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Selina’s eyes snapped open with a start she looked

around and noticed she still laid in the now cold

water. Sighing she stood and climbed from the tub

and drained the water, letting her wet hair hang

around her shoulders as she walked into the other

room. She looked around and picked up her

nightdress before dropping the wet towel to the

floor. She walked over to her vanity and sat down,

she looked at the picture that was stuck inside the

mirror, a picture of her and her Josh. She moved

her fingers over the picture before picking up the

hairbrush to comb her hair. She hated being

alone and sometimes felt that Josh was watching


“ Well boys it’s time for bed.” Selina said looking

towards the two dogs. The dogs moved up onto

the bed as she slid under the sheets. Reaching

over she turned off the light next to the bed,

bathing the large room in darkness.

Selina woke with a start and rubbed her eyes

looking towards the clock she noticed it was three

am. Rubbing her eyes she looked around the dark

room and climbed from the bed. Stretching she

knew that she wouldn’t be sleeping anymore that

night. It happened every night, the same dream.

She would be sitting next to Josh listening to the

radio in their Blazer, she would hear the sound of

a tire blowing and then Josh losing control of the

car, sending the large vehicle tumbling over the

side of a cliff into a ravine a short distance below.

She never made it any further in the dream before

she’d wake up in a cold sweat, there had a been a

few nights where the dreams weren’t as vivid but

she did have them. She walked to the balcony

and opened the two stained glass windows before

stepping outside. It was still rather early and the

brisk fall wind was blowing, she could feel the

signs of an early winter as she sat down on the

large seat and pulled her knees up, grabbing

another one of her blankets she covered herself

and waited for the sun to rise. She felt one of her

dogs touch her arm.

“ Hello Snow, I see you’ve come out to see what I

am doing.” Selina said petting the snow-white

husky. Snow laid his head on her lap and looked

up into Selina’s eyes, it was as if the dog knew that

she was having troubling dreams. Selina touched

the dog’s head and then felt Snow nudge her,

Selina nodded and stood letting the dog lead her

back into the bedroom shutting the glass doors

behind her. Snow climbed up onto the bed and

lay down as Selina pulled up the covers and

rested her head on the pillow. Snow laid his head

on her chest and looked into her troubled eyes.

“ I know.” She said petting her faithful friend.

Selina looked towards the end of the bed to see

her other dog looking at her.

“ Come on up Angel.” She said to the female that

waited patiently to be allowed on the bed. Angel

hopped up onto the bed and curled up at the end.

Selina closed her eyes and slowly drifted of to

sleep once again.

He walked silently threw the dark house, he had to

make his way in and out before the sun came up.

He knew he only had a few hours to spare but he

had to see her. He slowly made his way to the loft

and looked at her sleeping on the large bed, the

sliver satin sheets tangled around her slender

body, a dog on either side of her. He could see

that she had been up earlier as the curtains where

open and the blanket had been moved outside.

He watched her move slightly sturing awake the

large white dog. He stepped back into the shadows

as the dog looked around its nose sniffing the air

not finding anything he lay back down, He sighed

in relief as he stepped forward a bit taking in her

slender body the curves that could be seen threw

the soft fabric of her nightdress. He loved watching

her sleep, always had, and this night was no

different. He looked out the large window and saw

the hint of an early morning sunrise over the

mountains, hurrying out of the house and down to

his car he stole one last glance at the house he

had built with his own hands before stepping into

the black car and speeding off.