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She stood looking out the stone window; she saw the lush green trees and fields in the distance. A light breeze blew threw the window and blew her long hair. There she stood, long raven hair and deep blue eyes surviving her kingdom. She wore a sword at her side and a long bow across her chest, her arrows were always near by, no matter where or what she was doing. Her clothing a long tunic and dark brown pants, with knee high boots; upon her head was a golden crown that was only seen on her forehead. In the center of that crown were two stones, one black and one green the two colors of the family.
“Princess, I do not wish to disturb you, but your father wishes to speak to you.”
“Thank you, tell him I will be right there.” She answered, the guard bowed and turned and left her alone again. She turned her eyes back to the sky and sighed, she knew what the talk with her father was about, and the impending war between her people and those known only as humans, the world that was beyond their magical land was unseen by their people and now those that lived beyond the kingdoms were coming. She turned and walked down the long hallway to the grand chambers, she pushed open the large oak doors and walked inside.
“Jasmine, why didn’t you come when I called?”
“I am here now father, what is wrong?
“The human’s have made an advance on the ogre kingdom, we’ve been asked to assist.”
“When are the troops to leave?”
“Within the days time. We are needed quickly.”
“Then I shall accompany them, we will give them our help. The human’s need to know this is our world not theirs. They must be returned to their own world, beyond the trees and rainbows.”
“Yes my daughter I know, but we knew someday they would discover our hidden world, that they would see beyond the dark woods and find their way into our world.”
“We’ve lived our lives in harmony with the humans living outside our kingdoms, we’ve never done them wrong, why come here now to start war?”
“They’ve seen our power and wish to possess that. The power that each creature that lives in this realm; each elf, sprite, pixie and ogre that has lived within these very walls have always gotten along, yet now the humans come to bring disorder to our kingdom.”
“This I know father, but why now? What has brought them here? Our power is great yes, but that is no means to come and try to conquer our world.”
“Jasmine, my child, the one who has become a great warrior. You will be leading our people into the war, the war that may destroy our entire world.”
“Father, there are many knights within your kingdom that are loyal and will fight.”
“They will follow you into any war, you’ve been trained by the best in our kingdom. Please Jasmine; I am too old to lead our people into battle. You must do this, but remember what has been told, there is a knight that has been destined but he knows nothing of our people or his path.”
“Yes father I know, he is human. A human that will help save our people, a human going against his own. I do not see where this is of help to us when we do not even know his name.”
“He will be revealed to you when it is time.”
“Then the time best come quickly, but I will take some soldiers and go help the ogres with their fight against the humans.”
“Be safe my daughter, and remember our kingdom rests in your hands.”
“I know father.” Jasmine answered, she adjusted her longbow and arrows; she turned and left the main chambers. Jasmine moved quickly down the hall, silently choosing her soldiers and heading from the palace. She jumped onto a large white horse and took off out of the palace grounds, a troop of about ten guards following closely behind. Her long black hair flowed in the air as she raced her horse toward the Ogre kingdom, she knew that they’d need help and if left to their own they would fight to the end, but she did not want them to die. She rode into the Ogre village and looked at the destruction that had already been done, she signaled the soldiers to follow her as she moved further into the village, the Ogre king lived just beyond the village and Jasmine hoped they would find the king still alive.
“Quiet, find the king and any survivors we must get them back to the palace.”
“Yes highness.” They answered as they moved away from her. Jasmine made her way further into the village and stopped and looked around, a small sound caught her attention. Sliding off her horse she moved silently toward the sound, her sword drawn ready for a fight. She stopped when a small child walked out and looked at her, the child’s greenish skin told her she was an ogre.
“Come child, it’s safe now.”
“Those people came, they killed all those that they could find.”
“Where are your parents?”
“Captured. Mom had me hide, all the children hid.”
“They shall return with me and live in the Elves palace.”
“You are the elf princess?”
“I am, my father sent me to help but we are unsure of why we were not told of the fight within the Ogre kingdom.”
“They came without warning. We had no time.”
“Come we will talk along the way. Until then let’s keep moving and find more survivors.” Jasmine answered as she led the child through the village, she reached for her horse and walked further into the destruction that lay before her.
“Your highness, the king has been found.”
“Is he alive?”
“Very much so, several of his own guards hid him, he is with several of the village children.”
“Gather all survivors and ready the journey back to the palace. This will be a long ride.”
“There is a carriage that was not destroyed. We could use that.”
“King Samuel, it is good to know that you are alive, we can use the carriage to move you and the children.”
“That is all that lives here, several were already killed, but the children survive.”
“Then we shall leave, we shall leave, but we must be ready for more. The humans move quickly through our kingdoms.”
“They wish not to kill but to rule over, and hold the great power. I told them that we had no great power.”
“They always think things told in stories are true. Now we shall show those humans that we will not allow them to have the power that we have. Come now we must go before they return.” Jasmine looked at them, King Samuel nodded and led the group of children into the carriage that waited a short distance away. Jasmine remounted her horse and led them from the village, her soldiers returning to her side.
“Highness, we will have to camp soon, the light will be gone.”
“Yes I know, scout a head and find us a safe place. For at first light we return to the palace and ready our selves for war.” Jasmine told him, she slowed her horse to keep up with the carriage.
“We will be camping for the night.”
“I understand Princess Jasmine, Elves were never known to have night eyes.”
“We see find during the night King Samuel, but it is a safer ride during the day,” Jasmine told him, her blood boiled as she thought of his insult, Ogres were always quick to anger and slower to think.
“We have found a camp site highness, we should be safe there. I will stand the first watch.”
“Thank you Matthew, but remember we must all sleep.”
“I will remember. Come the site is just up a head.” Matthew said, he led them toward the site and helped set up a small camp, lighting a fire and looking at the other guards to start food.
“At first light we leave.”
“Yes highness.”
Once the sun rose, she hurried to ready everyone to leave, she knew the human’s would find the camp.
“Make sure that we leave no evidence that we were here.”
“Yes highness. The others will lead you away from here, I will catch up.”
“Please hurry, we will not loose anyone today.” Jasmine said as she hurried everyone into the carriage and mounted her horse and headed away from the camp while Matthew cleaned up the mess and make sure they left no evidence they had been there. He made his way to join the others. Soon the palace was just in the distance and they hurried their pace to be there.