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Nickolas knew that another day had passed without success and that was making him very angry. Nathaniel was disappointing him more and more every day. In his own way, Nickolas wanted to destroy Nathaniel, but with the mark that was on his hand, it kept Nickolas from destroying him. That mark kept him linked to Katherine and with that link that meant Nickolas could find her where ever she was.
Nathaniel stood outside the large gates; he looked toward the large house and then down at the symbol on his hand. Sighing he walked through the now open gate. Walking toward the large house, he wondered if Katherine would accept him, even though he was there on orders of his master. Nickolas scared him, and because of that he refused to leave the older vampire.
“Come, she has been waiting for you.”
“It’s nearly sunrise, how does she know I am here?”
“She knows. I will show you where you will sleep and this evening she shall speak to you about Nickolas.” Martin said as he stepped aside to let the young man enter the house. Nathaniel followed Martin toward the room that was waiting. Once inside he closed the door and looked around, he had never been inside the house and now he was sitting in a room in the very house that he had always been told he’d never enter.
Katherine lay next to Bianca, pulling the younger woman closer to her. Bianca opened her eyes slightly and looked at her.
“You’ve returned. A child was here earlier and fed me.”
“Angelina has been someone that has lived in my home for about one hundred years. She has always been there to help.”
“She is like us?”
“Yes, a child of fate, someone that was changed because of an incurable illness that would have killed her. I took pity on her and the heartfelt request of her mother, I changed the child, and she became part of my family.”
“But she’s a child.”
“To me, your all a child. I am over five hundred years old. Everyone is a child. But now you are my child and my lover. Sleep well for tonight there is a new world to explore.” Katherine replied as she held Bianca close. Bianca snuggled up against her and closed her eyes again. Katherine knew that the sunset would bring a new world, but would Darcy take her offer and become part of her brood? She’d have to wait and see, but for now sleep was something she needed.