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Sasha waited a few moments and then excused herself from the bridge and headed towards the hanger. Vader had been shot at and his ship had been badly damaged. It had barely made it into the hanger.
“ Lord Vader is all right ma’am.” One guard said looking towards her.
“ Where is Lord Vader?” She demanded.
“ He is with Lord Maul.” He answered. Sasha’s eyes scanned the large hanger till she saw them shouting at each other from across the room. Vader was right to be angry, she had seen everything that Maul had done and Vader had felt it. With a wave of her hand Maul flew across the room and landed in some supplies that had been stacked on the far end of the room.
“ Angry milady?” Vader asked turning towards her, his large black mask muffled his voice and made him sound almost mechanical.
“ I should be. Jahda should keep her clone under control.” Sasha growled as Jahda entered the hanger. Their eyes locked and both women seemed to almost glow with the anger that flowed through them. Jahda was not happy at the way this child had disrespected her Lord Maul and she intended on teaching the little imp some respect even if she had to beat it into her. Walking the distance between them in a short time, Jahda was surprised to see Sasha waiting in a fighting stance.
“ Shall we?” Sasha hissed, her voice sounding almost snake like. Her eyes seemed to change color as well.
“ We shall, we shall also find out what you are.”
“ I am something you aspire to be.” Sasha said, a note of cockness in her voice. Jahda would enjoy the pleasure of teaching this child manors. Lighting her saber she took the first blow, and noted that Sasha had greatly improved since her fight with Maul. Holding her ground Sasha went blow for blow with Jahda and finally knocked the older woman to the floor.
“ I do not wish to fight with you. I only follow the orders of my emperor.” Sasha said standing over the fallen woman, her saber close to Jahda’s throat.
“ Then why fight?”
“ Because you come and bring that with you. Someone that has been dead gone since before Vader came here. Someone that caused more pain and anger than you can ever understand.”
“ What could Maul have done?”
“ He’s a demon and deserved the death he had been given. I had only regret at the time of his death.”
“ And what was that?” Jahda asked.
“ That it wasn’t at my own hand.” Sasha answered disengaging her saber and leaving Maul and Jahda alone. Vader looked at them for a moment and then followed Sasha from the hanger.

Reaching up Vader removed his helmet and looked at his lady.
“ What could he have done?” He asked stopping her before the entered the bridge.
“ Nothing of importance. What is done is done.” Sasha answered. Vader didn’t like this answer and would find the one he wished to hear but wasn’t ready to push someone as powerful as his master was for answers. For now he’d leave it at what she had said and question her no more about it.