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Story Notes:

Oops, I guess this has to be more than 100 characters in order to actually submit. Hmm. Babbling is good!

Here. Enjoy a snip of a Veronica Mars fic that I will sadly probably not ever complete! Though it may be updated, I'm afraid it will only be with testing stuff.

Like trying to recreate an error seen with trying to post a new chapter since the server upgrade.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Test. The name of this story is actually "Kidnapped" but since it's not likely to be continued any time soon, it's now my test story...
I will begin the story of my adventures with a certain morning early in the month of December, the year of grace 2006, when I took the key for the last time out of the door of my father's house…or perhaps I should say, the hotel suite that my late father’s trust bequeathed me.

I should state, for the record, that my tale is nowhere near the literary classic of Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson, so if you are expecting a grand epic involving evil uncles or shipwrecks, you best stop reading my statement now. But of course, you would be missing out on quite the yarn.

The details of that morning are still a bit sketchy, which I believe can be attributed to the rather large knot that somehow had formed on the back of my head. But I will do my best to recall things accurately.

My alarm went off at 7:15 in the way-too-early morning. I did not, however, roll out of bed until nearly 9. Were it not for certain pressing matters, I assuredly would have spent the day as I had the past several--buried in the warmth and security of my bed. Unfortunately, nature called. Besides, I had to see a man about a check. My monthly stipend, that is.

“You look like hell,” the Ever-astute Desk-clerk (who I shall henceforth refer to as ED) informed me as I stopped to pick up any messages that had come for me in the days since I’d deemed my room not-disturbable.

“Why thank you, Ed,” I returned dryly, flashing him a wane smile. “You’re looking quite dapper this morning as well.”

His eyes widened, after briefly looking confused at the moniker I’d bestowed him (or perhaps he was not familiar with the word ‘dapper’--one can never tell these days), and he hastily tried to cover, “I mean good morning, Mr. Echolls. I haven’t seen you here for a few days,” he tried a new line of conversation.

“I imagine that would be because I have not left my room,” I replied humorlessly and honestly. I just wasn’t in the mood to face the world. Rather, I wasn’t ready to face it alone. “Would you get my messages, please?”

“I haven’t seen your lady friend for a few days either,” Ed continued, ignorant of the warning look I gave him.

I have no lady friend. Not anymore. Veronica didn’t love me, and I’d chosen--perhaps stupidly--to end things before my heart wound up broken. Seemed that I was too late, but the intent was there. Which was precisely why I hadn’t left my room--indeed had hardly left my bed--for several days.

“My messages, please,” I ground out and Ed finally realized that he should quit the attempts at small talk and go check my box. He returned a few moments later empty-handed.

I truly was alone in the world.

Tempted as I was to return to the comfort of my bed at this reminder, I knew that soon I would lose that, too, if I didn’t call upon the lawyer in charge of my father’s trust to have my humble abode financed for another month.

“Thank you, Ed,” I expressed my ‘gratitude’ as I turned to locate the valet.

“My name is Josh,” he called after me.

He’ll always be Ed to me…

While I was already out and about, I decided that it would be as good a time as any for me to stop by Hearst and complete the paperwork that marked my exit from the University. My grades thus far were positively excremental, but fortunately the Dean saw fit to excuse me from the semester considering my new orphaned status and the stress that the media exposing my father’s abuse has caused me. Little did he know that the worst stress of all had been of my own doing.

I would never be good enough for her, and she would never love me.

But I digress.

I think I sensed her before I actually saw her studying in the quad. Her crystal blue eyes were staring back at me, an air of sadness in her expression. I smiled weakly and was rewarded as her chin rose slightly showing me that she was still strong and proud. I gave her a small nod and headed into the building.

My lucky streak continued as I ran into Weevil Navaro in the registrar’s office. He didn’t notice me at first, but looked over as I asked the secretary for the papers I’d need to sign. I saw the realization dawning on his face as he saw the folder I was handed, and sighed as the predatory grin spread across his face.

“Oh how the high and mighty have fallen,” I heard Weevil taunt as he conveniently decided that the floor near my feet needed sweeping. I said nothing, but gave him a wintery smile in return. He raised an eyebrow. “What’s the matter, Echolls?” he sneered as he continued to sweep, purposely hitting my ankles with the broom.

“Nothing at all,” I answered cheerily. “I’ve just decided that it’s time for me to pursue my life long dream of sweeping the halls of Hearst…oh wait, that job’s already taken isn’t it?”

“Like you could handle it anyway?” he shot right back, unfazed.
Chapter End Notes:
Testing the end notes.