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She sat alone in the living room. The doctor had come and was upstairs with Matthew. He had yet to come down and she was frightened at what he was going to tell her. She waited a moment and then looked up to see the doctor entering the room.
“ How is he?” She asked as the doctor sat down next to her.
“ It seems Matthew stopped taking his medication.”
“ He told me he took it. Before we got married he promised he wouldn’t stop taking it.” She said as the tears rolled down her cheeks.
“ The medication he takes for his seizures seems to have run out, he had refilled it.”
“ How long?” Bridget asked.
“ About a week.” The doctor answered. Bridget gasped as she thought of the fact that he hadn’t taken the medication for his seizures she wondered if he had taken any of his medication.
“ His blood sugar levels are through the roof. And he hasn’t taken the medication for his cancer.”
“ He said that the chemo was done.”
“ The cancer hasn’t gone into remission. I need to take him to the hospital and have him checked. I can’t run the tests from here.” He said looking at her.
“ But if he starts the regiment again will he be ok?” She asked.
“ I’m not sure, I’ll run those tests and see if the cancer has spread.”
“ All right.” Bridget said trying to remain calm.
“ I want you to stay here until I call.”
“ I want to be with him.”
“ I’d rather you were here but if you want to come I wont tell you, you can’t.”
“ Thank you.”

Bridget sat in the hospital waiting to hear the results from the tests. They had taken Matthew to a private room and she was afraid to go into the room with him. She sat there and remembered when he first approached her about his illness.

“ Bridge.”
“ What?’ Bridget said looking towards him. She could see the tears in his eyes, he had just returned from the doctors.
“ I have something to tell you.” He said as calmly as he could. She wondered what could be so serious that he was nearly crying.
“ What’s wrong?” She asked concern lacing her soft voice.
“ The doctor says I have cancer.”
“ What?” She asked, seemingly surprised and not sure she heard it correctly.
“ I have cancer. It seems that it started in my throat and has spread.”
“ What are they going to do?”
“ The doc said he can’t operate on it but I have to start aggressive Chemo.”
“ When?” She asked.
“ Starting tomorrow. I will spend three days in the hospital during the treatment.”
“ I want to be with you.”
“ You don’t have to.”
“ Matthew I love you so much. I want to be by your side though this whole thing. I want to show the world how much I love you.”
“ I love you too, but with this we might have to put the wedding on hold.”
“ It can wait until your better. I want you to be able to walk down that isle and wait for me.” She said kissing his lips softly. Matthew smiled as he looked into her emerald eyes.
“ This is why I love you so much. I am so grateful and blessed to have someone like you in my life.”
“ We will get through this.” She said with a smile. And during the months of treatment Bridget was rarely seen without Matthew, she stood by his side even when all his hair fell out, and when he was to weak to feed himself. During the treatment Matthew was diagnosed with diabetes and was told that with proper diet and taking his medication he’d be fine. Bridget already knew about the seizures he’d been having. He’d had them since he was a child, and was always taken medication to control them. But it seemed combined everything was making him more and more tired. The doctor had already warned her that in his weakened state the common cold could kill him, and even with the treatment there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t still die from the cancer. Bridget had been prepared for months for something to happen but some how he seemed to get better and stronger every day. Even up to their wedding day he seemed to be full of life.

Bridget shook her head and let the memory fade into the past and looked up to see the doctor again walking towards her.
“ What’s the news?”
“ The cancer has spread at a rapid rate. Even if we get him started back on the Chemo there is no way to stop it. It’s spread to his lungs, heart and even his blood stream. He’s weak and getting weaker. Letting all of his medications go he he’s allowed his body to start shutting down.”
“ How long does he have left?”
“ A week or two at most. But I can’t promise anything. He’s asking for you.”
“ Thank you doctor.” Bridget said as she walked to the next door and walked into the dimly light room.