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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the second in the Wild At Heart series. It may take a while to write as I am also working on a second for another series. Please bare with me

Katherine lay in the center of the large silver and gold coffin her long dark hair surrounded her face like a halo her arms crossed across her chest holding a single red rose. Upon her head was a gold and silver crown; she wore a long white and silver dress. Low sobbing could be heard as people passed by the open coffin and looked inside. Each that looked inside kept their eyes locked on her closed ones. Yet all she heard was crying, Katherine tried to move, tried to tell all those that passed that she lived, but something within her kept her from moving. Anger pulsed through her unmoving form as she could hear Nickolas speak to those that had assembled.
“Katherine would have made a wonderful wife, and mother. But it seemed some bandits that attacked us the very night of our wedding took her from me. Took the beauty that would have made our kingdom happy.”
“Lord Nickolas, will the bandits be brought to the king?”
“They disappeared into the darkness as quickly as they had come, like demons.”
“Are you saying something else took her?”
“No, they were human, but they disappeared into the night. The king has sent his best hunters to find these men and they will die for what they’ve done.”
“Sire, we are sorry for your loss.”
“Katherine will be missed. But never forgotten.” Nickolas said, his hand slowly moving over Katherine’s cheek. He looked around and saw that the people gathered where looking at him strangely. Pulling his hand back, he closed the lid and turned to all those assembled.
“Come, the cook has prepared a meal.” Nickolas said leading all that had been there from the crypt.

The sun was just about to rise when Nickolas returned to the crypt. He walked into the darkened room and lights the few torches that lined the walls. He lifted the lid to Katherine’s coffin, with a sudden gasp she sat up.
“What have you done?” Katherine growled. She found that she had a new strength and energy as she leaped from the coffin and pinned Nickolas against the far wall.
“You are now like me my darling. My dark wife.”
“I want the power that is within you, the power that the wizard brought forth.”
“He brought forth nothing. He was teaching me for my future, what have you done to me? What have you changed me into?”
“I am a vampire, one of the oldest. And I brought you into my family, you became my bride.”
“You promised to be with me forever, I didn’t think you meant it. How dare you change the fate I already had?”
“And what was that fate my dearest?”
“I am not sure, things I was learning from the wizard are fading I can’t remember what I was being trained for.” Katherine said. Nickolas smiled evilly, he knew that her change was nearly complete she’d never remember her human life and become the bride and wife he had truly wanted, her power would be his to control. Katherine growled loudly and the room filled with a bright light.
“Come, we must return to the mansion and rest, for tonight my new wife, you shall see life with eyes anew.”
“I hate you. I will return to the mansion but I will sleep alone.”
“You may if you choose, but you will return to me in your own time.” Nickolas responded. He took her hand and led her through the catacombs that were beneath the grounds and led her back into the large house.
“Master? Is this our new mistress?”
“Yes, this is Mistress Katherine, please show her to her new chambers.”
“Yes master.” The young man answered bowing slightly. “Please come with me.” His slender form and long hair caught her attention.
“You are much to young to be answering to one such as Nickolas.”
“I am what he makes me. I have been with Master Nickolas for a great many years.” He answered.
“What is your name boy?”
“He calls me Stephen, but at one time my name was Alexander.”
“He changed your name to suit himself? How cruel can one man be?”
“He says your name is Katherine, is that the very name you have always had?”
“Yes, I am Princess Katherine from Scotland. My cousin had me marry Nickolas to rid him of my presence in the palace. But I guess I didn’t leave after all.”
“You will find that Master Nickolas is a kind but jealous man, beware of his anger.”
“He should beware mine.” Katherine growled. Stephen opened an oak door and stepped aside.
“This will be your chambers, please remember to keep the curtains closed during the day, unless you’d like to die.”
“I understand. Be safe you one.” Katherine said kissing his forehead. She watched as he walked down the hallway and then entered her chambers. There in the center an oak hand made bed with blood red sheets. Dark curtains covered the floor to ceiling window. Katherine walked further into the room and saw the very coffin that she had woke up in sitting in a dark corner.
“You may choose to sleep in that during the day, or in the bed. Which ever is to your liking dear,” Nickolas spoke from the corner.
“Who said you could enter my room?”
“I enter where I wish dear wife. Rest well, for tonight I will show you your new world.” Nickolas laughed and left her alone. Katherine looked around and chose to sleep in the large bed that day, but she would come to understand why she should sleep in coffin.