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I'd love to post my GREAT fan Fic and I'd like a Review from others before writing more too... I want to turn it into a Book so I'd really like to post it!

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It was the letter that hurts the most looking back, the letter that ended the best years of my life.

                “When you read this, I’m not here. You know where I am and who I chose. I’m sorry it had to be this way but its not your falut.”

As I read that part of the letter over and over again, it was always her. He loved the way she looked, he loved the way her beauty shawn in the bright sun over the beach. He loved her body, tears starting running down my eyes, wishing I was here and not the side person. Dina was right all this time, why did I never listen to her, I fell in love with the person who was never going to love me like I loved them.

It was not always this way, it was like this just happened, he was mine first but not like I wanted, and then it happened, and then well……………….





I want to write more but I need people telling me they like it!!!!

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