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Katherine walked through the large doors of the mansion and smiled, her world was one of her own making, one that suited her own needs and desires. She had Bianca, the powerful seer, and she now had Darcy, the priest that held powers of his own. Powers even he didn’t know he had. Katherine was proud of herself, and with the addition of the two new members, she knew that her power would now be at it’s fullest. Her heart was black as coal and as empty as the darkened sky. But she still held within her the part that made her human, the part that made her different than Nickolas, the part that told all those around her that she was the one. Her power would determine of the human race should continue or should it die at her own hand. Nickolas dreamed of owning the power that was held deep within Katherine, but that power nearly destroyed him.
“Yes?” Katherine answered turning and looking at Angelina.
“The young man is awake and asking for you.”
“I felt that he’d sleep till the next sunset, he’s eager that one.”
“He is powerful. I have felt the power that he possesses. What is it that you wish to have done with that power?”
“As was with you little one, hone that power, bring it into the light and help him learn to use it.”
“He will be a great addition to our family. Like Bianca is, she’s a seer, I’ve felt it.”
“Yes she is. She sees the future and yet knows nothing of what her gift really is.”
“Shall I show her?”
“If you choose to. You are a bright child, one that will be always at my side. Take Bianca into your room this night and show her what her gift can really do.”
“Yes Mistress,” Angelina answered; she turned and skipped down the hall. Just looking at her you’d think she was a normal human child, little did those that didn’t know her know that she was a small demon, one that could finish entire families at will. Katherine watched as Angelina took Bianca’s hand and led her down the hallway to her small bedroom. Katherine walked down toward her own chambers and smiled, she knew that with Darcy being awake that would mean he was hungry, but that also meant with the sun being ready to rise, there would be no time to find him a kill.
“You are eager.” Katherine said as she entered the chamber.
“I wished to only please you.” Darcy said, his voice thick with passion. He stood and walked toward her, a long red robe the only thing covering his naked form. As he walked to her he let the robe fall to the floor and pulled her into his embrace. His soft lips began kissing her neck when she gasped as she felt arms wrap around her waist. She could feel soft lips kissing the base of her neck. An evil smile spread across her lips as she felt the corset being untied, she felt the tiny hands slowly removing the dress from her shoulders as Darcy continued kissing his way down her body. His lips and tongue moving over her now exposed breasts, Katherine’s head lolled back as she leaned into his kisses. She could feel her body being moved closer to the large bed, she turned and lay back against the bed just as her dress fell to the floor in a heap. She smiled as she looked into the lust filled eyes of her two new lovers. Bianca climbed onto the bed on the left side of Katherine as Darcy climbed onto the bed on her right. She pulled the two of them closer to her as she slowly moved her hand over Bianca’s face.
“Felt lonely, Pet?” She whispered as she pulled Bianca into a deep kiss.
“Angelina is a good child, but just that a child.” Bianca said as she pulled Darcy across the bed and kissed him deeply. Katherine moaned as she watched her two pets fight for control. Darcy held Bianca closer as he deepened the kiss and moved his hands over her slender body. Katherine watched their lover’s dance as Darcy carefully removed Bianca’s dress and all while never moving from his place next to Katherine. Darcy straddled Katherine as he continued to kiss Bianca, for Katherine this was the most erotic she had ever seen any of her lovers. Katherine moved her hands slowly over Darcy’s sculpted chest, she traced the cross tattoo he had on his chest. She lifted slightly and ran her tongue over the tattoo and smiled when she felt Darcy shutter under her touch. She looked up to see both Bianca and Darcy looking at her. Katherine pulled Bianca down to her lips and kissed her.
“This night will be one that neither of you will ever forget.” Katherine said as she deepened the kiss. She felt Darcy kissing her breasts and moving his hands down her naked form, she felt his fingers slowly move up in between her legs and moving slowly between her soft folds. She shuttered slightly as she felt his tongue enter her body, she deepened her kiss with Bianca stifling the moan that was built up. Katherine moved her hands over Bianca’s body the dress she wore made things harder for her to reach.
