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Bridget looked up as the nurse entered the room.
“ Well good morning Bridget how are you feeling today?” She asked politely.
“ Tired but better. Where is my Angel?”
“ She’s been bathed and is being brought in.”
“ And my son?”
“ Matthew is holding his own. We thought we were going to lose him for a while there but he’s doing so much better. He should be able to be brought in here with you today.”
“ Thank you.” Bridget said as the nurse moved aside as another nurse entered the room with the baby. Angela was placed in her arms and Bridget looked at the sleeping baby’s face.
“ She’s so beautiful.” Bridget said kissing her daughter’s forehead. The nurse decided to let Bridget bond with her daughter while they checked on her tiny son. Bridget held Angela close as she watched the small baby sleep.
“ Just so much you’re going to miss not having your daddy around.” She whispered.
“ But I will be around.” Thomas said entering the dimly light room.
“ I know, but it wont be the same, Matthew wanted children.”
“ I know that Bridge but what can you do, fate dealt you a hand and now I am here to help you with it.”
“ Have you seen my Matthew?”
“ Yes and just like his mother he’s a fighter, I spoke to the doctor a moment ago and she said that the baby will be brought in in a few hours. He was taken off the respirator earlier this morning. And has been breathing on his own. They said that was a good sign.”
“ It is, in some ways Matthew is helping his name sake live. Helping me live.”
“ These babies need their mother as much as they need more family. I am glad that they have brought the smile back to your face.”
“ With a little help from an old friend.” She said with a smile.
“ I made a promise to you and to Matthew that I would help if anything would happen. And it’s a promise I intend on keeping.”
“ Thank you Tom, I am grateful to have a friend like you.” Bridget said. Thomas smile, he knew that somewhere over time maybe he and Bridget would be more than just friends. His love for her hadn’t changed over the years and during the time he had seen her fall in love with Matthew he wondered what would have happened if it had been them. He would always remain her friend and he made a promise to Matthew that he’d always take care of Bridget even after he was gone. Thomas wasn’t expecting it to be so soon.

Thomas watched as his friend drifted off to sleep, Angela in her arms. Thomas moved closer and removed the small baby from the sleeping woman’s arms, as not to have Bridget unintentionally drop the small child. He looked up as the nurse entered with another crib, inside was the smallest of the twins, Matthew.
“ Welcome to the world Matthew Alexander MacLeud JR.” Thomas said touching the small child’s fingers. The soft cooing told him that the small baby was content. Wondering if he should wake Bridget as if on cue, Angela started crying, waking Bridget from the sound sleep.
“ Its ok.” Bridget said lifting the infant from the small bed. She kissed her forehead and looked up at Thomas.
“ Been here all night?”
“ Yes I have. And you have another guest.” He said moving the second crib closer to the bed.
“ He’s so tiny.’ Bridget said looking into the crib. She smiled as she saw the dark eyes that had belonged to her beloved.
“ And he wants his momma, let me take Angel and you can hold little Matthew.”
“ That would be nice thank you,” Bridget said handing off the little baby girl as she reached into the other crib and lifted her tiny son into her arms.