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Shaking her head Selina walked over to the glass

door and let the two dogs into the house.


“ Josh.”

“ Yes?” Josh said looking towards Henry. He was

surprised to see his friend returning so soon.

“ We’ve had a problem.”

“ And that would be?”

“ Someone was seen leaving Selina’s today.”

“ So, she’s got friends and they tend to come over

a lot since I’ve been gone. That’s nothing new.”

“ They were two men from the business.”

“ Damn it.” Josh said standing and looking at his


“ Josh for now she’s safe, she sent them away.”

“ How do you know?”

“ Audra was there this afternoon checking on her.”

“ Well at least her sister showed up.”

“ Well my wife was going over anyways and I asked

if she’d find out some information for me. Believe

me Josh your wife enjoyed the company.”

“ I know. Selina and Audra have always been

close and being twins normally makes that even


“ Audra told me that Selina was a little worried

about the visit from the men but wasn’t to

concerned once she talked to her.”

“ Have you found out who they are?”

“ Not yet, there is still the problem of your visits.

We can’t have those anymore. Especially if the

business is getting into this.”

“ I know and I promised you that I wouldn’t visit

anymore. Believe me Henry I won’t put Selina at


“ If this all blows over and they finally just leave it

alone maybe we can let Selina know that you’re

alive.” Henry said looking into Josh’s eyes. He

wanted to see some sort of response but the one

he got wasn’t what he was waiting for. The look of

sadness and anger played in Josh’s deep brown


“ Anything else?”

“ Nothing at the moment. We’ve placed guards

outside just to be safe and Martin will be here this

evening to stay with you. If Anthony finds out your

alive this could end badly.”

“ If he finds out I’m alive he could use my wife

against me.”

“ I know, we will keep Selina safe. Audra has

offered to have Selina stay with us and visit with

the kids.”

“ And?”

“ She’s still apprehensive about leaving the


“ Why?”

“ Well you’ve gone and scared her with those

flowers and cards.”

“ Sorry.”

“ Don’t worry about it. For now just stay away from


“ I will. You staying?”

“ Yeah, I’ve already called Audra and told her I

wouldn’t be home tonight and she understands.

She was going to find out if Selina would like

some company and take the kids over there.”

“ That’s a good idea. I don’t know what I would

ever do without you these past two years. I mean it

Henry I swear if I didn’t have you around I would

have gone crazy by now. I should have told Selina

a long time ago about what you and I were doing

I think she would have understood.”

“ Josh even after all this time and I’ve told Audra

she still doesn’t understand why I do this,

especially with a family.”

“ If he had known what I did for a living this

wouldn’t have felt like I was lying.”

“ Believe me you were protecting her there is a


“ Prove it.” Josh said looking at him. Henry knew

he couldn’t prove there was a difference and left

the conversation ended.


Selina smiled as she watched the two small

children playing with the dogs.

“ It’s good to see you.” She said turning and facing

her sister.

“ We don’t get the chance much any more. I can

never get you to leave the house.”

“ I have no reason to. I run my business from the

house the computer is better here anyways.”

“ The only reason you have a top of the line

computer is because Josh made sure that you

would always have one.” Audra said looking at

her. Selina looked at her sister and then looked

back towards the kids.

“ I’m sorry sis I didn’t mean it that way.”

“ I know its just being around here around all of

Josh’s stuff helps me make it threw the days.”

“ I know sis I know.” Audra said hugging her before

she stood to go make the two kids stop fighting.

Selina watched Audra pull the two children apart

and then walked inside and towards the guest

room. A room that no one ever used, she slowly

opened the door and walked inside. The room was

decorated in pink and blue with eeyore and pooh

drawings on the wall. Two small cribs sat along

the wall near the window, Selina unconsciously

rubbed her stomach as she walked towards the


“ Sel, I wish you’d change this room.” Audra said

standing in the doorway.

“ They would have been 2 this year. That accident

didn’t just take my husband it took my babies.

Audra I have I have been so alone and being with

out them hasn’t helped.”

“ You don’t talk about them much. If you’d actually

leave the house and talk to us sometimes maybe it

would help.” Audra said pulling her into her arms.

Audra heard the laughter of her children as they

ran down the hall, both stopping in the doorway

when they saw their mother comforting their aunt.

“ Aunty is everything all right?” The oldest girl


“ Yeah Shannon Aunty is fine.” Selina said pulling

away from Audra.

“ Are we going to have dinner?” The little boy


“ We sure are Max.” Selina said picking him up.

She loved to see the devious look in his emerald

green eyes. They always seemed to dance with

mischief. Selina carried her nephew out to the

living room and sat him down on the large couch.

“ How about you and Shannon watch some

cartoons while mommy and I make supper?”

“ That sounds great. Can we watch a DVD?”

“ Sure, have Shannon help you get one.” Selina

said kissing the top of his head. Audra stood in the

hallway for a moment before closing the bedroom

door and heading towards the kitchen where her

sister now stood.

“ Hey you ok?”

“ Yeah I am fine. I get this way once in a while.

Mom has offered to come over with Aunt Molly

and pick up the things in the room and give them

to a needy family. I am still waiting for her to


“ Why don’t you start the spaghetti and I will call

mom and see what she can do ok?”

“ Sure thanks.” Selina said checking the sauce that

had been cooking most of the day. She smiled

slightly thinking that her spaghetti was Josh’s

favorite and he would normally enter the kitchen

and grab a breadstick and taste the sauce before

she was ready to serve it.

“ Mom said that her and Aunt Molly would be by

first thing in the morning with the truck. She said

that you kept telling her no.”

“ Like I said I wasn’t sure.” Selina said checking the

now boiling water. She dropped some salt and oil

into the water just before she dropped the noodles

into the non-stick pan. Turning the heat down

slightly she checked the breadsticks and then

checked on her desert.

“ It’s going to be ok Sel, believe me when I say

this. Things are going to get better I promise.”

Audra said taking her shaking sister into her arms.

She could feel Selina’s tears soaking her shirt as

she cried.

“ Why me Aud? Why me?”

“ I don’t know honey I don’t know.” Audra said

holding her close, she really wasn’t sure why things

had happened to Selina and why Josh had to

leave so suddenly. But she had every intention on

finding out from Henry when he arrived home

tomorrow afternoon.