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Shannon was awakened suddenly as she felt a hard metal object pressed to her throat. Looking up she saw a man smiling down at her.
“ Hello Princess.”
“ Samuel” She hissed. He pressed the knife harder into her throat causing her to yelp out in pain.
“ My spies tell me that you hold a power none had ever seen before. Even healed a wounded soldier.”
“ Rumors by frightened earthlings. I highly doubt any of it is true.”
“ They are rather trust worthy and keep a close eye on my favorite princess.”
“ Face it you didn’t even know I was home.” Shannon hissed.
“ Oh that your wrong on. I’ve known for a while that you had returned. I also knew where you were hiding. I was even the one that had you shot.”
“ You son of a bitch.” Shannon shouted as she attempted to sit up.
“ I’d stay put if you know what’s good for you. The entire camp has been captured and word has been sent to your father of your capture. He’ll surrender his kingdom to get his daughter back.”
“ He knows I’d rather die than have you take this kingdom and this planet.”
“ How many have you injured?”
“ None, they think you were captured first so they came rather quietly. But I will hurt you if I have to.” Samuel said. Shannon narrowed her eyes, but knew if she fought him it could mean the death of so many of her people. She couldn’t believe that the one person that had been her closest advisor was turning against her.
Shannon could hardly believe what was happening around her as she looked towards Samuel, would her father give up the kingdom to save her? She wasn’t so sure.

The scream pierced the silent night and Leo came running. As he entered the tent he saw that Shannon was sitting up in her bed screaming.
“ It was a dream.” He said taking her shaking figure into his arms.
“ It seemed so real.”
“ Have you gotten visions before?” Leo asked looking at his friend.
“ I’ve not gotten any visions in a lot of years my friend. This one told me we were in great danger.”
“ It’s nearly sunrise I will wake the others and break camp.” Leo said leaving the tent. Shannon sat there for a few moments before she hurried to ready herself to leave. Once she was ready she stepped into the light and looked around. She could see her troops reading to leave.
“ Princess.”
“ Yes Commander?”
“ We’ve had sightings of some earthlings near the forest.”
“ They ready us to leave quickly.”
“ Yes milady.” He said bowing and heading back towards the assembled troops.
“ You going to be ok?”
“ Yeah, like you said it was just a dream.” Shannon said pulling her helmet on. She took to the air and surveyed the landscape before swooping down near the lead man.
“ Keep them going north. The earthling troops are about seven miles behind us.”
“ I will keep us moving. We are returning to the Palace?”
“ Not yet. I want to lead them away from the palace as best we can. We will go down fighting.”
“ Yes majesty” He said. Shannon wasn’t sure how long they could hold off the army but she’d die trying if need be.