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Nathaniel wanted to warn Vader of what was coming about, but was he willing to get himself killed over this. What had Sasha done that had caused Maul to hate her so much. And what had Maul done that caused her to fear him so much. This was something he’d have to check into before going to Vader with the news. Finding a computer console he quickly did a search. But then remembered that being out in the open he’d be caught, he knew that meant he’d have to return to his quarters to do the search in private. The Emperor had given him full permission to research anything he so chose to. Leaving the bridge he returned to his quarters, he needed to find out all that he could on Lord Maul and his Lady.

Lord Vader watched as Sasha spoke to Palpatine quietly.
“ Master may I have a moment of your time?” Vader asked walking up to him. Palpatine nodded and excused himself from his niece. Sasha wasn’t sure what was going on but chose not to ask as they walked towards the large window.
“What is it?” Palpatine asked.
“I’ve felt disturbances in the force master. Someone within our own ranks plots against one of us.”
“ Have you found them Lord Vader?”
“ Not yet master. But young Nathaniel believes that someone wishes to do harm to Lady Vader.”
“ Then find that person.” Palpatine said, his own old voice laced with anger.
“ I shall master. Do you wish me to bring them to you for punishment?”
“ No, do with them as you please.” Palpatine said.
“ As you wish master.” Vader said leaving his master to stand there in the window. Maul and Jahda came to his side the minuet Vader was gone.
“ Is there something troubling you master?” Maul asked.
“ Someone plots to harm my niece.” Palpatine said as he turned to his former apprentice and the woman that had brought him back to life.
“ Really? How is that possible?” Maul asked. Jahda was taken back by the news. She didn’t think anyone had heard their plans.
“ I am unsure of who it is that plans such an act against the empire, but Lord Vader has promised me their heads.” Palpatine said looking at them. He had sensed something different in the way they were acting since hearing the news of a possible attack on Sasha. He would be keeping a closer eye on them in the future.

Vader made his way down the hallway and noticed that the door to Sasha’s quarters were open, entering them slowly he found her sitting in the center of the room. He could hear what sounded like crying. He walked further into the room to find Sasha laying on the floor. He had assumed she had been sitting, but instead she lay with her knees up against her chest, blood running down her face and she looked as if she’d been in a fight.
“ Lady?” Vader said touching her arm. He pulled his gloved hand back when she pulled away from his touch. He tried again and she seemed to pull into his arms, he had never seen her so emotional and hurt.
“ What happened?” he asked again. She still refused to answer, Vader reached up and took off his helmet showing her his true face and kissed her split lip.
“ Please Sasha tell me what happened?”
“ I don’t know.” Was all she said as she closed her eyes and let her body finally relax. Vader’s blood was boiling, he would find who had done this to her and they would die at his own hand. Selena was more than able to defend herself and he’d seen her with a saber, so whom ever had harmed her had done it by surprise. She’s wasn’t badly injured just enough to make some kind of warning. He waited till he knew that Sasha was asleep before laying her on the large bed. Shutting down the lights he made sure a guard was posted outside the room.
“ If I find anyone has been in there besides me and Nathaniel I will kill you.” Vader warned the guard.
“ Yes Lord Vader.” He said standing near the door. The guard knew better than not to obey the order, Vader would hand him his head on a platter. Vader stormed down the hallway, he needed a word with Maul and he needed it now. Anger shown behind Vader’s eyes as he went in search of his foe.