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“ He’s angry. But things aren’t the way they should be.”
“ This wasn’t something I had wanted to keep from you. I’ve always wanted to tell you that you’re family and that Daniel is my son. But I felt it was safer that he didn’t know. I am not sure what to do now. If Daniel knows that I’ve lied yet again that will end his trust with me.”
“ He’ll understand.”
“ I’m not so sure.” Sara said looking back out the window away from Emma.

Matthew smiled and shook his head, he could feel her distress and anger.
“ You’ve told them.” He whispered. A smile play across his face as he thought of the anger that would be going threw their minds. The fear they’d have if she’d been lying again.

Sara sighed and walked into her bedroom and closed and locked the door. She needed time alone and locking the door would assure her that time. She could hear Emma talking to Daniel in the far room. His own crying heard clearly as if he was just in the room. He felt betrayed, she could feel that anger and knew that he’d never understand why she lied. Reaching for the phone she quickly dialed a number.
“ When?” The person that had answered the phone asked.
“ Tomorrow.”
“ Are you coming alone?”
“ If it will save them yes.”
“ We will leave them alone if you come alone.”
“ Then tomorrow at noon. Near the town hall.”
“ Tell no one.”
“ I never do.” Sara said hanging up. She could hear Emma trying to calm Daniel as he made his way down the hallway towards her room. Holding her hand up she put up and invisible barrier that Daniel would never be able to enter.
“ Let me in Mother.” Daniel spat. He said the words as if they were poison on his tongue.
“ Just leave Daniel. I understand you’re anger.” Sara said trying to reason with the angry teen.
“ No, you will once and for all tell me the truth.”
“ In my study there are some files. You will find a tape still sitting on the desk. All the answers you seek are in those files and that tape. I hope you find what your looking for.” Sara said before sinking down into the bed. She could hear Emma and Daniel hurry down the hallway away from her room. Letting down her defenses she allowed herself to drift into a dream filled sleep.