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Sara slept uneasily that night, her dreams plagued with images of Emma and Daniel being ripped from her arms. Her eyes snapped open and a scream filled the room. Emma hurried into the room quickly followed by Daniel.
“ What’s wrong?” Daniel asked, his voice full of concern.
“ Nothing just a bad dream.” She said looking at them both. Emma wasn’t so sure, she figured that Sara had had another vision but didn’t want to pressure her for information. It wasn’t normal for Sara to have dreams that caused her to scream. This was something that Emma intended to find out more about. She’d remembered the times when she was very little and they lived in a small house. Daniel had just come to live with them. But what bothered her was she knew that Sara kept a small cabinet full of files. She wondered if she could get into the room and see them.
“ Emma.”
“ What?”
“ I saw those files your thinking about. They’ve been altered.”
“ How so?”
“ The birthdates don’t add up. If Sara was born in 1977 she would have been just a child when she had you. It’s not possible.”
“ Then Sara had them changed.”
“ They seem official. Maybe Sara isn’t our mother but our sister. Think about it. She’s always been there but I never remembered seeing a mother. I remember when I was old enough to know that things seemed strange. Sara was told young to be taking care of people like us. But she always seemed bent on keeping the three of us together.”
“ Now that makes sense.” Emma said. She wondered why Sara had lied to them yet again. She’d have to get to the bottom of this and find out if maybe Sara was hiding them for a reason.

Sara sat in the study looking at the files, as she flipped the pages she turned the files to the proper front page.

Sara Raven Wolf.
Our first subject is only 16 years old. She’s been with the center for about four years. She was brought in after a brutal attack had taken place in down town New York. After several months of recovery we found that Sara was the sister to a young child that had been brought in at the same time.
Emma Jade Hunt. We aren’t sure why they don’t carry the same name but it seems they changed their last name to keep themselves safe. We’ve also found evidence to say that Sara at a young age gave birth a baby boy. That baby was brought to us a few months before Sara and Emma’s appearance. When the two were reunited Sara cried for hours thinking that the young boy had been dead. We find that the boys given name is Daniel St. John. After much testing we’ve found that all three carry a great deal of power and with that can never be returned to the outside world. As a safety to the regular population Emma, Sara and young Daniel will become permanent residents of our facility. Dr. Matthew Shaw seems to have taken a great interest in young Sara and has shown that she’s not particularly fond of him, finding him almost revolting at times. As a result Dr. Shaw has been reassigned to another part of the center to do other research.

** End File**

Sara placed the file back into the desk and knew that there were several more files that followed that one, depicting each and every power all three of them had. She had already lied to Emma and Daniel saying she was the mother to them both. If they’d thought they would have known it was almost impossible for her to have done such a thing since she was only a few years older than Emma was. But it had been true that she was the mother to Daniel. A young mother in fact. She had been raped by the very person the center had promised would never come near her. She’d always had a feeling of anger towards Matthew and if the center had ever found out he had found them before their entrance into the center who knows what would have been done. Sara looked up when she felt the presence of Emma standing in the doorway.
“ Come in.”
“ Thanks.” Emma said walking into the room and sitting down across from her.
“ So what are you doing up so late?” Sara asked, her voice stern yet kind.
“ Couldn’t sleep. Things you had told us earlier just didn’t make sense so I got to thinking that maybe you’ve lied to us again.” Emma said.
“ About you being my daughter yes. That part was a lie. We are siblings. I am only a few years older than you are Emma. But as for Daniel. That wasn’t a lie. He is my son, but I was so young when I had him I was still a child myself. “
“ How much a child?”
“ I was barely thirteen when I had Daniel. That’s why the ages don’t make sense. Matthew the man that hunts us for the center is the reason Daniel is alive. He caught me in an alley way one night after he’d been drinking and raped me. I was young and so unsure of my powers back then that I wasn’t able to fight him off, you were just a kid then, it scared you. I was surprised that you had any memories at all after that. You seemed to shut down. When we arrived in the center months later, Daniel had already been taken there right after I had given birth. His powers were very powerful from birth but sense he couldn’t control them they took him for testing. We were taken there within a month.” Sara said, new tears streaming down her face. Daniel stood silently outside the room, he had listened to everything they had said. He was her son, but he was loved by her and her alone as a man that now hunted them had made him from anger. His powers given in a moment of rage. But rage was what fueled his powers now, what made him stronger. His own anger towards the man that had hurt his mother, and made her lie to them for so long.

“ Sara why didn’t you just tell us that?”
“ I was scared. I had been hiding it for so long I wasn’t sure if I could tell anyone.” Sara admitted.
“ So the files that Daniel found were fake?”
“ Totally. They were files I had made up to replace the ones that the center originally had. The original files don’t even have our birthdates on them. All they have is a physical discription of each of us and what powers we have. I never meant for Daniel to find those. And now I wish he hadn’t.” Sara admitted.