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The phone ran for what seemed like forever before Bridget raised up from the floor to answer it. She saw that it was still rather dark and the storm seemed to still be hiding over head.
“ Hello?”
“ Bridget thank god.” She heard her mothers voice say.
“ What’s the matter? Is it daddy?”
“ Your father is fine. The doctor woke me to tell me he’s stable and will be released in a few days. He’s been over doing things again.”
“ I know, father is always doing that.” She said with a small laugh. She was grateful to know that her father was doing well and would be returning home soon.
“ But, now that he’s had this heart attack he must calm down and not do as much. That means no more working at the mill.”
“ Father will not like that idea, he wants to provide for you and him. For the two of you retiring.”
“ Well it’s time he retires earlier than he had assumed and if he doesn’t he will be sleeping alone.”
“ Yes I know mother. Tell daddy I love him and I will come see him as soon as the weather changes.”
“ Just stay home he said he’d visit after he gets out. Doesn’t want you and his grandchild to get hurt.”
“ All right.” She said reluctantly. She knew better than to argue. She was due any day and knew that the stress could cause her to go into labor.
“ Love you sweetie.”
“ Love you too momma.” She said hanging up the phone. The relief of knowing her father was fine was enough to let her actually go to bed. She could still hear the thunder and the down pouring of the rain but knew that she needed the rest. Climbing into the large bed she let the evenings events finally allow her to sleep.

A sudden pain awoke Bridget several hours later. Bridget grabbed her stomach as she attempted to stand. She looked down and noticed water and what looked like blood.
“ Oh god.” She whispered. She looked outside and saw that a storm still raged outside as she tried to get herself steady enough to walk to the phone. The pain was so unbearable she could barely make her way to the phone before she dropped to the floor unconscious.

Thomas Murray walked passed the MacLeud home when he noticed something strange. There was a light on in the living room but it wasn’t a normal light, wondering if Bridget was all right he walked towards the door. Thomas and Bridget had been friends since grade school even when Bridget had moved away for college they remained friends. So his visits after Matthew had died where less often than he’d liked. He looked through the window and saw Bridget laying on her side on the hallway floor. Touching the doorknob he realized that the door was locked, but something had to be wrong if Bridget was laying on the floor. Taking the choice to replace the glass in her door he wrapped his hand in his jacket and put his fist through the window. Opening the door he hurried to his friends side. Touching her he felt for a strong pulse but noticed that she was bleeding.
“ Dear lord.” He said reaching for the phone that lay next to Bridget. He dialed the local paramedics and told them where he was and waited. He wondered why Bridget hadn’t noticed this before it had gotten this bad. Touching her forehead he could feel that she had a fever. He wondered if she’d gotten caught in the previous nights storm.
“ Thomas?”
“ Yes, don’t worry Bridget we’ve got an ambulance coming.”
“ The baby.” Bridget said touching her stomach. Thomas didn’t even want to know if the baby was coming. He knew nothing of birthing and wasn’t really ready to learn.