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Story Notes:
This is pretty much my feelings and what happened on the day he passed away.
INFAMY: in common usage, is notoriety gained from a negative incident or reputation; as opposed to fame.

I thought that this word was only used for Roosevelt’s speech during the eve of Pearl Harbor’s destruction, or the World Trade Center’s demise, or even Hurricane Katrina. I was wrong. It can even be used to describe the most tragic loss the music world has to endure; the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

I still cannot believe that this man, who was and still is a true innovator, and an inspiration to us all, has died and entered the spirit world; it still shakes me to my very core that I can never hear him speak or sing to millions of his fans again.

It breaks my heart to see fans from all walks of life holding candle vigils and silent prayers to a man that brought us so much joy and happiness whenever we see him dance, or hear him perform his heartfelt songs. The moment I heard that he passed on was the day that part of my soul died. He was one of my true musical influences, and he will truly be missed.

On the afternoon of June 25th, I sat in my room talking to a friend on the Internet when I heard a loud rap upon my door. Upon opening it, it was my so-called father, his face blank and his way of speech unfeeling and cold.

I turn to him with a confused look on my face, and asked what did he want. The silence was shattered when he uttered the words without love or worry, “Michael Jackson dead.”

From that second onward, I froze; my lips began to tremble, and my head spun rapidly. Without realizing it, I shot out of my chair and rushed to the living room where the television was switched to MSNBC; there in bold letters were the words: “Michael Jackson Found Not Breathing in Home.”

My breathing was starkly erratic, my mind bewildered and my body, numb. Everything around me was in slow-motion, and it felt as though I could not move.

I ran to my mother’s room to tell her the distressing news; her video game was the instant least of her worries for she turned it off and switched to a local news channel. Tears poured from her eyes and her hands were clutched in a praying position. Me, my mother and my sister in law watched in dirturbing awe as we wanted to know the condition of Michael; nothing.

The reporter that gave out the information stated that ‘Mr. Jackson had no close friends,” which was a lie unto himself and to those who were VERY close to the Man in the Mirror.

I guess the millions of his fans and his celebrity chums weren’t close to him, huh? I think not. Michael was loved by ALL; men, women and children from all over the world. I guess the man didn’t know Michael very well himself to even say such things.

My family watched intently on his changing condtion, which was declining with each passing second. I sat in the living room, my eyes glued to the TV, and my hands clasped onto the golden rosary around my neck.

Suddenly, my heart sunk. Then, the world collapsed.

The sentence of “Michael Jackson Dies in UCLA Medical Center” filled me with so much despair and mourn, I screamed and ran out the room to notify my mother on his grim condition. The only words I could say was, “He’s gone.”

I was depressed the whole day, but something was off; I couldn’t cry. As much as I tried to, the tears never fell from my eyes.

The next day was different. Me, my mother and sister were in her bedroom watching MTV; they had a video dedication playing for him since the night he died and until 6PM the next day. The video that they aired next was, “Who Is It?” which was a montage of his best videos from Thriller to Black or White. The second it got to the chorus of,

“And it doesn’t seem to matter, and it doesn’t seem right”, I let everything go. It matters to me that he died, and it’s NOT right that he’s gone from this earth.

I don’t know why it took me a week to write this up; I guess it’s because I wasn’t in the mood to write, or to sing, or to do anything else happy and plentiful. The one man that revolutionized music for the greater good, as well as for the people who are willing to listen is no longer with us. It sucks, it’s a shame, but…it happened.

And it’s one thing that will never be forgotten.

God Bless You, Michael. You’re Finally Home.