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Finding a Place to Belong
By Vicki 2005

Emma stood looking out at the darkening sky; she could sense that something was terribly wrong. It was almost as if she could feel the change in peoples emotions and during a time of crisis she really could. The energy around the town that night was one of fear. She knew that meant she and her friends needed to move on yet again. Being found out wasn’t something they enjoyed and normally required that they’d move on before any of the town’s people could find them.

“ Sara are you ready?” Emma said walking into the large house.
“ Yeah, Daniel is almost ready. I can’t believe we’ve been found out again. How did it go wrong this time?” Sara asked. Sara was the oldest of the three being nearly ten years their senior. But it was as if Daniel and Emma where her younger siblings.
“ That was my fault.” Daniel said coming from his room carrying a bag.
“ What happened?”
“ I loved Amanda and I assumed showing her what I was wouldn’t change things. But it did.”
“ Daniel how many times have we told you not to do that.”
“ I know and I’ve learned my lesson big time.” Daniel said. Daniel was taller than the girls, standing nearly six foot six in height and having short dark hair. His dark eyes seemed to hold a secret of their own. And most times they did. Sara, the oldest stood nearly six foot in height, her shoulder length dusty blonde hair hid her own special gifts, her alabaster skin seemed to nearly glow, she’d always wear a dark shirt usually long sleeves to hide the glow of her light colored skin. Emma, her own long dark hair and jade colored eyes held the gaze of any man that looked towards her. Her own gifts held that secret and one that even Sara and Daniel didn’t completely know about.
“ I am ready. I hate having to leave all of this stuff behind again.”
“ I’ll have someone return to fetch it. But we must go now.” Sara said leading the other two out the door. Daniel took one more look at the large house and then followed the two women to the waiting car. Another town, yet another move. They’d been doing this for nearly ten years, since Sara was a teenager and since the other two were just children. Things never seemed to change, once people found out about their special abilities they seemed to want to exploit or kill them. Sara wasn’t taking any chances in this town and would move them once again. She’d found them a nice cabin in the woods of the Rocky Mountains, and knew that its secluded state would keep them safer. They’d only need to enter the town below long enough to get supplies.
“ Come on, that cabin awaits. I hate having to use it. But with the way everyone has been acting it looks as if we haven’t much choice.” Sara said as they drove away from the life they had led for nearly four years. They’d finally become happy but then someone messed it up, like they’d always done. The ride would be long and silent, but Emma knew they’d arrive at their destination safely.

Sara looked in the rear view mirror of the car and saw that Daniel had fallen asleep, she often thought of young Daniel as a little brother, his gifts had shown themselves early and when his birth parents noticed he wasn’t like normal children they discarded him. Daniel had arrived at her door, he was only five or six years of age. To young to be living on the streets alone, most kids with special gifts knew that Sara’s home was always open to them, day or night. She’d seen her fair share of children come and go from her three-story mansion. She knew that some day keeping special abilities from the general population was always hard. It was something that took a lot of concentration and a lot of courage. Sara often thought of herself as just a motherly type someone that helped others like herself. But when she had heard about things that had come on Television or in Movies she knew that soon people would believe that people with abilities would be found out, people who were like those depicted in movies and on TV would be shown to be true instead of something out of a fantasy.

“ Why must we always move?”
“ Because it’s safer. Emma you know that. You’ve been with me the longest, and you know that every time someone in a town finds out about us, the government wants to experiment on us. Do you really want that?”
“ Not really. But I was hoping that this time it would be different.”
“ Would have been, but we can’t hide the effects love has on ones heart.”
“ I know but it’s so hard with Daniel being so young.”
“ We are all young. Love will come into our lives at many times. But it is our goal to find the love that will understand who we are and what we are. Not to scare them away.” Sara said as she kept her eyes on the road. The weather had shifted, she looked towards the back to see that Daniel was sweating pretty badly.
“ We are going to have to stop for the night.”
“ Yeah I see the weather has changed.” Emma said looking towards the back. Daniel opened his eyes and smiled at his friends.
“ Sorry.” Daniel said quietly.
“ No need to be sorry, we are going to stay here for the night and head to the cabin in the morning. The weather will have calmed by then.” Sara said. Daniel nodded and looked outside to see the lightning flash across the sky.
“ This storm is caused by someone like us.” Daniel said.
“ Yes Daniel I know. But finding the young one will be hard. Let them seek us out.”
“ Good idea I think we’ve had enough excitement for a while.” Emma said as they pulled to a stop at the small inn. She could see it was pretty deserted and knew they’d be able to find a quiet room for the night. Sara went inside to get the room, telling the clerk that she was traveling cross-country with her brother and sister and they’d only need one room with two beds. Once the room had been paid for she parked the car outside the room and hurried the two younger people inside. The storm seemed to be getting worse.
“ This special child must be really angry.” Sara said as she closed the door. She could hear Daniel and Emma playfully arguing over, which bed would belong to whom. Shaking her head she sat down on one of the beds and smiled.
“ This one Emma and I shall share. Daniel gets the one closest to the bathroom.”
“ All right.” Emma said sitting down. Sara couldn’t believe that there was such a small age difference between the three of them. She knew that finding them was something that she’d always been destined to do, but keeping them safe was going to take all the power she had.

The sun seemed to stream threw the curtains, telling the three occupants of the room it was time to get up. Sara looked towards the clock and moaned.
“ Come on you two.” Sara said as she slid from the bed, grabbing her bag she headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. She could hear Emma yelling at Daniel to get up and get ready. Shaking her head she hurried to finish her shower before Emma blew up something in her anger. Stepping from the bathroom when she heard a loud bang.
“ Shit.” Sara said as she saw both Daniel and Emma cowering in a corner and three large armed men standing in the doorway. Waving her hands the three men flew backwards out the door.
“ Get up.” Sara said grabbing them. Daniel looked horrified as he stood to follow his older friend from the room. Emma closed her eyes and it was as if everything in the room seemed to disappear. Sara grabbed Emma’s arm and nearly tossed her into the large truck they were driving and tore out of the parking lot as quickly as she could.
“ Damn it.” Sara said slamming her hands against the steering wheel.
“ I didn’t do it.” Daniel said suddenly.
“ I am betting that the person at the front desk turned us in. We’ve had pictures plastered everywhere. Don’t worry, we should arrive at the cabin in a few hours.” Sara said shaking her head. She couldn’t get the uneasy feeling that someone knew their every move.
“ What if they find us there?” Emma asked, fear lacing her every word.
“ They wont.” Sara said as a small town came into view. She pulled into a used car lot and got out, both Emma and Daniel looked out the window as Sara spoke to a man and then gave him some money. Walking to the car she tapped on the window.
“ Get the things, we are getting a different car. Emma check everything for tracking devices.” Sara said as she walked towards the black Suburban that sat parked several feet away. Emma quickly checked their items and found nothing as Daniel proceeded to load everything into the waiting truck. Once inside Sara started the car and headed out of the lot.
“ How much?”
“ Six grand.” Sara said shrugging her shoulders. “ And an extra three to make sure the salesmen said nothing of us being there.”
“ Wow, I didn’t know you had that kind of money on you.” Daniel said.
“ You don’t know everything.” Sara said smiling at him. Daniel nodded and looked out the window once again, his concentration seemed to be on something else.
“ Keep the powers to a limit Daniel, we don’t need them finding us that way.” Sara warned.
“ I know, but this will keep them thinking we are going a different way.” He said. Sara nodded and kept her eyes on the road a head. She knew with in a few hours they’d be at her secluded cabin and they’d be safe. But for how long that was another of life’s big mysteries.