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He walked into the room once again and looked at the sleeping woman. He knew that she’d have to make her choice soon but would she make the one that would make her world a better something inside of him knew that she’d become what her parents had always wanted. Someone that would always want to be the true ruler of this world. He touched her face and kissed her cheek.
“ Soon my sister, soon we will bring the battles of the outer worlds to our own. But are you ready to fight?” He asked looking down at her. He knew she was sleeping and knew she’d never answer.
“ Be aware young Shannon, be aware that if you chose the wrong destiny you will doom our world to darkness forever.” He said before turning and leaving the room unnoticed.

Shannon tossed and turned in her sleep, her dreams filled with screams and cries of help. She could see her world on fire, her world being destroyed by an unseen evil, something that had come to turn her world into slaves. She could see her friends, she could see Leo holding a child close to his chest, tears rolling down his cheeks. The blonde hair child limp in his arms blood running from a wound that came from an unknown place. The sound of another weeping caught her attention, her deep blue eyes scanned the area looking for its origin and found Leona crying over yet another body, another child.
“ What has happened?” She asked, her voice almost foreign to her.
“ You caused this.” Leona said looking up at the stunned woman.
“ What? How could I have done this?”
“ You could have saved them. The strangers came and killed the children first. Promising that they would be all that died, they’d save our race if we’d give into their control.”
“ I couldn’t have stopped this. You know this isn’t in my nature.”
“ Your brother was killed, your family was killed. You were all that was left that could have saved our people. Everyone on Celina will now learn of the deception that you’ve done and the traitorous act that caused our world to be lost.” Leona shouted. Shannon couldn’t understand what had happened. The world had been fine just as she had entered the hospital. What could have happened in the short time she was gone? So many questions ran through her mind.
“ I should kill you. I should kill you for what happened to my children.” Leo shouted. Leo stood and ran towards her, a dagger in hand. Shannon barely had time to react as the dagger plunged deep within her chest.

Shannon’s eyes snapped open and her breathing was heavy. She looked around and touched her chest with her good arm. It had only been a dream, just a dream. She told herself. But was it just a dream? Or was it more a shadow of things to come. She couldn’t allow her friends to die, their children to die.
“ I have to do something.” Shannon said wiping the tears from her face. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do but it was finally clear that she would return home, return to her training. Picking up the phone nearest her she called a number.
“ Bring Allen and pick me up.”
“ When?”
“ I should be released in two days time. Come then.”
“ Yes princess.”
“ Tell no one of my return.”
“ What of your father?”
“ Notify him before you leave.” She said.
“ Yes milady.” He said hanging up the phone. Shannon lay the phone back down and let her eyes close once again, but she knew this time she’d not find sleep so inviting. Nor did she want to as she felt the dread of what things were coming.