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~~ Emma Jade Hunt
Date of Birth: August 21 1980
Place: Buffalo New York
Height: 5’10”
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn
Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis.

Subject has shown a new power that is unnamable as she is shown the ability to fly. It is also shown that Emma to has to learn to control her emotions or her powers become out of control.

~~~ Sara Raven Wolf

Date of Birth: November 10, 1977
Place : Wisconsin
Eyes: Blue with gold edging
Hair: Auburn
Height: 6’1”
Abilities: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Shape Shifting, Mind Control, Ability to walk threw solid objects.

Subject has show several new powers that are still unknown to tester, further testing will need to be done.

Sara placed the folders inside the desk, they had been the folders she’d lifted from the government agency that had tried to capture her and the others years before. She hoped that they were the only files held on her and two of her children.

Emma walked down the darkened hallway towards the room where Sara had disappeared several hours before. She knew that Sara had been hard at work working on something new but she wasn’t sure what.
“ Sara?” Emma said unsure as she entered the room. Sara lay on the large leather couch that sat against the wall near the fireplace. Her eyes closed deep in thought Emma thought.
“ What is it Emma?” Sara asked not even opening her eyes.
“ Dinners been ready for hours. Aren’t you hungry?” Emma asked.
“ Not really. Did you and Daniel eat?” Sara asked sitting up.
“ Yeah we did. Daniel is outside exploring the grounds. I told him not to leave the site of the house. He promised he wouldn’t.”
“ The grounds are protected and we have sixty acres he can explore he’s more than welcome to do so.” Sara said as she slowly stood. She needed coffee bad and knew that with all that was going on her defenses would have to be at an all time high.
“ Really, ok.” Emma said, she wasn’t sure why Sara had been keeping the place such a big secret but she knew Sara well enough to know the older woman would finally tell them what was happening, why they always had to run.
“ I am going into the kitchen to get something to drink. Don’t touch anything in here if you wish to remain while I am gone.” Sara said to her as she turned and left the room. Emma stood for a moment and then headed towards the large oak desk that sat near a large window, the papers that Sara had been looking at earlier lay in a neat pile near a drawer, she knew that meant Sara had intended on putting them away. Picking up the top file she saw Daniel’s name on it, opening it she found that it was a full file on Daniels abilities and powers. She saw that there was another for her and one for Sara, she also noticed several files that Sara must have been going through that were setting on the desk. Several people of high government clearance. She noticed that several of the files were on people who were normal but seemed to want to do major harm to people like herself. Hearing the return of Sara she quickly placed everything back where it was and sat down in a chair.
“ Go find Daniel> Tell him that it’s late and we’ve been out all day. It’s time for bed.” Sara said sipping the hot coffee.
“ Ok yeah I noticed it was getting rather dark outside and wondered why he hasn’t returned yet.”
“ He’s fine just curious that’s all.” Sara said sitting back behind her desk. Emma nodded and headed from the room. Sara reached down and put the files she’d lay on the floor into the drawer and then began going threw the ones on the desk. She stopped at one, it was a tall man with dark hair and even darker eyes. His eyes held secrets that Sara was determined to find. She could see that there was something darker in his eyes, evil even.
“ Who’s he?” A voice asked.
“ Daniel. You nearly scared the life out of me, why are you hiding in there?”
“ It was getting cold outside so I came into the house threw the door right there.” He said pointing towards the door to Sara’s right.
“ Ok, well go find Emma, she’s gone looking for you, then get upstairs and get a shower and go to bed.”
“ I’m not a little kid anymore Sara.”
“ I know. But go do it anyways.” Sara said swatting him on the rear before he bolted from the room. Stopping in the doorway he turned and looked at her, Sara’s eyes and again rested on the picture of a man.
“ He’s evil you know that right?” Daniel asked. Sara looked up at him and nodded.
“ yes I do. And we are going to stay away from him at all costs.”
“ Ok. I’ve found Emma.” Daniel said as Emma came running down the hallway towards him.
“ Good, now get.”
“ Ok. Night.” Daniel said before he and Emma started up the stairs towards their rooms. Sara looked back at the picture and then stood and looked out the large window.
“ They will never be yours. I’ve sworn to protect them. And I will do so with my dying breath.” Sara proclaimed into the darkness.

“ Hide them from me but it wont last long Sara, I will have them.” the man said.
“ Matthew you can’t keep doing that, she will sense you’re out here.”
“ No she won’t. Sara’s range isn’t that good. She’s never going to leave that house. At least not yet.”
“ Yes we’ve already anticipated that. He wants them alive.”
“ I know he does and Samuels will have them alive. I have never disappointed him, and I will never.”
“ You’ve disappointed him by letting her escape when you tried to make her love you.”
“ She did love me. It wasn’t a trick or anything. Sara loved me.”
“ Sara was using your sorry ass and you knew it. But you were so love struck that you couldn’t face it. What of Daniel?”
“ Daniel is my concern.”
“ Sir what is Daniel and Emma to you?”
“ None of your concern.”
“ Sir.”
“ I said none of your concern. Leave now.” He growled.
“ Yes sir.” The other said leaving the small room. Matthew turned back towards the house in the distance.
“ You kept them from me for far to long Sara, telling others they were abandoned children.” Matthew said into the wind. He knew sooner or later Sara would sense him and move Emma and Daniel again, but this time at what cost.

Sara looked up when she thought she had heard a voice. Closing her eyes she concentrated on the surroundings but felt nothing.
“ Sara?”
“ Yes Daniel?” Sara said without opening her eyes.
“ Is everything all right?”
“ Yes Daniel. I just thought I heard something.”
“ I’ve felt a presence for a few hours now. Someone angry and evil. Someone bent on harming you.”
“ There is no one close enough to the house to even try that. Not to worry Daniel we are safe here.” She said looking at the younger man. Daniel was a handsome young man barely eighteen but what scared her was he looked so much like his father. A man that hated her and that she hated. Sara closed her eyes and let the past images flow threw her mind