“Remove your dress.” Katherine cooed. Bianca lifted up, standing so she could still look Katherine in the eyes, her hands slowly moving over the velvet dress she wore, her slender fingers moving over the strings that held her breasts in place; she watched the lust in Katherine’s eyes as she slid the dress past her breasts and let it slid down past her slender hips. Katherine reached her free hand out and pulled Bianca back toward her. Bringing the naked body closer to her own, and kissed her deeply as she messaged Bianca’s breasts. Darcy looked up from his task and sat back on his legs and watched the two women. Katherine pulled Bianca on top of her and moved her fingers down Bianca’s body, her soft fingers touching every point along the way. She could feel Bianca wiggling as Katherine moved her fingers into Bianca; she moved them in and out slowly causing both of her lovers to moan loudly. She knew that Bianca was a virgin and wouldn’t be hard to bring to the brink but wanted to extend the pleasure. She wanted Bianca to understand a vampire’s senses and feel what it was like to have sex after a kill. Katherine removed her fingers and slowly slid off the large bed.
“Wait here.” She said as she pulled her long blood red robe on and opening the door.
“Henry, bring me the one.”
“Yes mistress.” Henry said as he hurried down the hallway disappearing into a small room. Katherine closed the large door and looked at her children. Both covered in sweat and breathing heavily, she turned when she heard the light knock at the door. Opening it she allowed Henry to enter the room with a bound and gagged young man.
“Leave us.”
“Yes mistress.” Henry said bowing and then leaving the room. Katherine walked over to the young man; she ran her finger over his cheek and could feel the wetness from tears.
“Fear not young one, you are going to feel pain no more.” She said softly as she leaned down and kissed his cheek. The young man turned his dark blue eyes toward her and whimpered, Katherine knew that he wanted to be let go, to live his life to it’s fullest, but his destiny was to their meal. She lifted him off the floor and tore the cloths he wore from his body, and walked toward the bed.
“Feed.” Katherine ordered. Darcy was the first off the bed and to the shaking form. Bianca waited for a moment and then moved toward the young man. Both moved around him as if stalking their prey, Bianca grabbed the young man and sunk her teeth into his neck as Darcy sunk his teeth into the boy’s wrist. They both held onto the young man as he began to collapse as his life left his body. Bianca pulled away from the young man and let his body fall to the floor; she could feel the euphoria that came from the kill as she moved back toward Katherine. Darcy looked up from the floor, his lips covered in blood as he stood. He walked toward his master, his lover, his equal and stopped at the edge of the bed.
“Show us.”
“I shall.” Katherine said as she pulled both to the bed and leaned back against the large plush pillows. She opened her arms and bared her teeth.
“Come, feed from me.” She said, she waited and felt Bianca clamp onto her neck as Darcy sunk his teeth into her inner thigh. Katherine closed her eyes and felt the passion flow through her. She pulled Bianca away from her neck and kissed her deeply, she could see the passion and sleep that lay beyond her dark eyes.
“Go rest, we will enjoy our time tomorrow.” She said. Bianca nodded and pulled on a robe and left the room. Katherine leaned down and pulled Darcy toward her. His lips still covered in blood, both hers and the young mans, she pressed his lips to her own and licked them clean.
“You will take your place as my equal, and hold my favor.”
“I only wish to please you. My only wish is to show you the love and passion that you’ve missed for centuries.”
“Then show me.” Katherine said. Darcy straddled her again this time he kissed her neck as his hands messaged her breasts. He slowly slid himself into her body and waited, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer and deeper. They began moving together in rhythm with the sound of a storm off in the distance. As the sound of thunder boomed in the distance, Katherine growled loudly and bit into Darcy’s neck, sending tendrils of passion through his body bringing him to the edge and beyond. Katherine held Darcy as they lay side by side in the large bed.
“Does that meet your expectations?”
“And more. But remember Bianca will need love as well.”
“I can deal with her needs as well. I will not be a love slave, but I will attend to the needs as they are due.”
“I will share you only for a short time. When Bianca can find her own lover then it shall end.”
“Yes mistress.” Darcy answered as he kissed her lips once again. Katherine held him closer and closed her eyes, her body and mind was tired and she needed the rest. Darcy closed his eyes and held tightly to Katherine and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
Bianca stood just beyond the door and let a few tears roll down her cheeks.
“Never feel that she has betrayed you.”
“But she promised to be mine.”
“Katherine needs an equal, you were not that, but never doubt her love for you. Had she not loved you she would have never allowed the change.”
“This is true. Then when do I find my own equal?”
“It has taken Katherine five hundred years to find her equal. It may only take you just a few months, but it may take as long. Never hurry these things.”
“Thank you, Martin. You are a true friend.”
“You are very welcome Bianca, now come, we must rest. Mistress has many things to discuss with us this evening.”
“I know.” Bianca said, she allowed the older vampire to lead her down the hallway and into his room, this day she would rest with him.