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Morning seemed to come to soon for Leo, he could feel the suns warm rays pouring through the parted curtains. He looked over at his sleeping wife and kissed her head lightly before slipping from the bed. He knew the children would sleep for a few more hours before they’d come to find if their parents were awake. Taking this as an advantage he hurried to shower and ready breakfast before his wife woke. She had worked so hard the day before on supper and finding that he’d not returned from work as scheduled must have scared her something terrible. As he entered the hot shower he thought of the past days events. The call about his friend being injured, the doctors wondering about who Shannon was and why she was the only Angel in the city, and why she’d never said anything about being from the island. He let the hot water run over his skin, the hair that hung well past his shoulders came to rest at the center of his back, letting the water rinse the days events away he felt arms wrap themselves around his bare waist.
“ Why didn’t you wake me?” She whispered kissing his shoulder.
“ I had ruined our evening, thought you needed the sleep.”
“ Your friend was hurt. I understood.”
“ But it was our anniversary.”
“ I understood. Leo our family is important but friends are too. Shannon was hurt.” Leona said kissing the back of his neck. His hair stood on end as he let out a low growl, turning he faced her and kissed her deeply.
“ Do you know how much I truly love you?”
“ More than you know.” Leona said holding him close. She could feel the heat that was generating between them, even if the water had long sense grown cold.
“ I guess we should get ready. I’ll start breakfast.” Leo said kissing her again. Leona held him close before kissing him deeply and then releasing her hold. Leo looked into her eyes once more before he grabbed a towel and headed out of the bathroom. Leona stood there in the ice cold water and let tears roll down her cheeks, she had feared his death that day but when the call came telling her that it was Shannon that had been injured she was relieved that he was alive, was she wrong to feel that it was a good thing it wasn’t him that had been hurt? She wondered if she was betraying her friendship with Shannon to save her husband. Whipping her tears away she shut off the water and dried off. Getting dressed she joined her family in the dinning room.
“ Well I see my babies are awake.” Leona said kissing Grace and then James.
“ We have school today mom.” James said eating his pancakes.
“ Do you want Daddy or I to take you to school?”
“ Daddy can you? Before you go see Aunt Shannon?”
“ Sure that would be ok. Leona would you like to come along to see Shannon?”
“ Sure.” Leona said with a smile. The remaining of the meal was rather quiet as they hurried to finish eating so the kids could be off to school. They drove to the school and pulled their van to a stop in front of it.
“ Have a good day at school. And if your good I’ll take you to visit Aunt Shannon this afternoon.”
“ Ok Daddy.” Grace said kissing his cheek. Leo smiled and watched as his daughter bounded up the stairs to the school and met up with her friends.
“ I have practice after school.”
“ That’s fine visiting hours are till eight.” Leo said looking at his son.
“ Ok dad. By mom.” James said hopping out of the car and heading to meet up with his group of friends. Leo watched his children a few more moments before pulling the van away from the school.
“ Miss them don’t you?”
“ Yeah, I hate working like I have.”
“ They understand.” Leona said.
“ Sometimes I’m not so sure.” Leo said as they pulled into the parking lot of the large hospital. He had seen the news that morning and had heard two more shootings had happened, this time someone had died. Looking at Leona he wondered if welcoming the earthlings with open arms was such a good thing. He knew that his friend Samuel was earthling but was he really willing to lose what friends he did have that were like that over something that had been happening? These questions plagued his mind a lot lately and even more now that Shannon had been shot.