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Maul returned to his quarters.
“ Where have you been?”
“ I was speaking to the Emperor.”
“ Vader is on a rampage. He’s pissed about something.”
“ What ever could it be?” Maul said with a wicked smile. Jahda smiled and wrapped her arms around Maul’s neck.
“ What did you do?’ She asked. She could see the wicked look in his eyes and knew he’d been up to some mischief.
“ Just gave someone a little taste of things to come.” He said to her.
“ Really now. I wish you’d let me in on that. I wanted to watch.” She said pouting a bit.
“ Don’t worry my dearest we will see her demise soon enough. Till then what I do to her will drive her insane. Vader will be the only thing keeping her sane, for she wont dare tell him of my visits to her.”
“ What are you doing to her?”
“ Sasha meditates in her room before she retires for the evening. I’ve always been able to slip into the room without her knowing. But after I learned that I could enter her mind as she could mine I’ve been able to inflict a great deal of damage and never really touch her.”
“ My you’ve learned a lot.” Jahda said smiling. She loved his wicked mind and the way he found ways to torture people.
“ I’ve learned that taking out my vengeance on those that deserve it seems to make my power stronger. Sasha is full of power, the more I torture her the more she’ll finally let her guard down and I shall have that power.”
“ Then we will go as planned. But the emperor shall not know of our plans. Once we’ve gained her power we can rule the empire with an iron fist.” Jahda said. Maul smiled and kissed her passionately.

Nathaniel needed to find Vader, he could feel his brother’s anger and needed to tell him of the plot that Maul and Jahda had already started hatching. They wanted to get rid of Sasha and after what he’d heard of her being found attacked in their room he wondered if it was Maul that had done it. He knew that Vader would search the entire ship till he found the one responsible for his lady’s injuries but what would he do if he found it was Maul. Would he kill the man that had seemingly returned from the dead or would he let the emperor do it since Sasha was his niece after all.
“ Where is he?” Vader growled walking up to Nathaniel.
“ Who brother?”
“ Maul. I know this is his doing. I’ve heard the others talking of how he treated Sasha before. She’s been hurt and I will have his head.” Vader growled as he slipped his helmet off his head. Nathaniel could see the anger deep within Vader’s deep red yellow eyes.
“ Last I saw Lord Maul he was speaking to Lordess Jahda.”
“ Do you know what they were talking about?” Vader asked. He was trying to keep his voice calm so that he didn’t harm his own brother.
“ Plans of harming Sasha from what I understood. I was searching for you when I was told Sasha had been attacked.”
“ Have you seen her?”
“ No.” Nathaniel said looking at his brother.
“ She’s badly injured. Maul will pay for what he’s done.”