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Nathaniel found Nickolas a short time later, his skin paler than normal as he walked up to his master.
“Master, what has happened?” Nathaniel asked as he helped Nickolas to his feet.
“She happened. We must find a way to get Katherine away from her children. She draws her power from them.”
“How can I help with that?” A voice asked from the darkness. Nickolas looked toward the darkness and saw the slender dark hair young woman step from the shadows.
“How? And why would you dare betray her?”
“She has shunned me, taken Darcy as her equal.”
“Has she now? And this angers you?”
“Very much so. I was chosen first, but yet she takes the preacher instead of me.”
“She took you for the power that you hold and nothing more. She needed more power to help her defeat the evil.”
“What evil? She is evil.”
“No, Katherine is destined to be the one that unites the good and the evil. The one that will finally end the war, but this time she must defeat the one true evil.”
“And that would be you.” Bianca sneered. She knew all too well Nickolas’s place in the rule of the darkness.
“Yes, I chose her for the power that she held but never understood how I could hold something with such great power and not control it.”
“She is hard to control, said that you left her five hundred years ago.”
“That I did, when I changed her, I unleashed an evil unseen in hundreds of years. She became my equal an equal I could not control. So I left, to make my power stronger.”
“Can you defeat her?”
“I can, if I choose the right time.”
“Then I shall help you. I’ve chosen to not follow her, I want more.”
“And more you shall have. But first I must feed.”
“I brought you a gift, a gift telling you that I am to be trusted.” Bianca replied, she moved back into the shadows and stepped out throwing a bound and gagged young woman at Nickolas’s feet.
“I hope she meets your liking.”
“Very. Come pretty, it wont hurt long.” Nickolas said as he pulled the struggling young woman to him. Nathaniel watched Bianca with great interest, something about her was not right and he could not understand why she’d betray the one that made her who she was. Katherine never changed anyone unless they wanted it. Something was not right.

Katherine landed gracefully on the balcony and stood looking toward the slow sunrise.
“Welcome home mistress.”
“Bianca, I sensed you were up to something this evening. What have you been doing?” Katherine asked as she raised her hands.
“I was doing nothing mistress.”
“You lie child, and doing that is always something bad.”
“I would never lie to you.”
“You are jealous of Darcy’s place with me. You were chosen first but he was the one given the seat at my side.”
“I am very angry over that, but you’ve made your choice.”
“A choice that you will never question.” Katherine hissed as she grabbed Bianca by her throat and lifting her off the ground. “ Never again will you question what I’ve done. And if I find that you’ve spoken to Nickolas behind my back. You will die with him.” Katherine shouted as she let Bianca fall to the ground. Bianca choked and hissed as she moved away from Katherine.
“You are your own undoing.”
“I am the one that was chosen to end the war, I am the one that was taken from what was to be my destiny and given a different path. Do you believe that I wanted this? That I wanted to always want the taste of young blood in my mouth, the feel of the prey struggling as they feared the demon within me?”
“No, I know that this was something you did not choose for yourself, yet I chose to be this demon.”
“And this demon is who is wanting to side with Nickolas? To side with the man that wants to destroy everything that both demon and human alike hold close to them. We may be demons but we still can have that which we hold dear. Take that to your bed this day and if you still choose to side with Nickolas then you can go with my blessing but be prepared to die painfully, you are connected to me and he knows this.” Katherine hissed as she turned and walked back into the house. Martin walked passed her and stopped in front of Bianca.
“She cares for each and everyone of us that lives within the walls of this mansion. She may only take one into her bed, one into her chambers, but each of us holds a part of her heart that even during the time she was human no one could ever hold.”
“Nickolas tempted me. He wants me to take the anger I’ve felt for being replaced by Darcy. But I guess I never thought.”
“Like Katherine has said, think of what you are doing. And think of all those innocent that will die by your choice.” Martin replied, he turned and walked back into the house leaving Bianca alone to watch the sun slowly rise. Knowing that she would not survive the sunrise she hurried into the house and closed the double doors and headed for her own chambers, passing Darcy along the way. He looked at her questioningly as he walked into his chambers, alone.