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“ Anakin please. Go be with Sasha and I will be here to see where this leads. You are a powerful Sith Lord and one that the Emperor respects. Find patience and we shall prevail.”

Vader walked down the hallway but stopped as he felt something wrong. He turned and hurried back the direction he had just come from, seeing Nathaniel looking at Maul, his saber near his throat he stopped.
“ I’ve been waiting for you.” Maul growled looking at Vader. Nathaniel pushed away from Maul just as Vader ignited his saber.
“ I’ve had about enough of you.” Vader shouted. His anger was at its full power, he could feel his anger and frustration running through his every pore, he could feel everything that had happened to him in the past coming to full. Swinging his Light Saber he watched Maul’s slow movements. He wanted to end this mans existence even if it meant angering his master.
“ Watch him Anakin.” Nathaniel said as Maul’s double sided blade ignited. Maul had studied Vader’s moves, knew what he’d do, and knew that his moves would be through anger rather than training and thinking. Watching the younger man he knew when to strike. The blade sliced across Vader’s good arm causing him to drop the light saber, Maul smiled as he brought his own light saber down and Vader’s pain filled scream could be heard echoing through the hallway

Sasha sat up right in bed, clutching her chest as she felt the sudden wave of pain.
“ Anakin.” She whispered sliding from the large bed. Pulling the wires free she rushed from the room. She looked to see the guards watching her quick movements as she ignited her saber as she rounded the long hallway.
“MAUL!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she found him standing over Vader. Maul turned and was surprised when her saber found it’s mark. Maul stumbled backwards and looked at her wide eyed. Could it be again he’d lost his life to one that wasn’t as trained as he was. He watched as his right arm fell to the floor, Jahda appeared by his side instantly.
“ Get him out of here before you will have nothing to clone.” Sasha growled at her. Jahda stood look at her, her own eyes blazing with anger.
“ Face me child. And I shall show you my way.” Jahda said pulling her own saber from the inside of her cloak.
“ You do not wish this fight woman. For I am a formidable foe.”
“ No more than any I’ve seen before.”
“ Don’t under estimate my power Jahda.” Sasha said.
“ I have never under estimated any one’s power. But you under estimate mine.” Jahda said as her light saber came to life, the glowing red blade seemed to almost radiate with Jahda’s anger. Sasha looked for a moment towards Vader to see if he still lived, knowing that he did she turned her full attention to Jahda.
“ You will face my wrath.”
“ You are nothing more than a child.”
“ And your going to be dead.” She said with a smile. “ I will see to it that both you and Lord Maul return to the hell from where you came.”
“ You fear Maul”
“ I fear no man.” Sasha said as their blades connected. They fought until Sasha had Jahda pinned to the far wall.
“ Fear me Lordess and I shall spare your life.”
“ Not going to happen.” Jahda said shoving Sasha away, Sasha stumbled backwards and felt sudden pain as Jahda brought her blade down. Sasha screamed as she clutched her now missing arm. She looked at the woman that stood over her and raised her blade again and swung wildly. Jahda stepped backwards, nearly getting hit by the saber. Grabbing Maul she knew that she could fight another day. This fight would not end this day, but a war had been started that she knew Vader and his lady could not finish