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Shannon settled into her daily routine of getting things ready for the day’s clinic visits. The earthlings referred to the clinic as a vet’s office but they came there just the same. She heard the bell ring and looked up front. Standing at the counter was Mrs. Jenkins a local teacher and earthling.
“ Well hello Mrs. Jenkins, what brings you in today?”
“ Billy isn’t feeling well, and with the fever I thought it best the doc see him.”
“ I’ll see if Doc Masters is ready for patience.” Shannon said looking down at the brown hair boy that stood at Mrs. Jenkins side. Walking to the back she found Doctor Franklin Masters sitting in front of his computer.
“ Frank you ready for patience.”
“ Sure am. Who’s up first?”
“ Little Billy Jenkins, his momma says he’s been running a fever all morning.”
“ Sure bring him back Shannon.” Franklin said as he stood, Franklin Masters was a tall man with an average build, his eyes shone like those of a cat, his dark hair hung well past his shoulders and down his back, his hands were normal like any other human, but he had a cat like appearance. Shannon was the best nurse he had, besides Leo.
“ Hello Mrs. Jenkins. Hello Billy.”
“ Hello Doc Masters.” Billy said politely. The young boy waited for the doctor to put him on the exam table and smiled.
“ How are you feeling Billy?”
“ My tummy hurts.” Billy said touching his stomach where it hurt. Franklin placed his hands on the boys belly and genteelly pressed down. Getting the yelp he wasn’t expecting he looked concerned as he looked towards the boys mother.
“ How long has his stomach hurt?”
“ He started complaining yesterday about it. But he said that it had stopped hurting so I thought he had just ate to much candy from Mr. Daniels store.”
“ Looks like he’s got appendicitis. We got to operate.”
“ When?”
“ Soon as possible. Have Shannon call over to Mercy and have them set up an immediate surgery. Tell them I’ll be there soon.”
“ Sure thing Doc.” Leo said from the doorway. Mrs. Jenkins hadn’t heard Leo enter and was surprised when he answered as quickly as he did. Shannon appeared in the doorway a few moments later.
“ I’ll cancel all the appointments for the remainder of the day Doctor.”
“ Thank you Shannon. But no need. This is a routine procedure and will only take a few hours. Have the ones that are here reschedule and bump the others to a later time.”
“ All right. Are you taking Leo with you?”
“ Yes, think you can handle things here alone?”
“ I don’t see why not. The police were by earlier, it seems we’ve got some young men that are out to harm Castians but they’ve said that they will have someone come by and stay here through out the day.”
“ All right as long as you wont be alone.”
“ I wont be. Don’t worry so much Frank” Shannon said. Franklin shook his head but headed out of the office followed by the worried mother and Leo. Shannon went about hurrying to call the appointments that had been set for that morning. It was early so catching most at home wasn’t hard. And resetting the appointments was no problem either. Things went rather smoothly that morning. She had only received one call and had noticed that she had gained one officer sitting in the lobby of the clinic.
“ Samuel would you like some coffee?” Shannon asked.
“ Sure that would be great.” He answered as Shannon walked over with a hot cup of coffee.
“ What’s the news on those kids?”
“ Nothing yet. We’ve got officers on the most prime spots for the attacks. They seem to be sticking to small businesses.”
“ I heard old Mr. McGill got attacked yesterday.”
“ Yeah but he’s going to be fine.”
“ So no deaths yet?” Shannon asked. She had been living there her entire life and most of the people she knew were older and had been wanting to retire. Castians seemed to be the only ones being attacked but what bothered her the most was it was ones that seemed to have a large business. She looked up as the bell sounded and noticed several young men entering the clinic.
“ Can I help you?” She asked standing. Her large sliver wings spread wide as they walked towards her, more of a defensive move than actual fear.
“ Yes we are looking for the doc, is he around?”
“ Sorry he had emergency surgery and wont be back for hours.” Shannon said backing up. Samuel stood and waited to see what the young men were going to do. Without warning one of the young men pulled out a gun and fired it at Shannon at point blank range. Shannon screamed as the pain ripped through her shoulder and her right wing. She had never felt so much pain as she did at that moment. Her world began to become that of colors and pain, she wasn’t sure if she had heard Samuel speak to her or not all she was concentrating on was the immense pain she was in. She could barely hear Samuel’s voice as he told her to hang on before she finally passed out.