had the laptop on the kitchen table. Mason was going to watch with them but because of the time zone he was napping, so it was just the two of them. Kevin and Kristin were enjoying the concert until the show stopped on the four BSB members. Kristin smiled at her husband, squeezing his hand that was folded into her own and shaking. It was happening. 

“Thank you guys so much. Thank you, thank you , thank you so much.” Brian said suddenly, smiling at Nick from where he was standing on the stage. Nick smiled, simply taking in the screams from the audience. It was almost deafening. 

“Listen, I don’t know if you know this, but you guys- not only you guys here but everyone watching all around the world tonight, you’ve been loving the Backstreet Boys for over 19 years.” Brian pointed out, taking a moment to listen to the roar of screams erupting even louder than before. 

“Yes.” AJ agreed.

“On the other side of the coin, you guys have been loving the New Kids On the Block for over 25 years.” 

The fans screamed louder still. 

“Those guys are awesome!” Howie said. 

“I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I know I can speak for all nine of us on stage tonight….that we would not be here if it wasn’t for beautiful people just like you.” Brian said. 

Kevin squeezed Kristin’s hand back, smiling at her and kissing her briefly. His eyes went back to the computer monitor, listening to the fans screaming. He missed hearing that, being in the moment with all the fans watching and just going crazy. It was an incredible rush that he hadn’t found on the Broadway stage or anywhere else. 

“Hey Brian,” Nick said suddenly. 


“You said these beautiful people, right? These amazing fans here, right?” Nick asked innocently.

“Yes.” Brian smiled. 

“I think we should let them in on a little secret that we have.”

“What is that secret, Nick?” Brian asked, trying not to laugh while the screams nearly drowned them out. He and Nick smiled at each other, playing up the audience some more. 

“Since we love you all so much, especially London…we are going to come back in July to record the next Backstreet Boys album this year!!” 

Kevin took a breath and squeezed Kristin’s hand again.

“I wish they’d just fucking get on with telling them about me. This is killing me.” 

“I can see that, honey. You’re going to break my fingers.” Kristin giggled. 

“Sorry.” Kevin blushed. They kept listening to the live stream because Brian started to talk again, trying to speak over the intense screaming from the audience. 

“Wait, wait….because there’s two parts to that secret that we told you. Should we tell them?” Brian asked. 

“Go for it!!” Howie shouted. 

“No, HERE?” Nick interrupted. 

“AND KEVIN IS COMING BACK!!!!” Brian shouted. 

Kevin didn’t know why, but he closed his eyes. He was wondering what would happen, he knew they wouldn’t boo or anything but his heart was pounding in his chest. He was a little surprised that the screaming got so loud that they had to turn down the volume of the computer. Kristin kissed him on the cheek again. 

“Kevin is actually watching this on the website right now. On the count of three, we want you all to say Hi Kevin!” Howie shouted. Kevin opened his eyes and just listened, feeling tears coming when the audience yelled hello to him. 

After they turned off the laptop when the show ended, Kevin sat there in silence on the couch, his hands pressed together in front of his face as if he were praying. He was smiling. Simply happy and smiling because of how everything had worked out over the past few months. They were going to record an album in a few months as a five member group again. He was going to go on the road and perform again. He was going to be with his little brothers again. It was definitely going to be very different and he would have to adjust to life on the road once more, but he was looking forward to it. 

The five of them had a lot of history together and it was time to make some more. 

The End