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a/n sorry it's taken so long to update, I've had some health issues come up that have haulted the posting but now it's updated :)

Jerold stood next to the young man that had him come from the room.
“ What was it?”
“ There was a messenger that arrived with some news for your niece, I thought you best see it before she does.”
“ What is it?” Jerold said again. The young soldier handed him the envelope and looked away.

Dear Isabelle,
I have some horrible news to pass on to you. I know that during this time, you’ve been waiting patiently for any word on my son and it seems that this comes at the worst time that I must tell you that he was killed. We where notified just a few weeks ago. After taking the time to bury our son my husband and I took the time to write you this letter to let you know that James was gone. I am sorry that we could not do this in person but I felt that since my son loved you so much you deserved to know that he was gone. We did receive a letter from him just weeks before we where told that he was killed. In closed is the letter that he wrote for you. When you return home send Mary to our home and we will send the items that James has left for you.

With all our Love.
Samuel and Bridgett Marston.

Jerold looked at the young soldier and then saw that Jeremy was coming back from patrol. Jerold held the letters in his hand as he walked towards where his niece was resting. As he approached Isabelle’s room Jeremy walked up to him.
“ Is there something wrong sir?” Jeremy asked suddenly concerned for Isabelle’s safety.
“ In some ways yes. I must speak to my niece alone.” Jerold said.
“ I’ll wait out here if she needs anything.” Jeremy said sitting down just outside the room. He wasn’t sure what was going on but was sure it had to do with the letter Jerold held in his hand. Jerold lightly knocked on the door and then entered the room.

Isabelle looked up at her uncle as he entered.
“ Is father ok?”
“ Yes Kevin is fine, he’ll be in the jail here until the end of the war, at which time he will be released to return home with you. I would like you to remain here with us until that time.” Jerold said. Isabelle let a few tears roll down her cheeks but knew that at least her father wasn’t being hanged.
“ You seem disturbed is there something wrong uncle?”
“ I received this letter a short time ago, it’s for you.” Jerold said handing the letter to her. Isabelle took the letter and knew the crest well. Several times she had received letters from James’s parents while he was away and wondered if maybe he had come home and was calling for her. As her eyes skimmed the letter she began to tear up as she finished the letter she was sobbing.
“ He’s gone?” She asked looking at her uncle.
“ I’m afraid so.” Jerold said holding his arms open, Isabelle moved into his embrace and held tightly to him as she cried. Jerold looked towards the door and saw that Jeremy was standing there watching them, motioning for him to enter he changed places with the young man and headed to tell Kevin of the death. Jeremy held Isabelle close as she cried he knew she had felt the change but was to distraught to really care at the time.

Jerold entered the jail and saw that Kevin was resting. He hated to disturb him but knew if he didn’t Isabelle would come and tells her father of James’s death and he’d rather tell him himself.
“ Kevin.”
“ Jerold, is there something wrong?” Kevin asked sitting up.
“ There is sad news to report.” Jerold said sitting down outside the cell.
“ What is it?” Kevin asked.
“ A letter was received just an hour ago, James was killed.”
“ Oh no, was Isabelle told?”
“ Yes, I broke the news to her, Jeremy is with her right now. I will return to check on her again. But I felt as her father you had a right to know.”
“ When Isabelle is feeling up to it, have her come see me.”
“ Later this evening to my discretion the judge said I can let you leave the cell, you just cant leave the compound.”
“ I understand.” Kevin said looking at him.
“ I’ll be back.” Jerold said heading out of the jail. Kevin ran his fingers threw his hair and then looked around. Jeremy was a good man and a good man for his daughter, he knew that Isabelle was devastated.

Isabelle had long since gone to sleep and Jerold stepped into the room.
“ How is she?”
“ Tired and distraught. Sir I wish I could do more for her.” Jeremy said looking at him.
“ I believe you’ve done more for her than anyone could right now. You have to get some rest. You’ve got patrol first thing in the morning.”
“ Will she be all right?”
“ Her father will be here shortly.” Jerold said. Jeremy nodded and stepped out of the room just in time to see Kevin walking across the yard.
“ Thank you.” Kevin whispered as he walked past Jeremy.
“ Anytime sir.” Jeremy said heading to his own bunk for some much needed sleep. Kevin knocked lightly on his daughter’s room. Jerold opened the door and let him in.
“ Is she all right?”
“ Jeremy was here till she fell asleep. And I just sent him back to his quarters for some rest.”
“ May I stay with her all night?”
“ Yes, that has been arranged.” Jerold said hugging his brother. Kevin nodded and walked further into the room. He sat down on the chair next to the bed and held Isabelle’s hand. He knew that she’d have nightmares. Kevin watched his daughter sleep wondering what her dreams were filled with.

“ How is she doing?” Dianna asked as Jerold walked past her.
“ Isabelle is doing well, much better than I expected after hearing her fiancee was dead.”
“ Oh my god, maybe I should go be with her.”
“ Kevin’s with her.” Jerold said looking at Dianna. Dianna nodded and decided that the family needed time alone.