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Katherine watched as her guests made their way to the lavish dinning room. Bianca looked around the large room; there was a large beautifully decorated table in the center of the room, surrounded by equally beautiful chairs. The table was set for a lavish dinner, with the finest china and crystal glassware. Bianca ran her fingers over the silk tablecloth, and touched the edges of the china, tracing the gold edging.
“Like what you see?” Katherine asked coming out of the shadows. Bianca jumped slightly and turned to face her friend.
“How long have you been there?”
“Not long. Do you like the way it’s been set up?”
“Better than anything we’ve had. I didn’t even know about this room.”
“Many who visit don’t. But please come with me to the sitting room, we have much to discuss.”
“What of your other visitor?”
“He’ll be down soon enough for dinner.” Katherine said leading the way back to the large sitting room.
Katherine walked in and moved to the fireplace, the room had gotten a chill, and she knew lighting the fireplace would give the room a more comfortable feel. In the far corner was a large floor to ceiling bookshelf; there in front of it was a ladder. In another corner was a large mahogany desk, cluttered with papers and a quill pen. Toward the center of the room was a large couch with a plush blanket and several pillows on it. In front was a small table that sat on top of a white bear skin rug.
“This room is lovely.”
“I must show you more of the house.” Katherine said as Bianca sat down.
“Yes, that you must. It isn’t fair that you have such a large house and I’ve only but seen a few rooms.”
“Yes my dear I know. But soon I shall show you the entire house and all of the grounds.”
“ Is the doctor coming to see Father?”
“Yes I have sent for the doctor, it takes a while for him to arrive as many do not wish to come to my home.”
“But don’t worry my dear, the doctor will arrive.” Katherine said reassuring her. Bianca nodded and walked toward the door, as she got to the door she turned and noticed that Katherine was gone once more. Shaking her head she walked back into the other room.
Katherine walked upstairs and peeked into the room where Bianca’s ill father lay. She could see his frail form between the stark white sheets. His breathing was shallow, and if she had not been who she was, she would have never noticed it. Walking closer to him she could see his eyes were closed. An evil smile spread across her face as she looked at the dying man. She knew she could end his life right then and there, but wasn’t sure how Bianca would take the death of her father.
“Sleep well old man, for the next sunrise may be your last.” Katherine said walking from the room. She walked further down the hall and found the room of her other guest, she could hear the soft typing coming from the room. Sliding into the room unnoticed she looked at her newest prey. She knew his name and softly called it out.
“Darcy.” She whispered. He looked around the room, trying to find the source of the voice that he suddenly heard.
“Show yourself demon.”
“But that is no fun. You must find me preacher. Find the one you call a demon, the one that will take your life from you.”
“You can not take something that I no longer have.” Darcy stated.
“How so? The lord has forsaken you and you’ve forsaken him. Yet you say your life is not your own. Then tell me, whose life is it?”
“My life has never been my own. My destiny has always been that which has shown me the way, the way to a life of loneliness and heartache.”
“You’ve lost love? I’ve felt that feeling before. A long time ago.” Katherine said leaning against the dark wall.
“Then tell me about it? You seem lonely now.”
“I will always be alone.” Katherine answered.
“Fear, the idea of living forever will always scare off anyone. But if you know so much about me, why ask?” Katherine stated looking at him.
“Because I want to see if you truly are a demon.” Darcy answered. Katherine stepped from the shadows, her hair hanging to her shoulders, her eyes gazing into his.
“Do I look like a demon?” She asked. Darcy looked upon her curved form and then moved forward toward her. Katherine watched his movements as he approached her. Darcy smiled as he ran his fingers over her skin, it was like touching ice, and her skin was soft but cold to the touch. Katherine smiled and then disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.