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Fallen Angel
By Vicki 2005

Her long golden hair hung well past her shoulders as she walked down the streets. People smiled at her and nodded as she made her way to the local clinic where she worked. She could see what the years had done to change her world. Each person that lived there looked different. But she was the most different of them all, her silver wings seemed to set her apart from all the others that walked around her. She had never seen a human before but once they had come to her planet she learned that they looked very much like she did only without wings. But the humans seemed to not understand why her people looked different, at least not at first.
“ Shannon what brings you here so early.” Her friend asked.
“ I have to work.” Shannon said, she looked at her friend Leo, that was a name given to him by the humans that had now come to live on their planet. Given to him for the fact that he looked like a lion, his head and most of his body looked like that of what humans referred to as a lion.
“ You weren’t supposed to work till this evening.”
“ Chip called and said he couldn’t make it, he had a tooth ache.”
“ If he’d stop listening to the humans he wouldn’t.” Leo said of their friend.
“ Yes Leo I know this but he does and of course we are still the ones that seem to be the freaks yet this is our world.”
“ Well I am just glad that the humans settled down more and stopped looking at us strangely. Mrs. White will be in this evening for her usual check up.”
“ How is she doing? I sure hope her arthritis hasn’t been acting up, she’s getting up there in years.”
“ She’s doing better. Doc Masters has had her on a special diet and has been having her exercise every day.”
“ That doesn’t count if she’s giving the Simmons kids a ride.”
“ Well she’s exercising isn’t she?” Leo said referring to the older woman that was what humans referred to as a centaur.
“ I am seeing Nash tonight, he’s found some books from Mrs. Browning about the human myths and legends. Now we can finally figure out why they find us such strange people.”
“ I find nothing strange about us. But then again I’ve lived here all my life. They’ve only just been arriving here over the last ten years.”
“ Wish they hadn’t found us.” Shannon said. Leo nodded he had to agree they were happier before the humans had arrived. He knew that he couldn’t say they weren’t human themselves but being different that was all they could say about the normals.

Ever since the earthlings had arrived on their planet it seemed that everything that Castians had come to know as normal became the opposite of that and it was as if things turned around. The Earthlings didn’t want to fight but they did need a new place to live, many had spoke of their home planet being near destruction because of wars that had plagued the planet for many years. Castians had opened their world and arms to the new comers and welcomed them into their homes. But it was different for the earthlings, seeing things differently seeing creatures that had thought to be nothing more than myth and legend.