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Chapter 10 Returning from the Dead

James was sitting at his desk when the strange call had come in. He had been working on a new case, as many of them had been over the last six months. But the call that had been received was from the hospital. Jane Doe had awakened, she was alert and doing well. James needed to see her, he knew that Jane Doe and Meranda Cross were the same person, but he had to see if it was true, that she was awake.
“I am heading over to the hospital.”
“Did you get the call?”
“Yes sir I did. I am going over to the hospital to be sure that it’s her. Meranda has been in that coma for over six months. I was beginning to wonder if she was ever waking up.”
“The doctors said that if she didn’t soon she probably never would. So it’s a good sign that she finally did.”
“I’ll let her know you care.” James said as he turned and left the office.
George stood silently in a corner watching the two. He wanted to know what they were up to. Since the death of Meranda Cross, it seemed the office had slipped into a daily routine. A routine that meant to him they were hiding something. He decided that he’d follow James to where ever he was going.

At the hospital, two nurses stood in the room with Meranda checking her vitals and making sure she was comfortable.
“I’m fine.” Meranda insisted but really she didn’t feel fine, she was confused and every time she’d move a little she’d get really dizzy. The nurses knew this, but said nothing as they went about their work.
“Just get some rest.”
“I’ve been resting. Six months worth. I want to leave.”
“Can’t yet. The doctor will be down to see you this afternoon, until then, just relax.”
“Fine.” Meranda grumbled as she leaned back against the pillows. The nurses shook their heads and headed out of the room, leaving Meranda alone. Meranda knew that meant she could just get up and leave, but that would result in her falling down. Reaching over she flipped on the TV, trying to find out what was going on in the world today. She also noticed that her room was basically bare, there were no balloons or flowers, cards or anything. She wondered why, or wondered why people didn’t care.
“You have a visitor.” A young nurse said peeking into the room.
“Really? Hadn’t I had anyone while I was asleep?”
“Just one, same person every time.” She replied as she opened the door further to let the person in.
“Yep, how are you feeling?”
“Tired, confused. What the hell is going on?”
“You were shot.”
“That much I know, what happened after that?”
“Someone broke into the hospital room and injected something into your IV, we had thought we had lost you at first, but the doctors saved you. But to keep you safe we kind of told everyone that you died.”
“Excuse me?”
“According to the entire city, your dead.”
“Damn it. And exactly how are you to explain that I’m alive?”
“We had already thought of that. Because we knew eventually you’d wake up, we were going to tell the press that it was something that had to be done for your safety, as you were a key witness in a murder case.”
“Goodie, do we know who tried to kill me?”
“We are close to knowing. We have a few people that we are close to arresting including Senator Kelly, and Agent Rodriguez”
“Your kidding right? Why would George try and kill me?”
“He’s working for Kelly, it seems that your father had something on Kelly.”
“And what he figures I know what it was?”
“We are guessing that. But we can’t find what your father had on him. We are thinking that maybe that’s the locked file in your computer. We’ve had the best trying to crack the code, but he was really good and it’s hard to get into.”
“The password is what your looking for?”
“Well when I am better and able to get out of here. I will get you into that file. I am the only other person that knew the password. I never bothered to open the file because I didn’t feel the need.”
“Well there is a need. But needless to say, the entire office will be happy to hear your alive and well.”
“And tired and dizzy. I really need to find out why.”
“The doctor said that you will feel that way for a while. You’ve been in a coma for six months. It’s expected that your body needs to readjust to you being awake.”
“I know, six months?”
“Yeah. Time sure flies don’t it?”
“Guess so. Damn.”
“Don’t worry. We will fill you in on everything that has been going on.”
“Thanks. And thanks for being here. I hear that you were here a lot.”
“Yep. Someone had to be.” James said with a smile.

George stood outside the slightly opened door, he could hear their every word. He knew that meant that with Meranda back into the picture, he’d need to find another way to remove her from the problem, but that also meant he needed to tell Kelly that the person they both assumed to be dead wasn’t. And what was the next step that Kelly would want done. He knew this time, shooting her was out of the question, he would not try to kill her again. He just needed to get her out of the way for a while. Turning he hurried down the hallway and down the darkened staircase, he needed to contact Kelly. This was a huge set back. Once he knew he was alone, he quickly dialed his phone.
“We’ve got a problem.”
“What kind?”
“It seems our problem has come back from the dead.”
“Cross is alive?”
“Yep, and awake. It seems she’s been in a coma for six months. I am telling you right now, I am not going to kill her. They already suspect me for the first shooting.”
“Don’t worry George, we aren’t going to kill her this time.”
“What are you thinking?”
“Just remove the problem.”
“I can’t remove her from the problem. There are guards everywhere. I’ve never seen this many.”
“Then wait until she’s released and get her then. But I want that problem dealt with. And I really don’t care how.”
“Yes sir.”

Colette’s eyes snapped open and she looked around. Something wasn’t right, someone close to her was in danger, but she couldn’t tell who.