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The reception was in full swing by the time they had arrived. The carriage ride her father had set up seemed to last forever, but for them it wasn’t long enough. They knew that meant they had to show up and show others and share each other with the others there at the party.
“ I love you.” Matthew said as he helped Bridget from the carriage.
“ I love you too. Are you feeling ok?” She asked her voice laced with concern.
“ Yes my love.” Matthew said. He held her hand, he would lie to her just so she’d enjoy this day. He knew that his time with her was only short and knew that he’d leave her side soon, but he wanted her to remember that his love would remain with her forever.
“ Are you sure? Your limping.” She said concern now in her deep green eyes.
“ I am fine.” He said kissing her. He knew just holding her would make her fears disappear. She held tightly to him till she heard the door to the front of the house open. She looked to see her father standing there waiting for them.
“ Are you two coming inside?” He asked laughing.
“ Yes father.” She said as Matthew took her hand and led her towards the door. Matthew watched as they entered the large ballroom, people smiled and clapped as they entered the room. Bridget held tightly to Matthew as she looked around the room. She could see all of her friends family and friends of her father’s. They started with their dance, pulling Matthew close Bridget rested her head on his shoulder. She could feel the cameras flashing and taking pictures of what they thought to be the perfect couple. Matthew held her close, Bridget could feel that his legs were having trouble holding him up during the dance. Once the song ended she quickly led him to the waiting chair and had him sit down and rest. Her father pulled her back onto the floor and danced his dance with her. The music changed tempo as she walked back over and sat down next to him. She kissed his lips lightly and whispered in his ear.
“ We wont stay long.”
Matthew nodded and looked towards the party. He knew that they had appearances to do but he was feeling really tired suddenly.
“ Stay as long as you can my love. I won’t ruin this for you.” He whispered back.
“ This is our big day not just mine. We will leave if you are to tired.”
“ I know.” He said kissing her and watching as her friends pulled her towards the floor.

It had become later than she had thought when a friend suggested it was time to take Matthew home. He was falling asleep at one of the tables and even she felt she had neglected her new husband. Having one of his friends help her take him to the waiting carriage she had the driver hurry back to their large estate. Once inside the house she had Jennifer the nurse help her take Matthew upstairs.
“ Are you sure you’re going to be all right?” Jennifer asked.
“ Yeah Jen I’ll be fine with him. Thanks for the help. Get some sleep.”
“ I’ll be downstairs if you need me. I can always send George up if anything happens ok?”
“ Thanks.” She said closing the bedroom door. She looked towards the large king size bed and smiled. Matthew was sitting up with his arms open to her.
“ Come here Mrs. MacLeud.” He said waiting for her to come to him. Bridget moved into his arms and slid into his lap. Matthew held her close and kissed her neck. He could feel her moan against his throat as she kissed him. He slowly removed the dress she still wore and let it fall to the floor, he stood to face her his fingers slowly removing the remains of her clothing, as her own fingers moved to remove his. They now stood in the center of the room naked, he slowly slid her down to the floor laying her on the large bear rug and kissed his way down her body. He could feel her trembling but knew it wasn’t from fear. His eyes locked with hers as he slowly kissed his way back up her body.
“ I love you.” He said as he slowly trust into her. Her breath caught in her throat as she relaxed and waited a moment. He waited for her to adjust knowing that he was her first. Once he knew she was comfortable he began moving in and out of her at a quicker pace, listening to her breathing increasing with every thrust. Bridget dug her nails into his back.
“ Faster.” She spoke nearly breathless. Matthew was happy to fulfill that request. He thrust harder and faster into her till he felt her body tighten around his and her orgasm rush over her in waves. He held her close as he too cam. Once they were both down from their natural high he held her close and felt her drift off to sleep in his arms. Holding her close soon he too had drifted off to sleep.

Morning seemed to come to soon, Matthew rolled onto his back and remembered that they had slept on the floor that night, next to him was his new bride. Bridget looked so peaceful he decided to let her sleep. Sliding off from under her arm he walked into the bathroom and quickly showered, once he had finished he peeked back into the room and saw that Bridget was still sleeping, he thought it would be romantic to bring her breakfast in bed, even if at that moment breakfast in bed was on the floor.

“ Good Morning. Selma.”
“ Good Morning sir. I wasn’t expecting the two of you for another few hours. With the late hour you returned.”
“ We returned late?” Matthew said laughing.
“ Yes sir, it was well past three am when you arrived this morning.” She said looking strangely at him. Matthew shook his head and began getting things together for breakfast.
“ Let me make something special sir. Then you can take it up to miss Bridget.”
“ Thank you Selma.” Matthew said sitting down. He was suddenly not feeling well and wasn’t willing to argue with her about making his own meal. Once the meal had been prepared and set upon a rather nice tray he stood to take it upstairs. Matthew made it to the bottom of the stairs when he felt strangely. Selma heard a loud crash and came running from the kitchen to find Matthew laying motionless at bottom of the stairs, the food scattered.
“ George.” She screamed. George came running from outside to find out what was wrong. Jennifer close behind.
“ Oh my god.” Jennifer said kneeling down next to Matthew.
“ Is he all right?” Selma asked.
“ George get the doctor.” Jennifer said she looked up to see Bridget standing at the top of the stairs, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“ He’ll be all right Bridget.” Jennifer said trying to reassure the young woman. But even Jennifer wasn’t so sure. Matthew’s breathing was rather shallow and when she had arrived to find him on the floor his head was bleeding from hitting it on the hard marble floor.
“ Selma get Bridget some water and have her sit in the other room.”
“ Yes ma’am.” Selma said hurrying to get Bridget out of the room. Anyone could see that Bridget had just woke up at the sound of the crashing. Selma moved Bridget into the other room and handed her a glass of cold water. Bridget was sobbing, he couldn’t leave her not yet.
“ He’ll be ok.” Selma said trying to calm the younger woman.