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Katherine moved into her chambers and closed the door she knew that her children would be hunting until just before dawn. She lay down on her large bed and closed her eyes tonight she’d be sleeping in the bed with Darcy. She slowly moved her hand over the silk sheets and sighed. This was the very bed and room that for a short time she shared with Nickolas, the very bed that she held him close to her body as they laughed about the villages they had destroyed. She remembered how much he cared about her, or was he just carrying cause he wanted her power she would never know because she no longer trusted him.
“Tell me what you are thinking.” She heard a soft voice say from the darkness. Katherine turned to the familiar voice and shifted her weight on the bed.
“That you betrayed me, you were always saying that you’d give me a life eternal but never said that life would make me into this monster.”
“You had such power within you yet you keep it deep within you.”
“Leave me alone, just leave me alone.”
“Katherine, Katherine.” She felt warm hands touching her arm she sat up and looked around.
“What are you screaming about?” Darcy asked her, Katherine looked around and saw that he was the only person in the room with her.
“Was I all alone here?”
“When I entered you had gone to sleep, this discussion of your past is taking a lot out of your senses.”
“More than you can imagine.”
“Tell me, when do we leave?”
“Soon, we must leave before our dear king runs our land into the darkness. King Henry is insane and even as a vampire or human I can tell that.”
“You’ve seen worse over the five hundred years that you’ve been on this earth.”
“Darcy, you must remember that I’ve seen kings come and go in Ireland and now that I am a subject of the high king of England.”
“And there are many in this land that can not wait until this king is no more, he has already beheaded many that oppose him.”
“Yes this I know, being a vampire does have its advantages.”
“Do you know the king?”
“I knew the king of Ireland. But this was a very long time ago, back when Ireland was still part of England and as we are to this day I barely remember his name. I was born around 504 AD and I cannot remember the names of all that ruled the land. Believe me young one you do not wish to know of all that happened before the rule of this cruel king. Many things have changed in over a thousand years.”
“Aye that it has.”
“Believe me when we arrive in the New World there will be much more for us to change, for us to become part of those that will be around us. But we must understand those that are living in the new world are still very new to that country and will be rather suspicious of those that arrive in the dark of night.”
“There are places we can go, this may be a change, I’ve heard talk of a voyage to a new world, but we’d be living in small accommodations.”
“We should return to your native country, wait until it is best to leave and then go to the new world.”
“I agree with Darcy milady, there are voyages to Spain but I know that we shall not be welcome there. You are of Irish blood.”
“This I already know, but what are we to do? The villagers we are in are looking to destroy us.”
“Mistress, there are no boats leaving to go to any world, new or other wise. What shall we do?”
“Find anyone loyal enough to help us return to Ireland, we shall leave England this very night.”
“What of these items, I know that you’ve cherished each of them.”
“The paintings shall accompany us on our travel, but until we can be sure we are safe other things shall remain behind, we shall return to my ancestral home.”
“Milady are you sure that it is safe there?”
“Yes, there are descendants that currently live in the castle but it is time that I reclaim my home.”
“We shall leave at once mistress.” Martin answered her. Katherine nodded and walked back toward her chambers. Katherine needed to gather a few things and hurry from their home; she watched as Angelina walked into her own chambers sadness deep in her blue eyes.
“Believe me child, I will not allow us to die we shall return to my home, to the place that my powers are at their highest.”
“Truly you feel that your powers will be great there?”
“Truly I know that they will be, I will near the body of my teacher the man that helped me harness the powers that I always held deep within me.”
“Mistress are you sure that it is safe?”
“Yes, now gather what you can carry while we arrange the carriages for the long travel.”
“What of the sun?”
“The carriages are dark.”
“But Martin and Henry?”
“We will sleep during the day, be patient young one nothing will happen.”
“It isn’t our sleeping during the day that worries me Mistress.”
“Then what is it child?”
“We must find a place to hide like common vampires, we’ve never lived like that.”
“Then we shall learn to live like that. For my first years of life I had to live that way.” Katherine spoke softly, the young vampire nodded and hurried to gather what she could carry. Katherine turned to the others that had assembled.
“We have two carriages, gather what you can and be ready within the hour.”
“Yes mistress,” The others answered. Katherine gathered her things and placed them in the huge trunk that was sitting at the foot of the bed. She looked at the crest on lid of the trunk and knew that it was time to take her rightful place in her homeland. She wanted to return home, but would her people understand that she was not as she was those years ago? Would they see her as someone that looked like Princess Katherine? Or would they see a demon that would destroy them. Katherine feared the acceptance or lack of acceptance in her home country.
“We are ready, are you sure you wish for us to leave this very night?”
“Yes, we must, Nickolas stirred up a great many that are willing to destroy us as we sleep and even with him gone they know of our existence and that means we are in danger.”
“Then we shall go, the carriages are loaded milady and it is nearly dawn shall we leave now?”
“Yes, gather all those that are ready and proceed to the carriages.” She said, Katherine looked around the large house once more and then followed the last of her clan from the house. She was the last to load into the carriage and smiled up at the young man that sat behind the reigns of the carriage.
“We have our friends even human ones.” Katherine said smiling.
“I felt that humans were always a waste of time milady, but these humans are rather helpful when they are needed,” Henry answered smiling. Katherine knew even though Henry was by her side along with his brother Martin, he felt that human’s were nothing more than a nuisance. He would feed on more than one human nightly and felt that it was because he was a god, or at least meant to.
“Henry, I understand that when it comes to humans you’ve never really felt that their race was to truly live but remember we are not Nickolas and you’ve known for a long time that humans must help us when we are unable to do things for ourselves. Behave yourself and you might live to see our new home.” Katherine warned. Henry nodded and looked toward the back of the carriage, he knew that Katherine was one that would follow through with her threats and if that meant ending his life then it was what would be done. Katherine also knew that the war that would be coming would be one that would bring an end to her kind, but she would make sure that humans survived even if her clan did not.